List of Disney's Aladdin characters

The following are fictional characters from Disney's Aladdin franchise.



Aladdin (Arabic: علاء الدين, ʻAlāʼ ad-Dīn), is the protagonist of the franchise, a street child who ends up becoming the prince of Agrabah after meeting Jasmine in the streets and being recruited by Jafar to retrieve the magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders. He is voiced by Scott Weinger when speaking and Brad Kane when singing.

Princess Jasmine

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Jasmine is the rebellious princess of Agrabah, who flees the palace in revolt to her obligation to be married to a prince. While on the run, she meets Aladdin in the streets, and later becomes his wife. She is voiced by Linda Larkin when speaking and Lea Salonga when singing.


The Genie is a jinni and is never given a proper name. He was portrayed by Robin Williams in the first film. Following a contract dispute between Williams and the Walt Disney Company, Dan Castellaneta voiced the Genie throughout the direct-to-video feature The Return of Jafar, as well as the television series, before Williams reprised the role for the final installment, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, as well as for the character's own mini-series, Great Minds Think for Themselves. Jim Meskimen took over the role in Disney Think Fast (2008) and Kinect: Disneyland Adventures (2011) and currently voices him, after Williams' death in 2014.

After Williams' death in 2014, a dedicated drawing of the Genie appeared at the end of the first film on television programs.[1]



Jafar after receiving sorcerer powers.
First appearance Aladdin (1992)
Last appearance Once Upon a Time (2016)
Created by Andreas Deja
Portrayed by Naveen Andrews (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)
Jonathan Freeman (Broadway adaption)
Maz Jobrani (Descendants)
Oded Fehr (Once Upon a Time)
Voiced by Jonathan Freeman
Gender Male
Family Nasira (sister)
Children Jay (son; in Descendants only)

Jafar (Arabic: جعفر Ja'far ) appears in the first two films as the main antagonist and Aladdin's archenemy; he is voiced by Jonathan Freeman in the films and the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. An inspiration to the character is the villain Jafar, played by Conrad Veidt in The Thief of Bagdad, from which Aladdin borrows several character ideas and plot elements. The Jafar of Disney's Aladdin plays essentially the same part as the character from the 1940s movie, and is drawn with notable similarity to Conrad Veidt's looks.[2] His name comes from Ja'far ibn Yahya the grand vizier, eventually executed by Harun al-Rashid for sleeping with his sister, who is featured in the original Arabian Nights Persian tales.

Animator Andreas Deja decided to design Jafar in a way he was contrasting to the other characters, with many vertical lines against the curvy designs based on Al Hirschfeld.[3] Jonathan Freeman, who composers Alan Menken and Howard Ashman met when he auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors and had previously invited Freeman to audition for both The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, said that the artwork was what got him truly interested in the role, declaring that "once I saw those heavy lidded eyes, that long narrow face, I knew that Jafar was going to be something really special". He was the first actor cast, and spent one year and nine months recording dialogue, for months without any other actors to interact, and later interrupting theater tours to fly to Los Angeles and record newly written lines.[4] When Deja first met Freeman, he was surprised to see the lack of physical similarity to the character but also included some of Freeman's acting and gesturing into Jafar's animation.[5]

In Aladdin, Jafar is the Grand Vizier of Agrabah, the Sultan's most trusted advisor and is also an evil sorcerer. Jafar secretly plots to possess the Genie's magical oil lamp and wish to be the ruler of Agrabah. Early in the film, Aladdin is imprisoned in the palace dungeons, as arranged by Jafar using his influence over the guards. Jafar (disguised as a fellow prisoner) approaches him, striking a deal with Aladdin. In exchange for Aladdin's help in retrieving the lamp from the Cave of Wonders, Jafar reveals an escape route from the prison and promises him a reward if he succeeds, who soon reveals that the reward is death. When the plan fails, Aladdin and the lamp are lost. When Iago suggests an alternative plan, Jafar next decides to, using the hypnotic powers of his snake-headed staff, manipulate the Sultan into mandating a marriage between himself and Princess Jasmine, but he is impeded by Aladdin, who had discovered the Genie and used his first wish to become a prince. After a second attempt by Jafar on his life, Aladdin (with the help of the Genie) survives and then exposes Jafar's plot, but Jafar learns that Aladdin possesses the lamp. Iago steals the lamp from Aladdin and Jafar becomes the Genie's master. Jafar uses his first two wishes to become Sultan and the world's most powerful sorcerer. Jafar assumes control of the palace (which is lifted off the ground and put on the main top of a mountain by Genie) and banishes Aladdin to a frozen wasteland. Aladdin returns and battles Jafar and reminds him that he is only the second-most powerful being on Earth after Genie, who was the one who gave him his power in the first place. Realizing that Aladdin is right, Jafar uses his final wish to become an all-powerful genie, in an attempt to rule the whole universe. However, Jafar is angered to realize that Aladdin has tricked him into wasting his wish into becoming a genie, since genies are not free beings, and becomes trapped in an oil lamp of his own, and the lamp is sent into the Cave of Wonders.

In The Return of Jafar, Jafar's lamp is found by Abis Mal, who releases Jafar from the lamp. Jafar plots to seeks revenge on Aladdin. He nearly succeeds at killing Aladdin and taking control of the palace, but Iago, who has changed sides, thwarts his plans and destroys his lamp, killing him. Jafar did not appear in Aladdin and the King of Thieves or in the television series, but was often referred to by name by characters.

In an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series called "Hercules and the Arabian Night", Jafar makes another attempt at revenge and is temporarily resurrected by Hercules's arch-enemy, Hades. He has lost his status as an all-powerful immortal genie after dying, but Hades gives him a new cobra staff that makes him flesh and blood as long as he holds it, and the two villains team up to get rid of Aladdin and Hercules. However, due to Aladdin's wit and Hercules's strength, Jafar is defeated for the final time, being pulled into the River Styx.

Jafar debuted in Kingdom Hearts as one of the members of Maleficent's inner circle. Here, he plans to use The Heartless and take over Agrabah while attempting to locate both Jasmine (as she is one of the Princesses of Heart) and Agrabah's Keyhole. Jafar eventually manages to steal Genie's lamp from Aladdin and kidnap Jasmine in the process. Sora, Aladdin, Donald Duck and Goofy track him to the Cave of Wonders, where Jafar used his first wish to reveal the world's keyhole. Upon arrival in the lamp chamber, they engage Jafar in battle after he used his second wish to enlist Genie's help in the fight. Upon his defeat, Jafar uses his final wish to become a Genie and battles the team again, only to be defeated and sealed away in the lamp.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Jafar's lamp is found by the Peddler, making him a target for Pete as he reveals his intent to make Jafar into a Heartless under his control. Once Pete is driven off, the lamp is placed within the palace for safe keeping. However, Jafar is later released by the Peddler and he threatens Iago into helping him get Sora and his friends on a wild goose chase to their death while he captures Princess Jasmine. But after the heroes arrive, with Iago taking a hit meant for Aladdin, Sora defeats Jafar, causing him to implode with his lamp dissolving soon after. Facsimiles of Jafar appear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, based on Sora's memories, and Kingdom Hearts: Coded, based on the digitized data from Jiminy's Journal.

In the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic! Nighttime Show Spectacular, Jafar is one of the villains the Evil Queen evokes to fight Mickey Mouse and ruin his imagination. Jafar appears with Maleficent, Ursula and Oogie Boogie in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Halloween-themed fireworks program HalloWishes at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Jafar is featured in many episodes of Disney's House of Mouse where he is often found in the audience. In one episode named "Donald's Lamp Trade", Jafar hypnotizes Donald Duck to steal a lamp for him, but it turns out that he only wanted a clock-like lamp and not the real magical one. Jafar also appears in another episode named "Pete's House of Villains" in which he keeps the other Aladdin characters from coming into House of Mouse. He also appears briefly in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse and appears in Mickey's House of Villains as the leader of Disney Villains.

A live-action version of Jafar appears in the Once Upon a Time spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Naveen Andrews portrays the character, an ally of the Red Queen. In this continuity, Jafar is the illegitimate son of the Sultan, and his interest in genies stems from his mentor and lover, Amara, who discovered a ritual that could be used to rewrite the laws of magic using the power of three genies and two sorcerers. Jafar betrayed Amara by transforming her into his serpent staff so that he could have her power for himself. Andrews did not reprise his role in Once Upon a Time's upcoming sixth season due to a scheduling conflict and he was replaced by Oded Fehr.


Iago, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, is the sidekick to the main antagonist Jafar. The red-plumed talking bird is an apparent homage to an identically-named red parrot in the Tintin adventure The Castafiore Emerald.


First appearance Aladdin (1992)
Created by Joe Grant
Voiced by Frank Welker
Species Monkey
Elephant (temporarily)
Gender Male

Abu is Aladdin's kleptomaniac monkey partner with a high-pitched voice and can talk a little, voiced by Frank Welker. The animators filmed monkeys at the San Francisco Zoo to study the movements Abu would have.[6] The character is based on the similarly named Abu the thief, played by Sabu Dastagir in the 1940 version of The Thief of Bagdad.[2][7]

In the first film, Abu is seen accompanying Aladdin during his daily adventures as they try to steal food to live. When Abu and Aladdin finally are about to eat, they see two children looking for food among garbage, and Abu is forced to share his stolen food with them when Aladdin voluntarily does so. After Aladdin gets arrested by Razoul on Jafar's orders, Abu enters the dungeon but is unable to free his friend. It is a disguised Jafar who frees them in a plan to use Aladdin to get access to the Cave of Wonders and retrieve the Genie's lamp. Inside the cave after finding a magic carpet who leads them to the lamp, Abu disobeys the command of the guardian of the cave and tries to steal a ruby, which causes a cave-in and almost costs his and Aladdin's lives. When they are about to exit the cave, Aladdin gives Jafar the lamp and, in turn, Jafar is about to kill Aladdin, but Abu attacks him back and takes the lamp back. After meeting the Genie, Aladdin wishes to become a prince and Abu is transformed into an elephant as part of the disguise. Abu is transformed back to his original form by Jafar during the climax of the film, when he is about to attack the sorcerer. Abu and Aladdin are later sent by Jafar to a far-off place but return to Agrabah using the Magic Carpet. Once in Agrabah, Abu fights and subdues Iago, but is transformed into a toy monkey by Jafar when he tries to take the lamp back. Abu returns once again to his original form at the end of the film when Jafar is defeated.

In The Return of Jafar, Abu is first seen taking treasures from Abis Mal and his men, with Aladdin distributing them among the poor people of Agrabah, against Abu's will. He is initially skeptical of Iago's reform, but eventually warms up to him. Abu is one of the first to know about Jafar's return, and is imprisoned along with the Genie. Abu and the others are freed by the Genie who was in turned freed by Iago. Abu participates in the final battle against Jafar. In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Abu goes with Aladdin to find his father and later to the Vanishing Isle. Abu plays a supporting role in the TV series, often accompanying Aladdin in his adventures. In the episode "Much Abu About Something", he is worshipped by a lost civilization as their great protector. During his time working with a group of circus performers, during the two-part episode "Seems Like Old Crimes", he met his friend Aladdin. Throughout the series, he is occasionally shown at odds with Iago, but several episodes portray them as close friends with a friendly rivalry.

Abu also appears in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, playing a large role in the latter with his kleptomanic habits getting him into trouble during Sora's first return visit to Agrabah.

He can also be seen in House of Mouse as one of the many Disney characters that come to watch cartoons. Abu is usually found in the audience, sometimes playing with Iago or dancing along to the musical performances on stage.

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet
First appearance Aladdin (1992)
Created by Randy Cartwright
Voiced by N/A (silent character)
Aliases Carpet

The Magic Carpet is an ancient carpet that was found by Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders' treasure room. It is a character without a voice, and expresses itself entirely through pantomime and movements. It is playful, as it reacts with Abu, intelligent, as it beats the Genie at chess (and most other things), and helpful, as it helps Aladdin romance Princess Jasmine during the song "A Whole New World". It sometimes uses its tassels as hands and feet to accentuate its feelings.[8]

The unique faux-Persian design of Carpet was solely maintained through CGI.[8] Advances in CGI had progressed so much since animating the ballroom sequence in Beauty and the Beast that the texture and pattern of Carpet was much easier to accomplish which way it moved.[9] Animator Randy Cartwright refused to resort to the anthropomorphic style of simply putting a face on a carpet. Instead, Cartwright used body language to make Carpet more flexible, and almost human.[8] Computer artist Tina Price took Cartwright's outlined form and super-imposed the Persian design that could stretch, squash, and roll up without changing.[8] According to movie critic Leonard Maltin, this made Carpet's animation one of the best collaborations between traditional and technologically advanced animation to date.[8]

It was first discovered by Abu in the film, who assumed he was seeing things, as it would be playful with him until it was within Aladdin's line of sight, wherein it would appear as a normal inanimate object. It is an old friend of The Genie; he states that he had seen it "in a few millennia." After Aladdin extends his hand in friendship, Carpet becomes instantly and absolutely loyal to him. It first helps him and Abu find the magic lamp that they were sent in to retrieve, becomes instrumental in helping them escape the cave during the meltdown sequence triggered after Abu touches a forbidden gem, and finally saves them from falling to their deaths by pulling itself out from under a large boulder after Jafar betrays them. In addition, a running gag has it beating Genie at nearly every game they play, much to his distress.

When Aladdin romances Jasmine during the song "A Whole New World", it plays a key role as it takes them on a romantic flight. Another important part it plays is Aladdin's first solitary encounter with Jasmine as 'Prince Ali'. Jasmine pretends to seduce Aladdin, before pulling his turban over his eyes and telling him to 'jump off the balcony'. At which point Aladdin apologizes for treating her like a 'prize to be won'. He gets on to the rail of the balcony and steps off, but Jasmine doesn't know that the carpet is there, and thinks he is committing suicide. She calls out 'No!' and then sees his head pop up going "What? What?", at which point Jasmine discovers the carpet and is invited for a ride by 'Prince Ali'. Carpet is also responsible for their first kiss, as it shoots upwards about a foot, causing them to kiss each other by accident, (neither of them mind though). Many people consider Carpet as the character who actually sets their relationship in motion.

It's magically unraveled by Sorcerer Jafar in the climactic scene, but becomes whole again when he's foiled.

In the second film, it engages in combat with Jafar once more, and is turned into glass and shattered. It's again restored when Jafar's finally killed by a reformed Iago, who pushes his lamp into the magma.

In the third film, it transports Aladdin to places such as the 40 Thieves' hideout, though Cassim insists that they return to Agrabah on horseback: "It's a rug. You sweep dirt under it. You don't fly on it. At least I don't!" Eventually in the end, Cassim warms up to it, ordering it to save both him and Aladdin as the Vanishing Isle starts to sink away.

It appears in episodes of the animated series, both as a means of travel and a reacting character to the events of the stories. In one episode, Abis Mal kidnaps the carpet and stitches it to the sail of his ship. The magic of the carpet is strong enough to levitate an entire ship.

It is also in the Kingdom Hearts video game in the Agrabah world. Sora frees it, at which point it acts as a transport between the city of Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders. In the second installment, it plays a more key role.

In Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, there is a ride called The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, which simulates flight on a carpet.[10]

The Sultan

First appearance Aladdin (1992)
Voiced by Douglas Seale (first film)
Val Bettin (sequels and TV series)
Jeff Bennett (Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams)
Gender Male
Title Sultan
Family Sultana (wife; deceased)
Jasmine (daughter)
Relatives Aladdin (son-in-law)
Nationality Arabian

The Sultan is Princess Jasmine's father and the pompous but kind ruler of Agrabah. Some aspects of the character were inspired in the Wizard of Oz, to create a bumbling authority figure.[6] He was voiced by Douglas Seale in the first film, by Val Bettin in the sequels and the TV series and by Jeff Bennett in Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams.

In the first film, the Sultan desperately tries to find a suitor for his daughter Princess Jasmine. During the first part of the film, the Sultan is often manipulated by Jafar who uses his staff to hypnotize him. After losing the lamp to Aladdin at the Cave of Wonders, Jafar decides to trick the Sultan into arranging a marriage between himself and Princess Jasmine; however, the hypnosis is interrupted by the arrival of Aladdin transformed into "Prince Ali". The Sultan approves Prince Ali, but he is later tricked by Jafar and is about to force Jasmine to marry Jafar until Aladdin breaks the staff. The Sultan loses his post as ruler of Agrabah when the Genie grants Jafar his wish to become the new sultan. Jafar makes Jasmine his slave, and the Sultan as his entertainment. The Sultan becomes a marionetted jester, and is tortured by Iago as he force feeds him crackers. He and Jasmine are fortunately saved by Aladdin and free from their humiliation. At the end of the film, the Sultan changes the law so the princess can marry whomever she loves.

In The Return of Jafar, the Sultan announces that he wants to make Aladdin his new grand vizier. However, he grows suspicious of Aladdin after he defends Iago, who used to work for Jafar, and commands him to watch the bird. When Jafar returns, he takes advantage of Iago's new position as an "ally" to Aladdin, and makes him suggest the Sultan and Aladdin to have a discussion in a place where they are ambushed by Jafar and Abis Mal. The Sultan is imprisoned along with Aladdin's friends, and Jafar uses his turban to frame Aladdin for his 'murder'. Luckily, Iago manages to free Genie, who then saves Aladdin from his wrongful punishment as well as the Sultan and the rest of their friends. After Iago manages to defeat Jafar by kicking his lamp into the magma, the Sultan pardons Iago and welcomes him toward his family. He is later seen at the end of the film, again requesting Aladdin to become his vizier.

In the TV series, it is revealed that he is quite adept with mechanics (Getting the Bugs Out), and his nickname is Little Bobo (as revealed in "As the Netherworld Turns"). Twenty years before the episode "Garden of Evil", the Sultan picked a flower for his new bride, angering the garden's owner, Arbutus. He was allowed to go free on the condition that in twenty years, Arbutus could take the Sultan's most valuable possession, which turns out to be his daughter.

In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, the Sultan meets Aladdin's father, Cassim, not knowing he is the King of Thieves, and immediately accepts him. However, Razoul later reveals to the Sultan that Cassim is the King of Thieves and, with no other choice, the Sultan has Razoul incarcerate Cassim in the dungeon for life. After Aladdin helps Cassim escape the dungeon, and comes back to accept the consequences for his actions, the Sultan prepares to punish Aladdin in anger for freeing Cassim, but the Genie and Princess Jasmine come to his defense, stating that all he wanted was to give his father a second chance. The Sultan accepts his apology. At the end of the film, his wish of seeing Princess Jasmine marrying someone comes true when she marries Aladdin.

The Sultan plays a minor role in Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, giving Jasmine the job of "Royal Assistant Educator" at the Royal Academy. Later, one of his most precious horses, Sahara, is missing from the stables, so Princess Jasmine, along with Iago, Abu and Carpet, go to find Sahara and return him to the palace.

Like many Disney characters, the Sultan can be found in the TV series House of Mouse. He can normally be found clapping with the audience at the end of a cartoon, right alongside Princess Jasmine.

Royal Guards

The Royal Guards serve as the law enforcement for Agrabah where they patrol the palace and the streets of Agrabah:


First appearance Aladdin (1992)
Voiced by Jim Cummings

Razoul (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the Captain of the Royal Guards of Agrabah in all three films. Although unnamed onscreen in the first film, his name was revealed in the sequel (he was named after layout supervisor Rasoul Azadani). During Aladdin's life as a thief on the streets of Agrabah, Razoul chased Aladdin around with the other palace guards. When Razoul finally succeeded in arresting Aladdin, he knocked Princess Jasmine to the ground, not recognizing her as the princess. When she revealed her true identity, he was shocked at seeing her outside the palace for the first time. When she ordered him to release Aladdin, he apologized and said that his orders came from Jafar, saying that Princess Jasmine will have to take it out with Jafar in order to secure Aladdin's release. Even after Aladdin is accepted as Princess Jasmine's boyfriend, Razoul still completely despises him, but nonetheless tolerates his presence in the palace. In the second film, Jafar has Razoul arrest Aladdin for the murder of the Sultan and has him sentenced to death. During the TV series episode "Forget Me Lots", when Princess Jasmine lost her memory from the Rose of Forgetfulness, Razoul was more than happy to throw Aladdin, Iago, and Abu out of the palace and into the streets, thinking that the princess had rejected Aladdin. Razoul also admitted his opinion that Aladdin was a power hungry street rat in "Destiny on Fire" when he and Aladdin were forced to work together, though he also admitted that he would consider calling Aladdin "your highness" if he got rid of Iago. In the episode "The Return of Malcho", he questions Aladdin's ability to run Agrabah as the temporary Sultan, but Aladdin proves otherwise, even with the challenges that lay before him and having to put up with both his and Iago's pointless advice on how the real Sultan should act until Aladdin decided to do things his own way. In the end, Razoul helps Aladdin get rid of Malcho. In the third film, Razoul arrested Cassim and Iago for trying to steal The Oracle, but Aladdin helped his father escape. Razoul arrested Aladdin once more, but was knocked unconscious by Cassim. Though he tried to have Aladdin charged for this crime, Razoul's request was denied as the Sultan decided to overlook the matter, since Aladdin only broke Cassim out of prison out of love and came back to face punishment for his actions. Later, he is shown at Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's wedding, and is last seen catching Princess Jasmine's wedding bouquet.

Razoul shows no sympathy towards any type of criminals and takes pleasure and pride from the authority he commands, notably seen when witnessing the Forty Thieves attack on the palace during Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's wedding. Angrily, he declares "not in THIS palace" before trying to repel the thieves. Despite his vicious tendencies, he does have the same crazed lust for power as characters such as Jafar. When Aladdin was arrested for the alleged murder of the Sultan in The Return of Jafar, Razoul was obviously pleased that Aladdin was finally in a cell, and certainly fazed by the order to execute him. He seems to enjoy acts of violence and particularly killing, although he only commits them under orders, knowing of the consequences if he behaves otherwise. This was seen when he readily tried to drown Aladdin (in disguise as Prince Ali) in the ocean under Jafar's orders (although it can be assumed that Jafar hypnotized him with the snake staff and/or told him Prince Ali was a traitor or a spy). Despite their mutual dislike for each other, Razoul will not hesitate to save Aladdin's life if necessary, demonstrated in "Mudder's Day" when Aladdin is buried under a rockslide and Razoul is the first (and only) one to rush to his rescue, and in "The Secret of Dagger Rock", Razoul and the guards are sent by the Sultan to find and rescue Aladdin, though Razoul mutters "risking our lives for a lousy street rat". In "Destiny on Fire", Razoul stops Aladdin and his friends from going in the palace when they find it in ruins (Razoul had escaped as everyone turned into slugs) and later prevents Aladdin from falling for a trap.

In each of the three films, Genie saves Aladdin from Razoul. In the first, he saves Aladdin's life after Razoul throws him in the ocean, and in the second he saves Aladdin from being beheaded by Razoul after Razoul was duped into believing Aladdin had been sentenced to death by Princess Jasmine. In the third film, Razoul wants to punish Aladdin for freeing his father from the palace dungeons, but Genie sends him flying away with a rocket-propelled suitcase.


Fazahl (voiced by Frank Welker, understudied by Jim Cummings in "Sneeze the Day") is one of the guards of Agrabah. He is darkly colored and very fat, with a long mustache. His lines usually make reference to food.


Hakim (voiced by Frank Welker in The Return of Jafar and the TV series, Jim Cummings in "Sneeze the Day," Corey Burton in Aladdin and the King of Thieves) is one of the guards of Agrabah. He is pale, very thin and tall. His lines generally put a pessimistic take on the situation.


Zagoolien (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is one of the guards of Agrabah. He is slightly paler and less fat than Fazahl.


First appearance Aladdin (1992)
Voiced by Frank Welker
Species Bengal tiger

Rajah is Princess Jasmine's pet tiger which displays dog and cat-like behavior. He is also voiced by Frank Welker. Unlike Abu, he is not anthropomorphized, but is still able to understand human language and emotions, as seen when he is surprised by the revelation of Princess Jasmine that she has never had a true friend (except for Rajah himself), or when he assists her in her escape from the palace. In the first film, Rajah is distrustful towards Aladdin at first, but later warms up to him. He also takes part in the battle against Jafar, but is turned into a cub and imprisoned in a bird cage. He is returned to his original form at the end of the film after Aladdin finally defeats Jafar. He looks like Shere Khan from the Jungle Book.

At the beginning of the film, when the Sultan is exasperated by Jasmine's rejection of yet another suitor (who, incidentally leaves because Rajah bit the seat of his trousers off), the Sultan says 'Allah forbid you should have any daughters!' to Rajah, implying that one woman is enough.

It is revealed in a children's book based on Aladdin that Princess Jasmine adopted Rajah as a cub when she felt lonely without a friend and the Sultan gave her Rajah as a gift.

During the Sultan's meal in The Return of Jafar, Rajah fiercely chases Iago into the room, which makes everyone discover Iago is back. In the Aladdin TV series, Rajah mainly served as a minor recurring character, though the only major part he played was in the episode "SandSwitch" when he teamed up with Abu and Iago in undoing Sadira's spell when she magically switched places with Princess Jasmine, since only the memories of the animals were unaffected. In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Rajah is seen carrying Jasmine's bridal veil. In Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, Rajah is seen delivering Jasmine her agenda. She later calls him to try to scare the children of the Royal Academy, but the children end up chasing Rajah and Jasmine into the mud and up a tree.

The Peddler

The Peddler (voiced by Robin Williams, singing voice by Bruce Adler) is a mysterious merchant who appears at the beginning of the original film, and later reappeared in the ending of Aladdin and the King of Thieves. The entire Peddler scene was improvised by Williams as the actor was put in front of a table with props, and started pitching them as products from a salesman's catalogue.[11] He implores the viewer to 'come closer', a reference to actor Sydney Greenstreet's many film trailers. In the original ending of Aladdin, the Peddler was revealed to be the Genie masquerading as a human, but this was cut from the final film. The directors of the movie later revealed that the Peddler is still the Genie, despite the ending being deleted.

He appears in the Kingdom Hearts series, voiced by Corey Burton, and plays a major role in Kingdom Hearts II where his greed and shrewdness are presented.


Gazeem (voiced by Charlie Adler) is Jafar's sidekick seen just at the beginning of Aladdin, he informs Jafar that he has managed to steal the other half of the scarab amulet used to summon the Cave of Wonders, and as soon as the halves form together, it flies off to the cave's location and they follow on horseback. When the cave forms, it demands to know who woke it up and Gazeem introduces himself. The cave warns him that only one man, the Diamond in the Rough, whom the cave does not identify, may enter. Gazeem seems unable to understand this and thus ignores the warning and prepares to enter. Just before his entry, Jafar tells him that he can have any treasure he likes, but the lamp is his. Gazeem enters the cave and breathes a sigh of relief, when suddenly, the cave roars furiously and collapses. Gazeem frantically tries to escape, but although he is still very close to the entrance, the entire cave roof comes crashing down with amazing speed, as if the cave was closing its mouth. The cave collapses and Gazeem remains trapped inside, presumably forever, much to Jafar's shock and anger. Having lost his accomplice, Jafar realizes that Gazeem was not the Diamond in the Rough, and sets out to find this particular man who can enter the cave. When Aladdin and Abu enter the cave later on, Gazeem is nowhere to be seen, so he is presumed to have been crushed to death when the cave collapsed.

Tiger God

The Tiger God (voiced by Frank Welker) is a giant head of a tiger made of sand used as a guard to the entrance of the Cave of Wonders. It was done by computer-generated imagery, following reference drawings by animator Eric Goldberg.[12]

In the Kingdom Hearts series, the Cave of Wonders served in the games' storyline, such as the first game when it was under an evil influence before Sora and company gained entry into it. Unlike the movie, it doesn't talk.

On Disneyland, the Cave of Wonders head is present at the Aladdin's Oasis open restaurant in Adventureland.[13] The Storybook Land Canal Boats attraction at Disneyland Paris also features a tunnel shaped like the tiger head.[14]

Prince Achmed

Prince Achmed (voiced by Corey Burton) is one of the potential suitors for Princess Jasmine. On his way to the palace, he nearly hits two peasant children with a bullwhip when they get in his way, but Aladdin intervenes and insults him. In retaliation, Achmed publicly humiliates Aladdin by kicking him into a mud puddle and telling Aladdin that he is nothing but a "worthless street rat" and will always be one. He is next and last seen furiously stomping out of the palace with his pants ripped and underwear showing, yelling that he had never been so insulted. After that, Achmed is not seen again for the remainder of the franchise.


Farouk (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a merchant from a fruit stand. When he sees Jasmine gives an apple to a hungry boy without paying, he is about to cut off her right arm, but Aladdin stops him by claiming Princess Jasmine is his mentally handicapped sister (even going far by having Princess Jasmine to pretend that she believes that Abu is the Sultan).

The Return of Jafar

Abis Mal

Abis Mal
First appearance The Return of Jafar (1994)
Voiced by Jason Alexander

Abis Mal is a childish and incompetent thief who dreams of enormous riches and does anything he can to get lots of money. His greed for money leads him from a greedy wealthy thief, to a murderous thief. His name is a pun of the word "abysmal", which is a reference to the outcomes of all his plans. Mal is voiced by Jason Alexander.[15] The Return of Jafar opens with Abis Mal and his minions in their hideout, stealing money from Agrabah, with Abis Mal deciding to keep all the gold and treasures for himself and only give his men 13 coins for all their work, much to the anger of his gang. Aladdin ultimately intervenes, making a fool out of Abis Mal and taking all the treasure, with the intent to return it to those who need the money. Later, Abis crosses paths with Aladdin on the Agrabah streets, and orders his minions to attack. Abis winds up in another embarrassing defeat when Iago gets in the fray. That evening, while Abis was drawing water from a well, his gang decided they hated and despised their idiotic, double-crossing boss so much that they wanted to kill him. Just before they can strike, though, Abis pulls up a black lamp and unintentionally releases Jafar, scaring Abis's would-be murderers away in the process.

Knowing that, as a genie, he could not directly kill Aladdin, Jafar saw a chance for revenge through Abis's partnership. Of course, he was still required to grant Abis's three wishes. Abis's first wish was to have "The Legendary Sunken Treasure Ship of Coeur Du Mer" and Jafar granted it by teleporting himself and Abis to the ship itself, which was at the bottom of the ocean. Unable to breathe underwater, Abis then had to forfeit his second wish to return to the desert. Now down to one wish and threatened by Jafar to work with him if he wanted it, Abis became Jafar's unfortunate patsy; however, when he discovered that Jafar desired revenge on Aladdin, Abis willingly decided to go along with him to get his own revenge on Aladdin. The two succeed in capturing all of Aladdin's friends, with the ultimate finish being that Aladdin would be executed for the murder of the Sultan (although the real Sultan was still alive and captured). With his goals complete, Jafar then offers Abis Mal (now technically Jafar's "master") huge amounts of gold and treasure in return for using his last wish to free Jafar. Abis, however, is not convinced that Jafar's claim is true and hesitates from wishing, suspecting that after making the wish all the treasure Jafar had conjured would merely vanish. Aladdin quickly moves in to capture Jafar's lamp in Abis's moment of hesitation and quickly incurs Jafar's wrath. During the fight, Abis Mal winds up tangled in a tree, where he stays for the rest of the film. While he is stuck there, Aladdin and his friends battle Jafar and manage to destroy the lamp with Iago's help, thus destroying Jafar permanently. In the very end after the credits Abis Mal is still tangled in the tree. He then sadly declares "Does this mean I don't get my third wish?" after the end credits.

Abis Mal serves as Aladdin's most common enemy and one of the main antagonists in the television series with 13 appearances. In the TV series, Abis Mal appears to be quite well off. He continues to have minions in the form of a gang of various thieves who do his bidding and he often buys magic items which he uses in his schemes. Abis Mal's usual plans involve looking for an ancient or powerful magic to conquer the Agrabah throne, looking for ancient and valuable treasures, or seeking revenge on Aladdin for always ruining his plans. He also seems fixated on getting himself a larger hat, and frequently had eyes for the Sultan's. In the episode "Lost and Founded", Abis Mal meets an ancestor of himself, Abnor Mal (pun on "abnormal"), and tries to make him founder of Agrabah instead of the Sultan and Princess Jasmine's ancestor, Hamed. Although he can be perceived as a primary villain in the Aladdin franchise, Abis Mal is largely a comic relief character, as his plans to become rich and powerful always end in one hilarious failure after another. In one typical example in "Forget Me Lots", Abis Mal actually succeeded in turning Princess Jasmine into the most evil and ruthless ruler of Agrabah that ever was; however his plan to use her as a figurehead ruler backfired when she actually began to rule instead of him. Another time when his plan to use whirlwinds backfires on him as usual, his henchman Haroud Hazi Bin breaks the fourth wall and remarks how his boss is available for children's parties. In the episode "When Chaos Comes Calling", when Genie was having a show and tell of various guest villains, he shows three together: Abis Mal, Mozenrath, and Mechanicles.

In the episode "Some Enchanted Genie," in which the Genie's girlfriend Eden first appears, Abis Mal gets his hands on Eden's bottle and uses all three of the wishes that holding the bottle entitles him to. All of his wishes backfire or come undone, and he is defeated once again. This makes Abis Mal the only character to have become the master of two genies instead of one. He never got his third wish from Jafar, but he got three more wishes from Eden, and all three were wasted. This means he has wasted a total of five wishes. In The Return of Jafar, he postponed making his third wish in order to get revenge on Aladdin. In the episode "Some Enchanted Genie," he once again wastes his wishes trying to cause pain and suffering for Aladdin and his friends. If it weren't for his obsession with getting revenge on Aladdin he probably would have managed to use at least one wish to gain the riches he desires. However, it also may be that he didn't wish for money from Eden because he already had all the money he desired, as he has been shown to be a very competent thief.

Television series

Amin Damoola

Amin Damoola is a clumsy, cowardly, and incompetent thief, who appears in four episodes. Amin always finds a way to cause trouble for Aladdin (and usually ends up in trouble himself). Some of these ways are stealing a magical glove, creating a large green dragon, and getting a bunch of magical tools from Mozenrath. In his last episode he was working for Mozenrath, and failed him; Mozenrath had given Amin a choice: succeed in stealing the Sultan and become the greatest thief of Agrabah, or face Mozenrath's anger and regret the day he was born. Mozenrath did not take that too well, and it is likely that he possibly turned him into a mamluck (zombie) or killed him ruthlessly. However, since Amin makes a fourth appearance in the episode Sneeze the Day, Mozenrath may have forgiven him (or maybe Amin already paid his penalty or escaped Mozenrath's wrath—or it may be out of place in the chronology of the series).

His first name (Amin) is common in Arabic, but his last name (Damoola) is a play-on-words referring to his insatiable greed i.e. I'm in da moola (the money). His voice is an impression of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau with a slight Arabian tint.

He is so incompetent as a thief that he is nicknamed "Butterfingers". However, he dislikes this nickname so much that he is willing to start a fight.


Arbutus is a sorcerer who only appeared in the episode "Garden of Evil". He has the power to make vegetation and flora immediately grow and manipulate them to his will. His name comes from the genus of trees called Arbutus. The character is voiced by Ron Perlman. While not evil in nature, he has more in common with plants than with humans and sees most humans as enemies for killing his beautiful works of art for their crass purposes (wood for heat and smoke which blocks the sun, flowers to die slowly in vases, etc.). He sees himself as an artist and makes most plants grow with the intention of creating something beautiful, even during battle. He is especially appreciative of 'living beauty' and while he prefers plants he is aware that other organisms such as birds and even humans can enhance his artwork.

Many years ago, a younger Sultan came to the garden of Arbutus because he had heard that the most beautiful flowers grew there, to pick a flower for his bride. Arbutus did not attempt to harm the Sultan upon his entry, as he admired the beauty of the garden. But the sorcerer was enraged when the Sultan plucked a flower, effectively killing it. In order to allow the Sultan to go free he demanded that in 20 years time he be given the Sultan's most precious treasure. Desperate to escape and not fully grasping Arbutus' meaning, the Sultan quickly agreed and hurried away. Twenty years later, Arbutus came to Agrabah for the Sultan's most precious treasure — Jasmine. At no point in the episode does he make any attempt to physically harm Jasmine despite holding her captive, and even befriends her briefly due to her gentle words, her appreciation of his artwork, and the fact that she is named after a flower.

Arbutus' only weakness is the rose on his lapel. Once it is cut off, he withers and dies, as does the beautiful garden which he created. Princess Jasmine explains to Aladdin that Arbutus is not evil, only 'different', and she, Aladdin, the Sultan and the Genie replant the flower, which perks up, and a deep inhalation is heard, suggesting that he will return to life in time. Arbutus bears an uncanny resemblance to Jafar.


Aziz, voiced by Michael Bell, is one of Aladdin's first adversaries in the series. He is a small and ugly man, later turned to a goblin-like creature who can use his breath for almost anything, including attack, create illusions of entire deserts, or even turning people into small slug-like beings. It is apparent in the episode "Destiny on Fire" that these powers come with a price, as throughout the episode, Aziz seems to have a short breath and eventually goes on fire.

Aziz first appears in the two part episode "Seems Like Old Crimes" as a part of a small traveling circus along with his friends Fatima (Charity James) and Minos (Keith David). They use the monkey Abu to pickpocket their audience, but eventually hire the young Aladdin to do this instead. When Aladdin objects to stripping innocent citizens of all their money, Minos brings him in on their plan to steal the fabled Destiny Stone. Aladdin, Minos, Fatima, Aziz, and Abu go to the ruins where the Destiny Stone is kept. When the trio attempt to steal the Destiny Stone, they are instead trapped inside, while Aladdin and Abu escape. Many years later, the three of them escape. Aziz has become a goblin, Minos has become a minotaur and Fatima has become a harpy. With their newfound powers, the three of them go on a crime spree in Agrabah, eventually setting their eyes on conquering the city and getting revenge on Aladdin for causing them to be trapped for many years, and in Fatima's case, for turning her into a monster. They eventually return to the temple where the Destiny Stone was held, where after a brief conversation with Princess Jasmine, Minos and Fatima, who have mutual love for each other decide not to kill Aladdin, which causes Aziz to turn against them and attack them with his magic breath. The Destiny Stone thus turns Minos and Fatima back into humans, while Aziz prefers to keep his powers and escapes. Aziz is defeated in the episode "Destiny on Fire", where he uses his breath to transform all of Agrabah's people to slug-like creatures and take over the palace, as well as bind Aladdin and Razoul together with a magic handcuff after noticing their own personal dislike towards the other. Eventually, Aladdin and Razoul notice that overuse of Aziz's magic breath causes him to go on fire. When they have him try to destroy each other, Aziz eventually explodes and turns into three stars in the sky.


Chaos, voiced by Matt Frewer, is a winged blue cat who desires that life be unpredictable, full of surprise and change. Chaos is an extremely powerful entity of whom both Mirage and the Genie are terrified.[16] He is a fun-loving prankster and uses his power for antics and light-hearted harassment rather than intentional, malicious evil. He does get angry and sensitive when people start giving him orders, and often warns them in a threatening voice not to do so. He also has a strong dislike of Fate, since the notion of predestination rubs him up the wrong way. Like Genie, his magical tricks tend to reference other media. Chaos possesses several traits similar to the Cheshire Cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, such as disappearing, leaving only his grin behind, and leaving footprints before actually appearing.


Eden is the Genie's girlfriend, voiced by Debi Derryberry. She is first introduced in the episode "Some Enchanted Genie" and only appears in one other episode: "The Book of Khartoum". The Genie falls in love with her at first sight and tries to impress her by granting her master free wishes. Initially taken aback by his sudden appearance, she eventually agrees to a date and the two fall in love. Her master is an optimistic young orphan named Dhandi. Although her first wish is simply to have enough food to prevent her being hungry for the rest of her life, Dhandi sacrifices her second wish to prevent Aladdin and the Genie from being turned into cockroaches by Abis Mal when he had the bottle. In the end, Dhandi accidentally uses her last wish to make Eden stay with her forever, postponing the Genie's romance until Dhandi's life ends. However, Eden tells Genie that she is all that Dhandi has and that she cannot just leave her at that point in life, to which Genie understands. The two tell each other that they will wait until the time comes that they will finally be together.

In the episode "The Book of Khartoum", Eden visits Genie to go on a date. Genie misses the date because he has been captured by Mozenrath, who wants to use him to power a furnace that will create the philosopher's stone, which he will use to become "the most powerful wizard ever." Mozenrath discovers that just one genie can't provide enough power to the furnace to create the philosopher's stone, so he is happy when Eden shows up to rescue him. He tricks her into agreeing to exchange herself for Genie, but Mozenrath double crosses her. He traps her with the Genie and uses their combined power to heat the furnace and create the philosopher's stone. It is likely that Eden agreed to the deal even knowing that Mozenrath might double cross her, because she knew she would get free somehow. Otherwise, Dhandi's last wish wouldn't be fulfilled. She knew the laws of the cosmos would cause her to be freed somehow so she could stay with Dhandi for the rest of her life. After Mozenrath double crosses Eden and finishes making the stone, he is double crossed himself by Khartoum, a sorcerer trapped in the Book of Khartoum. Khartoum was the one who told Mozenrath to make the stone. Khartoum uses the stone to become free and is on the verge of taking out Mozenrath when Aladdin frees the Genie and Eden while the two sorcerers are distracted. The two genies have been weakened, but they restore their power with the Genie embrace and take the philosopher's stone away from Khartoum, who then becomes trapped in the book again. The philosopher's stone becomes so powerful that it's about to self-destruct, so the genies take it into the sky where it won't hurt anyone, then return to Agrabah for their date.

Unlike Genie, Eden has five fingers instead of four. Her name was most likely intended as a nod to Barbara Eden, who played a genie in a bottle in the 60's sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.


Mechanicles (pronounced "Meh-KANN-ih-kleez", sometimes misspelled "Mechanikles") is a mad scientist who seems to be of an ancient Greek culture (always styling himself as "greatest of the great Greek geniuses"), he is known for being able to make complex technological robots resembling insects (particularly beetles), and other arthropods such as scorpions, in a range of sizes from minuscule to gigantic, almost always with what appears to be a consistent usage of copper alloys such as bronze (especially for their outer casings), which he uses for his various plots. He is the second main antagonist in the animated series. His right eye is aided by a form of "telescopic monocle" which could assist him in building the intricate details of his machines. His voice is provided by Charlie Adler. When he first appeared in "Getting the Bugs Out", he was attacking a distant village with large robotic beetles, even managing to capture the Genie and the Magic Carpet —forcing Aladdin to face the fact that he had become too dependent on them and had begun to take them for granted — before the group found him and destroyed his largest, greatest robot.

Other than his large ego, Mechanicles seems to have an obsessive-compulsive need for cleanliness and order; Aladdin and the other heroes usually find themselves able to distract him by doing something simple, for example spilling oil on his home's tile floor. This obsessive-compulsive disorder seems to be the plot behind his schemes, for example; he tried to turn the entire desert into glass because glass is a smooth surface, while sand is shifty and "dirty", or when he stole cargo off a ship to boil the ocean because using steam is a better cleaning technique to clean clothes rather than normal scrubbing. He even attempted to destroy the whole of Thundra's rainforest with mechanical termites to ensure a perfectly clean world. On another occasion when he managed to assume control of Agrabah using a robotic valet to hypnotise everyone, his primary focus after he had established himself as the new ruler was to begin ordering the city to be cleaned, but this plan was fortunately thwarted when Genie and Carpet—who were immune to the robot's hypnotic skills—managed to free Aladdin from its control and subsequently wrecked the robot from its insides.

In "The Flawed Couple", he also made a short-lived alliance with Abis Mal, out of a common desire to exact revenge on Aladdin. Using Abis Mal's magical "mood stones" fixed to Mechanicles' small robotic beetles, the pair aimed to weaken the heroes and destroy them with a mechanical praying mantis. However, Aladdin was able to resist the power of stones, and like all of Abis Mal's magical schemes, it backfired upon both himself and Mechanicles.

Mechanicles makes a cameo in the Hercules: The Animated Series episode "Hercules and the Hero of Athens", during Icarus' superhero theme song.


Mirage , voiced by Bebe Neuwirth, is one of Aladdin's recurring enemies in the TV series Aladdin. A cat-like enchantress (with similarities to both Egyptian goddesses Bast and Sekhmet) holding powers over illusions, dreams and shadows, her magic powers are enough to create a mirage of Agrabah, its people and Aladdin's friends. This, combined with her stunning keenness and ruthlessness, makes her a dangerous enemy. Her home (called Morbia) appears to be a giant hollow sphinx floating in a dark night sky along with numerous asteroid-like floating rocks drifting aimlessly about. Mirage is inscrutable in her motives. She never provides any insight herself, and other evidence is circumstantial at best. It is possible that she intends to kill Aladdin and his friends and then take over Agrabah (or the world); she certainly attempts the former several times; however, she is called "Evil Incarnate" during the course of the series, and it is possible that all of her actions are motivated simply by malice. The only reliable evidence is from the mysterious blind magician Phasir, who appears in few episodes of the series and who seems to have some history with Mirage, though it is not expanded on.

Her first appearance is in the episode "In the Heat of the Fright", in which she sends several cats of fire to terrorize and destroy a small farming village, a village that Aladdin happens to be passing by on his map-drawing trip downriver. Sparking her ire by defeating her feline minions, she introduces herself to him with scornful interest and an echoing proclamation of "We are not finished!" when she departs. Genie quickly becomes terrified of her and tries to prevent everyone from sleeping on their trip back to Agrabah, but fails and Aladdin, Genie, Carpet, Abu and Iago are drawn into her realm. Vowing to make Aladdin feel fear, she lets her fire cats chase and harass Genie, growing ever larger the more afraid he became. Aladdin saves the day by bolstering everyone's courage, which causes the fire cats to shrink and eventually disperse. Furious at their defeat, she sends Aladdin and his friends back from her realm with the parting promise of "This defeat will only fuel my victory the next time, Aladdin".

In the episode "Eye of the Beholder", she tests Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's love for each other by turning Princess Jasmine into a poisonous anthropomorphic snake.[17] The attempts initially appeared successfully, rendering Princess Jasmine poisonous to the touch, but when Aladdin turned himself into a snake to be with her, Phasir appeared to Mirage, informing her that she had failed, and lifted the spell on the two of them. In "The Lost Ones", her keenness turned Aladdin's old friend Amal against him, and in "While the City Snoozes", he had to race against time before his city's inhabitants became slaves in their sleep. In yet another episode, "When Chaos Comes Calling", she directed an even more powerful entity, the winged feline named Chaos towards Agrabah. However, even Mirage feared Chaos; she uses quick thinking to avoid a confrontation with him. However, it turns out that at the end of the episode, it is shown that Chaos was manipulating her the whole time, putting her in a situation where she saved the day and thus making life a little more interesting.

Despite her malevolent intentions and considerable powers (such as being able to slice through solid stone with ease and quickly teleporting vast distances, as well as creating convincing disguises), she refuses to 'get her hands dirty', instead preferring to let others do her work for her, or deceiving her enemies by leading them into dangerous (and often deadly) situations. An example is in the episode "Eye of the Beholder", where she swiftly attacks the Genie in retaliation to his charging rush and easily shreds him to pieces (with the Genie surviving in his typical comical fashion), yet she warns Aladdin against rushing at her by saying "I could tear you apart like I did your Genie, but you're filled with blood.", snidely remarking "Wise decision." when her warning is heeded. Indeed, if her ego were not so great, and her obsession with leading others through elaborate deceptions not so ruling, Aladdin would be a simple foe to dispatch with her abilities.


Mozenrath is a young evil sorcerer and necromancer.[18] He was voiced by Jonathan Brandis[19] in the Disney and a third main antagonist of the animated television series Aladdin. Almost all of Mozenrath's power comes from a magical gauntlet he wears over his right arm. Due to the gauntlet's power, Mozenrath's right arm has become skeletal and it is implied that the gauntlet will eventually kill him. In the last of his eight appearances in the series, the gauntlet has physically exhausted Mozenrath to the extent that he tries to take over Aladdin's mind and body {"Two to Tangle"}. He is the ruler of the Land of the Black Sand, a kingdom where the sand is black, the sun is usually blocked by clouds, and the only residents are himself, his flying eel sidekick Xerxes (voiced by Frank Welker), and an army of undead Mamluks who serve him. He is quite open and accepting about his own cruelty and he prides himself on his ruthlessness. He took control of the Land of the Black Sand from its former ruler, the sorcerer Destane. According to Iago, Destane was "a real hard case", and even Jafar steered clear of him. Mozenrath explained that Destane was like a father to him until he "stole his power and his humanity," turning him into one of his undead soldiers.

Mozenrath's main goal is to conquer and rule the Seven Deserts, including Agrabah. While he and his undead Mamluk soldiers have secure control over the Land of the Black Sand, they are not powerful enough to conquer the other kingdoms that Mozenrath wants to rule. Because of this, his plots and schemes usually involve obtaining more magic and becoming more powerful. Through the course of the series he tried to kill Aladdin and his friends multiple times. He also attempted to capture the Genie several times so that he could tap his magical energies and use them for his own purposes. In Mozenrath's debut episode ("The Citadel"), Iago referred to the sorcerer as "Jafar Jr.", comparing the two sorcerers' ambition and cruelty. In the episode "Black Sand", Mozenrath was seen in Jafar's old room and Iago asked him if he knew Jafar, but despite their similarities there is no connection between Jafar and Mozenrath.

Although Mozenrath's ultimate goal is to rule the Seven Deserts he seems to enjoy bantering with Aladdin and his friends and seems to be in no hurry to defeat them. At his first meeting with Aladdin he is polite and even friendly until Aladdin makes it clear he does not wish to work with Mozenrath. In subsequent appearances Mozenrath often loses interest in his plans as soon as they are defeated and does not attempt to kill Aladdin after their battles have ended. His overall demeanor is one of boredom and impatience.

After being defeated by Aladdin multiple times in the course of the series, Mozenrath's final appearance ends with him losing his gauntlet and being sent away in a giant balloon by the Genie. The original plot idea and draft for the film Aladdin and the King of Thieves, involved Mozenrath as the main antagonist, and it was to be revealed that he and Aladdin are brothers. However, according to one of the writers, it was felt that the film should steer away from the TV show; this, combined with the fact that Mozenrath's voice actor, Jonathan Brandis, could not be reached, prompted the writers to come up with a new plot and move onto another one of Aladdin's family members his father. Mozenrath was the main antagonist in nine episodes of the series, his tenth appearance being a cameo as one of three guest villains in a show and tell by the Genie.


The Mukhtar (voiced by John Kassir) is a reptilian humanoid, apparently the last surviving member of the race of Mukhtars, sworn enemies of Genies. Though Mukhtars would generally hunt Genies just for the honor, the last Muktar acknowledges that times have changed, and now he hunts Genies for gold. Like Genie, he does not have a specific name. He is often seen riding on a horned reptilian ostrich named "Saurus".

The Mukhtar appears in two episodes, "Genie Hunt" and "The Hunted". In the former of these, he works for one of Genie's former masters, Al Gebraic, to capture Genie and put him into his service again. In the latter, he is hired by Mozenrath to capture Genie so that Mozenrath could entrap him in the crystal of Ix and steal his powers, but ends up turning on Mozenrath and helping Aladdin rescue the Genie after he saves him from a giant monstrous killer plant inside Mozenrath's palace. At the end of the episode, the Genie and Mukhtar part as friends.


Phasir (voiced by Ed Gilbert) appears frequently through the series. His first appearance is in the episode "Do the Rat Thing", but he is not named or given any background until the episode "The Prophet Motive", where he is identified as Phasir, an old seer and powerful wizard who turned his evil giant brother, Fashoom, into stone many centuries ago. The end of that episode also reveals that he actually has a single eye, but he wears bands over his one eye, which makes him appear to be just blind (it is never made clear whether he actually is blind or merely pretends to be in order to hide his eye). Later episodes, such as "Eye of the Beholder" and "While the City Snoozes" hint that Phasir has had dealings with Mirage in the past and they may have once been lovers (he states to himself that love will one day lead Mirage back to him).


"Sadira" redirects here. For Vanguard Bandits video game character, see Vanguard Bandits § Characters.

Sadira is introduced in the TV series and later becomes friends with Aladdin and the others. She is voiced by the actress Kellie Martin.[20] Originally a street rat - much like Aladdin himself had been - Sadira developed an obsession with Aladdin after he saved her from Razoul. Dejected over his rejection of her in favor of Jasmine, she subsequently fell into a cavern where she made contact with the Witches of the Sand, who taught her various magical spells that featured sand as part of the incantations. So armed, she unleashed a sand beast in an attempt to get Princess Jasmine out of the picture, but in her haste she failed to think more about what she wanted the creature to do, how to completely control the creature and it subsequently ran rampant before the group were able to stop it.

Her second attempt featured Sadira using an unidentified 'memory sand' that caused the entire city's memories to be altered, resulting in Sadira being the princess and engaged to Aladdin while Princess Jasmine was on the streets, with she and Aladdin never having even met; however, the spell had no effect on Abu, Iago and Rajah, who swiftly escaped the palace to search for Jasmine. Despite her initial skepticism, Jasmine began to believe Iago's story when she saw the wedding parade, feeling drawn to Aladdin despite having no memory of him. Sadira attempted to stop them by having the wedding moved to that very night, but the animals and Jasmine managed to interrupt the wedding before Sadira and Aladdin could kiss. Realizing that he felt more right with Jasmine than he ever had with Sadira, even when he could not remember her, Aladdin kissed Jasmine, resulting in history returning to normal with only Iago, Abu, Rajah and Sadira retaining any memory of the experience.

In Sadira's third attempt, she cast a spell to transform Aladdin into a heroic dragon-slaying prince and Abu into a horse, simultaneously opening a portal to the land of her fantasies, where she and Aladdin could live without any interference from Jasmine. Although the Genie managed to close the portal, the subsequent mixture of the Genie's magic with Sadira's spells meant that Aladdin still believed himself to be the prince despite the lack of any armor or even a dragon to slay, as well as Abu becoming a mule, forcing them to recreate Sadira's fantasy in order to break the spell. In the process, however, Sadira and Jasmine actually bonded to a certain degree, developing an appreciation for each other's skills and putting their old rivalry to rest as they worked together to vanquish the out-of-control mechanical dragon Genie had created while Aladdin was under the spell's influence. Despite her new friendship with the group, Sadira was forced to face the remnants of her past actions when, while attempting to make a soup, she accidentally released the Witches of the Sand who had taught her in the first place. Having framed Sadira for releasing a sand viper on the city, the Witches attempted to win her over to their side and thus raise the ancient City of Sand to destroy Agrabah, but in the end, Sadira chose her new friendship with the group and helped them to defeat the Witches.

She later appears in the end of Aladdin and the King of Thieves, when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine finally get married.


Aladdin and the King of Thieves


Cassim is Aladdin's father. He is voiced by John Rhys-Davies. He left his wife and newborn son in Agrabah over twenty years ago to explore the world and pursue a better life for his family, not wanting to be looked down upon. Some time later, he fell in with the Forty Thieves, eventually becoming their leader (the "King of Thieves"), and incorporated a new law: never hurt the innocent. His latest plan before the events of Aladdin and the King of Thieves was to try and steal the Oracle, as he had found evidence that it existed, and believed it might be among the gifts going to Agrabah. He intended to find the treasure of the Vanishing Isle.

Cassim is first seen in the film disguised as the King of Thieves, carrying out a plot to raid Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's wedding. As soon as the ceremony starts, he gives the word for the other thirty-nine to distract the guards while he searches for the Oracle. The plan works, to an extent - Cassim is confronted by Aladdin, and the two fight, both unaware of the fact that they are father and son. He manages to escape, swearing to meet Aladdin again. Aladdin later catches up to his father after learning he is "trapped in the world of the Forty Thieves", when Cassim utters the secret words to open the hideout of the Thieves ("Open Sesame"). He is confronted by Sa'luk, a rival of his, about the failure of the raid in Agrabah, and Sa'luk is about to kill him when Aladdin intervenes. Aladdin reveals that he is his son, and this is proved when the dagger slips out of his cloak. Cassim tells them that this is true, but nevertheless, since he found the location of their hideout, he must die - or face the challenge in a battle for his life against Sa'luk, which Aladdin narrowly succeeds at. After the challenge, Cassim shows Aladdin a secret chamber, explaining why he was never there, and how one night he came home but believed his family lost to him forever after he couldn't find them. Aladdin offers him an invitation to his wedding, which Cassim is at first hesitant about. Eventually, Iago offers to lead Cassim to where the Oracle is if he participates in Aladdin's wedding, to which Cassim accepts.

Cassim easily bonds with the Genie, the Sultan and Princess Jasmine (after a change of clothes and dealing with some of the Genie's antics) but is ultimately too obsessed with the pull of the treasure to enjoy the time with his son too much, as he has already learned of the Oracle current location from Iago. Nevertheless, as he attempts to take the Oracle, Cassim promises Iago he will go straight to attend the wedding after it, but they are caught by Razoul and the Palace Guards, who have been tipped off by Sa'luk, who has survived his battle against Aladdin is now enacting his revenge against Cassim. He is sentenced to life in prison along with 31 thieves that have been captured during Razoul's raid of the hideout, but later on that night, Aladdin, disguised as himself in his King of Thieves clothes, helps him escape out of forgiveness. Once out of Agrabah, Cassim and Iago go back to the Thieves. Upon arriving, they find that Sa'luk manipulated the remaining seven thieves into believing that Cassim sold them out and now follow Sa'luk as their new leader, despite the fact the imprisoned 31 thieves know that it was Sa'luk who sold them out, not Cassim. Being held hostage with Iago, he is forced to use the Oracle to lead them to the Vanishing Isle, while he secretly commands Iago to escape to warn Aladdin. As the Thieves reached the Isle by ship, Cassim is saved by Aladdin, who knocks Sa'luk unconscious, and they venture into the Vanishing Isle to obtain the hand of Midas. They succeed, but Sa'luk quickly follows, taking Aladdin hostage, threatening Cassim that he will kill Aladdin unless he hand over the Hand of Midas. Cassim, deciding Aladdin is far more valuable than the hand, tosses it to Sa'luk, who foolishly catches it by the hand instead of the bronze handle. Sa'luk is instantly turned into a golden statue and falls into the chamber filled with water. Cassim and Aladdin then escape out of the Isle. He throws the Hand of Midas into the sea realizing that he has not lost his ultimate treasure: his son, and apologizes for taking so long to realize it. Cassim attends Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's wedding later, watching from the shadows, as he is still a wanted man for his past crimes. He accepts Iago, who feels he no longer has a place with Aladdin and the others as they prepare for a new life of responsibility, as a travelling companion, and goes off to venture the world. As the film ends, Cassim is last seen with Iago waving farewell to his son and daughter-in-law before riding off into the night to tour the world.


Sa'luk is the main antagonist of the third film. He is voiced by Jerry Orbach. He is a ruthless, aggressive, violent brute, and he seems to have pleasure in killing. His primary weapon is a knuckleduster with 3 bronze claws attached. He is very strong and an exceptionally capable fighter, able to defeat the entirety of the remaining Forty Thieves without breaking a sweat and kill a shark with his bare hands. He is tall, gray skinned, wearing a black vest, a red cummerbund and baggy blue pants.

Sa'luk is the right-hand man of Cassim, the King of Thieves, but dialogue implies that Sa'luk was once the leader of the thieves until Cassim proposed to seek out the Hand of Midas, which led the thieves to appoint Cassim as their new leader, something Sa'luk despises Cassim for. When Aladdin arrives at the thieves' lair, Sa'luk, angry at Cassim for leading them to a failed attempt to steal the oracle from Aladdin's wedding, attempts a mutiny against Cassim, but Aladdin steps in before they can fight and subdues Sa'luk. Sa'luk then says to the other thieves that they must kill Aladdin for knowing the location of the hideout. Cassim, having little authority over the thieves but wanting to save his son, gives Aladdin the chance to fight for his life. Sa'luk instantly volunteers to be "the one to test him". Aladdin takes a rather severe beating, but is eventually able to subdue and defeat Sa'luk by kicking him off a cliff to his apparent death.

Sa'luk survives, and knows that he has by now been replaced by Aladdin. In a spiteful rage, Saluk reveals the location of the thieves' hideout to Razoul, in exchange for immunity from prosecution. When Razoul arrests 31 of the thieves, Sa'luk finds out that Cassim and Aladdin are not among them. When Sa'luk hears that Aladdin is in Agrabah, he assumes Cassim is too, and reveals that Cassim, Aladdin's recently arrived father, is the King of Thieves. Then he returns to the thieves' lair, and convinces the remaining thieves who weren't captured that it was actually Cassim who gave up the location of the hideout, despite the fact that the 31 thieves already know that Sa'luk is the one who sold them out. After Sa'luk reminds them of life before Cassim, he rallies the thieves to join him in his own quest for the Hand of Midas. When Cassim and Iago arrive at the thieves' lair, Sa'luk, as the new leader of the remaining thieves, has them tied up. The thieves sail away, trying to find the Vanishing Island, where the Hand of Midas is, with the Oracle's help; however, Iago escapes and tells Aladdin. Aladdin and company follow the thieves to the Vanishing Isle, where it comes to a great battle. Sa'luk corners both Aladdin and Cassim and demands that they give him the hand, or he will kill Aladdin. Cassim throws the golden hand, and Sa'luk greedily grabs it. Despite having obtained the Hand of Midas, Sa'luk decides to kill Aladdin anyway for his pleasure. However, Sa'luk realizes too late that he has grabbed the golden hand itself instead of the bronze handle, and consequently, he is permanently turned into a golden statue and falls to the bottom of the hand chamber, shortly before the Vanishing Isle disappears beneath the water.

The Oracle

The Oracle is an omniscient entity bound to a staff, who answers one question per person. It is being given as a gift at Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. It is how Aladdin learns of his father, and it eventually leads Cassim to the location of the hand of Midas. Iago wished to use his question to find The Ultimate Treasure, but accidentally used it to find out why the 40 Thieves wanted the staff. Genie later mimicked its appearance when trying to dissuade Aladdin from breaking Cassim out of prison. Since the staff flew off to where the Vanishing Isle would appear, and didn't reappear after the Oracle vanished, it's highly plausible that showing the location of the isle was its final task. It is voiced by CCH Pounder.

Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge


Nasira is Jafar's fraternal twin sister who tried to resurrect him in Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge, video game. Nasira is the main antagonist of the game, and she was voiced by Jodi Benson.

Nasira wanted to resurrect her brother, but in order to do so she needed four magical artifacts to create a spell powerful enough to bring Jafar back. She also wanted revenge on Aladdin. So she single-handedly took control of Agrabah, 'disposed' of Princess Jasmine and the Sultan, and put a price on Aladdin's head - all in one night. Aladdin confronted her in the throne room the next day and demanded to know the whereabouts of Princess Jasmine and the Sultan, but Nasira threw him into the dungeon. Unfortunately for her, Aladdin escaped and managed to reach the Oasis. Nasira disguised herself as a mystic and quickly befriended Aladdin by telling him where his friends were. Oblivious to the truth, Aladdin rescued his friends one by one. When he rescued the Sultan, Nasira revealed their friendship was a lie and ran off with the artifacts Aladdin collected. Two levels later, Aladdin found Nasira with Jafar's ghost and defeated both of them. Jafar died again and Nasira ran off. Aladdin returned to the palace to celebrate.

Unlike Jafar, Nasira was most likely born with her magical powers. She can hurl mystical bolts, perform resurrections through magical artifacts, summon zombies and skeletons, bend others to her will, change her appearance, bring objects to life, create portals, and paralyze enemies.

The Arachnid

The Arachnid, also known as The Spider, is a giant arachnid with a monsterious appetite and a boss in Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge. She appear as a huge black and yellow spider monster with a yellow skull on her hindquarters. She is bigger than a camel and fiercely guards theway out of the Oasis that is outside the city Agrabah. Aladdin confronted this beast. He didn't face her head as he exposed her weakness with his agile skills in her web and defeated the creature, leaving victorious with a mysterious Serpent Idol before meeting a mystic with secret and sinister agendas of her own.


Anubis is a minor villain in the game. His sorcery is also the source of the restorative magic of four golden Serpent Idols, the very artifacts sought after by Nasira in her plan of resurrect her twin brother Jafar from the dead. This jackal-headed monster through his statue of his natural form, is master of the tombs, the Pyramids found within the deserts of Egypt. Legends within the walls of the Pyramids spoke of sacrifices offered to Anubis by his worshipers, humans willingly of by force, lost their souls to him, then years later, his temples became tombs as they were abandoned, and Anubis himself never return. Centuries later, Princess Jasmine, who was kidnapped by Nasira, was trapped by her henchman there in an enchanted cage, only to be a sacrifice and a bait to trap Aladdin. Aladdin braved the traps, and faced the undead monsters within the Pyramids. Aladdin soon face the possessed statue of the evil Egyptian deity, Anubis. Anubis was defeated, and disappeared. Aladdin won the fight, and freed Jasmine before they both later went on a mission to rescue her father.

Evil Sultan

The Evil Sultan as he is called, is an evil monarch threatening to become the new ruler of Agrabah and a minor villain in Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge. He is a deadly adversary astride the Golden Phoenix, his flying mechanical bird. After the Evil Sultan appeared in Ancient City and kidnapped the real Sultan of Agrabah, Aladdin fly the Magic Carpet into battle, dodging his launched missiles and look out when he slams on the brakes. Aladdin won this aerial battle and have rescue Princess Jasmine's father, the true Sultan of Agrabah while he also collected the 4th and last Serpent Idol from the fallen Evil Sultan.

Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams


Sahara is Princess Jasmine's deceased mother's horse who was the only one who could ride her. When Sahara was missing, Princess Jasmine went looking for him and rode him back to Agrabah before her father noticed his disappearance. His name is a reference to the Sahara Desert in Africa.


Hakeem is a servant in the palace stables. He looks like Aladdin, but his personality is different. He is a little worried that he has lost a horse named Sahara, which will lead to him losing his job, so Princess Jasmine promised him that she will return Sahara to him.


Aneesa is Princess Jasmine's loyal servant who works in the palace. She first convinces the discouraged Princess Jasmine never to give up and tries her best. When Sahara went missing, she tries to distract the Sultan from going to the royal stables.


Sharma is Princess Jasmine's cousin. She bears a resemblance to Princess Jasmine, who is supposed to look like her mother. She works as a teacher at the Royal Academy.


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