List of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation episodes

These are the episodes of the 1997 live-action children's series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

Episode guide

Episode Title Air date Synopsis
1 "East Meets West, Episode 1" September 12, 1997 While Shredder and his Foot Clan continue to hunt the Turtles unsuccessfully, Splinter gets trapped in the Dream Realm while meditating. The Chinese Shinobi master Chung I warns him that the Dragon Lord has caused the Dream Realm to become unstable and is trying to use this disruption as a way to enter the real world. Chung I sends his hooded prized pupil, Mai Pai Chi, from China to New York City to help the now-trapped Splinter. When removing her hood, it is revealed that she is also a mutant turtle.
2 "East Meets West, Episode 2" September 19, 1997 Once meeting up with the Turtles in their lair in New York, Chung I's student explains that she too was mutated along with the Turtles in the sewers of New York City, and that she was washed downstream by herself and was found by Chung I in Chinatown. After being attacked by the Foot Clan, Michaelangelo names her "Venus de Milo", in reference to a statue's head she was carrying after the attack. As a group, they infiltrate the Foot Clan's headquarters and Venus uses her Shinobi magic to destroy Shredder's evil personality and end the Foot Clan.
3 "East Meets West, Episode 3" September 26, 1997 Venus successfully teaches the Turtles how to enter the Dream Realm and they are able to free Splinter, after which he awakens from his meditative state. Unfortunately, the Dragon Lord and his minions (called "The Rank") follow through the portal into the real world as well, and the Dragon Lord vows to kill and eat the Turtles to absorb their mutant powers for himself.
4 "East Meets West, Episode 4" October 3, 1997 The Dragon Lord sets his minion, Wick, and several Rank Dragons out into the world to gather ingredients for an invincibility serum. They are unable to find enough ingredients for more than a few doses, so they attempt to gather the exotic bones they require from the Bronx Zoo. The Turtles intercept them and work together to foil their plan.
5 "East Meets West, Episode 5" October 10, 1997 The Dragon Lord sends more Rank Dragons to the Zoo to finish off the Turtles, equipped with additional does of their invincibility serum. Donatello has discovered that the serum is actually just a placebo, which causes the Rank to retreat from the fight. While the Dragon Lord vows revenge, the Turtles realize that the differences in how they each handle situations is what contributes to making them a great team when working together.
6 "The Staff of Bu-Ki" October 17, 1997 The Dragon Lord utilizes a time warp to steal the Staff of Bu-Ki, an ancient relic that renders Shinobi magic useless. He successfully lures Venus away from the Turtles in an attempt to neutralize her abilities and defeat her, but the Turtles show up in time to save her, thwarting the Dragon Lord once again.
7 "Silver and Gold" October 24, 1997 The Turtles think Michaelangelo is crazy when he runs into a giant talking gorilla gangster named Silver. When they discover that he's real and attempt to stop him from robbing a vault, Silver locks Venus in the vault with a timed bomb. Donatello hacks the vault's combination in the nick of time, saving Venus from certain doom while Silver escapes into the night.
8 "Meet Dr. Quease" October 31, 1997 Donatello sneaks out to watch a lecture by his favorite eccentric biologist, Dr. Quease. The Rank captures the doctor for his knowledge regarding the science of mutation, and Donatello tries to convince the Turtles to rescue the doctor. When Donatello decides to go it alone, he finds that Dr. Quease has been swayed by the gift of a state-of-the-art laboratory provided by the Dragon Lord, and the Turtles initiate a rescue mission to save Donatello. They save their brother, but Quease remains under the employ of the Dragon Lord.
9 "All in the Family" November 7, 1997 The Turtles encounter a poacher in the sewer: Simon Bonesteel. When they find out that he's trying to sell a baby sea turtle on the black market, they realize their innate connection to other turtles and devise a plan to save the baby turtle. Bonesteel is thwarted, but he escapes and vows to catch the Turtles.
10 "Trusting Dr. Quease" November 14, 1997 After having a disagreement with the Dragon Lord regarding Dr. Quease's desire to run tests on the Turtles instead of killing them, Dr. Quease reaches out to Donatello to help him further his research on mutation. Donatello agrees despite his fellow Turtles' distrust of Quease, and he soon finds out that Quease is still evil after the Turtles embark on a mission to save Donatello.
11 "Windfall" November 21, 1997 Silver attempts to steal a winning lottery ticket from an elderly man, but it ends up in Michaelangelo's hands instead. As Michaelangelo thinks of all the different ways he could spend his winnings, Silver makes every attempt to regain possession of the winning ticket. He is ultimately thwarted by the Turtles, and neither Silver nor the Turtles end up with the winning ticket.
12 "Turtles' Night Out" November 28, 1997 Michaelangelo's pirate radio show, The Sewer Hour, holds a costumed rave to raise money for endangered animals, which gives the Turtles a front for dancing the night away with fellow humans who believe that their appearance as turtles is merely a costume. Unfortunately, Bonesteel shows up and attempts to ruin the party. He ends up being the butt of the joke, and the party raises $1,200 for an endangered animal charity.
13 "Mutant Reflections" December 5, 1997 Dr. Quease develops several robotic Turtles at the request of the Dragon Lord, and sends them to attack the real Turtles. When Donatello discovers the plot, he infiltrates Dr. Quease's lab and executes a successful plan with the real Turtles to destroy the robots for good.
14 "Truce or Consequences" December 12, 1997 Wick becomes a fan of The Sewer Hour, Michaelangelo's pirate radio show. After hearing a broadcast about rebelling against oppressive authority, the Dragon Lord enacts a plan to lure Michaelangelo by pretending to be fans. The Rank captures Michaelangelo, but the remaining Turtles concoct a plan to save Michaelangelo in which they pretend to surrender to the Dragon Lord.
15 "Sewer Crash" December 19, 1997 While chatting in an online chat room, Donatello is brainwashed by Silver via a computer virus that exposes him to hypnotic suggestions. Under this hypnosis, Donatello begins committing high-tech jewelry robberies for Silver until Raphael discovers what's going on and helps Donatello escape from Silver's grasp by snapping him out of his hypnotic state by using the trigger word "banana".
16 "Going Ape" January 9, 1998 Raphael runs into Bonesteel as he is out for a motorcycle ride and is chased into an abandoned house. The Rank track Raphael to the house as well. All three parties soon discover that a giant gorilla named Bongo (who escaped from the Bronx Zoo) is hiding in the same house. Raphael and Bonesteel are forced to temporarily work together to escape the predicament in one piece, after which Raphael befriends the escaped gorilla.
17 "Enemy of My Enemy" January 16, 1998 Splinter finds Oroku Saki (formerly Shredder), now a beggar, being assaulted by teens. He saves Oroku and brings him back to the Turtles' lair. The Dragon Lord discovers that Oroku possess an ancient battle relic that can increase his power which Oroku stole from Splinter's former master, called the "Golden Shuriken". After Oroku has a disagreement with Splinter and leaves the Turtles' lair, The Rank tracks down Oroku, who ends up escaping with the Golden Shuriken in hand and vows to soon return to his former evil glory.
18 "King Wick" January 23, 1998 Wick is exposed to an experimental magic potion that he was brewing to treat the Dragon Lord's headache and suddenly becomes powerful and arrogant. He disables the Dragon Lord with magic and declares himself as "King Wick", with the former Dragon Lord being relegated to his personal companion (now referred to as "Weenie"). After leading an unsuccessful attack on the Turtles, Wick's own magic reverts him back to his former self, forcing him to resume his duties as the Dragon Lord's companion.
19 "The Good Dragon" January 30, 1998 The Rank interrupts a game of laser tag between Venus and Raphael, during which Venus discovers a morally conscious "Good Dragon" who saves her during the ambush. He reveals that all dragons were good until the Dragon Lord corrupted them using trickery in the Dream Realm. After a battle between The Rank and the Turtles, the "Good Dragon" confronts the Dragon Lord and voluntarily returns to the Dream Realm via the Glass Prison, vowing to one day come back to the human world to slay the Dragon Lord.
20 "The Guest" February 6, 1998 Splinter's blind human friend Andre was evicted from his apartment, and Splinter insists that he stays with him in the Turtle lair until he finds a new place to live. On their way to the lair, they bump into Dr. Quease and accidentally swap Andre's walking stick for Quease's experimental "bio-disrupter rod", a new weapon that he is testing for the Dragon Lord which causes biological matter to combust. Although initially resistant, the Turtles quickly befriend Andre due to his kind nature. After Andre leaves, Raphael discovers that Quease is trying to track down Andre to retrieve the bio-disrupter, resulting in Splinter leading an attack on Dr. Quease and The Rank. Venus breaks the bio-disrupter rod causing Quease to flee, while Andre finally moves into a new apartment with the help of Splinter and the Turtles.
21 "Like Brothers" February 13, 1998 After an intense sparring session, Leonardo and Raphael argue while recalling the events of several previous episodes in this clip-based recap episode. In the context of a back and forth argument, the events of the "East Meets West" story arc are summarized. Clips from several additional episodes are used to demonstrate each Turtles' thoughts on their interpersonal relationships. Venus reminds the Turtles how they're like brothers and eventually convinces them to make up.
22 "Unchain My Heart, Episode 1" February 20, 1998 Two children in China named Chi Chu and Bing are shown opening a mysterious coffin. An anthropomorphic skeleton rises from the coffin, at which time Chi Chu pours a magical elixir onto the skeleton to give it the form of a human woman. It is revealed that the children are her associates (and are actually 1,200 years old), and that she is a 2,000 year old vampire named "Vam-Mi". She was defeated 17 years ago by Venus's former master Chung I, at which time he removed her heart and stored it in a wooden box while she was locked away in a coffin. She reveals that she needs to find her heart and put it back in place within four days, otherwise she will lose her human illusion will die once and for all. When Bing informs her that Venus (along with the ancient box containing her heart) is now in America, they travel to New York City on a mission to recover her missing heart from Venus. While Bonesteel is trying to ambush the Turtles, Vam-Mi & Co. appear and attack Venus. The Turtles escape, and Venus discovers that the mysterious dried herb in her antique wooden box has now turned into a beating heart.
23 "Unchain My Heart, Episode 2" February 27, 1998 With Bonesteel still unsuccessfully hunting the Turtles, Vam-Mi continues to try to find her heart. Due to her close proximity, the heart begins moving on its own in an attempt to make its way back to her. Venus insists that they need keep it away from her, however the other Turtles are under the impression that they would be better off giving the heart back to Vam-Mi in exchange for her leaving the Turtles alone. While Venus is asleep, Raphael secretly lets the heart out onto the streets by itself in the middle of the night. However, after running into Vam-Mi and hearing her admit that they want to kill Venus, the Turtles change their mind and battle Vam-Mi instead. The vampires are forced to flee when the sun rises, and Raphael secretly returns the heart to Venus while she is still asleep so she wouldn't know that they took the heart and almost gave it back to Vam-Mi.
24 "Unchain My Heart, Episode 3" March 6, 1998 After an argument about whose problem Vam-Mi is, Venus leaves the Turtles to study a pile of ancient Shinobi scrolls by herself, in an attempt to learn a Shinobi magic spell to destroy vampires. Vam-Mi tracks her down and attacks her, however Leonardo appears and saves the day. Bonesteel, who is also currently chasing Venus, obtains Vam-Mi's heart during her confrontation with Vam-Mi. After returning to the Turtles' lair and admitting that she had lost the heart during the fray, Leonardo convinces the Turtles that if they find Bonesteel, they'll find the heart. Both the Turtles and Vam-Mi end up tracking down Bonesteel at the same time, and after a fight between the three parties, Bonesteel captures Vam-Mi & Co. in a cage, while the Turtles end up with the heart back in their possession. They lock the heart in a safe, unsure about what to do with it now that they have it back.
25 "Unchain My Heart, Episode 4" March 13, 1998 Bonesteel negotiates a deal with Vam-Mi & Co. to work together to defeat the Turtles. While the Turtles work on various gadgets with which to locate and fight Vam-Mi, Venus continues to practice Shinobi magic spells to defeat Vam-Mi. She is unsuccessful at first, but is able to finally master the Shinobi spell from her ancient scrolls. The Turtles track down Vam-Mi who proves to be more powerful than they had imagined. Bonesteel takes advantage of the fight and ends up capturing Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, while Splinter and Venus flee. The Turtles trick Bonesteel and escape back to the lair, where Venus uses her telepathy to commune with the heart. Vam-Mi uses magic to teleport to her heart, and the Turtles ambush her with sunlight. Vam-Mi dissolves into ash and she is finally defeated. Venus reflects on her experiences and realizes that she is now part of the Turtles' family and is a true Shinobi warrior.
26 "Who Needs Her" March 20, 1998 After making fun of Venus's failure to learn a Shinobi togetherness spell properly, Venus storms out of the lair, leaving the other Turtles magically affixed to each other with Shinobi magic. This is a clip-based recap episode focused around the Turtles' memories of Venus. While stuck together, the "Unchain My Heart" story arc is summarized using clips as the Turtles reminisce, in addition to remembering the events of several other episodes. Splinter is able to undo the spell and the Turtles realize that Venus is indeed a valued member of their family, so they track her down only to find that she had already freed herself from The Rank's grasp. Venus explains why all five Turtles work so well together and, excited and united, they run off to their next adventure.
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