List of Dynasty episodes

The following is a complete list of episodes for the 1980s television series Dynasty, in broadcast order.


Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD release (R1) DVD release (R2) DVD release (R4)
1 15 January 12, 1981 April 20, 1981 April 19, 2005 March 2, 2009 April 9, 2008
2 22 November 4, 1981 May 4, 1982 April 14, 2007 March 9, 2009 October 1, 2008
3 24 September 29, 1982 April 20, 1983 June 17, 2008 & October 21, 2008 May 18, 2009 April 2, 2009
4 27 September 28, 1983 May 9, 1984 April 7, 2009 & February 2, 2010 March 8, 2010 December 24, 2009
5 29 September 26, 1984 May 15, 1985 July 5, 2011 June 21, 2010 August 5, 2010
6 31 September 25, 1985 May 21, 1986 July 3, 2012 January 24, 2011 June 26, 2013
7 28 September 24, 1986 May 6, 1987 July 9, 2013 January 30, 2012 June 26, 2013
8 22 September 23, 1987 March 30, 1988 April 29, 2014 July 30, 2012 June 26, 2013
9 22 November 3, 1988 May 11, 1989 September 9, 2014 January 28, 2013 June 26, 2013
Reunion 2 October 20, 1991 October 22, 1991 TBA TBA TBA


Season 1: 1981

Season One was shown on Mondays in the USA.

# Title Original airdate Production code
001"Oil - Part 1"January 12, 1981 (1981-01-12)101
Wealthy oil tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) and his former secretary Krystle Grant Jennings (Linda Evans) are getting married. Krystle's ex-boyfriend, Matthew Blaisdel (Bo Hopkins), who's been working as a geologist on one of Blake's oil rigs in the Mideast for a year and a half, returns to Denver and accidentally meets Krystle. They both start thinking that there may be a spark left from their previous relationship, and Krystle starts getting second thoughts about the wedding. Blake's children, Steven (Al Corley) and Fallon Carrington (Pamela Sue Martin), also return to Denver after being away. Fallon is less than excited about her father's impending wedding, and things are icy between Blake and Steven.[1]
002"Oil - Part 2"January 12, 1981 (1981-01-12)102
Matthew has a visit from an old acquaintance, Walter Lankershim, who asks for money because his business is in trouble. He has lent money from Blake to drill for oil, but he has yet to make any strikes. Matthew goes to visit his wife, Claudia, who has been in a mental institution for 18 months, but he learns that she has been released. Matthew, Claudia and their daughter, Lindsay, decide to renew their lives as a family. Blake and Krystle get to talk about their disagreements, and start planning a big wedding. There is an accident on Walter's oil rig and he finds out that somebody has been sabotaging his operation. He is convinced that Carrington is involved.[1]
003"Oil - Part 3"January 12, 1981 (1981-01-12)103
When Steven confronts Blake about his business practices, Blake explodes; his conflict with Steven is centered on Blake's difficulty in accepting a homosexual relationship Steven had in New York. Blake and Krystle finally get married at the mansion, and among the guests are Cecil Colby and his nephew Jeff. Cecil is an oilman like Blake, but his company ColbyCo Oil is much bigger than Blake's company, Denver-Carrington. After the wedding, when Blake and Krystle are leaving the Carrington mansion, Walter arrives, furious about the sabotage on his rig. He and Blake fight about this, and Matthew takes Walter's side in the fight, which leads to Blake firing Matthew.[1]
004"The Honeymoon"January 19, 1981 (1981-01-19)104
Blake and Krystle have to abruptly end their honeymoon so that Blake can deal with a work crisis. Walter smooths over his troubles with the workers on his rig, and hires both Matthew and Steven, which Blake does not like. Krystle is having problems adjusting to life as a wealthy woman, made especially challenging by the imperious majordomo Joseph. Matthew and Claudia are also having difficulty starting their new life. Cecil and Fallon have negotiations of their own; Cecil is willing to help Blake out of his problems if Fallon marries Jeff.[1]
005"The Dinner Party"January 26, 1981 (1981-01-26)105
Blake apologizes to Walter and Matthew about their fight at the wedding and asks Matthew to come back to his old job. He also invites them to a dinner party at the mansion. During the dinner, many things happen; Steven and Claudia meet and get along very well, Matthew has a long talk with Krystle and tells her that he is still in love with her, and Cecil and Fallon start realizing their plans. Cecil offers to help Blake, and Fallon starts hitting on Jeff.[1]
006"Fallon's Wedding"February 2, 1981 (1981-02-02)106
Cecil helps Blake with his money problems. Jeff and Fallon get married. Blake's driver, Michael Culhane, who's been sleeping with Fallon, is a bit jealous when she spurns him. Blake hires Michael to do undercover work for Denver-Carrington. Steven is visited by his ex-lover, Ted Dinard, from New York.[1]
007"The Chauffeur Tells a Secret"February 16, 1981 (1981-02-16)107
Michael finds out about Cecil's deal with Fallon and tells Blake. Matthew's daughter, Lindsay, has an encounter with a boy at school who says she is going to end up as crazy as her mother. Steven and Claudia share a kiss.[1]
008"The Bordello"February 23, 1981 (1981-02-23)108
As Steven's anti-gay co-workers at the oil rig continue to taunt him, Walter decides to take him to a bordello to "make a man out of him." While Blake attempts to save his business by putting key holdings in Krystle's name, Krystle pawns an expensive necklace to help Matthew.[1]
009"Krystle's Lie"March 2, 1981 (1981-03-02)109
As Blake angrily tries to find out who helped Matthew, Matthew discovers one of his own workers was paid by Blake to sabotage the oil rig and blame it on Steven. Blake goes into a rage when he finds Krystle's birth control pills.[1]
010"The Necklace"March 2, 1981 (1981-03-02)110
Michael tells Fallon that Krystle sold an emerald necklace and gave the money to Matthew. Claudia picks up a young man at a singles bar but when she changes her mind and calls Steven to come get her, they end up spending the night together.[1]
011"The Beating"March 9, 1981 (1981-03-09)111
Steven decides it is time to make some changes, so he moves out of the mansion and then tells Blake he will come work for Denver-Carrington. Lindsay finds out her mother slept with Steven, and Blake has Michael beaten after learning he has been sleeping with Fallon.[1]
012"The Birthday Party"March 16, 1981 (1981-03-16)112
Michael tells Blake that Krystle pawned her necklace and gave the money to Matthew. Jeff is so outraged when he learns about his uncle's deal with Fallon that he makes a drunken scene at Cecil's birthday party with Cecil's new girlfriend.[1]
013"The Separation"March 23, 1981 (1981-03-23)113
Ted arrives back in town and meets Claudia to talk about Steven. Fed up with Blake's games, Krystle leaves. Steven also plans to leave Ted, but Ted tracks him to the Carrington mansion where their goodbye hug leads to disaster.[1]
014"Blake Goes To Jail"April 13, 1981 (1981-04-13)114
Krystle returns to stand by Blake after he is arrested for the murder of Ted Dinard. When Prosecutor Jake Dunham pushes for a murder conviction, Fallon testifies that Ted tripped and hit his head. Steven soon takes the stand and accuses his sister of lying.[1]
015"The Testimony"April 20, 1981 (1981-04-20)115
Back at the mansion, tempers erupt over Steven's testimony. When Claudia is called to the stand and forced to reveal her affair with Steven, an outraged Matthew attacks Blake. Claudia packs her things and runs away, taking Lindsay with her. On the way, they are in an accident. In court, Jake calls in a new witness, and a mysterious woman in a white hat and veil enters. Fallon recognizes the woman as her mother.[1]

Season 2: 1981–82

# Title Original airdate Production code
016"Enter Alexis"November 11, 1981 (1981-11-11)201
Joan Collins joins the cast as Blake's ex-wife, Alexis, who testifies against Blake in his murder trial and proves that he can be a violent man. Claudia awakens in the hospital and discovers Matthew has run off with Lindsey.[2]
017"The Verdict"November 18, 1981 (1981-11-18)202
Blake is sentenced to two years in prison. Alexis's true colors show when she moves into her old studio on Blake's property and their hatred for each other is evident. Tension rises as Blake tries to talk to Steven. Krystle discovers she's pregnant.[2]
018"Alexis' Secret"November 25, 1981 (1981-11-25)203
After Claudia is released from the hospital, she attempts suicide. She's saved by Blake's friend Dr. Nick Toscanni, who has a secret vendetta against Blake. Fallon and Jeff decide to have a baby, while Alexis confesses to Steven that Blake is not Fallon's real father.[2]
019"Fallon's Father"December 2, 1981 (1981-12-02)204
Alexis confronts Blake with the information that he is not really Fallon's father, but he has heard it before and never believed it. Alexis urges him to reconcile with Steven. Blake also learns that his associates do not like dealing with an accused murderer, and that Cecil Colby closed a deal without consulting him. Alexis reveals to Cecil that he is Fallon's father. Meanwhile, Steven is diagnosed with possible brain damage after drunken fall in the family's swimming pool.[2]
020"Reconciliation"December 9, 1981 (1981-12-09)205
Heather Locklear joins the cast. As Steven recovers at home, he and Blake reconcile. Krystle's ex-brother-in-law, racecar driver Frank Dean, sends his stepdaughter Sammy Jo, to stay with her. Alexis hires a private investigator to uncover Krystle's past, while Cecil puts pressure on Blake to repay the $9 million loan he is owed.[2]
021"Viva Las Vegas"December 16, 1981 (1981-12-16)206
To repay the loan, Blake travels to Las Vegas and borrows the money from gangster Logan Rhinewood. Sammy Jo takes comfort in the arms of Steven, but it is Claudia he asks to marry him. Fallon and Nick find love together. While skeet shooting, Alexis spots Krystle on horseback. With a premeditated shot, the frightened horse throws Krystle to the ground and she is rushed to the hospital in fear of losing the baby.[2]
022"The Miscarriage"December 23, 1981 (1981-12-23)207
Krystle is devastated after learning that she has not only lost her baby, but she can no longer have children. Jeff quits his uncle Cecil's business to join Denver-Carrington while Fallon continues her affair with Nick. Although Steven and Sammy Jo spend time away together in his cabin, he still asks Claudia to marry him. She declines, stating that she's still in love with the husband who abandoned her. More trouble comes to Blake by way of his attorney, Andrew Laird, regarding Middle Eastern oil leases.[2]
023"The Mid-East Meeting"January 6, 1982 (1982-01-06)208
Blake and Jeff fly to the Middle East to try to meet with Rashid Ahmed to obtain his help with releasing their overseas oil tankers. Meanwhile, Alexis flies to Rome to meet with Ahmed, a former lover, under the guise of helping Blake. Fallon learns she's pregnant, makes plans for an abortion, and asks Jeff for a divorce. He agrees only if she'll keep the baby. Fallon confesses her love to Nick. Alexis persuades Blake to come to Rome under false pretenses.[2]
024"The Psychiatrist"January 13, 1982 (1982-01-13)209
Traveling to Rome, Blake phones a despondent Krystle in another attempt to get her to see psychiatrist Nick Toscanni. Consumed with jealousy over Krystle, Fallon tells Jeff their marriage was a business arrangement to benefit Blake and she only became pregnant to compete with Krystle. Krystle becomes shattered over suggestive photos that appear in a tabloid of Blake and Alexis together in Rome. Nick comforts Krystle, and passion soon ignites.[2]
025"Sammy Jo and Steven Marry"January 20, 1982 (1982-01-20)210
Krystle stops Nick before they sleep together, but Nick confesses his love for her. She tells him she won't cheat on her husband. Blake returns and explains the photos were not what they seem. Steven marries Sammy Jo and decides to be a racecar driver.[2]
026"The Car Explosion"January 27, 1982 (1982-01-27)211
When Steven and Sammy Jo return home, they tell everyone of their marriage except Blake. Alexis goes out of her way to make Krystle believe that an affair happened in Rome. Nick persuades Krystle to leave Blake. To make matters worse, Ray Bonning, a representative for Rhinewood, interferes in the business. When a bomb is thrown at Blake from a speeding car he becomes blind.[2]
027"Blake's Blindness"February 3, 1982 (1982-02-03)212
Convinced that Ray is behind the explosion, Blake settles plans to exact revenge. Krystle decides to hold off on telling Blake about her divorce plans until he is feeling better. Fallon tell Alexis about her affair with Nick and her feelings for him. Alexis promises to rid Krystle from their lives.[2]
028"The Hearing"February 10, 1982 (1982-02-10)213
After doing some research , Blake discovers that Nick's brother, Gianni, worked for Denver-Carrington, but was killed in the Mideast problems. Fallon tells Alexis that she does not want her help in her problem with Krystle. An anonymous note is delivered to Blake suggesting Krystle is with Nick. Blake's sight returns but no one knows except Joseph, the major domo. [2]
029"The Iago Syndrome"February 17, 1982 (1982-02-17)214
Blake pretends to still be blind and has a talk with Nick about the death of his brother. Krystle ends things with Nick and decides to leave Denver but is convinced to stay by Blake. Sammy Jo takes advantage of being married to a Carrington and behaves like a spoiled rich housewife.[2]
030"The Party"February 24, 1982 (1982-02-24)215
Blake finally tells everyone his sight is back. During a party to celebrate Steven and Sammy Jo, Sammy Jo becomes drunk and embarrasses the entire Carrington family. The truth about Cecil being Fallon's real father is revealed. Afterward, Alexis and Fallon are in a car accident that leaves Fallon unconscious.[2]
031"The Baby"March 3, 1982 (1982-03-03)216
At the hospital, Fallon gives birth to a son, who is born so weak that his chances for survival are slim. Claudia sleeps with Jeff to steal a key to the archive in Blake's office. Meanwhile, Sammy Jo leaves Steven. When Krystle discovers the truth surrounding her miscarriage, she and Alexis have a catfight in her studio.[2]
032"Mother And Son"March 10, 1982 (1982-03-10)217
After a surgery, Fallon's baby recovers, but she and Jeff fight over custody. Jeff discovers that it is Claudia who has been leaking information to Cecil about Denver-Carrington.[2]
033"The Gun"March 24, 1982 (1982-03-24)218
Blake discovers, through a blood test, that he is Fallon's real father. Steven follows Sammy Jo to Hollywood, where she's been modeling at a sleazy studio. Claudia tries to shoot Cecil after learning that Matthew and Lindsay are dead, but in a struggle between her and Krystle, the gun fires.[2]
034"The Fragment"April 7, 1982 (1982-04-07)219
Claudia is wounded by the gunshot, and the police suspect Krystle in the shooting. Claudia doesn't remember the incident when she awakens. Blake gets a meeting, via microphone, with the reclusive Logan Rhinewood.[2]
035"The Shakedown"April 14, 1982 (1982-04-14)220
Steven is arrested for assault after beating up a con man who tries to blackmail him. Blake threatens Alexis when he learns of her involvement in Krystle's miscarriage.[2]
036"The Two Princes"April 28, 1982 (1982-04-28)221
Little Blake Colby comes home from the hospital along with Susan, the nurse hired to look after him. Alexis accepts Cecil's proposal of marriage and plans her wedding. Rashid Ahmed returns to conduct more business with Blake.[2] The final appearance in the regular series of Al Corley as Steven.
037"The Cliff"May 4, 1982 (1982-05-04)222
When Nick discovers that Blake is responsible for his brother's death, a fight breaks out. Blake falls unconscious down a cliff and Nick leaves him there. Little Blake is kidnapped, and Cecil suffers a heart attack while making love to Alexis on the night before their wedding.[2]

Season 3: 1982–83

# Title Original airdate Production code
038"The Plea"September 29, 1982 (1982-09-29)301

Krystle finds Blake in the mountains. Cecil is brought to the hospital. A police investigation is started to find the baby. Blake goes on TV with the family to offer a reward for Little Blake. Alexis talks about their son Adam, who was kidnapped when he was a baby. In Montana, Michael Torrance is told by his dying grandmother that he really is Adam Carrington.[3]

Note: Gordon Thomson had joined the cast, at the start of season 3, and would stay until the series finale.
039"The Roof"October 6, 1982 (1982-10-06)302
Michael goes to Denver to find out who he is. Alexis and Cecil plan a wedding in the hospital. Claudia disappears and Blake suspects her of kidnapping the baby.[3]
040"The Wedding"October 20, 1982 (1982-10-20)303
The baby is recovered from the real kidnapper. Fallon starts looking for a job, and Blake gives her his hotel La Mirada. She and Michael meet, not knowing they may be brother and sister. Michael seeks Blake, but Blake rejects him when he says he's his son. Cecil and Alexis get married in the hospital.[3]
041"The Will"October 27, 1982 (1982-10-27)304
Cecil leaves his estate and ColbyCo to Jeff and Alexis. He also reveals his "Rhinewood" game to Blake at the reading of his will. Blake suspects Alexis of being a part of it. Adam finds Alexis and shows her the silver rattle he had when he was kidnapped.[3]
042"The Siblings"November 3, 1982 (1982-11-03)305
Alexis gives her newfound long-lost son Adam a job at ColbyCo. Blake starts to believe that Adam may actually be his real son. Fallon and Adam keep flirting with each other, not knowing they are siblings. Adam has dinner with Krystle and Blake. Alexis finally meets Krystle's first husband, Mark.[3]
043"Mark"November 10, 1982 (1982-11-10)306
Blake tries to be friends with Adam. Alexis tells Mark that he's still married to Krystle. Mark tries to get a job as a tennis pro at Fallon's hotel. Jeff joins ColbyCo. Joseph wants to quit his job at the mansion and go to his daughter, Kirby, who's having trouble in France.[3]
044"Kirby"November 17, 1982 (1982-11-17)307

Joseph's daughter Kirby comes to stay with the Carringtons. Mark gets the job at Fallon's hotel. Blake tries to get help from congressman Neal McVane. Jeff and Adam have problems working together. Adam gets hold of a toxic chemical mixture.[3]

Note: This was the 1st appearance for Kathleen Beller in the contract role of Kirby Anders.
045"La Mirage"November 24, 1982 (1982-11-24)308
Fallon gets a letter from Steven, who is on an oil rig in Indonesia. Adam mixes the toxic compound in the paint for Jeff's new office. Fallon hires Kirby as a nanny for Little Blake, and throws a big opening party for her hotel, which she now calls La Mirage. At the party, Alexis sleeps with McVane and tries to stop him from helping Blake. Mark tells Krystle that they're still legally married. Adam comes on to Kirby, and Jeff comes to her rescue.[3]
046"Acapulco"December 1, 1982 (1982-12-01)309
Jeff starts to become dizzy and affected by the toxic paint. Joseph tells Kirby to stay away from Jeff. Krystle goes to Acapulco to find out what really happened with her divorce from Mark, and Blake comes after her. The oil rig Steven works on explodes.[3]
Note: First appearance of Jack Coleman as Steven (though seen from behind).
047"The Locket"December 8, 1982 (1982-12-08)310
The family is informed that Steven's oil rig exploded. Blake goes to look for him, with an uninvited Alexis. Sammy Jo's stepfather Frank returns to Denver to collect her share of Steven's inheritance. Joseph tells Jeff to stay away from Kirby. Mark continues to contact Krystle, who tries to get him out of her life.[3]
048"The Search"December 15, 1982 (1982-12-15)311
Alexis and Blake continue the search for Steven in Indonesia, but find evidence that he might be dead. Blake refuses to believe it, and hires a spiritualist to help. Jeff gets ill from the paint in his office. Kirby confesses her love to Jeff, but because of his poisoning, he thinks she is Fallon. Using the situation to his advantage, Adam forces Kirby to sleep with him. Mark pays off Frank to leave the town.[3]
049"Samantha"December 29, 1982 (1982-12-29)312
Blake continues his search for Steven, although no one else has much hope. To try to win Blake's favor, Adam feigns support for him. Blake refuses to attend the memorial service Alexis has arranged for Steven. After Krystle rejects Mark's advances, Alexis seduces him. Fallon mends fences with Krystle. Sammy Jo comes back to the Carrington mansion with a surprise: Steven's son, Danny.[3]
050"Danny"January 5, 1983 (1983-01-05)313
Sammy Jo wants money to stay in Denver, otherwise she will give Danny up for adoption. Alexis asks Mark to stay because she needs him, and they start an affair. Blake and Krystle agree to adopt Danny while Sammy Jo goes to New York to pursue a modeling career. Alexis objects to this and tries to offer more money to Sammy Jo for Danny, without success. Jeff has more hallucinations. Steven wakes up alive in Singapore and learns he is recovering from a plastic surgery operation.[4]
051"Madness"January 12, 1983 (1983-01-12)314
Jeff becomes more and more aggressive, a reaction to the toxic fumes in his office. He sees Fallon flirting with Mark, becomes jealous and tries to strangle her, but Mark rescues her. Adam tries to pit Blake and Jeff against each other in order to gain shares of Denver-Carrington. He is forced to include Alexis in this plan and the toxicity of Jeff's office. After she refuses to accept this, he blackmails her by threatening to tell everyone the plot was her idea.
052"Two Flights To Haiti"January 26, 1983 (1983-01-26)315
Blake wants an explanation of Jeff's behavior. Fallon flies to Haiti for a divorce from Jeff. Adam tries to convince Alexis that Jeff's life is not in danger. In his confused state, Jeff signs his voting control of his own ColbyCo shares and Little Blake's Denver-Carrington shares over to Alexis, which gives her the power to control Blake's company. In a tennis match with Mark, Jeff collapses and is taken to hospital. Krystle suspects that Alexis knows something about Jeff's illness.[5]
053"The Mirror"February 4, 1983 (1983-02-04)316
Adam decides to renovate Jeff's office again, this time to destroy damaging evidence. Mark follows Fallon to Haiti and tries to cheer her up. Steven, who still believes he is Ben Reynolds, gets his bandages removed and sees his new face for the first time. Alexis gains the majority of votes for the Denver-Carrington/ColbyCo merger. Blake learns there is poison in Jeff's system.
054"Battle Lines"February 16, 1983 (1983-02-16)317
Blake is desperately searching for ways to stop Alexis from taking over Denver-Carrington. Alexis wants to take Jeff to a Swiss Hospital, but the doctors and Blake forbid this. Jeff returns to the Carrington mansion and Kirby again professes her love for him. Fallon and Mark return from Haiti. Sammy Jo agrees to Danny's adoption.
055"Reunions In Singapore"February 25, 1983 (1983-02-25)318
Blake flies to Singapore to check the identity of the survivor, and recognizes his son's eyes. Jeff comes to regret selling his stock to Alexis and wants it back. Adam takes Kirby on a business journey, but Jeff rescues her from Adam's advances and proposes marriage to her. Alexis is hurt when she realizes that Fallon has feelings for Mark.
056"Fathers And Sons"March 3, 1983 (1983-03-03)319
Steven is hesitant to return home, but Blake persuades him to do so. Upon returning to Denver, Steven meets his brother Adam and son Danny for the first time. Jeff and Kirby fly to Reno and get married. Mark and Fallon decide to continue their affair.
057"The Downstairs Bride"March 9, 1983 (1983-03-09)320
Joseph is angry about the wedding of Jeff and Kirby, and Alexis is concerned as well. Steven goes to New York to meet Sammy Jo and to convince her to come back to Denver with him, but she refuses. Alexis wants Adam to chum up with his brother Steven.
058"The Vote"March 16, 1983 (1983-03-16)321
Alexis enforces the merger of ColbyCo and Denver-Carrington in the long planned board meeting. Blake also agrees, just to stay in the board to observe Alexis. Steven hires a lawyer for divorce from Sammy Jo and accepts a job offer from Alexis. Kirby suspects Jeff and Fallon are falling in love again. Alexis tries to split up Fallon and Mark and to destroy the reputation of senator McVane, who again helped Blake by blocking the merger.
059"The Dinner"April 6, 1983 (1983-04-06)322
Krystle organizes a dinner to arbitrate between Blake and Steven. Alexis is hopping mad about this and makes sure that Steven misses the reunion. Kirby pushes Jeff to leave the Carrington household. Blake buys the important extraction method and holds an ace against Alexis. Steven is visiting Claudia in the sanatorium. Fallon is hurt when Alexis tells her about the affair she had with Mark.
060"The Threat"April 13, 1983 (1983-04-13)323

Sammy Jo accepts the divorce and the custody of Danny. Steven takes Danny to his home, and his lawyer comes out as gay. Fallon says to Alexis that she prefers Krystle as mother, wherefore Alexis provokes Krystle into a lily pond fight. Blake stops them, whereupon Krystle leaves and moves into La Mirage. Kirby is pregnant, and Alexis threatens Joseph that she will tell Kirby the truth about her mother. The career of senator McVane is ruined by the journal article initiated by Alexis. Hopeless, he strangles her, but Blake saves her life. This episode also features the first use of the word 'bitch'.

Note- In 1996, TV Guide included this episode as part of its "100 Most Memorable Moments in TV History", ranking it # 84. In 2009, the magazine ranked it #67 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[6]
061"The Cabin"April 20, 1983 (1983-04-20)324
Chris moves in with Steven, and while he is babysitting Blake visits the flat. Blake is appalled and decides to fight for the custody of Danny. A shocked Kirby discovers that Adam is the father of her baby. Fallon learns the details of Adam's first case as lawyer, a case with intoxication by chemicals, and she notices the similarities to the situation with Jeff. Alexis traps Krystle in a cabin and offers her 1 million to finally leave Blake. Meanwhile somebody sets the cabin on fire while Alexis and Krystle are caught inside. Season Finale.

Season 4: 1983–84

# Title Original airdate Production code
062"The Arrest"September 28, 1983 (1983-09-28)401
Mark Jennings saves Alexis and Krystle from the burning cabin. The police find there are multiple suspects but arrest Mark. Fallon tries to find out more about Adam's first case with the toxic chemicals, but Adam has his doctor convince Fallon of Adam's innocence. Jeff is leading ColbyCo during Alexis´ absence. After finding out the story of Krystle's riding accident with the loss of her baby, Kirby goes riding on a wild horse and purposely has an accident.
063"The Bungalow"October 5, 1983 (1983-10-05)402
Mark is freed from custody as Blake comes forward with the $100,000 bail money to prove to Krystle that he is a fair person. After her accident, Kirby confides in Krystle that the baby is not Jeff's. Adam wants to convince Steven to work together against Jeff, but fails. Adam moves out of Alexis's penthouse because he feels she doesn't love him. In the hospital, somebody tries to kill Alexis. Joseph shoots himself.
064"The Note"October 19, 1983 (1983-10-19)403
After Joseph kills himself, Blake and Jeff find a note that he wrote confessing that it was he who set the cabin on fire trying to kill Alexis. Kirby is left devastated over her father's suicide and confides in Krystle that she provoked the accident because the baby is from Adam. Claudia Blaisdel is released from the sanitarium and starts another affair with Steven. Fallon resumes her investigation into Adam's first case. When Blake sees that Steven's gay friend Chris is living with him and Danny, he tells Steven that he intends to fight for custody.
065"The Hearing - Part 1"October 26, 1983 (1983-10-26)404
Kirby demands Alexis divulge the real motive behind her father's attempts to kill her. In a fit of rage, she tries to strangle Alexis. Adam moves into the Carrington household and also starts working for Blake. Claudia starts working with Fallon at La Mirage. Steven finds a social worker snooping around his apartment, who later testifies at the custody hearing. There Alexis testifies Blake tried to purchase the baby from Sammy Jo and he is a bad father. Krystle also gives evidence for Steven, but Blake prohibits a cross examination of her.
066"The Hearing - Part 2"November 2, 1983 (1983-11-02)405
Alexis arrives home to find her apartment broken into. Fallon testifies on Steven's behalf. Fallon and Jeff fly to Montana to get information about the poisoning incident, and stay together the night. Adam is warned by Alexis. On the witness stand, Sammy Jo fabricates tales of Steven's homosexual promiscuity. Claudia barges into Sammy Jo's hotel room and slaps her for telling lies. Claudia tells Steven she has devised a plan to retain custody of his son.
067"Tender Comrades"November 9, 1983 (1983-11-09)406
To retain custody of Danny, Steven and Claudia fly to Reno and are married. When the judge receives the assurance to jointly rear the child, the suit is dismissed. Attempting to win Krystle back, Blake offers her a public relations job at Denver-Carrington. Fallon and Jeff investigate the poisoning incident in Montana. They are stunned to learn the name of the prosecuting attorney was Michael Torrance-the name Adam used before arriving in Denver.
068"Tracy"November 16, 1983 (1983-11-16)407
Alexis realizes that Adam has framed her for Jeff's poisoning. Denver Carrington PR assistant Tracy Kendall is jealous that Blake has given a job she wanted to Krystle. Mark overzealously suggests a reconciliation between him and Krystle, and attacks her when she says no.
069"Dex"November 23, 1983 (1983-11-23)408
Jeff accuses Alexis of poisoning him. Michael Nader joins the cast as Farnsworth 'Dex' Dexter, who wants to enter into business and pleasure with Alexis.
070"Peter De Vilbis"November 30, 1983 (1983-11-30)409
As Jeff returns to work at Denver-Carrington, Krystle goes to battle with Alexis over comments she made about the corporation. Fallon meets Peter DeVilbis.
071"The Proposal"December 7, 1983 (1983-12-07)410
Dex beats Alexis to the punch on a new business deal. Jeff nearly kills Adam over Kirby's rape. Blake and Krystle decide to remarry.
072"Carousel"December 21, 1983 (1983-12-21)411
When he sees Fallon with Peter, Jeff is enraged. At the Carousel Ball, Blake announces that he and Krystle are to re-marry. Due to the warm nature of the occasion, Blake and Steven decide to bury the hatchet.
073"The Wedding"December 28, 1983 (1983-12-28)412
As Blake and Krystle prepare to remarry, Tracy starts preparing plans to steal Krystle's job. Peter unexpectedly shows up at La Mirage looking for Fallon, but he seems to have eyes for Claudia.
074"The Ring"January 4, 1984 (1984-01-04)413
Frightened by a mysterious stranger, Claudia decides that she, Steven and Danny should move back into the Carrington mansion. Tracy continues her scheming. Jeff and Kirby divorce, laying the groundwork for a reunion between Kirby and Adam.
075"Lancelot"January 11, 1984 (1984-01-11)414
Fallon discovers a less than noble attribute about Peter. Tracy sets Krystle up for failure in front of Blake and the board, while making herself out to be the hero. Claudia begins receiving ominous notes.Kirby collapses.
076"Seizure"January 18, 1984 (1984-01-18)415
Kirby begins to experience poor health. Even as he proposes to Fallon, Peter continues to proposition Claudia.
077"A Little Girl"February 1, 1984 (1984-02-01)416
Blake is uneasy when Fallon announces that she and Peter will marry. Adam finally admits that he was behind Jeff's poisoning. Kirby's life and her unborn child are in danger.
078"The Accident"February 22, 1984 (1984-02-22)417
Claudia tries to warn Fallon about Peter's wandering eye, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Tracy goes to extreme measures to hurt Krystle. As Peter abruptly flees from Denver, an inconsolable Fallon gets hit by a car.
079"The Vigil"February 29, 1984 (1984-02-29)418
While the family rushes to the hospital to be with Fallon, Blake goes on a mission to catch Peter DeVilbis. McVane spearheads a scheme to blackmail Alexis. Adam and Kirby make plans to marry.
080"Steps"March 7, 1984 (1984-03-07)419
Alexis resorts to dirty trickery to block the marriage of Adam and Kirby. Claudia received a photo that Matthew took of her when they were first married and makes plans to go to Peru where he supposedly died.
081"The Voice - Part 1"March 14, 1984 (1984-03-14)420
When Krystle discovers she is pregnant, she sends Tracy in her place on a business trip with Blake. Claudia comes to term with the deaths of Matthew and Lindsay.
082"The Voice - Part 2"March 21, 1984 (1984-03-21)421
Alexis makes plans to destroy Blake's latest overseas deal. When Tracy puts the moves on Blake, instead of returning the advances, he gives her a pink slip.
083"The Voice - Part 3"March 28, 1984 (1984-03-28)422
Dex is angry with Alexis over her dealings with Rashid Ahmed. Kirby continues to uncover truths about her parents. Fallon continues to experience aftershocks from her accident.
084"Birthday"April 4, 1984 (1984-04-04)423
Krystle confronts Tracy. Fallon and Jeff tell the family that they are to remarry. Alexis is shocked with the news of Krystle's pregnancy.
085"The Check"April 11, 1984 (1984-04-11)424
Kirby's attempt to murder Alexis fails. Mark Jennings blackmails Alexis for $100,000 in exchange for his silence over her meeting with Rashid Ahmed in Hong Kong.
086"The Engagement"April 25, 1984 (1984-04-25)425
Alexis learns that her bodyguard Mark Jennings has been found dead at the bottom of her apartment building and the police are unsure whether he jumped or was pushed. Krystle questions Alexis about her "fourth pregnancy".
087"New Lady In Town"May 2, 1984 (1984-05-02)426
Diahann Carroll joins the cast as the mysterious Dominique Deveraux.
088"The Nightmare"May 9, 1984 (1984-05-09)427
Alexis is arrested for murdering Mark Jennings. As she is about to remarry Jeff, Fallon suffers another blinding headache, runs out of the house and has a tragic car accident. The final regular appearance of Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon Carrington Colby.

Season 5: 1984–85

# Title Original airdate Production code
089"Disappearance"September 26, 1984 (1984-09-26)501
Jeff goes after Fallon and finds her car wrecked by the side of a road after a collision with a truck, but Fallon is gone. Alexis has to pay two million dollars bail. Brady Lloyd, Dominique's husband, comes to Denver. Adam drives Sammy Jo to the airport but she fools him and runs off with Danny.
090"The Mortgage"October 10, 1984 (1984-10-10)502
Blake and Jeff continue to search for Fallon while Dominique makes her singing debut at La Mirage. Meanwhile, Blake takes a mortgage out on the mansion to help finance his strategy to help Denver-Carrington's recovery. But Alexis gets wind of the plan and secretly puts up the money herself to gain an advantage over Blake.
091"Fallon"October 17, 1984 (1984-10-17)503
Alexis is arrested for attempting to leave the country while Jeff and Blake learn Fallon has died in a plane crash with Peter De Vilbis.
092"The Rescue"October 24, 1984 (1984-10-24)504
Fallon's funeral is held. Adam finds Sammy Jo, ties her up and rescues baby Danny, returning him to his father Steven. Dominique tells Blake that they have the same father.
093"The Trial"October 31, 1984 (1984-10-31)505
Alexis's trial for the murder of Mark Jennings starts. Steven is called to the stand to testify against her, claiming that he saw her with Jennings on the balcony the night that he died.
094"The Verdict"November 7, 1984 (1984-11-07)506
The jury decide that Alexis is guilty of murder in the first degree.
095"Amanda"November 14, 1984 (1984-11-14)507
Catherine Oxenberg joins the cast as Amanda, revealing herself to be Alexis's daughter. Dex and Adam track down the real culprit behind Mark Jennings' murder.
096"The Secret"November 21, 1984 (1984-11-21)508
Amanda is upset with Alexis for denying their relationship and demands that Alexis prove her love by openly acknowledging Amanda as her daughter. Hoping to clear his name, Blake asks Dominique for help in finding Rashid Ahmed. Alexis forgives Steven for testifying against her after she realizes it was a case of mistaken identity. Both Krystle and Claudia feel that their husbands are pulling away from them. Luke Fuller, a new PR employee at ColbyCo shows an interest in Steven and when Steven again puts work ahead of spending time with her, Claudia agrees to have dinner with Dean Caldwell, a local gallery owner. Jeff meets Nicole Simpson, who is secretly Peter De Vilbis' estranged widow. Blake suspects that he is Amanda's father and has a confrontation with Alexis.
097"Domestic Intrigue"November 28, 1984 (1984-11-28)509
Blake makes inquiries into whom is Amanda's father. Dominique and Adam go to Istanbul to track down Rashid Ahmed. Blake is concerned about Jeff's behaviour. De Vilbis was keeping something from Nicole and she wonders if Jeff found out about it through Fallon. Alexis's preoccupation with keeping Amanda's paternity secret leaves Dex out in the cold. Adam forces a confession out of Rashid Ahmed, but Ahmed is killed in the process. Krystle, unsure if it was Blake's intention to have Ahmed killed, argues with him and then takes a tumble down the stairs.
098"Krystina"December 5, 1984 (1984-12-05)510
Jeff catches Nicole asking questions about Fallon. Claudia is upset when Alexis has Steven go to Santa Barbara with Luke Fuller for ColbyCo and later, she kisses Dean Caldwell. Alexis and Dex fight about Blake and Amanda yet again. Amanda flirts with Dex. Jeff discovers that Nicole was married to Peter De Vilbis. After falling down the stairs, Krystle goes into premature labour and gives birth to a baby girl who they name Krystina. Later it is discovered that the baby has respiratory distress syndrome.
099"Swept Away"December 12, 1984 (1984-12-12)511
Jeff learns that Nicole is searching for Peter's half of a treasure map and that Peter had given it to Fallon for safe keeping. Blake promises Amanda he will help her find out who her father is. When Nicole tells Jeff that Peter was with one of his mistresses in Seattle before the plane crash, he wonders if it's possible it was she who died on the plane and that Fallon could still be alive. Amanda and Dex sleep together in a mountain cabin. Alexis finally agrees to marry Dex.
100"That Holiday Spirit"December 19, 1984 (1984-12-19)512
Dex and Alexis go to London to get married. Blake purchases Allegre back for Krystle for Christmas. She gives him a portrait of Fallon. Claudia confesses to Steven that she cheated. Daniel Reese, the man from whom Blake bought Allegre is an old boyfriend of Krystle's sister. Amanda finally learns that her father is Blake Carrington and the two share a happy reunion. Believing that Blake is finally going to acknowledge her as his half-sister, Dominique is furious when Blake instead welcomes Amanda to the Carrington family.
101"The Avenger"January 2, 1985 (1985-01-02)513
Claudia moves out of the Carrington mansion. Alexis offers to buy Dominique's shares of Denver-Carrington. Daniel urges Krystle to start her own business working with Arabian horses. Krystle reveals to Steven that Daniel is Sammy Jo's biological father. Jeff and Nicole find Peter's half of the treasure map in Fallon's safe at La Mirage. Blake is jealous over the developing closeness he sees between Krystle and Daniel. Dominique informs Blake that she is suing him because he used part of the funds she invested in Denver-Carrington to pay off the mortgage on his home. Blake learns that his father has had a heart attack.
102"The Will"January 9, 1985 (1985-01-09)514
As Steven and Claudia's marriage nears its end, Claudia and Adam begin to grow closer. Krystle finally gets to bring baby Krystina home from the hospital. Jeff continues to romance Nicole, all the while thinking of Fallon. Blake, Alexis and Dominique go to Sumatra to visit Blake's dying father Tom Carrington. Before he dies, he admits that he is indeed Dominique's father and leaves his entire estate to the three of them, but makes Dominique the executor of his will, much to Alexis's chagrin.
103"The Treasure"January 16, 1985 (1985-01-16)515
Jeff and Nicole go treasure hunting in Bolivia; they find the treasure, but no trace of Fallon and a drunk and disconsolate Jeff marries Nicole . Having finally gained Blake's acceptance that she is his sister and being formally welcomed into the Carrington family, Dominique drops her lawsuit against Blake. Krystle begins work on her horse breeding business with Daniel's help, but without Blake's support. Steven tries to make one last effort to save his marriage, but instead, argues with Claudia when he sees her having dinner with Adam. Meanwhile, Alexis is frustrated by Amanda's devotion to Blake and her acceptance of Dominique as her new aunt.
104"Foreign Relations"January 23, 1985 (1985-01-23)516
Blake's continued jealousy of Krystle and Daniel's business relationship pushes Krystle further away. Upon returning from Bolivia, Jeff and Nicole announce their marriage. After Adam makes a derogatory remark about Steven's homosexuality, they get into a fight and later, Steven tells Luke that he's ready to begin a relationship with him. After catching Dex carrying a drunken Amanda to her bedroom, Alexis suggests to Amanda that she move into the Carrington mansion. Nicole has a hard time adjusting to life in the Carrington mansion with the specter of Fallon Carrington looming over her. Blake seeks the assistance of Lady Ashley Mitchell in negotiating with the Chinese concerning his South China Sea oil leases.
105"Triangles"January 30, 1985 (1985-01-30)517
Blake reaches an agreement with the Chinese government which will allow him to begin drilling in the South China Sea but Alexis is determined to get her hands on the leases. Amanda moves out of Alexis's apartment and into the Carrington mansion. Steven decides to end his relationship with Luke Fuller and tells Claudia that he wants her back. Alexis attempts a takeover of Dominique's company so that she can blackmail her into relinquishing her 40% of Denver-Carrington and her position as executor of Tom Carrington's will. Brady is frustrated feeling that Dominique is turning to her new family and away from him and he tells her their marriage is over.
106"The Ball"February 6, 1985 (1985-02-06)518
Blake, Alexis, Dex and Amanda travel to Acapulco for an oil conference and Krystle is disturbed when she calls Blake's hotel room and Alexis answers. Amanda meets Prince Michael of Moldavia. Jeff gets angry when he finds Nicole wearing some of Fallon's old clothes and jewelry. Adam feels that Blake in continually leaving him out of important Denver-Carrington business. Claudia tells Steven that their marriage is over. Daniel kisses Krystle after she has a horseback riding accident.
107"Circumstantial Evidence"February 13, 1985 (1985-02-13)519
Following their kiss, Daniel confesses to Krystle that he's always loved her, but she tells him that she loves Blake. Blake and Krystle are both sent photographs indicating that they may be cheating on each other; Krystle with Daniel and Blake with Lady Ashley Mitchell. Nicole is frustrated trying to live up to Fallon's angelic reputation and lashes out at Jeff by listing off Fallon's numerous past sexual relationships. After another clash with Alexis, Dex decides to join Daniel on one of his covert missions. Amanda learns Michael is engaged. Alexis gets the 25% of the South China Sea leases that Blake had put up for auction. Claudia is hurt when she sees Steven with Luke after Steven told her he wasn't going to see Luke anymore and she turns to Adam for comfort. Blake confronts Krystle about her feelings for Daniel.
108"The Collapse"February 20, 1985 (1985-02-20)520
Alexis learns that Dominique is staging a hostile takeover of ColbyCo as a counter attack against Alexis trying to take her company. Krystle suspects that Lady Ashley sent the photographs to her and Blake. Alexis is livid when she finds out that Nicole was married to Peter DeVilbis. Brady sends Dominique divorce papers, but in the end, refuses to sell his shares in Dominique's company to Alexis, effectively stopping the takeover. Later that evening, Dominique collapses while singing after her victory over Alexis.
109"Life And Death"February 27, 1985 (1985-02-27)521
Dominique has to have heart surgery, and the operation is a success. Alexis discovers that Jeff and Nicole were never really married and once she tells him, Jeff ends his relationship with Nicole. Dex returns from his mission in Paraguay sick with malaria. After meeting Luke, Blake tells Steven that he'll try to accept him for who he is, but then Blake urges Claudia to give Steven another chance.
110"Parental Consent"March 6, 1985 (1985-03-06)522
Alexis manages to persuade King Galen to let the marriage between Amanda and Michael go ahead. Krystle confronts Blake with a photograph she received of Lady Ashley kissing Blake.
111"Photo Finish"March 13, 1985 (1985-03-13)523
Sammy Jo is revealed as the person behind the incriminating photos being sent to Krystle and Blake. Prince Michael asks Amanda to marry him, but before she can give him an answer, she asks Dex if there can be any future for the two of them. Sammy Jo meets Rita, a woman who looks very much like Krystle. Krystle leaves the Carrington mansion with Krystina after an argument with Blake.
112"The Crash"March 20, 1985 (1985-03-20)524
Adam convinces Claudia to divorce Steven. Alexis tells Luke that she supports his relationship with Steven. Dominique returns home from the hospital. Amanda and Michael split up. Blake and Daniel are involved in a plane crash.
113"Reconciliation"March 27, 1985 (1985-03-27)525
Blake and Daniel survive the plane crash and are rescued. Dex is jealous when he sees that Alexis is visibly disturbed by the news of Blake's crash and later Alexis witnesses a tender moment between Dex and Amanda. Alexis badgers Blake to get his help regarding Amanda and Michael's engagement and is thrown out of the Carrington mansion by Krystle. Blake and Krystle decide to make a go of their marriage. Krystle tells Daniel that Sammy Jo is his daughter. Adam is furious when he overhears Blake say that he intends to rewrite his will to give Jeff control of Denver-Carrington.
114"Sammy Jo"April 3, 1985 (1985-04-03)526
Adam sabotages Jeff's work at Denver-Carrington and tells Claudia he intends to takeover the company. Jeff spots Fallon in a photograph taken by Lady Ashley. Sammy Jo meets her biological father, Daniel Reece. Daniel then leaves for a covert mission in Libya, but before he leaves he makes Krystle promise to look after Sammy Jo.
115"Kidnap"April 10, 1985 (1985-04-10)527
Alexis refuses to allow herself to believe that Fallon may be alive. Amanda is briefly kidnapped after attending a fashion show. Dex receives tragic news. An amnesiac Fallon (now played by Emma Samms) begs the LAPD for help.
116"The Heiress"May 8, 1985 (1985-05-08)528
Krystle is saddened by the news of Daniel's death. Alexis, Michael and Amanda go to Moldavia to prepare for the big wedding and meet Michael's jealous former flame Elena, the duchess of Brana. Elena makes Amanda believe she's having an affair with Michael. Galen wants Alexis to leave Dex for him. Claudia is angered to learn that Blake is considering selling La Mirage. Daniel's will awards his farm, Delta Rho, and his fortune to Sammy Jo, though it is held in trust and Krystle has control over it.
117"Royal Wedding"May 15, 1985 (1985-05-15)529
Steven promises Luke they, along with Danny, will move in together when the wedding is over. Meanwhile, Adam and Claudia look like they are meant for each other. Sammy Jo plots revenge against Krystle, and gets an unusual idea when she sees Rita pretending to be Krystle. In Moldavia, Elena confesses to Amanda that she lied about the affair with Michael. The entire family gathers to watch Amanda and Michael get married. As the couple are proclaimed man and wife, armed revolutionaries attack the chapel, shooting everybody inside. Meanwhile back in Los Angeles, a woman stops by the Los Angeles Police Department needing help identifying herself: Fallon Carrington

Season 6: 1985–86

# Title Original airdate Production code
118"The Aftermath"September 25, 1985 (1985-09-25)601
The attack at Michael & Amanda's wedding leaves Lady Mitchell and Luke dead. Alexis goes missing after the attack; meanwhile, the rest of the wedding party is held captive in the palace. Sammy Jo reveals her plan to have Rita impersonate Krystle so that Sammy Jo can get control of the money her father left her. In Los Angeles, Fallon meets Miles Colby. Michael is told that his father is dead, but when Krystle discovers that it is not true, she is imprisoned in the palace dungeon.
119"The Homecoming"October 2, 1985 (1985-10-02)602

Blake secures Krystle and Alexis's release and everyone returns to Denver for Luke Fuller's funeral. Adam presses Claudia to marry him. Alexis is convinced that King Galen is still alive. Sammy Jo meets Rita's boyfriend, Joel Abrigore.

Note: This was the first episode for George Hamilton as Joel Abrigore.
120"The Californians"October 9, 1985 (1985-10-09)603
Blake decides to enter into business with Jason Colby, Jeff's estranged uncle. Dex is angry when Alexis hints that he go on a mission to rescue King Galen. Rita seeks plastic surgery to look more like Krystle. As Fallon and Miles grow closer, Jeff receives a call from his aunt Constance Colby, urging him to come to California.
121"The Man"October 16, 1985 (1985-10-16)604
Constance gives Jeff her half of the family business, Colby Enterprises. Krystle tries to make peace with Sammy Jo, while Sammy Jo moves forward with her plan to have Rita impersonate Krystle. The situation in Moldavia continues to put a strain on Amanda and Michael's marriage. Joel tells Rita that Sammy Jo can have her money, they are going after the Carrington fortune.
122"The Gown"October 30, 1985 (1985-10-30)605
Jeff tells Blake that he is moving to Los Angeles. Adam and Claudia get married. Krystle sees Rita for the first time at Delta Rho, with unexpected consequences.
123"The Titans - Part 1"November 13, 1985 (1985-11-13)606
Blake prepares for the arrival of the Colbys. Alexis and Dex fly back to Moldavia to rescue King Galen. Meanwhile, Krystle is held hostage at Delta Rho by Joel, while Rita takes her place at the mansion.
124"The Titans - Part 2"November 13, 1985 (1985-11-13)607
Dex is captured by the Moldavian army, however, dressed as a nun, Alexis safely crosses over the border. Adam tells Blake about his marriage to Claudia and an angry Blake counters by telling Adam that he is changing his will to leave Adam $1. The Colby family arrives in Denver from California. Steven is upset when he learns that Rita/Krystle has invited Sammy Jo to stay in the Carrington mansion. Jeff spots Fallon during the party at the mansion.
125"The Decision"November 20, 1985 (1985-11-20)608
Dex and Alexis smuggle Galen out of Moldavia. Garrett Boydson, Jason Colby's attorney, hopes to rekindle a past romance with Dominique. Little Blake overhears a conversation between Rita and Sammy Jo and quickly realizes that she is not Krystle. Amanda tells Michael that she wants a divorce. Fallon and Miles make love as Jeff vows that once he finds Fallon, he will never let her go.
126"The Proposal"November 27, 1985 (1985-11-27)609
After gaining financial independence due to an oil well willed to her by the late Walter Lankershim, Claudia decides to move back into the Carrington mansion. Michael orders Dex to stay away from Amanda. The family discovers that Fallon is not dead, but alive and living in California with Miles Colby. Rita begins drugging Blake to avoid having to make love with him. Alexis is intrigued when King Galen vows to make her 'the most powerful woman in the world'.
127"The Close Call"December 4, 1985 (1985-12-04)610
Claudia and Blake have an argument when Blake lays claim to her oil well and she gets so angry that she agrees to Adam's plan to take control of everything Blake owns. With King Galen recuperating in Denver, he and Alexis begin to make plans to regain power. While Michael and Amanda attempt to fix the problems with their marriage, Dex and Alexis continue to fight about Galen. Joel tells Krystle that she's been replaced.
128"The Quarrels"December 11, 1985 (1985-12-11)611
Rita is nervous when Blake schedules a doctor's appointment for 'Krystle'. Claudia considers suing Blake over possession of the oil well, but Adam convinces her that they can have more than just one well. Alexis witnesses 'Krystle' get angry with L.B. Blake is left bewildered when Rita rejects him.
129"The Roadhouse"December 18, 1985 (1985-12-18)612
Alexis moves Galen into her penthouse to recuperate. Alexis and Dex are shocked to see Krystle with Joel at the roadhouse and when Krystle sends signs of help to Alexis, Dex senses something is wrong, but Alexis tells him to forget about it. In a desperate move to win back her oil well, Claudia tries to get in Steven's good graces, in hopes that he can persuade Blake to return it to her. Krystle has a violent reaction when she sees Rita with Blake on TV.
130"The Solution"December 25, 1985 (1985-12-25)613
Galen lies to Alexis about the progress of his recovery. When L.B. tells Alexis that he saw Krystle kissing her doctor, Alexis tells Blake that Krystle is having an affair with Dr. Travers (a.k.a. Joel). Dominique is weak to Garrett Boydston's advances. Krystle realizes that Joel is becoming obsessed with her. Rita begins to poison Blake.
131"Suspicions"January 8, 1986 (1986-01-08)614
Blake suffers dizzy spells as Rita's slow poisoning takes effect. Anxious to secure the Carrington estate, Joel convinces Rita to administer the fatal dose. An enraged Steven engages Bart Fallmont in hand-to-hand combat over the pipeline construction. Dex is granted full building rights. Claudia decides to take the fight for her oil well into her own hands. Amanda is upset to learn that Elena is helping Michael. Alexis's sister, Carress Morell, is released from a Venezuelan prison in exchange for the "Alexis Carrington-Dexter Story". Sammy Jo discovers the empty vial of poison, and confronting an alarmed Rita, begins to suspect Joel's deadly plan.
132"The Alarm"January 15, 1986 (1986-01-15)615
Galen plots to regain his throne while Elena, learning the counter-revolution is in jeopardy, solicits Michael's help. Carress arrives in Denver and immediately begins conducting extensive research on Alexis. Joel intends to flee to South America with Krystle, rather than Rita. Adam takes advantage of Blake's condition and tricks him into signing a document granting Adam his power of attorney. Adam boasts to Claudia, but she is suspicious, and continues her attempt to prove rightful ownership of the oil well. Sammy Jo forces Rita to tell her about the plan to poison Blake and Sammy Jo warns Steven. As Rita watches, Blake, stricken with an apparent heart attack, falls down the stairs at the Carrington mansion.
133"The Vigil"January 22, 1986 (1986-01-22)616
After falling down the stairs, Blake is rushed to the hospital. Unconscious, Blake flashes back to the moment before his fall and realizes that 'Krystle' is not Krystle. Galen continues his deceptive charade as he requests two million dollars from an unsuspecting Alexis and Dex is incensed. Rita panics when Blake demands to know who she really is; she flees to find Joel, but encounters Krystle instead and a vicious struggle ensues. Sammy Jo helps Krystle escape from Rita, but they are blocked by Joel.
134"The Accident"January 29, 1986 (1986-01-29)617
When Joel intercepts Krystle and Sammy Jo at Delta Rho, Krystle pretends to be Rita and escapes. Blake and Krystle are reunited, but Krystle is haunted by nightmares of Joel. While Krystle is furious with Sammy Jo, she decides not to press charges against her. Joel, believing Rita to be Krystle, reveals his plan to take Krystle to South America. As they are fleeing Denver, Rita fights with Joel and the car they are driving crashes; the police later inform Blake that no bodies were found in the wreckage. Alexis tries to prove that, while locked in the attic, Krystle had an affair with Joel and goes to a tabloid with the story. Dex attempts to force Galen to walk, but when he fails, it only drives Alexis further away from him. Dominique is surprised when her daughter, Jackie, arrives in Denver from Europe. Claudia tracks down Dr. Edwards in Montana.
135"Souvenirs"February 5, 1986 (1986-02-05)618
At Alexis's command, a reporter disguised as a nanny, sneaks onto the Carrington Estate to interrogate Krystle. Krystle is overwhelmed with the realization that another woman was living her life. Blake reproaches Adam for his carelessness in permitting the malicious journalist onto the premises. Fallon returns home for consolation and support, hiding the fact that she was raped by Miles. Three marriages are in serious jeopardy as Claudia sends Adam a letter saying goodbye; Amanda informs Michael that she wants a divorce and; after catching a "crowned" Alexis admiring herself as Moldavian queen, Dex leaves her. Galen accidentally reveals his recovery to his son and insists that Michael save his marriage. Amanda later finds a drunken Dex and leads him back to his room where the two make passionate love. Alexis learns that Caress is free and enlists Zach Power's help in preventing possible trouble.
136"The Divorce"February 12, 1986 (1986-02-12)619
Alexis catches Amanda and Dex in bed together and the next morning Alexis leaves for St. Thomas to get a divorce from Dex. Galen assures Dex that he has lost Alexis forever and now she will be his queen. Adam is dismayed to learn of Blake's plans to put Steven on the board of directors. While attending a party, Adam sees Bart Fallmont and Steven together and misinterprets it to mean something more. He immediately sets a conspiracy into motion to gather incriminating evidence against the senator. Garrett meets Jackie and after learning her age and the tragic story of having lost her father soon after her birth, Garrett suspects she might be his daughter. Back from St. Thomas, Alexis walks in on a phone conversation Galen is having and discovers he has been faking his paralysis. Enraged, she orders him out of her home and her life, but keeps the tiara and the crown jewels he had promised her.
137"The Dismissal"February 19, 1986 (1986-02-19)620
Blake becomes obsessed with apprehending Joel and Rita. Krystle and Sammy Jo begin to heal their relationship when Krystle sees how remorseful Sammy Jo is. Michael informs Amanda that Galen has been exiled to Lisbon, but is devastated when Amanda cuts short his wish to resume their marriage by telling him that she loves Dex. Alexis completely breaks relations with Dex, driving him back to Amanda. Adam schemes to win political support by publicizing Bart Fallmont's sexual preferences, despite Steven's protests. Caress makes a surprise visit to Alexis. Alexis has a dream that she and Blake are together again, but when Blake puts a quick end to making it a reality, she vows to destroy Blake's power hold in Denver-Carrington.
138"Ben"February 26, 1986 (1986-02-26)621
A crisis in Hong Kong sends Blake overseas, leaving Krystle to speak beside Alexis at the co-company dedication. When Alexis publicly denounces Blake's character, a vicious argument ensues and lands the two enraged women in the mud. Although Bart and Steven cannot agree about the pipeline particulars, they are in mutual accord with their affections. Bart secretly admits that he and his old roommate were lovers, not knowing that a private investigator, hired by Adam, is also privy to the information. Garrett questions a nervous Dominique about Jackie's father. His suspicions grow when Dominique refuses to answer. Still feeling guilt over the debacle with Joel and Rita, a despondent Sammy Jo intends to leave Denver, but is convinced to stay after a compassionate plea from Blake convinces her otherwise. Alexis learns of Ben Carrington's isolated existence in Australia. With vengeance as her inspiration, she lures the recluse back to Denver, hoping to pit the estranged brothers against one another. Upon her return, Alexis receives a housewarming gift that turns her blood cold; Caress has moved in.
139"Masquerade"March 5, 1986 (1986-03-05)622
Speaking at her own prearranged press conference, Alexis brashly announces a masquerade party fund-raiser at the Carrington mansion. Upon returning from Hong Kong, Blake reluctantly agrees to host the event in hopes of persuading ex-senator Buck Fallmont to reevaluate his stand on the pipeline. Intercepting a call meant for Caress, Alexis learns of her sister's spiteful plan to write a book on her tumultuous life. Garrett confronts Dominique with the fact that Jackie's father is listed as ""unknown"" on her birth certificate. Dominique denies Garrett's assertions that Jackie may be his daughter. At the masquerade ball, Bart Fallmont shows Steven the newspaper headline running in the next morning's edition, which claims that Bart had a homosexual lover. Steven immediately suspects Adam's treachery and a fight ensues. Alexis then sets her plan for Blake's demise into motion when Ben removes his costume and reveals himself as Blake's brother.
140"The Subpoenas"March 12, 1986 (1986-03-12)623
Alexis's surprise unveiling of Ben stuns Blake, but she has little time to relish her first victory when Ben threatens to be her fiercest adversary if their plans go awry. Amanda is crushes when Dex confesses that he does not love her. Furious at Adam for publicizing Bart's past illicit romance, Steven instigates another battle with his brother. Blake also reprimands Adam, but the story accomplishes its purpose as ex-senator Buck Fallmont withdraws the pipeline injunction. Claudia returns and moves out of the Carrington mansion. Her suspicions concerning her paternity growing, Jackie makes a call to Paris to request a copy of her birth certificate. Despite Krystle's queries, Blake refuses to discuss his estrangement from his brother. Blake is confronted by Ben, who has returned to Denver to contest their father's will. Having discovered Caress's sinister intentions, Alexis secretly buys the company contracted to publish the damaging expose. Unaware of her sister's actions, Caress continues to write and to fall prey to a merciless Alexis.
141"The Trial - Part 1"March 19, 1986 (1986-03-19)624
After purchasing the company contracted to publish Caress's book, ""Sister Dearest,"" Alexis savors crushing her sister's grandiose dreams of literary fame and fortune. Jackie learns that her birth certificate lists her father as ""unknown."" Dominique, called to testify at Blake's trial, has no time to explain and Jackie leaves in tears. Vying for the inheritance he was denied, Ben accuses Blake of maliciously turning their father against him. Blake's rise to power is exposed by the incriminating testimony of those closest to him. Despite Ben's inflammatory accusations, Blake's case remains strong until Alexis takes the stand against him.
142"The Trial - Part 2"March 26, 1986 (1986-03-26)625
Blake's hopes are renewed when a key witness, Franklin, admits that Alexis paid him to alter his testimony. But Franklin later arrives in court intoxicated and is unable to answer any questions. Angered by the drunken witness, the judge rules in favor of Ben, and Blake is forced to surrender one-fourth of the family estate. Blake vows to appeal and is determined to track down the mysterious woman who can clear his name. Bart is dropped from the senatorial race when newspaper headlines announce his homosexuality. Dex offers Clay Fallmont a job on the pipeline. As Blake and Dex review construction particulars, a rancorous ex-employee orchestrates a potentially fatal accident. Buck Fallmont's wife, Emily, is ready to confess that she and Ben met the night of Ellen Carrington's tragic death. Fearing discovery, Ben warns Emily of the scandal that would result if she did. In the meantime, Blake makes plans to destroy Alexis by staging a corporate takeover of Colbyco.
143"The Vote"April 2, 1986 (1986-04-02)626
The accusations leveled against Blake at the trial cause the value of Denver-Carrington stock to plunge. At an emergency board meeting, Blake is nearly deposed as chairman when Martin Gaines, a board member, rallies opinion against him. Blake formally announces his takeover plan for Colbyco and wins back support, with Steven casting the deciding vote. Dex discovers Alexis and Ben ""intimately"" involved in planning Blake's destruction. Caress offers Blake her help. While searching Adam's office, Claudia discovers the document giving Adam Blake's Power of Attorney and uses it to blackmail Adam. When Jackie runs away, a distraught Dominique turns to Garrett and acknowledges that he is Jackie's father. Amanda sinks into a dangerous depression when she is unable to find a job and is continually rejected by a cold Alexis.
144"The Warning"April 9, 1986 (1986-04-09)627
Determined to help Blake, Caress attempts to discover the identity of the mystery woman Ben was with the night of his mother's death and, eventually, learns that it was Emily Fallmont. In a desperate attempt to raise the money for the leveraged buy-out of Colby Co, Blake temporarily relinquishes control of Krystle Holdings to Bob Ashmore in exchange for a 100 million dollar loan. The demise of Blake's empire continues when Bob Ashmore places a congratulatory call to Ben, celebrating their successful coup over the unsuspecting Blake. As Ben's plot to ruin his brother unfolds, Alexis prepares to present the Chinese government with falsified records showing Blake to be cheating them of royalties from the China Sea leases. Claudia threatens to reveal Adam's power of attorney over Denver-Carrington unless the title to the oil well stolen from her is returned.
145"The Cry"April 16, 1986 (1986-04-16)628
Desperate for a loan, Blake accepts an unexpected offer from Middle Eastern financial magnate Farouk Ahmed that has a staggering fee, not knowing that Alexis is his actual creditor. Caress informs Blake that Emily was the woman with Ben the night of the fire and leaves with him her expose, ""Sister Dearest"" as additional ammunition against Alexis. Blake confronts Emily, who breaks down and confesses her guilt. Seeing her torment, Blake promises to fight Ben without benefit of Emily's testimony. Struggling on her own, Jackie reconsiders her rash action of running away. Returning home, Jackie is shocked to learn that Garrett is her real father. Adam succumbs to Claudia's blackmail and transfers ownership of the disputed oil well over to her. Feeling ignored and having received yet another berating at the hands of Alexis, Amanda becomes more and more despondent and attempts suicide.
146"The Rescue"April 30, 1986 (1986-04-30)629
Alexis finds an unconscious Amanda at La Mirage and rushes her to the hospital. Dominique proposes to Garrett and the two make plans to marry. Steven fears losing custody of Danny if Sammy Jo marries Clay Fallmont. Caress demands ten percent of Ben's inheritance in exchange for her silence regarding Emily Fallmont; Ben agrees, but secretly arranges to have Caress extradited to Caracas to finish serving her prison sentence. Alexis prepares to call in her one billion dollar loan to Blake to gain control of his South China Sea leases. Calling her contact, Kai Liu, Alexis schedules a meeting with the Chinese Oil Ministry. But she is yet unaware of Ben's own scheme with Liu.
147"The Triple-Cross"May 14, 1986 (1986-05-14)630
Secure that his South China Sea leases will cover him, Blake purchases increasing amounts of Colbyco stock. Taking advantage of his precarious situation, Alexis falsifies Blake's oil production figures. Blake is faced with financial ruin when Chinese Oil Minister Han accuses him of cheating and intimates that the leases may no longer be extended to him. Dex reveals Ben's suspicious past to Alexis. Disregarding the warning, Alexis, along with Blake, falls prey to Ben's treachery. Using the court scandal and ""Sister Dearest"" to blacken the reputations of the Denver-Carrington and Colbyco powers, Ben gains sole control of the South China Sea leases. Steven attempts to investigate Adam's guarded files, but the records are destroyed before he can uncover the secret he knows his brother is hiding. Dominique makes wedding plans. Passionate feelings grow when Sammy Jo and Clay spend a candlelit evening together.
148"The Choice (a.k.a.) The Vendetta"May 21, 1986 (1986-05-21)631

Blake is shocked when newspaper headlines announce Ben's acquisition of the South China Sea leases. An irate Claudia confronts Blake and accuses him of siphoning oil from the Lankershim One oil well causing it to go dry and then reveals to Blake that Adam tricked him into signing the Power Of Attorney document. Sure of Ben and Alexis's collusion, Blake greets the co-conspirators with copies of "Sister Dearest", which he vengefully hands out to the hungry press. Farouk Ahmed calls off Blake's $1 billion loan, but demands his $250 million fee; he informs Blake that Alexis was behind the loan and when Blake confronts Alexis, she demands the $250 million in Denver-Carrington stock. At Dominique's engagement party, Sammy Jo and Amanda fight over Clay and end up falling into the pool, Amanda holds a helpless Sammy Jo under water. Dominique's happiness is shattered when she learns that Garrett was never married before.In her room at La Mirage, Claudia, becoming increasingly more unstable, accidentally sets the room on fire, while the engagement party continues below. Blake and Krystle arrive at the Carrington mansion and are greeted by a gloating Alexis, who tells Blake that she has bought all of his holdings, including the Carrington mansion; a vengeful Blake lunges for Alexis's throat.

Note: This was the final episode for Pamela Bellwood after 6 seasons, and Catherine Oxenberg after 2 seasons before replaced in season 7 by American actress Karen Cellini.

Season 7: 1986–87

# Title Original airdate Production code
149"The Victory"September 24, 1986 (1986-09-24)701

Blake's former chauffeur, Michael Culhane, returns and rescues Amanda, now played by Karen Cellini, from the fire at La Mirage, but the hotel is destroyed and Claudia dies in the blaze. After throwing Blake and Krystle out of the Carrington mansion, Alexis and Ben move in. Adam is devastated by the news of Claudia's death. Dominique calls off her wedding to Garrett. A grieving man who lost his wife in the fire accuses Blake of murdering her and, having recently bought a newspaper, Alexis puts the story all over the front page.

Note: Wayne Northrop rejoined the cast after a 5-year absence, and American actress Karen Cellini joins the cast replacing Catherine Oxenberg to play the role of Amanda Carrington.
150"Sideswiped"October 1, 1986 (1986-10-01)702
At Amanda's urging, Blake grudgingly rehires Michael as his chauffeur. Blake goes to the Denver Mirror to confront the publisher over the headlines being printed about him and is shocked to find that Alexis is the publisher; Blake is further annoyed when Alexis tells him that she plans to use the newspaper to paint him as an arsonist out for insurance money. Steven tells Adam that he is leaving ColbyCo and that he wants to work together with Adam to help Blake rebuild his empire; Adam reluctantly agrees, but immediately goes to Alexis and accepts the position with ColbyCo that she offers him. After purchasing the final amount of required stock, Alexis gains controlling interest in Denver-Carrington. Blake, Krystle and Michael are in a car accident, when Phil Thorpe, the man who accused Blake of killing his wife runs Blake's limo off the road.
151"Focus"October 15, 1986 (1986-10-15)703
Krystle is rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after the crash. Blaming Alexis for indirectly causing the crash, Blake threatens to finish strangling her if anything happens to Krystle. Dominique offers financial help to Blake. Alexis puts pressure on the district attorney to charge Blake with arson. Thorpe pulls a gun on Krystle in her hotel room, but she manages to talk him down.
152"Reward"October 22, 1986 (1986-10-22)704
Alexis goes into full force with her smear campaign against Blake, who becomes convinced that the land he inherited from his mother holds the key to regaining his empire. Michael continues his manipulation of Amanda to get revenge on Blake. Adam and Ben are at odds. Blake is arrested on charges of murder and arson.
153"The Arraignment"November 5, 1986 (1986-11-05)705
Alexis realizes that Ben is also plotting against Blake in the La Mirage arson case. Krystle begins experiencing poor health, but ignores her doctor's requests. Dominique and Krystle learn from Jackie that the fire started in Claudia's room, leading to Blake's exoneration. Alexis and Dex reunite.
154"Romance"November 12, 1986 (1986-11-12)706
Ben discovers that Caress contacted Blake for help, and sets a plan into action to block her freedom. Alexis has finally tired of Ben's antics and severs all ties with him. He immediately vows to make her pay.
155"The Mission"November 19, 1986 (1986-11-19)707
With help from Clay Fallmont, Dex and Blake free Caress from prison in Caracas and bring her back to Denver.
156"The Choice"November 26, 1986 (1986-11-26)708
Caress turns the tables and begins a malicious plot for revenge against Alexis and Ben. Sammy Jo tells Clay that he is going to be a father, but she doesn't get the response she hoped for. Michael is in cahoots with Carrington enemy, Zach Powers. Blind to Michael's cunning ways, Amanda moves in with him.
157"The Secret"December 3, 1986 (1986-12-03)709
Even after an attempt on her life, Caress continues to carry out her plans for revenge. Alexis has Michael investigated and when Alexis confronts Michael, in front of Amanda, with some of his former shady dealings, Amanda dumps Michael, but he quickly convinces her to take him back. Clay tells Sammy Jo that he wants to marry her. Emily tells Buck of her affair with Ben and plans to leave Denver; however, she is struck by a car after an argument with Buck.
158"The Letter"December 10, 1986 (1986-12-10)710
A dying Emily Fallmont gives Blake a letter that will clear his name and expose Alexis and Ben of all their schemes. Sammy Jo and Clay get married in Las Vegas. After Alexis makes threats to expose him, Michael confesses and finds himself out of favor with Blake. Upon leaving Denver, Caress makes peace with Alexis and warns her about the sinister Ben. Amanda goes on a sailing trip with Michael and finds out about his schemes from Steven. She leaves Denver for London.
159"The Ball"December 17, 1986 (1986-12-17)711
Sammy Jo's doctor informs her that she is not pregnant after all; afraid that she will lose Clay, she doesn't tell him. Armed with concrete proof, including Emily Fallmont's letter, that Alexis and Ben perjured themselves on the witness stand, Blake forces Alexis to return the mansion, Denver-Carrington and the South China Sea leases to him.
160"Fear"December 31, 1986 (1986-12-31)712
Blake and Krystle move back into the mansion. After having too much to drink the previous night, Steven awakens to find an unexpected person in his bed. Michael approaches Alexis with a business proposition; Alexis agrees, but only on the condition that Michael sues Blake for $50 million due to Blake shutting down the crater project. Adam and Dana get into an argument when Dana tells Adam that she is going back to work for Blake as his assistant. After Alexis has her music critic write a scathing review of Dominique, Dominique and Alexis have a heated confrontation. When Ben attempts to use Alexis's fear of being sent back to prison against her, Alexis instructs Adam to go to Australia to find something to neutralize Ben.
161"The Rig"January 7, 1987 (1987-01-07)713
Blake rejects Ben's request for reconciliation, reminding him that Ben wasn't interested in being brothers when Blake was the one that was down; Ben responds by threatening Blake. In Australia, not only does Adam find the necessary information to use against Ben, he also finds Ben's long-lost daughter, Leslie Carrington. Blake, Alexis and Ben go to Hong Kong to complete the transfer of the South China Sea leases back to Blake. Sammy Jo struggles over her decision to keep the fact that she is not pregnant from Clay. Michael takes Amanda to a lake for a vacation, but while there they argue when she discovers that Michael is suing Blake. Blake and Ben are in an oil rig explosion, and seeking final vengeance, Ben considers leaving Blake for dead.
162"A Love Remembered - Part 1"January 14, 1987 (1987-01-14)714
Ben saves Blake from the oil rig explosion. At the hospital, Blake wakes up believing it is 1964 and Alexis decides to take advantage of Blake's memory loss by feigning a picture of them as a happily married couple. When Sammy Jo has an accident at the ranch, Clay learns that she was never pregnant.
163"A Love Remembered - Part 2"January 21, 1987 (1987-01-21)715
Krystle and Dex arrive in Singapore to search for Blake & Alexis. Meanwhile back in Denver, Sammy Jo and Steven grow closer over their troubling situations. Pretending to be Mrs. Blake Carrington, Alexis begins to get caught up in her charade, but following an attack of conscious, Alexis reveals her deceitfulness to Blake and he reunites with Krystle.
164"The Portrait"January 28, 1987 (1987-01-28)716
Back in Denver, Krystle is dismayed by the continued closeness she observes between Blake and Alexis. The family learns that Amanda has left town. Steven and Clay get into a fight over Sammy Jo. Leslie arrives in Denver and has a rocky reunion with her father, Ben.
165"The Birthday"February 4, 1987 (1987-02-04)717
While Clay and Sammy Jo are ending their brief marriage, Adam announces his engagement to Dana Waring. Both announcements please Alexis, who then goes into overdrive planning the wedding. Dex decides to leave Alexis and ends up in the arms of Dominique. Krystina collapses and is taken to the hospital.
166"The Test"February 11, 1987 (1987-02-11)718
Michael presents Alexis with a new offer, but she is hesitant to accept. When Alexis comes to the hospital in support of Krystina, she is shunned by Krystle. Leslie accepts Krystle's invitation to move into the Carrington mansion. Clay is annoyed when he learns that Sammy Jo has asked Steven and Danny to move in with her. Blake and Krystle learn that Krystina's condition is fatal and she will need a heart transplant to survive.
167"The Mothers"February 25, 1987 (1987-02-25)719
Krystina is transferred to a hospital in California to await a heart transplant. Dex takes Dominique to Wyoming where Dex is reunited with childhood friends, Sarah and Boyd Curtis, who are later in a car accident along with their young daughter; Sarah survives, but Boyd is killed and their daughter is left brain dead. Prior to being released from prison, former congressman, Neal McVane is given interesting information concerning Adam and he later shocks Adam by telling him that the real Adam Carrington died as a baby and that he is an imposter. With Leslie living in the Carrington mansion, Ben seizes the chance to try to reconcile with his daughter. Sarah Curtis agrees to donate her daughter's heart to Krystina.
168"The Surgery"March 4, 1987 (1987-03-04)720
Unwilling to give up on her daughter, Sarah nearly backs out of the surgery; a talk with Dex changes her mind and after a brief delay, Krystina has the heart transplant. After Neil McVane provides him with evidence that he is not, in fact, the Adam Carrington, Adam questions Alexis about the kidnapping. Following an unpleasant first encounter, neither Clay nor Leslie is happy when Dex offers Leslie a job as Clay's assistant.
169"The Garage"March 11, 1987 (1987-03-11)721
Krystle and Blake return to Denver with Krystina. Adam is unnerved at the notion that he may not be a Carrington after all. After a despondent Sarah attempts suicide, Krystle invites Sarah to move into the mansion, which makes Blake uneasy. Ben is apprehensive when Leslie tells him she is going out to dinner with Clay. Sammy Jo tries, unsuccessfully, to seduce Stephen. Alexis is surprised to see McVane.
170"The Shower"March 18, 1987 (1987-03-18)722
Dana, Alexis and Steven try to figure out what is causing Adam's strange and unpredicable behavior. After he is shunned by Alexis, Michael gets into the revenge business with Neil. Both Blake and Dex begin to realize the attachment that Sarah is developing to Krystina, but Krystle remains oblivious and names Sarah as Krystina's new caretaker.
171"The Dress"March 25, 1987 (1987-03-25)723
Suspicions about Adam continue to grow after he calls off the wedding, leaving Dana crushed. After Buck Fallmont berates Clay over his involvement with Leslie, who questions Ben about his relationship to the Fallmonts. Sarah overhears Blake voicing his concern over her increasing attachment to Krystina and she decides to leave the mansion; however, Krystle convinces her to stay. Steven and Sammy Jo continue to grow closer.
172"Valez"April 1, 1987 (1987-04-01)724
After making love, Sammy Jo is hurt when Steven tells her that it was a mistake and that they can never be more than friends. Dex tries to warn Alexis about her new business partner, Dirk Maurier. Having finally become aware of Sarah's unhealthy attachment to Krystina, Krystle asks Sarah to leave the mansion; she does--and takes Krystina with her.
173"The Sublet"April 8, 1987 (1987-04-08)725
A kidnapped Krystina is terrified while being held captive by an unstable Sarah, who has convinced herself that Krystina is her own deceased daughter, Kathy. Dominique receives a marriage proposal from Nick. McVane forces Adam to give him information which will cause Alexis to lose millions on a business deal and the guilt over betraying his mother sends Adam into a downward spiral.
174"The Confession"April 22, 1987 (1987-04-22)726
Once Krystina is reunited with the family, Blake and Krystle drop the kidnapping charges against Sarah, on the condition that she receive mental treatment. When the guilt over keeping his secret gets to be too much for him, Adam finally confesses his true identity to Blake and Alexis. Adam and Dana decide to give their love another chance and decide to leave Denver. Dirk Maurier's nephew, Gavin, arrives in Denver and takes an immediate interest in Alexis.
175"The Affair"April 29, 1987 (1987-04-29)727
Buck Fallmont approaches Blake and asks him to get Clay and Leslie to stop seeing each other, when Blake refuses to get involved Buck tells him that Clay isn't his son, but Ben's. Jackie returns to Denver with plans of reuniting her parents; confronting Nick, she demands that he stay away from Dominique. With Krystle's help, Sarah finally accepts that her daughter is dead. Leslie is devastated at the news that she and Clay may be half-siblings and takes her anger out on Ben. Gavin takes Alexis out for a night on the town.
176"Shadow Play"May 6, 1987 (1987-05-06)728
Blake and Alexis surprise Adam with adoption papers prior to his wedding. Both Clay Fallmont and Ben Carrington decide to leave Denver, amid scandal about Clay's paternity. Dominique finally accepts Nick's proposal. Dex and Gavin fight over Alexis and later, after Dex angrily tells Alexis that her life is empty, an emotional Alexis accidentally drives her car off a bridge. Following the wedding, the entire Carrington family is held hostage at the mansion by a face from the past: Matthew Blaisdel.

Season 8: 1987–88

# Title Original airdate Production code
177"The Siege - Part 1"September 23, 1987 (1987-09-23)801
Still held captive by the deranged Matthew Blaisdel, Blake and his family wait helplessly as Blaisdel's obsession for Krystle grows dangerously stronger. Witnessing Alexis's car drive off the bridge, a handsome and mysterious stranger rescues her from the river below. Jeff searches for Fallon after her car is found abandoned in the desert and finds her unconscious by the side of the road several miles away. Allowed to leave the mansion to secure a fortune in cash for Blaisdel's trip back to Peru, Blake overpowers his guard and goes for help. Protecting Leslie after she tries to escape, Dex lunges at Matthew. In the ensuing fight, Dex finds an opportunity to run out the door and across the grounds for help. Blaisdel's accomplice steadies his gun and shoots, dropping Dex. Returning to the mansion, with a SWAT team covering him, Blake is terrified to find the mansion empty, except for the shredded remains of Krystina's doll.
178"The Siege - Part 2"September 30, 1987 (1987-09-30)802
Matthew takes the hostages to his old oilrig, Lankershim-Blaisdel 1, and keeps them in the house there. Dex is brought to the hospital with serious injuries, but following surgery he is able to give the police a lead as to the whereabouts of the hostages. Alexis hires Morgan Hess to investigate the man who saved her. Fallon wakes up in the hospital, but does not dare to tell Jeff about the abduction and later decides that she wants to take a trip home to Denver. Matthew buys explosives and makes a bomb for his hostages. Dana is frightened when Adam tells her that he wants them to have a baby soon. Gerard tells Jeanette that he loves her. Using Dex's tip, the police locate Matthew and kill all of his henchmen; Matthew releases all of the hostages except for Krystle and Blake. Steven rushes into the building and Matthew activates the bomb, intending to kill everybody. In the end, Steven kills Matthew with a knife while Blake disarms the bomb.
179"The Aftermath"October 7, 1987 (1987-10-07)803
The incident in the bunkhouse leaves Steven emotionally scarred. Adam is suspicious of Jeff and Fallon's motive for returning to Denver. Adam is suspicious when Dana keeps changing the subject when it comes to having children. Steven tells Sammy Jo that he will move back in with her, but only if she can accept that they will never be a couple. Fallon confesses her experience to a skeptical Jeff. Blake accepts an offer to be a candidate in Colorado's gubernatorial race. Alexis tracks down her mystery rescuer.
180"The Announcement"October 14, 1987 (1987-10-14)804
Sean Rowan, Alexis's rescuer, carefully studies an old news clip of Steven and Blake's custody trial over Danny. Sammy Jo is saddened by the realization that her and Steven's relationship will never have the closeness she has longed for. Fallon tells Steven about her desert encounter. Things heat up between Dex and Leslie as well as Alexis and Sean. Alexis's anger over being snubbed in favor of Blake as a gubernatorial candidate reignites the Alexis-Blake feud. Believing that providing Blake with a grandchild will secure his place in the family, Adam is heartbroken when he learns that Dana is unable to have children.
181"The Surrogate - Part 1"October 28, 1987 (1987-10-28)805
Alexis offers Sean a job after he informs her of his decision to leave Denver. Jeff accepts Blake's request to be his campaign manager and later, when Jeff is detained at Blake's fundraiser, he cancels his and Fallon's reconciliation dinner further weakening their fragile marriage. Alexis commits Colbyco to fight Blake's proposal of saving valuable timberland as a national park, depriving her of a resource for her newspaper. Steven asks Blake to sell him the Denver Monarch's football team and Sammy Jo is immediately attracted to the roguish quarterback, Josh Harris. Tormented by Adam's desire to have children, Dana is filled with renewed hope after learning of the successes of surrogate mothers.
182"The Surrogate - Part 2"November 4, 1987 (1987-11-04)806
Alexis uses her newspaper to counter Blake's land conservation proposal, by claiming the land could be better used to create jobs for her paper mill. Dana meets with a lawyer regarding the possibility of surrogacy; Adam is initially skeptical of having a stranger carry his child, but he changes his mind when he meets the surrogate, the beautiful Karen Atkinson. When working for Dex doesn't fulfill all of Leslie's ambitions, she accepts Alexis's job proposition. Jeff's position as Blake's campaign manager continues to occupy his time, preventing he and Fallon from fixing the problems with their marriage. Steven is upset when he sees Sammy Jo kissing Josh.
183"The Primary"November 18, 1987 (1987-11-18)807
Sean whisks Alexis off to a remote cabin on the Pacific coast of Mexico where he asks her to marry him. Reacting to Steven's indifference and preoccupation with business, Sammy Jo gives in to Josh's passionate advances. Attending a support group for those who have encountered space aliens, Jeff finds the discussion too unbelievable and leaves without Fallon. Leslie offers Jeff a good luck kiss before the primary elections, as Fallon and Dex observe the moment with hurt feelings. Adam is overjoyed to learn Karen is pregnant with his child, but Dana confesses to Karen that she feels left out; Karen manages to assuage Dana's fears, but they return when Adam brings home a gift, not for Dana, but for Karen. At Blake's election victory party, a jubilant Adam informs Blake he will have another grandchild while Dana can only force her brightest smile, covering her emotional pain.
184"The Testing"November 25, 1987 (1987-11-25)808
Forced to divest interests in Denver-Carrington to avoid conflict with his political career, Blake struggles to decide who in the family will assume power, but after witnessing Steven's decisiveness in handling a business situation, he asks him to run Denver-Carrington. Leslie takes advantage of a disagreement between Jeff and Fallon and makes her move on Jeff. Sammy Jo lies to Steven regarding the extent of her relationship with Josh, who , unknown to Sammy Jo, is dealing with a cocaine addiction. Sean vows to avenge the suicide of his father, Joseph Anders, and the rape of his sister, Kirby; he blames Alexis for his father's death, and promises to crush her and her family by using his influence on her to turn the family against themselves.
185"The Setup"December 2, 1987 (1987-12-02)809
Dana reluctantly reveals to Alexis that her infertility is due to a botched abortion many years before. Suspecting Dana is manipulating Adam to selfishly benefit her own future, Alexis schemes to prevent Dana from legally becoming the mother of Adam's surrogate child. Seeking to undermine Steven's position of power at Denver-Carrington, Adam anonymously informs the press of Skip Maitland's arrest for dealing drugs to players on Steven's football team. This sets off a scandal linked to Blake's campaign. Returning from New York guilt stricken by his weekend affair with Leslie, Jeff hopes to work out his problems with Fallon. But when Fallon walks in on Leslie and Jeff innocently finishing business matters, she is convinced their marriage is over. Concerned by his poor playing performance, Steven requests Josh Harris have a physical. Fearing his drug use will be detected, Josh quits the team. After Alexis informs Sean of Dana's ill-fated abortion, he develops a strategy to use Dana to his advantage. Flying to Billings, Montana, Sean meets with a schoolmate of Dana's, discovering the father of her aborted child was Adam. Alexis invites Krystle and Blake to an Olde English Fair to benefit Krystle's drug rehabilitation program. Expecting a turnout of influential people affecting Blake's campaign, Alexis prepares a special surprise to hinder his political goals.
186"The Fair"December 9, 1987 (1987-12-09)810
Knowing the truth about her abortion, Sean blackmails Dana demanding she gather secret information on the Carringtons. Josh reverts to his alcohol and drug addiction after Sammy Jo turns down his marriage proposal. Fallon informs Jeff of her decision to file for a divorce. Alexis and Sean orchestrate a very public airing of a spliced video which appears to show Blake frequenting a brothel.
187"The New Moguls"December 23, 1987 (1987-12-23)811
With Krystle's help, Blake manages to clear his name in the video tape scandal. On a business trip to West Africa, Dex stumbles upon a man who may be able to give him answers regarding Sean Rowan. Jeff agrees to Fallon's request for a divorce. Concerned when she can't get a hold of Josh, Sammy Jo goes to his apartment and finds Josh unconscious from a drug overdose.
188"The Spoiler"December 30, 1987 (1987-12-30)812
Sammy Jo is overwhelmed with guilt following Josh's death and realizing her obsession to be with Steven is depriving her of an intimate relationship, she asks Steven to move out of the ranch. Dana gives in to Sean's blackmail and provides him with information regarding Denver-Carrington. With Alexis preoccupied by Blake's campaign, Sean turns his attention to Leslie and they spend the night together. Jeff asks Sammy Jo to accompany Danny, L.B., and him on a weekend skiing trip. Discovering a new angle for destroying Blake's campaign, Alexis calls a late night press conference to declare herself an independent candidate for governor.
189"The Interview"January 6, 1988 (1988-01-06)813
Alexis asks Sean to assume control of Colbyco so she can concentrate on the election. At the mountain cabin with Jeff and the kids, Sammy Jo contemplates her failed marriage and her inadequacies as a mother; Jeff comforts Sammy Jo and a new bond forms between them. Dana finally tells Adam that he was the father of the child she aborted and he angrily accuses her of murdering his child. Alexis sabotages Blake's appearance at a televised debate and then shows up to steal his thunder; however, Krystle fills in for Blake and capably defends him against Alexis's political insults. Trying to think of a way to get back at Alexis, Krystle remembers Alexis's hasty marriage to Cecil Colby before he died and she wonders if she can prove that he didn't die from natural causes and somehow implicate Alexis.
190"Images"January 13, 1988 (1988-01-13)814
Ignoring Blake's objections, Krystle continues her investigation into Alexis's deathbed marriage to Cecil Colby. Leslie follows Sean to his father's gravesite, discovers his true identity as Joseph Aynders' son and uses this information to coerce Sean to accept her as an equal partner in his scheme. Dana returns to a forgiving Adam and tells him of Sean's blackmail. Alexis is devastated when she asks for her children's support for her campaign and only Adam offers any amount of endorsement. After Fallon and Dex fly to Natumbe to check out the Vitron oil deal, Fallon decides to fight Steven in favor of the deal. Krystle threatens to reveal the findings of her investigation to the press if Alexis does not withdraw from the election.
191"The Rifle"January 20, 1988 (1988-01-20)815
When Krystle learns that Cecil Colby's will was changed soon after he and Alexis were married, Krystle thinks that she finally has solid evidence against Alexis. Steven is outvoted and reluctantly authorizes the Vitron oil deal. Sean's vendetta against Alexis and the Carringtons is put into effect. Alexis has second thoughts about running for governor when a reporter hints at a scandal behind her marriage to Cecil. At an electoral debate, Sean accidentally shoots Alexis with a bullet he meant for Blake.
192"The Bracelet"January 27, 1988 (1988-01-27)816
Recovering from her wounds, Alexis tells Blake she has decided to withdraw from the election, but when she becomes aware of her sudden rise in popularity, she reconsiders. Karen's husband, Jesse, shows up and tells her he never signed the final divorce papers, making them still legally married. After Jeff bails Sammy Jo out of her financial debts, Steven offers him a warning to stay away from his ex-wife. Jeff saves Sammy Jo from an attempted rape and realizes he is falling in love with her. In her bedroom, Alexis discovers a bracelet she had given to Leslie.
193"The Warning"February 3, 1988 (1988-02-03)817
Leslie fears that Alexis knows about her affair with Sean, who is behind Jesse's sudden reappearance in Karen's life. Steven, Fallon and Adam are stunned to learn that Jeff is the one who is buying large amounts of Denver-Carrington stock. Adam tries to pay Jesse $100,000 to leave Denver, but Sean demands that Jesse stay in town and convince Karen to sue for custody of the baby she is carrying for Adam and Dana.
194"Adam's Son"February 10, 1988 (1988-02-10)818
Alexis toys with Leslie, asking questions about the bracelet she gave her. Jeff resigns as Blake's campaign manager after Blake voices his displeasure over Jeff's tactics in maneuvering into Denver-Carrington. Sean denies Alexis's accusation that he is having an affair with Leslie, but Alexis isn't completely convinced. After walking in on Adam and Jesse locked in a bitter fight, Karen falls to the floor with labor pains. After Sean threatens Leslie, Leslie turns to Dex, telling him she knows Sean's true identity. Dex reveals to Alexis that Sean is really Joseph's son. Adam and Dana's joy over the birth of their son is short-lived when Karen tearfully tells them she can't give up her baby.
195"The Scandal"March 2, 1988 (1988-03-02)819
Alexis warns Blake of Sean's vengeful agenda. Blake and Dex leave for Natumbe and discover the illegal arms shipment, but they are locked in the hold of the tanker. Fearing her relationship with Jeff will affect her friendship with Fallon, Sammy Jo asks Jeff to keep their romance secret. Adam is elated when he discovers that he truly is Adam Carrington, but again his joy is short-lived when he is served papers for Karen's custody suit to keep the baby. Alexis hires Morgan Hess to investigate Sean and learns of his extensive, international criminal history. Blake and Dex manage to escape when Sean detonates a bomb on board the tanker; however, they mistakenly believe that Sean was killed by the explosion.
196"The Trial"March 9, 1988 (1988-03-09)820
Blake returns to Colorado facing accusations that he was involved in an illegal weapons deal. Concerned that the bad press will harm his campaign, Fallon and Steven fly to Natumbe to find proof that will clear their father's name. The custody trial commences and quickly turns ugly; horrified over the nature of the proceedings, Dana blurts out that the baby belongs with his mother, Karen. Heartbroken, Adam moves out of their bedroom. Upon learning that Jeff and Fallon are divorced, Leslie attempts to rekindle her brief relationship with Jeff, unaware that he is secretly seeing Sammy Jo. Jeff and Blake patch up their differences and Blake asks Jeff to return as his campaign manager. Steven and Fallon return to Denver with documents that prove Sean was behind the arms shipment. Krystle begins experiencing headaches, but conceals it from her family. Alexis tries to conceal her terror when she is told the body assumed to be Sean is Harry Thresher's.
197"The Proposal"March 16, 1988 (1988-03-16)821
Leslie finds herself out of favor with nearly everyone in the family. Alexis and Blake are neck and neck in the race for governor. Jeff proposes to Sammy Jo and, upon learning the news, neither Steven nor Fallon deals with it very well. Dana finally decides to leave Adam. Karen goes to the hospital to see her baby, only to discover that he is missing.
198"Colorado Roulette"March 30, 1988 (1988-03-30)822
After kidnapping Adam's son, Sean takes Leslie hostage. Both Blake and Alexis lose the gubernatorial election. Leslie manages to call Adam, but Sean catches her and assaults her; however, her call leads Adam to find his son. Jeff is left in a compromising position when old feelings for Fallon return after he proposed to Sammy Jo. The judge awards custody to Karen. Blake discovers that Krystle has been covering up her health issue. Sean holds Alexis at gunpoint in her apartment and when Dex arrives, he and Sean fight until the gun goes off.

Season 9: 1988–89

# Title Original airdate Production code
199"Broken Krystle"Thu. November 3, 1988 (1988-11-03)901
Sean is shot and killed during the struggle with Dex. Fallon toys with Sammy Jo after Sammy Jo nearly catches Fallon in Jeff's bedroom when she stops by his apartment to accept his marriage proposal. Following Krystle's bizarre disappearance, Blake searches frantically for her, fearing Krystle's mental illness may be developing. Looking to get out of Denver following Sean's death, Alexis and Dex go to Los Angeles where they rekindle their relationship. Adam withdraws into a drunken stupor, alienating his family and Dana. While searching for Krystle at one of her favorite spots, an out of the way lake, Sammy Jo and Jeff see something floating in the water; investigating closer, they are stunned when they discover a dead body.
200"A Touch of Sable"Thu. November 10, 1988 (1988-11-10)[7]902
The body in the lake turns out to be that of an unknown man. Adam finds Steven's goodbye letters to Blake and Sammy Jo and burns them; however, Fallon comes across the partially charred remains and suspects her brother of treachery. After Dex expresses his unwillingness to help Alexis strengthen her empire, she takes advantage of Sable's unexpected return and her political and financially affluent friend, Hamilton Stone. Alexis persuades Stone to help her get her ships back from Natumbe, while Sable contemplates how she can benefit from their budding relationship. Blake learns that Krystle is in Dayton, OH with her cousin, Virginia. Flying to Dayton, Blake learns that Krystle's memory has regressed back to her earlier life growing up in Dayton and that she had mentioned she was on the run from someone who was trying to kill her. Listening in shock, Blake is further stunned when she tells him Krystle confessed to having killed a man.
201"She's Back"Thu. December 1, 1988 (1988-12-01)903
Blake is relieved to find that Krystle's mental condition has improved, but remains distressed when she has no memory of the past few days. Adam persuades Steven's secretary, Claire Tennyson, to work for him, hoping she will reveal some of Steven's secrets; Claire eagerly accepts, having her own devious reasons for doing so. With Alexis in Natumbe with Hamilton Stone, Sable pours her seductive charms on Dex, who is only amused by her passes. Krystle is overcome by a painful migraine, as the reason for her attacks continues to frustrate her. Finding out from Sgt. Zorelli that she is a suspect in a murder, Krystle accuses Blake of lying to her. Needing to know what happened at the lake, Krystle goes to Sammy Jo, demanding to be told the truth. Finding out about the body in the lake, she convinces Blake to take her to the morgue to see the corpse. Pulling back the sheet, Krystle does not recognize the face. But when Blake looks, he cringes with the recognition of who it is.
202"Body Trouble"Thu. December 8, 1988 (1988-12-08)904
Adam starts scheming when Blake insists Adam run Denver-Carrington with Fallon and Jeff, instead of by himself. Sammy Jo isn't thrilled with the idea of Jeff working with Fallon and it only gets worse when, after making love, Jeff calls Sammy Jo by Fallon's name. Krystle goes Los Angeles with Blake to meet with Dr. Hampton where she learns the true nature of her illness. Accompanying Sgt. Zorelli to the morgue to identify the body, Fallon privately thinks that the dead man looks familiar. Sharing her thoughts with Blake upon his return, he admits the young man looks like someone he knew many years ago. Blake goes through photographs dating back to 1963, showing the man and Blake together. While mingling with guests at a party for Blake's friends and supporters, Krystle is gripped by a painful headache. Losing control, she flings dishes at the guests until Blake is able to calm her. Arriving at the party unexpected, Sgt. Zorelli informs Krystle she is no longer suspected of murder after an autopsy showed the body to be dead for over twenty years.
203"Alexis In Blunderland"Thu. December 15, 1988 (1988-12-15)905
With a gloomy prognosis for Colbyco, Alexis is desperate to liquefy her assets and she makes plans to sell the Carlton Hotel and the Vitron tankers, as the realization she may lose everything finally hits her. Finding out about Fallon's one night stand with Jeff, Sammy Jo squares off with Fallon. Wrestling with each other, they fall into a water trough and then take a roll through the mud, before they finally realize they are fighting over a man neither wants anymore. Adam plots to double cross Jeff by reading Steven's confidential notes on the pipeline. Fallon questions Dex on what he knows about the man-made lake where the body was found. Uneasy about discussing the subject, Dex admits the lake was made after a project had gone bad between Blake, the Colbys, and Dexter's family. Sable is delighted to hear Hamilton Stone has succeeded in winning Alexis's trust. With Stone's inside knowledge of Colbyco's business dealings, Sable schemes to take Alexis's oil tankers. Blake receives a bad news call from Krystle's doctor. Seeing the pain on Blake's face, Fallon barges into the library demanding to know what is going on. Finding Krystle crying in Blake's arms, he asks Fallon to gather the family.
204"Every Picture Tells a Story"Thu. December 22, 1988 (1988-12-22)906
Taking the picture of Blake standing with the young man found floating in the lake, Fallon sets up an appointment with Sergeant Zorelli to view the corpse. Krystle undergoes more tests to determine her reaction to a new drug. Virginia joins Blake and Krystle at the hospital. Blake and Virginia develop a special bond of friendship. After sleeping with Claire, Adam tells her it's best she find another job. Following her tests, Krystle has a new resolve to live. Sammy Jo and Fallon put their differences aside and develop a friendship. Dex asks Jeff to help him find more out about Fritz Heath, Colbyco's comptroller. A seething Alexis berates Dex for unwittingly selling the Carlton to Sable. Unable to view the corpse, Zorelli sets Fallon up in a room and gives her a picture. Unaware that a camera is focused on her, she pulls out Blake's picture and compares photographs, as Zorelli watches. Virginia is awestruck by the opulence of the Carrington mansion as she returns to Denver with Blake and Krystle. Finding out about the picture, Sable goes to Blake to let him know that when the story gets out, he can count on her as an ally. Taking Sable's suggestion to ask her mother about the man in the picture, Fallon goes to Alexis for answers. Recognizing the man to be Roger Grimes, a man Blake discovered her having an affair with, she accuses Blake of murdering him 25 years ago.
205"The Last Hurrah"Thu. January 5, 1989 (1989-01-05)907
Blake is furious at Fallon for showing the picture of Roger Grimes to Alexis. Overhearing his tirade, Krystle is uncertain why Blake is so concerned by the picture. After Alexis vows to make Blake suffer for killing Roger Grimes, Dex is convinced that she still harbors feelings for Roger. Deciding not to be Alexis's toy lover any longer, Dex pays an amorous visit to Joanna Sills, Sable's personal assistant. While visiting the seedy part of town with Sammy Jo and Virginia, Krystle looks for ways she can help the unfortunate. Approached by a man with a knife, Virginia attacks him with a viciousness that makes Sammy Jo think she may be more street wise than she wants people to think. Krystle is told her only chance for survival is an operation with a marginal chance of success. Alexis is outraged by her discovery that Hamilton Stone only got two of her ships out of Natumbe. Finding out about Alexis's vendetta against Blake, Krystle barges into her apartment. Krystle threatens to use her recent mental illness as a justifiable excuse to kill Alexis if she carries out her plans to accuse Blake of Roger Grimes murder.
206"The Wedding"Thu. January 12, 1989 (1989-01-12)908
Krystle agrees to the operation only after Blake reluctantly signs her divorce papers and living will, to be enacted if the surgery is not a success. Virginia tells Krystle of her troubled youth after their mother left her. Krystle invites Sable to dinner and their friendship continues to grow. Fallon is haunted by a recurring dream of Roger Grimes. Dex hires a Vietnam buddy, Painter, to investigate Colbyco's controller. Krystle recognizes one of the caterers at her dinner party, Gibson, as the same man she sees coming out of the lake in her haunting nightmare. Fearing Krystle will put the puzzle together, Sable tells Gibson to discontinue his dives into the lake. Those are the same dives that originally uncovered the body of Roger Grimes. Thinking he has discovered an underwater passageway, Gibson is hesitant to abandon his search. Virginia reacts very strangely when she is introduced to Dex. Following the reaffirmation of their wedding vows, Blake is forced to cancel his and Krystle's second honeymoon. Krystle and Blake leave immediately for Switzerland so she can have the high risk operation.
207"Ginger Snaps"Thu. January 26, 1989 (1989-01-26)909
The operation fails and Krystle is in a coma and will probably never wake up. A devastated Blake returns to Denver. Sammy Jo is struck down in the stable at Delta Rho by a mysterious guy snooping around. He loses a knife with the inscription: "To my scuba with love. Edy." Sammy Jo sleeps with Jeff. More money disappears from ColbyCo accounts, but Fritz claims he's got full control. Blake and Dex discusses what to do about their secret. Apparently, a long time ago, Tom Carrington, Sam Dexter and Jason Colby had a mining company at the place where the lake is now. A serious happening made them swear to secrecy, but after the discovery of Roger Grimes, keeping it secret may be difficult. Fallon sleeps with John Zorelli. Jeff insinuates that Sable is in Denver to take Krystle's place. Virginia makes Dex remember who she is.
208"Delta Woe"Thu. February 2, 1989 (1989-02-02)910
Following their passionate love making, Zorelli suspects Fallon is merely trying to influence him to drop the Roger Grimes case. After Virginia storms from Dex's room, leaving behind pictures of them together from a happier time, Dex is left stunned by the uncanny turn of events. Blake orders Zorelli to stay away from Fallon. To avoid having their family secret revealed, Blake vows to take the rap for Grime's murder. Fallon continues to be haunted by the memory of Grimes. Sable discovers Gibson left his knife in Sammy Jo's barn. Confronting Gibson, she warns him to leave Denver or face her wrath. Zorelli receives a blown up photograph of Grimes with Blake, proving Blake knows more than he is letting on. Learning that Heath is a regular gambler at her friend's casino, Sable follows him there. Surprised to discover Dex has also followed Heath, Sable uses the opportunity to toy with Dex. Arousing his interest, Sable then turns him off like a cold shower. Alone in her barn, Sammy Jo hears noises and takes her shotgun to investigate. Gibson jumps her and she gets off a shot that hits Gibson. As Gibson drags himself out of the barn, a raging fire traps Sammy Jo inside.
209"Tankers, Cadavers To Chance"Thu. February 9, 1989 (1989-02-09)911
Jeff pulls Sammy Jo from the burning barn, and Gibson is taken into custody. Sammy Jo recognizes Gibson as the man Krystle saw in her nightmares. Blake worries that Gibson is involved in trying to uncover his family secret. Dex gives Virginia a letter explaining his side of the story. She tears it up but later pieces it back together and gets teary as she reads it. Blake gives Dex an audio tape and documents relating to their secret for safe keeping. Loathing the thought of Sable winning over Dex, Alexis reignites his passion. Alexis fears the work she did to secure her ships in Natumbe may have run afoul. Adam snoops through Virginia's room and discovers the letter from Dex. Adam seduces Virginia and wins her trust. Gibson threatens Sable to get him out of jail. Zorelli storms into the Carrington mansion, accusing Blake of having him pulled off the Grimes case. Denying it, Blake has him thrown out. Torn between her father and her lover, Fallon leaves with Zorelli. Sable terrorizes Alexis with the news that she has undone all her work in Natumbe and gained possession of Alexis's tankers.
210"All Hands on Dex"Thu. February 16, 1989 (1989-02-16)912
Irate after Sable gains control of her ships, Alexis hires one of Adam's unsavory friends, the handsome and intriguing Cray Boyd, to get them back. Running into Hamilton Stone at the Carlton, Alexis promises to make him pay dearly for double crossing her. Shaken by her threats, Stone ponders the damage she could cause. Sammy Jo is mistaken for a sixteen-year-old runaway by Tanner McBride, a teen counselor. Apologizing and embarrassed, Tanner is attracted to Sammy Jo. Zorelli pleads with his captain for a second chance, only to be sternly denied. Dex begins to doubt his and Alexis's relationship can survive. Jeff reprimands Adam for neglecting his loyalties to Blake. Stung by his reproach, Adam swings wildly at Jeff. After several missed blows, Adam orders Jeff out of the house. Blake confronts Gibson. Offering to help him if he talks, Gibson tells Blake Sable hired him. Accusing Sable of working for Jason, Blake lashes out at her. Before Sable can explain, Alexis walks in on their fight, renewing her vow to crush them both. Sable finds reason to rejoice when Joanna gives her Fritz Heath's marker, indebting him for over two-hundred thousand dollars to her. Dex walks in on Sable's jubilation and she throws herself into his arms, taking him and Joanna by surprise.
211"Virginia Reels"Thu. February 23, 1989 (1989-02-23)913
Sable meets with Blake and Dex to explain she was searching the lake to discover what her ex-husband, Jason, was determined to keep hidden. She assures them that she had no idea Blake and Dex would be harmed by uncovering the secret that lay hidden there. Dex is intrigued by her honesty. Sammy Jo helps Tanner McBride persuade an official to let him retain temporary custody of one of his runaways. Appreciative of her efforts, Tanner brings her a rose and leaves his number for her to call if she ever wants to talk. Sable threatens to reveal Heath's embezzling money from Colbyco unless he helps her obtain damaging information on Alexis. Dex learns that Adam took advantage of Virginia after reading the letter he wrote. Outraged, he attacks Adam, threatening to kill him. Jealous of Dex's interest in Sable, Joanna accepts Adam's offer to get better acquainted. Going against orders, Zorelli copies a map taken from Gibson outlining the lake and Delta Rho. Fallon discovers the picture Zorelli took of her holding the picture of Blake with Roger Grimes, and suspects he is using her to get information on Blake. Blake is saddened by Virginia's decision to leave Denver. Sable is amused by Heath's demand for 5 million dollars for the information on Alexis. Pulling out a gun, Heath nervously aims it at Sable.
212"House Of The Falling Son"Thu. March 2, 1989 (1989-03-02)914
Sable is able to maintain a calm facade and convince Heath to put the gun down so they can talk. Agreeing, and feeling more at ease, Heath talks about how Sable can ruin Colbyco. After Heath leaves, Sable is still in shock from her close encounter with death. Needing to be with someone, she goes to Dex. Blake questions Dex about what Adam did to Virginia to make her want to leave. Hearing the truth, Blake kicks Adam out of the house, as Blake feels his family slip away from him. Alexis goes to Paris to check on Boyd's commando operation. Alexis finds herself wanting Boyd. Fallon moves in with Sammy Jo. Zorelli asks Fallon to explain why she is suddenly cold to him. Joanna confronts Sable for stepping in between her and Dex, causing Sable to suspect Joanna's loyalty. Joanna tries to seduce Dex but he turns down her advances. Sable meets with Dex to apologize for their night together, promising she respects his love for Alexis. Despite their polite insistence that the whole affair meant nothing, they feel a burning desire for each other. Unable to resist, they go back to her suite and make passionate love. Before Boyd leaves for his dangerous mission, Alexis gives in to her own lust, as she allows Boyd to take her into his arms.
213"The Son Also Rises"Thu. March 16, 1989 (1989-03-16)915
Seeing the disarray of Denver-Carrington, Blake resumes control of the company. His first act is to fire Adam. Appreciating Joanna's knowledge of Sable's affairs, Adam tries to charm her into working for him and Alexis. Sable watches as Adam enters Joanna's suite, confirming her suspicions of Joanna's disloyalty. Zorelli realizes that Fallon saw the picture he stole of Blake and Grimes, explaining why she suddenly became hostile towards him. Sable asks Dex if he will be able to turn against Alexis if she pursues her vendetta against Blake. Tanner McBride stops by Delta Rho to make Sammy Jo and Fallon dinner. Fallon notices Sammy Jo's obvious attraction to him. Sable's daughter, Monica, comes to Denver to visit her mother. Knowing Joanna can no longer be trusted, Sable convinces Monica to stay in Denver and help her with her campaign to destroy Alexis. Zorelli tells Fallon that he is in love with her, and that he never meant to use her to get at Blake. Confused by her feelings for him, Fallon slaps Zorelli and orders him to leave. Zorelli offers her the only copy of the picture to prove he is not using her. Joanna accepts Adam's offer to work for Alexis. Jeff shows Blake an ad in Alexis's newspaper asking for information on Roger Grimes. Blake hardens his resolve to stop Alexis once and for all.
214"Grimes And Punishment"Thu. March 23, 1989 (1989-03-23)916
Joanna agrees to tell Adam everything she knows about Sable, in exchange for his protection. Upon Alexis's return to Denver, Blake confronts her about the ad asking for information on Roger Grimes. She reasserts her vow to see him pay for Grimes' murder. Fearing Alexis may get a warrant to search the lake, Blake asks Dex to dive into the lake and make sure everything that needs to be hidden stays that way. Zorelli promises his commanding officer, Capt. Handler, that he will drop the Grimes case and is given his old job back. Sable is pleased when Monica moves in with her. But Sable's joy is short-lived when Alexis and Adam tell her the tankers have been destroyed, which further galvanizes her resolve to destroy Alexis. Sammy Jo offers Tanner a check for his home for runaways. She grows increasingly fond of him, unaware that he is married. Blake goes to Delta Rho to make amends with Fallon, and finds the picture Zorelli left behind. With all his faith in Fallon destroyed, Blake storms out. Dex goes to Alexis's penthouse to talk about her vendetta against Blake. With guilt written all over his face, she realizes he slept with Sable. Devastated, Alexis kicks Dex out. With a war clearly brewing between Alexis and Sable, Monica tries to persuade Jeff to take Sable's side. Alexis's grief over losing Dex is diverted when Adam tells her he has found a man who knows who killed Grimes. Elsworth Chisolm tells Alexis he saw Blake carry Grimes' body out of the mine he was working on.
215"Sins Of The Father"Thu. March 30, 1989 (1989-03-30)917
Alexis is emotionally crushed by Dex's affair with Sable. She sends Adam to try to make up with Blake, so she can have a set of ears in his camp. Blake and Sable renew their bonds of friendship. Adam meets with Chisolm's granddaughter, Phoenix. She tells Adam that there was another secret project going on at the mine. Alexis rummages through a box of Roger Grimes' things and she comes across a picture he gave her. Sable sees the picture and suddenly realizes what Blake's secret is. Blake confesses to Dex and Sable that the secret beneath the lake is a Nazi treasure of precious art innocently obtained by his father. Blake vows to keep the treasure and his father's involvement a secret for fear it would ruin his family name. Blake tells them his father killed Grimes because he discovered the treasure and was trying to make his fortune from it. Sammy Jo gets a rude awakening when she discovers Tanner McBride is a priest, married to the church. Adam tells Blake that Alexis has a witness who saw him murder Grimes. Fallon realizes that her grandfather, Tom Carrington is also in her nightmares. She tells Zorelli that she remembers her grandfather taking her into dark tunnels. Dex dives into the lake and discovers the seal to the mine entrance is open. Zorelli watches from the shore.
216"Tale Of The Tape"Thu. April 6, 1989 (1989-04-06)918
Blake and Jeff are stunned when Dex finds the hidden vault beneath the lake completely empty. Returning from the lake, Jeff finds Sammy Jo waiting for him in his bed. Blake asks Sable to try to find out any information Alexis may know about the vanished treasure. Having a passkey to Alexis's suite, Sable waits for the right time to sneak in and take the painting Roger Grime's stole from the hidden Nazi treasure. Alexis tells Captain Handler about her eyewitness to Roger Grimes' murder. Even with the witness, Handler is reluctant to reopen the case. Zorelli subtly gets valuable information out of Fallon, leading him to the uncle of Blake's half-sister Dominique Devereaux. Meeting Dominique's uncle, Charles Matthews, Zorelli puts a bug in his house and learns Matthews knows more about Grime's murder than he is letting on. Jeff warns Blake that he doesn't think Sable can be trusted. Federal Marshals burst into Alexis's suite to seize Colbyco records, as Sable unleashes her lawsuit to bring Alexis to her knees. Alexis promises Sable that she, too, knows a few secrets, and isn't afraid to reveal them. Alexis leaves for Switzerland to protect her assets. Adam phones Blake and tells him where he can find Elsworth Chisolm. While Fallon opens up to Zorelli about her grandfather and the mine beneath the lake, she doesn't know her conversation is being recorded. Chisolm makes a deal with Blake to tell him everything he knows about the secret tunnels beneath the lake. Someone watches them from a narrowly opened door. Adam pulls up just as Blake is leaving to get money for Chisolm. Going inside Chisolm's house, Adam finds him dead.
217"No Bones About It"Thu. April 13, 1989 (1989-04-13)919
Captain Handler, suspecting Blake may have killed Chisolm, puts Zorelli back on the Grimes case, despite Zorelli's belief that Blake is innocent. Blake accuses Adam of setting him up to look like he killed Chisolm. Learning that Alexis is having her painting appraised, Sable convinces the appraiser to tell Alexis the painting is worthless. Sable learns someone has been searching for a Frederick Stahl painting. Adam has a hotel photographer shoot pictures of Monica and Jeff together. Charles Matthews warns Blake that Zorelli has been asking them questions. When Blake tells Fallon that Zorelli has been using her to get information about Matthews, her love for Zorelli turns to contempt. Tanner's feelings for Sammy Jo make him question his priestly vows. Finding a diagram with his father's things that Charles Matthews dropped off, Blake discovers that it is for a tunnel system originating from the basement of the mansion. Adam visits Phoenix Chisolm and in her grief, she blurts out that her grandfather knew about the tunnels under Blake's mansion. Acquiring a listening device that detects tunnels, Dex, Jeff, and Blake search the basement for a tunnel entrance. Finding it, they crawl into the dark space and discover a human skeleton.
218"Here Comes The Son"Thu. April 27, 1989 (1989-04-27)920
Another skeleton is discovered buried in the tunnel beneath the mansion. Blake is convinced that whoever else is looking for the treasure also killed Elsworth. He gives Dex and Jeff one week to meet with Roger Grimes' widow, Emily, before he reveals their tangled secret to the police. To prove his loyalty to Fallon, Zorelli quits the police department. Tanner and Sammy Jo have an unspoken desire to be together. Sable learns she is pregnant, but is unable to tell Dex he is the father. Fallon decides to move into an abandoned cottage on Blake's property. Adam retouches the photograph he had taken of Jeff and Monica to appear as if their relationship may be incestuous. He then submits it to a sleazy tabloid for publication. Outraged, Jeff storms into the tabloid's office and begins attacking the reporter. A photographer captures the assault on film. Fallon recognizes a lullaby she hears Krystina sing. Setting up house in her cottage, she is haunted by the lullaby. Afraid her mind is playing tricks on her, Fallon thinks she sees Roger Gimes staring at her through the window. Desperate for answers, Blake goes to see Phoenix Chisolm. She refuses to let him in, creating a commotion that brings the neighbors out. They recognize Blake as the man who was with Elsworth before he was murdered. Emily Grimes tells Jeff and Dex that Roger had a son, Dennis. Seeing his picture, they are shocked by his resemblance to Roger. Outside Fallon's cottage window, Dennis Grimes watches her. Using a portable phone, he communicates with Captain Handler, assuring him their plan is working.
219"Blasts From The Past"Thu. May 4, 1989 (1989-05-04)921
Monica learns from Alexis that Jason Colby is not her father. A huge catfight ensues between Alexis and Sable. Fallon realizes that, as a little girl, she killed Roger Grimes to prevent him from attacking her mother.
220"Catch 22"Thu. May 11, 1989 (1989-05-11)922
The series finale. When Blake and Jeff are set up by a corrupt cop, Blake ends up taking a bullet. Fallon and Krystina are stuck in a collapsing mine shaft. Alexis and Dex take a plunge from a balcony.

The Reunion

# Title Original airdate Production code
1"Dynasty: The Reunion - Part 1"Sun. October 20, 1991 (1991-10-20)101
Blake is pardoned and released from jail and Krystle is released from the Swiss hospital, so the two are reunited after spending 2 1/2 years apart. Fallon is in California and is involved with Miles Colby once again. Steven is living in Washington, D.C., with his partner Bart Fallmont. Sammy Jo is modeling in New York. Alexis is involved with media spin doctor Jeremy Van Dorn. Jeremy is member of shadowy organization called The Consortium, which has taken control of Denver Carrington. Jeff Colby is abducted by The Consortium. Krystle, having been programmed by the sinister Dr. Jobinet in Switzerland, tries to kill Blake.
2"Dynasty: The Reunion - Part 2"Tue. October 22, 1991 (1991-10-22)102
Adam and Kirby rescue Jeff. Krystle tries to kill Blake, but her love for him is too strong, so she breaks free from the programming of The Consortium. The Consortium takeover of Denver-Carrington is deemed unlawful, so controlling interest is returned to Blake. Jeremy Van Dorn makes one last attempt to gain control of Denver-Carrington and ColbyCo. He tries to suffocate Alexis with gas, but she is rescued by Adam. Fallon chooses Jeff over Miles. Krystle organizes a family dinner and Alexis joins them. Blake makes a toast that acknowledges their family bond, despite their past rivalries.

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