List of Drake & Josh characters

This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon television series Drake & Josh.

Main characters

Drake Parker

Drake Parker (Drake Bell) is depicted as a laid-back, charming, immature, and womanizing teenager. Although he often appears unintelligent, his under-achievement seems to be caused by apathy and he has been known not to think before he acts (making straight D's). Drake has great interest in music, playing the electric guitar in a band throughout the series and liking all forms, his favorite being rock. He can also play drums and percussion shown in "Megan's New Teacher" when he tried to play drums and guitar at the same time and in "Josh Runs Into Oprah" where he played the bongos. He usually takes advantage of Josh to get what he wants. He has a lot of success with girls and much of the comedy is his effortless ability to get dates. Drake is also very unhygienic (not washing hands, eating food off the floor). Drake felt embarrassed about his new stepbrother at first, but he has grown to accept Josh. Despite his ignorance and arrogance, Drake still remains a likable character and redeems himself by doing the right thing. He becomes more mature as the series progresses. In 2010, Drake Bell made an appearance in the iCarly Season 3 episode "iBloop" which stars his Drake & Josh co-star Miranda Cosgrove. He reprised his role as Drake Parker to make an appearance in the episode, during which he seems to have stepped into the alternate fictional universe of iCarly where he recognizes Cosgrove's character as Megan Parker and follows by asking the whereabouts of Josh and the rest of his family.

Age: 15-16 (Seasons 1-2), 17-18 (Seasons 3-4)

Joshua "Josh" Nichols

Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) is usually the most educationally successful, sensible, and the clumsy one of the two, although not often the socially stable one. He had a job for the school newspaper as Miss Nancy that caused Drake to stress out in Pilot, but eventually begins working for the fictional Premiere movie theatre. Unlike Drake, Josh often stresses over school a lot and uses his common sense, often repeating things for emphasis when under stress. Despite his good moral-compass and overachievement, Josh is prone to bad luck, especially with girls. However later, he begins to date Mindy Crenshaw, who is his academic rival. His hobbies are studying science, cooking, and performing magic tricks. Later in the series, Josh becomes more popular and gains better luck. He is obsessed with Oprah Winfrey and ran her over with his car by accident in Josh Runs into Oprah. Peck cameos as himself in the Season 1 episode of "Victorious", Wok Star.

Age: 15-16 (Seasons 1-2), 17-18 (Seasons 3-4)

Megan Parker

Megan Parker (Miranda Cosgrove) is Drake's younger sister and Josh's younger stepsister. Although at times Megan helps her brothers Drake and Josh, she is usually antagonistic and hostile to them, with various implications suggesting that her hostile behavior towards them is actually far more intense than common sibling rivalry. It has also been shown that she is very smart and quick-witted, she can pull off very extreme, cruel and sometimes complicated (or even potentially dangerous) pranks on her brothers all while ensuring that her parents think of her as being a "sweet little girl", seemingly to get away with it, like when she bought a lamb online and had to hide it with the help of Drake & Josh. When they found out about it at first, she said that she promised to tell Audrey and Walter about it. However by the end of the episode, their parents find out, and once again, Megan gets away with it, by pretending that Drake & Josh bought the lamb. Even when an incident has nothing to do with them she still manages to take their distrust from others as an advantage. This has even gone so far as to suggest that she might even possess genius-level intelligence, for example building a hidden computerized monitor in her room. Megan often references an unseen best friend named Janie and often refers to her older brothers as "boobs." Most of the time throughout the series, Megan is very rude, sassy, and mean to her brothers. However, despite her near-constant harassing them, Megan actually loves her brothers deep down and has shown them genuine love and gratefulness when they uncovered that her then-boyfriend had been two-timing her.

Age: 8-9 (seasons 1-2), 11 (season 3), 12-13 (season 4)

Audrey Parker-Nichols

Audrey (Nancy Sullivan) is Drake and Megan's mother and Josh's stepmother. Her first name is never mentioned in the series, but is revealed in most scripts as "Audrey". She is usually telling the boys to try not to be so immature. She upsets her husband Walter because of her preference to Bruce Winchill, his rival weatherman. Because Walter is unable to discipline the boys, she usually has to punish the boys although these punishments are usually unfair because most are Megan's fault. As stepmother and stepson, Audrey and Josh have a very fond relationship, and he affectionalty calls her "Mom" or "Mama". Her profession was never specified in the series, but it is generally assumed that she is a stay-at-home mom. She is a very generous and loving mother however a bit naive when it comes to her daughter Megan Parker (Miranda Cosgrove) especially when it is Megan's word against her two brothers Drake and Josh.

Walter Nichols

Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) is Josh's father and Drake and Megan's stepfather. He is a meteorologist for a local TV news program in San Diego, but he is often wrong about the weather. Walter is often clumsy, out of date, and seemingly empty-headed. As a result, he lacks the respect of his stepchildren as Drake and Megan (they refuse to call him "Dad" in most episodes and instead refer to him by his first name, like stepchildren would normally do). When Megan calls him by his first name, he always asks "When did she start calling me Walter?" and Audrey just says "I don't know." He is also clueless and skeptical in regards to Megan's pranks which have caused the boys a lot of punishments, although starting in The Demonator, Walter slowly begins to notice Megan's evil ways. A running gag involves a rivalry between him and Bruce Winchill, an unseen weatherman from another station. He hates that Winchill is so popular, as he is always right with his predictions, and even forbids the use of Winchill's name in the family home.

Recurring characters

Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz

Craig (Alec Medlock) and Eric (Scott Halberstadt) are two stereotypical "nerdy" honor students that are always being exploited by Drake, mostly due to his hare-brained schemes. Drake often mistakes Eric for Craig. Craig corrected him one time, and Drake sarcastically said "It matters". Eric first appeared in the pilot episode as an extra and along with his best friend, Craig, a few times in Season 2 and 3, but they appear more frequently in Season 4. They usually are good friends and good in nature, but not free of a selfish side. Drake is so unkind to them that anytime they try to talk with them he rudely shuts the door in their face and tells them that are lots of reasons why they don't have girlfriends. Eric left for Puerto Rico in "Dance Contest," even though it was set before Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp which included both Craig and Eric (possibly because the movie premiered before the episode) though that could imply that Eric left for a holiday. They are similar to and loosely based on Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon from The Odd Couple, such as the characters' names always get mixed up by the sloppiest protagonist Drake/Oscar. Craig and Eric appear on iCarly in "iStart a Fan War" with Gavin, implying that Drake & Josh and iCarly take place within the same universe. It is revealed in Who's Got Game that Craig and Eric don't consider themselves to be friends with Drake because of the bad things he has done to them. It is also revealed that Craig showers in his bathing suit and thought Eric once told the whole school this until Drake admitted it was him who said it and Eric said in relief "I told you I didn't do it!", to which Craig accepted his apology by giving him a hug.

Mindy Crenshaw

Mindy (Allison Scagliotti) is an intelligent but boastful girl in the boys' class at school who is always trying to top the two of them, especially Josh, who is her rival. She also shows an extreme hatred for Drake, too (for an example in "Honor Council", she took apart Miss Hayfer's car and rebuilt it in the middle of her classroom to frame Drake for the prank and have him suspended). For this misdeed, Mindy was sent to a mental hospital, causing a temporary departure from the series, but she eventually reappeared in "Mindy's Back" to compete in the school science fair. Later on, she became Josh's on-again off-again girlfriend, and the two enjoy studying together. One of Mindy's well-known character traits is her extraordinary intelligence and scientific talents (she defeats Josh yearly in the science fair with the exception of one year after they started to date and she let him win, which she enjoys rubbing in his face at times and cloned her pet cockapoo), and has been shown to possess a love of sharks.

Helen Dubois

Helen (Yvette Nicole Brown) is the manager of the Premiere Theater (the movie theater where Josh has a job), connected to the Premiere Galleria, a mall. She is known for her intimidating demeanor, loud voice, and demanding attitude towards employees. She adores Drake, but is annoyed by Josh despite the hard work he puts in at the theater. She starred in a hit television sitcom as a child, called "Happy Times" (a parody of the classic 1970's TV sitcoms Happy Days and Good Times). She married Buzz Baxter in "Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp", but divorced him some time before Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. Helen left the Premiere theater to take a job as principal of Hollywood Arts High School on another Dan Schneider series, Victorious. Yvette Nicole Brown plays Helen Dubois, but Frances Callier filled in for her in "Little Diva".

"Crazy" Steve

Steve (Jerry Trainor) is an employee at the movie theater at which Josh works and, as his nickname suggests, is noted for his emotional and mental instability, lashing out at co-workers, strangers, and passersby over little things. Incredibly sensitive, Steve takes offense at the slightest of subjects or even the most thoroughly minor hints at insults, hollering at others for interrupting him or denying his questions, desires, or offers. Steve's utter lack of sanity has earned him a dangerously unpredictable reputation amongst colleagues, to the extent where he finds immense frustration in following along with episodes of Dora the Explorer, screaming at the animated characters on the screen. He appears in the program's Christmas special, most notably towards its conclusion, where he shreds hunks of cheese in a wood chipper in order to grant his friends' wish for a white Christmas. He recently appeared in an episode of the series Sam and Cat where he is revealed to have been placed at a mental institution for the sick with a restrictive mask over his face (Due to the conflict that Trainor also played Spencer Shay, a friend of Sam from the iCarly series that Sam and Cat spun off from). In seasons 2 and 3, he had a lot of hair but in season 4 his head was shaved.

Gavin Mitchell

Gavin (Jake Farrow) works with Josh at the Premiere and he has a mullet-like haircut similar in fashion to Rod Stewart (in "Who's Got Game" he got a perm). A running gag throughout the series involved Helen asking him to tell Josh to clean something unusual in the theater. He normally declines doing it himself when Josh asks if he would do it. He then cleans up the mess himself - telling Josh "I got it". He also has a crush on Audrey. He can apparently get away with anything at work, like taking a nap on the roof. He first appeared in "Driver's License" and made a final appearance in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. Gavin appears in iCarly in Season 4 episode "iStart a Fan War" with Craig and Eric.

Mrs. Hayfer

Mrs. Hayfer (Julia Duffy) is the boys' English teacher who adores Josh (due to his hard-working personality), but hates Drake because of his consistently poor performance in school (and judging by the doodles Drake made of Mrs. Hayfer in his English notebook in "Honor Council", Drake hates her in return). Oddly though, in the episode "Mean Teacher", Mrs. Hayfer is shown to hate Drake for no apparent reason as it is shown that when he answered a question correctly, she dubbed it incorrect and appointed the same question correct to another student right next to him as well as grading a flawless report he did with a "C" again for no logical reason.[1] In fact, her catchphrase is "I hate you, Drake", with Drake responding, "I know". She also always says "To the nurse!", which is her own bizarre way by telling people to leave her classroom. In "Little Sibling", Mrs. Hayfer says it to Josh when she wanted to have a private talk with Drake. Mrs. Hayfer has a daughter named Kelly, who Drake briefly dates, much to her discontent. In "Honor Council", she comes into the classroom to find her car parked where the boys' seats are originally and accuses Drake of putting the car there, but her star student, Mindy, is the real culprit. Drake apparently hates Mrs. Hayfer so much that he wishes she would die, because in the episode, "Megan's First Kiss", when Josh rushes into the room about Cory cheating on Megan he yells "Woah man! You're not gonna believe this!!!", Drake asks in an anxious and excited tone, "Mrs. Hayfer died?!" She has a brief appearance in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, where Drake accidentally hits a fire hydrant while driving, resulting in water getting sprayed all over her. She then points out and yells her famous line: "I Hate You, Drake Parker!" showing that even though they graduated, she still hates him.

In the season 2 finale "Honor Council", Josh mentions her full name as being Alice Hayfer. However, in season 4's "Vicious Tiberious", a video shows her full name as being Linda Hayfer.

Dr. Jeff Glazer

Dr. Glazer (Roark Critchlow) is a doctor who lives across the street from the boys. He is always called on whenever a serious emergency happens at their house. Although he always seems kind while performing medical procedures for the boys, he always leaves them with a ridiculously high bill for his services (he once charged $100 for diagnosing a sheep as pregnant after it had already given birth and an extra $50 not to tell Audrey and Walter, and charged $300 for diagnosing Drake's facial rash). He first appeared in "The Bet" and he last appeared in "Sheep Thrills".

Bruce Winchill

Although Bruce Winchill is never seen in Drake & Josh, he is mentioned throughout the series. Megan and Audrey have a crush on him because he has good hair. He is a rival weatherman of Walter, and he always gets the weather right. His last name may be a pun on "wind chill."


Leah (Cathy Shim) is a Premiere employee who is good friends with Josh. She is only seen on occasion when Josh's in the Premiere. She is also afraid of Crazy Steve.

Minor characters

Grammy Nichols

Grammy (Randee Heller) is Josh's grandmother and Walter's mother. She loves Josh and Megan, but she hates Drake. In her only appearance in "Grammy", she expresses anger towards Drake when he decides to go to a concert even though Audrey and Walter said that he couldn't. At the end of the episode, Grammy shows affection toward Drake when he attempts to tell his parents the truth. Even though she never made an appearance in the series after "Grammy", she is later mentioned frequently. She sent gifts to Josh many times. She is last mentioned in "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh".

Papa Nichols

Papa Nichols (Vernon Roberts) is Josh's great-grandfather and Walter's grandfather, his father's father, and Grammy's father-in-law. In his only appearance in "The Demonator", he had surgery and said he fought in World War II. Walter tells Drake and Josh that they're not allowed to ride The Demonator and he and Audrey tells the boys to stay home and watch Papa Nichols. Meanwhile, Drake lets Craig and Eric come over and watch him while the boys and Megan go to Mystic Mountain to ride the Demonator, but when he wakes up disoriented, he thinks he is back in the war and attacks them, thinking they are Germans (whom he called "German Nerds"). When Eric's cell phone rings, Papa Nichols, thinking it is a weapon, he throws it against the wall and breaks it. At the end of The Demonator, Walter tries to wake him up and he punches him when he called him a "German." He is later mentioned once by Josh in "The Wedding".

Aunt Catherine

Great-Aunt Catherine is Drake and Josh's great-aunt. She is mentioned in the episode "The Wedding", where it is revealed that she is getting married. She also owns a beach-house, which the family wants to receive. According to Drake she is "old and gross".


Jackie (Robin Sydney) is obsessed with Drake and appeared in a total of four episodes. She would come into the scene randomly (usually at the end, specifically when something positive happens to Drake), and shout hysterically, "I love you! Bye!" This is considered to be one of the several running gags of the series. Whenever she would appear randomly and run off, Drake would say, "Who are you?"


Wendy (Alyson Stoner) has a huge crush on Drake. She is about the same age as Megan, and is in a camp club with Megan and some other children. She was his biggest fan then she eventually became obsessed with him and wouldn't leave him alone for days. Wendy claimed that Drake was her boyfriend because she was deep in love with him and wanted to marry him someday. Moments later, she was confronted by Drake before the camp out started and he hurt her feelings which caused her heart to break. She then writes him a card of apology which he reads in "Star 99 Songwriter's Spotlight" and then he goes back home to fix it. In the end Drake played to her his romantic song, Down We Fall which he sang to her, and she was very happy to hear it. She then gave him a hug and was rewarded by getting Drake's guitar pick which he offered to her when they first met. Her only appearance was in the episode "Number 1 Fan". Her real name is Melissa, but people call her Wendy because she hates the name Melissa.


Sammy (Jordan Wright) was a little kid that Drake needed to take care of because he got in trouble for lying to Mrs. Hayfer (Julia Duffy) about being in class on time when she left to check if the lunch ladies were fighting again, but they weren't. While Drake proceeds to take care of Sammy, he (Sammy) wanted Josh to be his big sibling. While they were doing their cooking show, Sammy complimented Josh by saying that he was the coolest guy ever. While others think that Drake is the cool guy, Sammy thought it about Josh. It's a possibility that Mrs. Hayfer personally picked him up as Drake's sibling, or told her husband to do so, knowing that he would prefer Josh over Drake.


Trevor (Taran Killam) is Drake's absent-minded friend and Scottie's older brother. Even though he only appeared in "Dune Buggy", he is mentioned several times in the series, and his voice is heard over the phone in "Josh Runs into Oprah". Trevor also gets a brain scan every month, due to his unintelligence as found out in "Dune Buggy". In "The Wedding", the boys use his old car (an El Camino) to get to their Aunt Catherine's wedding, but it breaks down and later catches fire.


Clayton (Josh Sussman) is one of the nerdy kids at school. He has talking problems since he mumbles and no one can understand what he is saying (even though closed captions reveal his incoherent mumbling). Even Craig and Eric call him a "nerd," considering that they are nerds themselves. He appears only in "Josh is Done" and "Eric Punches Drake". In "Eric Punches Drake," he begins to dislike Drake when Drake spits blue mouthwash into his bottled water, and he even goes as far as to find out where Drake and Josh live just so he could repeat "Why?"


Megan's best friend (Jasmine McNeil). She is mentioned in several episodes and appears in "Megan's Revenge" and "Megan's First Kiss".

Karate instructor and coffee shop owner

Played by Toshi Toda. He first appears in the pilot as Josh's karate instructor. He is later seen in "First Crush" saying that his karate place burnt down. Since then he has become the owner of a coffee shop where he held auditions for a band. He banned Drake from entering the shop because Drake had a snake in his backpack which was put there by Megan. However Cathy, Josh's crush at the time, spoke to him about giving them another chance.

Drew and Jerry

Drew (James Immekus) and Jerry (Stephen Markarian) are two boys who look and act exactly like Drake and Josh. Drew plays the saxophone and flirts with girls while Jerry likes pool, video games and magic tricks. Josh began hanging out with Drew, making Drake jealous, which led to the friendship between him and Jerry. Jerry is also a good comedian. Jerry says that he plays a lot of pool at the Premiere, which is presumably how Drake met him. Josh and Drew then attend a movie premiere that Drake and Josh were going to see originally, so, an angry Drake gets back at Josh by spending the day with Jerry fishing. However, during an argument, Drake has Jerry do a magic trick which involved cutting a girl's ponytail and then putting it back clear in position. Josh then tells Drew to entertain everyone in the Premiere by playing the saxophone. A talent agent sees them and decides to give them their own TV show, a comedy about two brothers. Drake and Josh then watch the show themselves. They were not seen after this episode.

Henry Doheny

Henry Doheny (Steve Tom) is a used-to-be famous magician. Josh, Walter and Megan all idolize him while Drake hates him with a burning passion. Doheny does magic wherever he goes, such as interfering with random people and doing magic tricks for them and even magics a sandwich inside him without eating it. When Drake could no longer stand him in his house, he tried to kill him with a baseball bat but Josh decided to help him get recognized again. Megan came up with a trick called "The Box of Impalement", which backfired due to putting Doheny in a large box and sticking swords into his body, killing him. However at the funeral Henry came back to life and regained his career and went off to Las Vegas to perform their for 4 years. He is not seen after that.

Drake's girlfriends


Susan (Ashley Drane) was Drake's girlfriend in the episode "Believe Me, Brother". She loved Drake but started to love Josh more than him. Whenever Drake would come near Susan with Josh, Susan would pretend not to love Josh. She is a very manipulative character and selfish when she ran after her men that she wanted. Susan would play on the brother's relationship to get what she wanted, however she didn't know how strong the bond was between the two brothers. She paid the price; Drake and Josh planted some blue paint in her locker and it splattered all over her when she opened her locker door.


Carly (Brittany Curran) is Drake's girlfriend. She first appears in "Who's Got Game" where Josh challenges Drake on who can get the most dates. Drake meets her at the CD shop where she works and he falls in love with her at first sight. Carly grew fond of him too after meeting him. She dumps Drake when she finding out about the bet, thinking Drake is just using her. He then proves to her that he can be honest and they continue dating. She makes her final appearance in "The Storm" where she befriends Lucy and Christine (Drake's ex-girlfriends). Afterwards, it is not mentioned if Carly is still Drake's girlfriend. As Drake is seen flirting with other girls like in "Tree House" where he attempted to go on a double date with Josh and twins, it is possible that Drake and Carly broke up though this is debatable.


Lucy (Gabrielle Christian) is another one of Drake's ex-girlfriends. She is introduced in "Girl Power," where she admitted to be tougher than Drake. Although Drake disagreed, Lucy decided that the two of them should wrestle each other. Drake is hesitant about wrestling her. Lucy is considered to be a tomboy. She returned in "The Storm", where she is friends with Carly and Christine (Drake's girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, respectively).


Christine (Sarah Christine Smith) is another one of Drake's ex-girlfriends. She is introduced in "The Storm", where she is friends with Carly and Lucy (Drake's girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, respectively).

Drake's band

Drake's band is the band which Drake is the frontman.

Band members


Scottie (Johnny Lewis) is the former drummer of Drake's band. He is considered to be unintelligent, according to Drake and the other band members. He appeared in four episodes in Season 1. He got himself and his band members detained at a Rock Shock concert because he photocopied their tickets in "Grammy". He, Rina, and Paul were never seen again after that. Scottie is Trevor's younger brother.


Rina (Molly Orr) is the former bassist of Drake's band, appearing in four episodes in Season 1. She and Paul caused Drake peer pressure in "Grammy", when they had concert tickets to Rock Shock, the concert that Drake is not allowed to attend. Scottie got them detained because he photocopied their tickets. Scottie, Rina, and Paul were never seen again after that.


Paul (Jeremy Ray Valdez) is the former rhythm guitarist of Drake's band, appearing in four episodes in Season 1. He and Rina caused Drake peer pressure in "Grammy", when they had concert tickets to Rock Shock, the concert that Drake is not allowed to attend. Scottie got them detained because he photocopied their tickets. Scottie, Rina, and Paul were never seen or mentioned again after that.


Gary (Dan Mott) is the goofy and self-absorbed drummer of Drake's band. He has a tattoo of a foot on his chest and likes to wear girls shirts (e.g. his sister's blouse and Megan's panda shirt). He only appeared in "The Storm".


Julio (Shiloh Fernandez) is the current bassist of Drake's band. He only appeared in "The Storm" but he is mentioned in "Josh Runs Into Oprah".

Neil Kramer

Neil Kramer (Ridge Canipe) is a 5th grader who appears in "Megan's New Teacher" who played the drums for Drake when his original drummer left. Drake noticed his talent for drums when he found him playing a song on books with pencils in the classroom. After that he took him home to hear him play and Drake wanted to have play in the band. However, when Josh handed out pop quizzes that everyone failed because they didn't do homework, Neil's mom banned him from playing. Drake and Megan hatched a plan to get Josh fired; it worked, leading to Neil playing for Drake's band at the Premiere's third anniversary. Neil was never seen again after that, probably because he is in Megan's grade and was most likely only a one time member.

Other members

In addition to the members mentioned above, Drake is seen performing in the Season 2 episode "Blues Brothers" with several other boys, who are never named and do not appear in any other episodes.



Musical style and influences

Even though their main musical style is never revealed in the show, it is presumed that their main genres are power pop (as evidenced in the song "The Girl Next Door"), alternative rock (as evidenced in the song "Hollywood Girl"), pop rock (as evidenced in the song "Makes Me Happy"), blues rock (as evidenced in "Old, Cranky Josh"), pop punk (as evidenced in the song "I Found a Way"), and post-grunge (as evidenced in the song "Don't Preach"). Possible influences for the band are Sparks (mentioned frequently in the series), Zero Gravity, and Aerosmith (the Just Push Play album sleeve is seen frequently in the series).

Known songs

Cover songs

* Actual songs by Drake Bell.


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