List of Disney Channel crossovers

The following is a list of Disney Channel crossovers between popular Disney Channel as well as Disney XD television shows. Many of these crossovers have been between shows produced by It's a Laugh Productions. Of these crossovers, two multiple-series crossovers have been promoted and released on DVD: That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana and Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana.

A special case is the Disney XD television series Lab Rats: Elite Force, which represents a crossover spinoff sequel series to both Lab Rats and Mighty Med, as it follows an elite team made up of Chase and Bree, and Kaz, Oliver and Skylar, respectively, who work to keep the world safe from villains.[1][2][3]

Dual series crossovers

Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year

Austin & Ally and Jessie crossover in a New Year's hour-long special episode combining both shows titled Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year! It aired December 7, 2012.[4] In the episode, Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez travel to Times Square where Austin is booked to perform on New Year's Eve. When they can't get through New York City's crowded streets, Jessie comes up with a plan to get them to the stage and to ultimately have Austin record one of her songs.

Charlie Shakes It Up

Charlie Shakes It Up is a special episode of Good Luck Charlie which features crossover appearances from CeCe, Rocky, Flynn, Deuce and Gary Wilde of Shake It Up. The crossover aired on June 5, 2011.[5][6] In the episode, Teddy, Amy, and Charlie visit Chicago and are accidentally taken to the set of Shake It Up Chicago, where they are mistaken for a pair of dancers known as the Duncan sisters who are set to appear on the show. Meanwhile, back in Denver, PJ and Gabe hold a yard sale, while Bob becomes obsessed with a TV show.

Take This Job and Love It

In Take This Job and Love It, Roxy becomes a bodyguard for the President of the United States (John D'Aquino's character in Cory in the House). Miley convinces Roxy to take the job, but realizes that Roxy is the best bodyguard ever. She goes to get her back and ends up disguising herself as Lola and is mistaken for the professional dog whisperer. She succeeds after being forced to eat dog food.

Weasels on Deck

I'm in the Band features crossover appearances from Zack, Cody and Mr. Moseby of The Suite Life on Deck in the episode, "Weasels on Deck", which aired on October 11, 2010. The episode featured the titular band, Iron Weasel, trying to get a gig on the S.S. Tipton with the help of Zack and Cody.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Lilo & Stitch: The Series has featured four crossover episodes with four other Disney animated series. The first of these was an episode titled "Morpholomew", which aired on July 1, 2005 and featured characters from American Dragon: Jake Long. This was followed by "Spats", which aired on August 12, 2005, and featured a crossover with The Proud Family. The third Lilo & Stitch crossover was in "Rufus", which featured characters from Kim Possible and aired on August 26, 2005. The last Lilo & Stitch crossover was in "Lax", which featured characters from Recess and aired on January 16, 2006. Notably, Recess was the only non-Disney Channel Original Series to cross over with this series, and the only series whose production and broadcast of new episodes had already ended before Lilo & Stitch: The Series debuted.

The Manny with the Golden Bear

Special Agent Oso had a crossover with Handy Manny titled "The Manny with the Golden Bear". The episode is the very first Disney Junior crossover. In the episode, Handy Manny (with his tools) and Special Agent Oso help fix the flat tire on a bike for a young boy, then they help teach the boy how to ride it.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

Phineas and Ferb have a crossover with Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble.

Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas

In the crossover special of Good Luck Charlie and Jessie, Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas, Teddy and PJ fly to New York City for a university tour, but a snow storm prevents them from returning home in time for Christmas. After stumbling upon Jessie on the subway, the Duncan siblings partake in a Ross family holiday like none other. Back in Denver, Bob takes the Duncan kids to meet Santa, but Gabe is not in the holiday spirit. The crossover special aired on November 29, 2013.[7]

Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

The crossover episode tells the story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in the style of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, where the Phineas and Ferb characters interact with the Star Wars characters.

Halloween Night at the Museum

The Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Halloween Night at the Museum" features crossover appearances of the animated versions of the cast of Jessie. The episode premiered October 10, 2014 on the Disney Channel.[8]

Jessie's Aloha-holidays with Parker and Joey

Jessie's Aloha-holidays with Parker and Joey is a one-hour special episode of Jessie which features crossover appearances from Parker and Joey, two characters from Liv and Maddie. It also features an appearance from Maia Mitchell. Jessie's Aloha-holidays with Parker and Joey aired on November 28, 2014.[9]

Karate Kid-tastrophe

Jessie featured Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby, hailing from the Suite Life franchise.

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med is a special crossover episode of the two Disney XD series Lab Rats and Mighty Med. It aired on July 22, 2015. Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med drew a little under 1.25 million total viewers and was the third highest-rate original scripted cable TV series telecast for that week.[10]

In this crossover special, Donald Davenport and Chase create an invention, but Davenport tries to sell it without consulting Chase. In retaliation, Chase then unknowingly sells it to archvillain The Incapacitator who uses it for his evil plans. Meanwhile, Kaz and Oliver sneak into the Bionic Academy while trying to track down The Incapacitator. Chase gets hurt when they all try to stop The Incapacitator, but Kaz and Oliver transport Chase to Mighty Med Hospital in an attempt to save him. Meanwhile, Adam, Bree, Oliver and Skylar work together to try to find The Incapacitator and defeat him once and for all.

Multiple series crossovers

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana is a crossover special among the Disney Channel Original Series That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Hannah Montana. The crossover, which aired as a 90-minute special consisting of episodes of the three series respectively, premiered on July 28, 2006.[11][12]

Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana

Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana is a crossover between the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life on Deck, and Hannah Montana. The crossover, which aired as successive episodes of the three series, premiered on July 17, 2009, and was highly watched, drawing 9.3 million viewers and breaking several ratings records at the time.[13][14]

Monstober Spooktacular Weekend

On October 2 and 4, 2015, seven Disney Channel series featured crossover appearances with each other. The crossover appearances took place among Jessie, Girl Meets World, I Didn't Do It, K.C. Undercover, Best Friends Whenever, Austin & Ally, and Liv and Maddie. The unifying theme for the crossover appearances was a haunted house attraction that was part of New York City's Central Park Spooktacular celebration; it also involved the same mysterious masked character appearing on each of the programs. The crossovers involved two characters from each show appearing at the Central Park Spooktacular with the characters of the show that they were appearing on.[15]

Dale Davis

Dale Davis, a character from Zeke & Luther, appeared in the Kickin' It episode "Wax On, Wax Off" as well as "An Ice Girl For Boomer" which is an episode of Pair of Kings.

Laughy Cat

Principal Mitchell from Kirby Buckets has a cat named Laughy Cat. In Lab Rats episode "Bionic Dog", Bree was watching Laughy Cat, and in Mighty Med episode "Wallace & Clyde: A Grand Day Out", there was a Laughy Cat T-shirt.


Clutch has appeared in "Lab Rats: Elite Force", "Kirby Buckets", and "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything". In "Lab Rats: Elite Force", he was a Olympian and Oliver's hero. In "Kirby Buckets", he was one of Kirby's drawings. In "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything", he was a video game character.

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