List of Mr. Meaty characters

This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon television series Mr. Meaty.

Mr. Meaty Staff

Pantosphere Staff

Sparkle City Movie Theater Staff

Soy What? Staff

The entire Soy What? staff, as seen in "The Fries that Bind", consisted of a cult of cannibals. Gord was their leader, but after his not helping them fight off Josh and Parker, they left to work at Mr. Meaty. It is unknown if this applies after the end of the episode, so it is up to speculation if this episode is truly cannon.

ChopShtick Staff

Ping: An employee who teaches Josh and Parker to be ninjas. Unfortunately, they use their ninja abilities for revenge. At this time, it is discovered that he has taught much of the mall ninjutsu (They were taught for ordering his food). So after stopping them, he makes them eat a "Chicken Ball of Dishonor" that makes them forget everything that happened to them since they learned ninjutsu from him.


Against Josh Group


Other Characters

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