List of Ben 10 villains

Below is a list of all the villains who appear in the Ben 10 universe ranging from Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse. Each of the villains has been sorted into the TV series that he or she debuted in.

Introduced in Ben 10


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Vilgax is a warlord who is Ben's first and most recurring nemesis through the series. Being of the Chimera Sui Generis (named after the mythological Chimera) race, who are able to turn into giant squid-like creatures when exposed to water, Vilgax was exiled from his home world for being ruthless, cruel, and power hungry. Soon after, Vilgax meets Maltruant as depicted in the Omniverse series finale which had him indirectly learn of the Omnitrix's existence when attacked by George Washington and a mysterious figure later revealed to be Ben. Since witnessing it, and after it is built years later, Vilgax became determined to have the Omnitrix and use it to build an army capable of conquering every planet in the galaxy. Other than that, establishing Vilgaxia as the center of his personal empire, Vilgax made himself infamously feared to the point of using Bioroids as his minions. But despite his cruel and villainous tendencies, Vilgax does care for his subjects' wellbeing and would do anything for their safety. Vilgax is also a self-proclaimed master of the Omnitrix, as he claimed that unlocking the Omnitrix's master control function was "child's play" for him, though Ben later learned to change Omnitrix's code sequence by the events of Alien Force.

In the beginning of the original series, Vilgax's attempt to get the Omnitrix from Xylene resulted with his body damaged and undergoing cybernetic enhancement while recuperating while he sent his robots and bounty hunters to find the item. Once his body is healed, with the added ability to increase his muscle mass, Vilgax began to go after Ben numerous times. Vilgax returns years later in the Ben 10: Alien Force episode "Vengeance of Vilgax", having conquered ten planets in order to take the powers and weapons of the champions from the conquered worlds as his own. His new abilities include even greater strength and invulnerability, a red laser projector, wind breath, flight at light-speed, super-hearing, a large sword he can cover with flame or Taydenite, and a gauntlet he can use to generate force fields and electric shocks. After taking Ultimos's powers while conquering his tenth planet, Vilgax arrives on Earth to challenge Ben. Instead, Vilgax ends up facing Max and the Plumber Helpers before Ben arrives and defeats him as Diamondhead. Though intergalactic law dictates him to leave Earth and never return, Vilgax continued to return to Earth a few more times to get his revenge.

In the Alien Force series finale "The Final Battle", Vilgax teams up with Albedo in order to take the Omnitrix. When Albedo gets Ben to surrender the Omnitrix, Vilgax goes back on his deal and imprisons Albedo while revealing his plan to have the Omnitrix power his robots. But the plan is foiled when Ben activates the Omnitrix's self-destruct to render Vilgax's robots useless and then uses the Ultimatrix to fight Vilgax as his ship crashes into the sea. This causes Vilgax to assume his squid form and attempt to eat Ben before he escapes the sinking ship before it explodes. As Ben expected, making his return in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Vilgax survived the destruction of his ship before he is rendered too weak to return to his usual form. Vilgax was eventually found by the Flame Keeper's Circle, believing the intergalactic conqueror to be Diagon due to his cephalopodic appearance as he uses the cult to achieve a means to leave Earth and rebuild his empire. Despite Ben's attempt to expose Vilgax in "The Flame Keeper's Circle", the cult refused to accept the truth until Vilgax regains his usual form obtaining the sword of Ascalon and Diagon's heart in "A Knight to Remember," Vilgax reveals himself once obtaining both the sword of Ascalon and Diagon's heart.

However, deceived by Diagon with the promise of more power, Vilgax cracks the seal that kept Diagon out of reality and is sucked into the other side. There, witnessing its power firsthand, Vilgax seems to willingly become Diagon's servant and is physically altered with Lucubra features and is given new powers. By the events of "The Beginning Of the End" and "The Ultimate Enemy", Vilgax returns to reality as a herald of Diagon to fully destroy the seal. However, after Diagon is freed and George killed, Vilgax reveals his true scheme to take Diagon's powers for his own. Battling Ben, Vilgax loses his newly gained power while stabbed with Ascalon, returning to his original state as he attempts to talk Ben into giving into allure of the power he currently has. But his manipulation fails as Ben manages to remain in control and restore everyone on Earth to normal with Vilgax taken into Plumber custody soon after.

Returning in Ben 10: Omnniverse, with aspects of his design in the original series, Vilgax was being escorted to a prison planet during the events of "Vilgax Must Croak" before an Incursion attack enabled him to escape. Vilgax's whereabouts since then are a mystery though a hologram of him appeared in "Bengeance Is Mine". It is eventually revealed by the "And Then There Was None"/"And Then There Was Ben" two-part episode that Vilgax allied himself with Eon and Albedo to recruit evil incarnations of Ben across the multiverse. However, upon reaching a universe where the Omnitrix never existed, Vilgax changed his plans and uses a Chronosapien bomb that he received from Maltruant from the events of the Omniverse series finale to wipe all non residential Bens. However, Ben gives the Omnitrix to the alternate universe's version of himself to restore the Ben 10 multiverse and then undo Vilgax's action. This leads to Vilgax's defeat and imprisonment by the alternate universe's Plumbers, though he subsequently returned to his home universe and joined forces with Albedo to attack Ben using armor made from Malware. However, Vilgax is defeated and trapped in the calcified armor as his ship explodes.

Vilgax's Drones

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Vilgax's Drones are robots that were created by Vilgax to serve him and help him retrieve the Omnitrix. They come in different types:


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Diagon (named after Dagon) is an thousand years old energy-based cephalopod-like inter-dimensional being and the main antagonist of the series finale of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

He was claimed to visit Earth during the Middle Ages, and gave humans advanced technology. He is believed to have sworn to come back to Earth to bring the "Golden Age", claiming he will bring more alien technology and make Earth a Utopia. But actually, he tried to invade this dimension in a "dragon" form with the help of his Lucubra army. He was banished back to his dimension when Sir George defeated him by cutting out his heart with the sword Ascalon that was given by Azmuth.

He was first mentioned in "Flame Keepers' Circle" where Vilgax was mistaken by the Flame Keepers' Circle and they thought he was Diagon. In "The Ultimate Enemy", while he attempted to break the seal, Diagon converts most of Earth's people into Esoterica to be his followers before taking control of Gwen's mind to have her finish the task. Though that attempt failed, Diagon manages to enter reality by destroying the seal from his side. After defeating Ben and killing Sir George, he meets his apparent end when Vilgax has him be sucked into an energy absorbing device. Vilgax received all of Diagon's power, but Ben used Ascalon to defeat Vilgax by absorbing Diagon into it and revert all of the Esoterica back to human.


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Lucubras are animalistic creatures under Diagon who have the ability to feed on the thoughts of humans and possibly other species. Gwen states that it feeds on the part of the mind used to pray or meditate until there is nothing left of the victim's mind. The victim then becomes an obedient servant to Diagon, evident by the turquoise eyes, which it is implied it can control from other dimensions. However, the mind control is negated if a victim's cranium is protected by metal.

One such Lucubra was accidentally released by the Forever Knights during the events of "The Creature From Beyond", creating the conditions for Diagon's arrival into reality.

Flame Keepers' Circle

The Flame Keeper's Circle is a cult that worships Diagon, who apparently visited Earth at the dawn of mankind to bring knowledge of fire and promised to return to bring Earth to a utopia. At a circus, a preacher found Vilgax who was mistakook him for Diagon. The Flame Keepers' Circle are a philanthropic organisation who take donations and use them to provide humanitarian aid by recruiting celebrities to spread their message which is also common.

After Diagon's heart was cut out and pierced by Sir George's sword Ascalon, the Flame Keepers' Circle built a cloaked shrine around it. The shrine travels between Diagon's dimension and ours, never appearing in the same location twice.

They have access to alien technology. Presumably their name is based loosely on the Hellfire Club.

Conduit Edwards

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Conduit Edwards is a businessman and the leader of the Flame Keepers' Circle. He recruits celebrities for his group to attract more people. He also believed that Vilgax was Diagon and defended him at all cost until Vilgax touched the sword which restored him to his normal form and with the dragon's heart fused within him, Edwards tries to retaliate but Vilgax defeats him. Edwards later leads the Esoterica in wiping out the Forever Knights while freeing Diagon. After Conduit Edwards killed Winston, he is then killed by Sir George who avenged Winston's death.


The Esoterica are the foot soldiers of the Flame Keepers' Circle.

Each of the foot soldiers uses a technology that allows them to manipulate space where they use it to slip into other dimensions making them impossible to see or hit. The cult members can manipulate energy. The Esoterica's files in the Plumber database are listed as in-hiding in Omniverse.

Presumably, their name is based loosely on the Illuminati.

Doctor Animo

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Dr. Aloysius James Animo is a brilliant mad scientist obsessed with genetic experiments on animals, and Ben's first human enemy. He was once a promising researcher in veterinary science that had a special way with animals, but his career was cut short when it was discovered that he was performing twisted genetic experiments on animals. He had hoped that his research would win him the Verties Award, which is an award in veterinary science, but the revelation resulted with the award given to another doctor named Kelly. This drove Animo insane as he dropped off the map for five years until he could perfect his research.

Before his first appearance in the show, Dr. Animo watched a TV report showing Ben as Diamondhead and got inspired to build the "Transmodulator", a device that can mutate animals into giant monsters and bring back dead creatures such as a wax statue of a woolly mammoth and a Tyrannosaurus skeleton. He attempted to use his new monsters to take his revenge against Kelly and take his prize, but he was stopped by Ben. After this, he became one of the most recurrent villains in the show, usually trying to create armies of mutant monsters, and was even able to use DNA information from the Omnitrix to enhance his creatures twice. In "Secret of the Omnitrix", having learned this ability from Clancy while they were members of the Negative 10, Animo devised a means to telepathically control creatures of lesser intelligence. Ben also encountered a future version of Animo during the events of "Ben 10,000", the scientist's head transplanted onto a cybernetic albino gorilla body after an unfortunate accident.

Returning in Ben 10: Alien Force, having ended up in the Null Void while becoming more muscular and less green. In Voided, Animo conquered the dimension under the alias of D'Void and then forced the residents of the Null Void to build a machine which would open a portal to Earth so he could conquer it while enhancing his physical attributes, but he was stopped by the combined forces of Ben and the resistance founded by Max and the Plumber's helpers. Returning to old mofit, Animo returns in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in "Escape From Aggregor" as he uses a mind-control headband to force a Yeti to fight Ben as part of a diversion as part of his scheme to turn anyone within the vicinity of the Himalayas into Yetis before it was foiled. In the aftermath of "It's Not Easy Being Gwen," after using mutant frogs to attack the city, Dr. Animo is sent to jail. However, in "The Eggman Cometh," Animo abuses the justice system to be put on parole and uses a chicken farm as a front to create Pterodactyl Men from the chicken eggs. Ben manages to thwart him again by using Jury Rigg to convert Animo's machine into an evolution ray to evolve the Pterodactyl Men into chickens and also made a local sheriff super-smart.

As revealed in Ben 10: Omniverse, now with a glass dome over his head and antennae that are essential in his perfected control over animals, Animo ended up in a Plumber prison cell which he decorated with patchwork animal dolls which he believed were alive. Making his reintroduction in "It Was Them", Animo escaped and attempted to enlarge Earth's ant population and use them to take over the world. However, due to interference from Ben, who believed he was behind the attacks by Khyber's hound, Animo's plan was foiled and he was returned to his cell. Dr. Animo eventually escapes his prison and acts to resurrect V.V. Argost during the events of "T.G.I.S." to enact a scheme to conquer the world with "Franken-Cryptids" while aiding V.V. Argost in getting his revenge on the Saturday family. But the scheme ends with Animo chased off by the Chupacabras he used to revive Argost. Animo is later briefly freed by his future incarnation during the events of "Animo Crackers", receiving a new set of antenna that double as a mutation device. The future Animo ends up being defeated and brought back to his timeline to be placed in a Plumber cell during the first half of the series finale.


Voiced by:

Sixsix (named after the caliber of the two pistols that he wields) is a bounty hunter and mercenary from the Sotoragg system. Unlike the villains Ben has faced, he Sixsix and his race speak in language that only some aliens can understand him. It is said he has quite a reputation, as he wears a disguise when in Incarcecon as a means to avoid be attacked by those trying to prove their prowess by beating him.

Sixsix has purple armor and strange, clamp-like feet; the armor he wears was taken from an assassin droid he gutted. He is equipped with a jetpack, and his armor is covered with pouches that hold various weapons and projectiles, such as twin blasters, laser discs, an energized buzz saw, laser blade and whip, a sonic weapon, throwing pikes, grenades, bolas, rockets, and several tentacle-mounted lasers coming out of his back pack. He also has several very strange small claws and hands that extend from his shoulders that are usually used to throw the small pikes coming out of his jet pack, or bombs when he is using his blasters.

He was added to the Original Series first appearing in the episode "Hunted", being recruited by Vilgax with Kraab and Tetrax to get the Omnitrix. He is defeated by Grey Matter and Tetrax. Returning in "Galactic Enforcers (episode)" forming an alliance with his new colleague Vulkanus, who execute the task of obtaining the Bicenthium Alloy and mix it with the element X to exploit the solar system and take over the galaxy. But they are both defeated by the Galactic enforcers and Cannonbolt. Later in the movie "Ben 10: The Secret of the Omnitrix" it's revealed that after his second confrontation against Ben he was sent to Incarcecon and remained there until the young Tennyson and Tetrax infiltrated the place looking for Azmuth. Sixsix then confronted Tetrax but their fight was interrupted when Ben's Omnitrix sent out a feedback, knocking Sixsix out cold.

Later on Ben 10: Omniverse, Sixsix returns in the episode "Vilgax Must Croak" and was hired along with his brother Sevenseven and sister Eighteight by Attea to execute the mission to kill Vilgax but his plans fail when Ben, Rook and group plumbers prevent it. In "Cough it up" Together with his brothers were recruited by Psyphon to attack again, but they are defeated by Ben, Rook and Spanner.


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Kraab was one of the three bounty hunters hired by Vilgax to hunt down the Omnitrix in "Hunted", the others being Sixsix and Tetrax. He defeated Ghostfreak but was defeated when Grey Matter ripped out some wires from his neck, causing his body to go haywire. Kraab reappeared in "The Final Battle: Part 1", hired by an unknown client to hunt down Ben. He was frozen by Big Chill and left aboard the ship. Since Ben couldn't save the ship, the ship exploded, but Gwen and Kevin managed to save Kraab. Kraab returns in "Cough It Up", when Psyphon hires bounty hunters to find him a very precious item. He was first seen on the streets of Undertown, searching for it. Jimmy Jones chased him till the entrance of the Black Hole. Psyphon told the hunters that the item was stolen by someone who poisoned the guards with quills. Kraab detonated one of Argit's office's walls and told Argit to give him the item. Argit was surprised to see him because he thought he was still in jail. Unfortunately for Kraab, Ben, Rook, and Spanner happened to be there too. Ben transformed into Frankenstrike and took out Kraab with one hit. At the end of the episode, he was defeated by Argit's Techadon robots and was banned from Undertown.


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Rojo, originally known as Joey, is the leader of a heavily armed female biker gang, amoral and greedy with no hesitation to attack innocent bystanders if they happen to annoy her. Rojo was first introduced in "The Alliance", on a failed attempt to rob an armored truck. She is thwarted by Four Arms and two of Vilgax's Drones coming after Ben. While looking at one of the damaged drones, Rojo ends up being converted into a cyborg after the remnants merged onto her body. The upgrade gives her the ability to fly, superhuman speed, metallic claws, and a pair of blasters attached to each shoulder. Vilgax was able to communicate with her through the parts and force her to track down the Omnitrix for him. Rojo is turned back to normal when Upgrade shorted-out the spare parts, after which Gwen knocks her unconscious for attempting a sneak attack on Upgrade.

She returns in "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10", as part of the Negative Ten. She now sports new alien tech and armor that was presumably supplied by the Forever Knights. In that episode she is also shown to have a rivalry with Charmcaster over being the "baddest girl" in the group. In the battle, she interferes with Gwen and Charmcaster's duel but gets kicked away by Charmcaster and Gwen's combined spell power. Later she quarrels with other Negative 10 members and later was trapped in the force field where the sub-energy once resided.

Rojo returned and made a brief appearance in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Hit 'Em Where They Live", where she and her biker gang tried to rob a train. She apparently reformed her biker gang and upgraded them, using blue and yellow versions of her new red highlighted suit and riding hover-cycles. They were eventually stopped by Ben, Gwen and Kevin. Rojo later appears in Ben 10: Omniverse when hired by Simian to help him steal from Argit during the events of "The Color of Monkey", only to end up being arrested. She appears as a contestant in "The Most Dangerous Episode", and is sent back to prison at the end of it.


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Zombozo (a play on "zombie" and "bozo"), his full name Herbert R. Zomboni, is a cruel and creepy clown mastermind with a dark sense of humor that borders on more sadistic and psychopathic behavior as he thrives on the fear of others. First introduced in "Last Laugh" with a circus as a front, Zombozo stages shows to bring people in and then uses a machine he calls the "Psyclown" to drain the happiness and life energy from them, leaving them depleted and sad or aged while his minions strip the town. He was eventually defeated when Ben overcame his fear of clowns after seeing the effect of Zombozo's device on Max and Gwen, and terrorized Zombozo as Ghostfreak, causing him to literally explode in a burst of confetti out of fright.

He returned in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Hit 'Em Where They Live", revealing that the "explosion" of confetti was a ruse though the ordeal had weakened him. After Ben's identity was revealed to the world, he and Ben's other old enemies organized attacks against Ben's family to get their revenge. After most of the attacks were stopped by Max, Zombozo formed a team with Charmcaster and Vulkanus as he kidnapped Ben's mother as a hostage to bring Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to his hideout, then separate them and let the members of his team take them down one by one. His plan eventually backfired when he tried to kill Mrs. Tennyson in a slow and cruel way, causing an angry Gwen to assume her dormant Anodite form while threatening an intimidated Zombozo to spread the word to the other villains not to go after their families again.

By the events of "Ben 10: Omniverse", he is caught by Ben's group during their last day as a team when he stole a brain from Bellwood's brain bank, Zombozo began to rot at an alarming rate as the result of being starved of fear. However, during the events of "Something Zombozo This Way Comes," Zombozo escapes the Plumbers and reunites the Circus Freak Trio to stage a circus in Bellwood to convert those attending into zombie-clowns to regain his strength through them scaring people, but is defeated by Ben when he became Toepick and is forced to flee.

Circus Freak Trio

This trio worked together in the guise of being freak show performers in Zombozo's circus before his disappearance. Whenever Ben runs into them, they end up working for the villain of the week. They appear to all three be mutants, at least in the case of Acid Breath, who claims to have gotten his power from his mother. In "Last Laugh", they work for Zombozo. Since Zombozo's supposed demise, they have worked later for different employers such as Zs'Skayr and Driscoll. In "Something Zombozo this Way Comes," the Circus Freak Trio reunite with Zombozo to revitalize him through fear and using diseased chattering teeth to convert people into zombie clowns. However, the trio are defeated by Ben as Rath and are arrested by the Plumbers soon after.

Acid Breath

Voiced by:

Acid Breath is a zombie-like clown and is one of Zombozo's three minions, and without a higher rank to command them, he acts as the trio's leader (with somewhat inconclusive results). As his name states, he has the ability to project corrosive acid from his mouth in the form of either a vapor or a liquid; he claims that he learned this trick from his mother. This acid can easily dissolve whatever he wants it to, even metal and stone. Despite the potency of his breath however, he is one of Ben's least dangerous foes.


Voiced by:

Frightwig is woman with a pale skin, a tight-fitting body suit, and five orange prehensile tentacles for hair. They are also tipped with metal orbs, allowing for greater concussive damage. She's also extremely nimble and skilled in acrobatics. Despite her strength, she is always easily subdued by Ben, normally by being tied up with her own hair. In Omniverse, she has her tentacles tied in two ponytails.


Voiced by:

Thumbskull has a head shaped like a thumb. Instead of hair, Thumbskull had a horn that was broken previous to his on screen appearance thus giving it a thumbnail appearance. He also has great strength such as Fourarms, but limited intelligence, normally serving as the "brawn" of the group. He is also easily beaten by Ben, normally even worse than the others.


Voiced by:

Hex is a self-proclaimed "Master Magician" from Legerdomain who desires to rule the world with his unmatched magical mystical powers and the Staff of Ages. In the episode “Tough Luck”, it is shown that Hex emotionally and gives the heavy implication that he even physically abuses his niece Charmcaster. By seeing her as a servant who should slavishly obey him at all times rather than a family member, he intimidates her into being submissive and respectful to him, and when she gets out of line or fails him in some way, he turns his magic against her. The abuse has already taken its toll on her and has made her into the apprentice Hex has always wanted her to be; an angry, hateful, ruthless and power-hungry person - like himself.

He possesses five magical mystic charms called the "Charms of Bezel" that give him incredible mystical powers and abilities, in addition to his own spell-casting abilities. It is unknown how he possesses powers even without the charms, but since it is implied in "In Charm's Way" that Charmcaster, daughter of his brother Spellbinder, was trained in controlling and manipulating mana, it was probably the same for him. He first fights the Tennysons while he tries to steal the final Charm of Bezel, during the fight with Ben, Grandpa Max, and Gwen, he locked in a stone casket until the police arrived, later, he was busted out by his niece Charmcaster and attacked Las Vegas for an artifact that can recreate the Charms of Bazel. Though he fought Ben numerous times following his plan failing, Hex targeted Gwen in most of his appearances

Hex returns in the third season of Ben 10: Alien Force, where it is revealed he has seemingly made up with his niece between the two series, and now lives in a tall, Japanese-style mansion where he keeps all his books of magic, including the Archamada. He has returned to his original age, and his look is mostly the same aa before, though his clothes are now fully red instead of black and red, and his face is whiter than before, making it look even more like a skull.

In "Time Heals", Gwen sneaked into Hex's mansion to steal a specific spell book in one of her attempts to cure Kevin's mutation. Despite the warning of Paradox, Gwen does so but ended up causing a timeline where Hex has taken over the world, upon evading Charmcaster, Gwen infiltrates Hex's mansion again and runs into Hex who had become aware of the timeline change. While a weakened Ben tries to stop Hex and Charmcaster, Gwen successfully makes off with the spell book and prevents herself from causing this timeline.

He reappears in the Ultimate Alien in episode "The Enemy of my Frenemy". Gwen tries to steal one of his books only for her to be caught by Hex. Gwen tells him about Ledgerdomain where Charmcaster is currently fighting Addwaitya. Although Hex doesn't want to help rescue Charmcaster, he does allow Gwen to take some magical items that she needs in helping Charmcaster. By the events of the Omniverse series, Hex turned over a new leaf and became a professor at the university that Gwen is attending. However, in episode "Charm School", Hex ends up being turned into a totem figurine by Charmcaster with Gwen indirectly inheriting his library and the Staff of Ages. He is restored back to normal in "Third Time's a Charm".

Hex appears in "The Most Dangers Game Show", where the contestants had to sneak through Hex's library as a challenge. Jennifer Nocturne lost the challenge when she hushed Hex back.


Voiced by:

Phil is a former Plumber and Max's partner, continuing to hunt aliens after the Plumbers disbanded years ago. But in reality, using the Null Void projector, Phil scams people into paying him to remove the aliens he sets free. During the events of "Truth", Phil crosses paths with Max and his grandchildren, temping Ben into remaking the Plumbers. But once his scheme is revealed, Phil releases an alien to deal with Max, but Ben is able to rescue him and eventually trap Phil in the Null Void.

As revealed in the "Of Predators and Prey" 2-part episode of Ben 10: Omniverse, Phil was found a year later by Malware and Dr. Psychobos to be used as a test subject for the Nemetrix. Assuming the form of a Terroranchula, Phil battled Ben and overpowered him. But due to his higher brain functions, Phil was unable to adapt into a feral form and was relieved of the Nemetrix while teleported back to the Null Void after the fight ended. However, making his return on "Max's Monster", the ordeal altered Phil's DNA to give him the ability to become a Terroranchula/human hybrid with the ability to consume energy to maintain his new form.

Soon after his defeat, Phil is recruited by the Rooters as a member of the group, and joins in their plan to destroy Ben; however, the Rooters are then left in the Null Void after the depths of their treachery are discovered by the Plumbers' leader, the Magistrata.

Forever Knights

The Forever Knights is a secret paramilitary organization, a loose reference to the Knights Templar, that deals with the alien encounters and other varying activities. The group was founded by Sir George for the purpose of fighting Dagon, but his departure resulted with the Forever Knights splintered into factions each led by a Forever King. But by the events of "Ultimate Alien", the Forever Knights were reunited under George to combat the Esoterica and Diagon. However, the conflict that ensued killed Sir George and wiped out all the Forever Knights with only a small group under Chadwick remaining (Sir Morton, Red Knight, and the Twin Knights). Chadwick led the remaining Forever Knights into resuming their role in eliminating all alien life from Earth.

In all three TV series and one video game, different VAs have voiced the Forever Knight soldiers: Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bennett, Greg Cipes, Tim Curry, John DiMaggio, Greg Ellis, Robert David Hall, Yuri Lowenthal, Peter MacNicol, Richard McGonagle, Scott Menville, Rob Paulsen, Khary Payton, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Fred Tatasciore.


Voiced by:

Enoch has significant influence in the organization, appearing as their paramilitary leader in their first three appearances. He was eventually revealed to be one of Discroll's lieutenants.

In "Perfect Day", he, Princess Judith and his men captured Ben and trapping him in a dream machine in a plot to remove the Omnitrix from his wrist. Ben turned the tides against him and trapped him in his own dream machine until the police arrive. When the Forever Ninja arrived and found Enoch like this, Driscoll arrived asking him to promise Enoch as he has failed him for the last time. In the "Enhanced Edition" of the episode, it was stated that took Enoch years to recover from the effects of the dream machine.

Enoch returns in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "The Purge", where he was among the Forever Knight leaders present at Old George's meeting. Enoch is deceased as of Omniverse.

Forever King Driscoll

Voiced by:

Driscoll was the first Forever King met by Ben, he was a Plumber who was thrown out in disgrace for stealing alien technology for his own benefit. He later joined the Forever Knights and worked his way up the ranks, eventually becoming their leader and creating a splinter group of Forever Knights dedicated to get revenge on the Plumbers. He wears a large armored suit that grants him enhanced strength, energy blasts, and protects him from harm. Driscoll is the closest thing to a main antagonist in the fourth season of the original series.

His first appeared at the end of "Perfect Day" where he finds Enoch trapped in a dream world. He leaves Enoch in his dream state after his failures and says he will take care of Ben himself. He appears again in "Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10" where he rounds up a collection of Ben's old enemies to form a specialized team, in an effort to steal the "Sub-Energy", the most powerful energy source, 20 times more powerful than the Sun, and compared to nuclear power plants, they look like "wind-up toys", and given to the Plumbers as a reward for capturing an alien fugitive by grateful aliens they helped. Driscoll eventually manages to steal it and enhances his power suit with it, but the energy source was eaten by Upchuck, his suit is destroyed, but Driscoll survives and escapes.

Driscoll returned in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, in "The Purge" where he and the rest of the Forever Knight faction leaders were summoned by Old George. Although he initially attacked him, he stopped once he realized who he was and agreed to serve him. Later, while leading a group of Forever Knights to capture aliens, he was challenged by Ben to honorable combat over the fate of the prisoners, which Ben won. Despite this, Driscoll refused to let the aliens go, ordering the Forever Knights to kill them, however, after a powerful threat from Ben, Driscoll and his Knights withdrew. Driscoll apologized to Old George for his failure and was surprised when George placed him in charge while he went on a journey. He thus became involved in the Forever Knights' ensuing war with the forces of Dagon, during which most of them-including Driscoll-perished.

Red Knight

A ninja-like android Discroll created to serve as his bodyguard, the Red Knight first appeared in "Perfect Day" before serving as a member of the Negative 10 during the "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10" 2-parter prior to being destroyed by Ben as Upchuck.

The Red Knight is later rebuilt by Joseph Chadwick during the events of "Ben 10: Omniverse" to serve as his bodyguard.

Forever King Patrick

Voiced by:

Patrick as the leader of a branch of the Forever Knights dedicated to destroy the immortal dragon, but a misdirection due to Diagon having been referred to as a dragon in the past results in Patrick's predecessors mistaking an Alien Dragon for their order's mortal enemy as they kept the alien captive while devising weapons that can kill it. Unlike the other Forever Kings, he wears a medieval king costume with a golden armor.

In "Be-Knighted", when it came to the Forever Knight's latest invention, he had Connor test it out on the Alien Dragon only for it to escape. After learning from Connor that the Alien Dragon escaped, Patrick prevented Connor from quitting upon stating that there is now proof of a world of Alien Dragons and plans to make preparations to make sure they are no longer a threat. Patrick also vows that Ben, Gwen and Kevin will pay for their interference. In "Pet Project", Patrick then had Dr. Joseph Chadwick work on the ships that would be needed to attack the Alien Dragon's home world which also involved the capture of Ship, for he can control the space ship, because they don't know how to use the complex controls.

In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "The Purge", Patrick was present with the other Forever Knight leaders when Old George returns and unites the Forever Knight factions into one group. He presumably perished during their resulting conflict with Dagon.


Voiced by:

Connor is an arrogant Forever Knight. He first appears in "Be-Knighted", trying to catch the dragon. He reappears in "The Purge" at the meeting of the Knights. In this appearance, Connor is now sporting an eyepatch.

Joseph Chadwick

Voiced by:

Dr. Joseph Chadwick is a scientist working for the Forever Knights faction led by Sir Patrick. He first appeared in "Pet Project", having Sir Morton capture Ship in order to further the development of the ships needed to head to the homeworld of the alien dragon. During the fight with Ben's group, Swampfire ignited a gas line which caused the house they were in to start to collapse. Dr. Joseph Chadwick was caught in the cave-in.

In the "Ben 10: Omniverse" episode "Return to Forever," Chadwick turns up alive after the rest of his order has been decimated and has established himself as the new Forever King as he leads the remnants of the Forever Knights to eradicate all alien life on Earth. He was defeated by Ben, Rook, and Jimmy. Chadwick later resurfaces in the events of "An American Benwolf in London" to obtain Excalibur, but unable to secure the sword even after drinking the elixir of Henry Jekyll which gave him a Mr. Hyde-like form. After the chamber where Excalibur was contained flooded, Chadwick emerges from the water carrying the Red Knight.

Sir Morton

Voiced by:

Sir Morton is a heavyset Forever Knight that works with Dr. Joseph Chadwick. In the "Ben 10: Omniverse" episode "Return to Forever," Sir Morton returns to serve Chadwick in the new carnation of the Forever Knights in a new suit of armor that covers most of his body except for the mouth area.

Forever King Urian

Voiced by:

Urian is the leader of another splintered terrorist group of the organization introduced in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. He wears slightly bulkier Forever Knight armor, but no helmet. His suit also can give off an electric shock out of his gloves.

He appears in "Duped" where he wanted to obtain the ancient Toltech Battle Armor, an alien armor given to the ancient Aztec as a parting gift, it seems to be powered by two red crystals.

Urian returns in "The Purge" where he was present upon Old George's return to the Forever Knights. He is presumably killed during the battle against Diagon.

Sir Cyrus

Voiced by:

Sir Cyrus is a member of the Forever Knights. He first appeared where Ben, Gwen, and Kevin encounter him near the cracked seal of the Lucubra. When Ben asks if he is associated with Driscoll, Patrick, or Urian, Sir Cyrus states that he isn't associated with any of them as his group follows the path originally intended by Sir George.


Voiced by:

Clancy is a green-skinned homeless man who has the ability to psychically control any type of insect or arachnid, using first-person plural pronouns like "we" in his sentences. When Councilwoman Liang attempts to redevelop her city, Clancy learns that the condemned house he is residing in is to be torn down and resolves to feed her to his insects. However, Ben intervenes as Fourarms and the Clancy's home is destroyed. When his later plan to nuke the town out of revenge is ruined, Clancy decides to take revenge against the Tennysons instead. Luckily, Grandpa Max's San Ju Yen Pien medicine overrides Clancy's powers as the outcast is knocked out. By the time he resurfaces as a member of the Negative 10, Clancy mutated into an insectoid creature with help from the Forever Knights with a new ability where he can emit wasps from his mouth.


Voiced by:

Vulkanus is a Detrovite in mechanical armor who first appeared in first series episode "The Galactic Enforcers" where he partnered up with Sixsix in order to build a weapon capable of destroying a solar system using the "element X" and Bicenthium Alloy. As revealed in the Omniverse episode "The Ballad of Mr. Baumann", Vulkanus's attempt to retrieve a vial of element X resulted with his body destroyed from the neck down. Vulkanus since wears a special regeneration suit that would eventually restore his body, which looks diminutive by the events of the sequel series.

Vulkanus returns in Ben 10: Alien Force episode "Kevin's Big Score", where according him, Kevin betrayed Vulkanus during a "counterfeit isotope" scam a few years earlier. Kevin left him holding the merchandise when The Plumbers arrived, and though he managed to escape, the Plumbers destroyed his ship, making unable to leave Earth; so he resorted to trading level three alien technology to get by. When Kevin arrives looking to obtain an important item, which was a holo-viewer from Max, Vulkanus decides to get back at him for the betrayal by forcing Kevin to absorb a small piece of "Taedenite", the hardest and rarest gem in the galaxy; this caused Kevin's body to mass-produce the gem, thus giving Vulkanus an endless supply. But Vulkanus's scheme is foiled by Ben after he uses Big Chill to freeze off Vulkanus's regeneration suit. Rather than attempt to arrest him, however, Kevin leaves Vulkanus with the small fortune in crystals he had managed to chip off beforehand, considering it as payment for his past actions. But Volcanus then used his new fortune to buy permission to change Earth climate so it would be more like his home world, but again was stopped by Ben. In Con of Rath he and his minions hide in a strange planet with a Taedenite, when Ben in Rath and teams arrived in the place he orders kill them but Ben defeats with a ground stroke.

Vulkanus later returns in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Hit 'Em Where They Live", he teamed up with Zombozo and Charmcaster to attack Ben's loved ones. In "Greetings form Techadon," he buys a Technodon Robot manufacture factory programmed to destroy Ben, each destroyed robot providing data for the next robot with counters to Ben's alien forms. However, as the Technodon robots are programmed to target anything with an Omnitrix symbol on it, it was a simple task for Ben to hide the Ultimatrix from sight while a fake is placed on Vulkanus.

In the "Ben 10: Omniverse" episode "Special Delivery," Vulkanus is among those who assist Psyphon into claiming the Dwarfstar from Ben. He later appears in the episode "The Ballad of Mr. Baumann" to obtain the elemental X vial that cost him his body years ago.

Pickaxe Aliens

Voiced by:

The Pickaxe Aliens are Vulkanus' minions. They use pickaxes as weapons. They wear black and red suits with goggles. They can bury themselves underground and appear somewhere else.

In "The More Things Change" Pt. 2, a Pickaxe Alien was seen in Undertown.


Voiced by:

Hope is Hex's teenage niece who operates under the name Charmcaster. Like him, she originated from Ledgerdomain (or Yahwahtacsip) and was the daughter of Spellbinder. She carries a magic satchel from which she can draw all manner of items, such as magical explosives, throwing blades, or even various clay animals to enlarge and animate. Although small, the bag seems to have something of a pocket dimension inside. She is also skilled in various magical spells, although it's clear that because of her inexperience, she is not as powerful as her uncle. She is often the victim of emotionally based abuse at the hands of her uncle and it is also heavily implied he abuses her even physically. This abuse strongly explains her egocentric and adversarial nature with the Tennyson family, especially Gwen, although like Kevin she becomes more of an anti-hero and occasional ally to the Tennysons as time goes on.

Forced to flee to Earth when her father died at the hands of Adwaita, Charmcaster resolved to become a great sorceress so she can have her revenge. During her introduction in "Tough Luck", she helped her uncle out of jail to get the Charm of Bezel, and is ultimately defeated by Gwen. Charmcaster officially became the girl's nemesis in "A Change of Face" after a failed attempt with body swap spell causes her to lose her spell book to Gwen while she is trapped in a females' juvenile hall. Charmcaster later was part of the Negative 10's plot to defeat Ben, though more concerned in defeating Gwen rather than Ben, and also had a rivalry with her partner Rojo.

Although Charmcaster did not appear in “Ken 10“ she sent one of her small dog-like golems through Gwen's magic portal as a pet for Ken to play with. The golem in question appeared to still be under Charmcaster’s control as evidenced by the linings being colored pinkish-purple, which is associated with Charmcaster's magic. The episode also featured pop-up trivia; one of which read "Zoraster is the birthplace of Gwen’s old enemy Charmcaster". Since the pop-up used her rivalry with Gwen in the past tense, that Gwen was helping out with a serious issue in Charmcaster’s realm and that she sent one of her creatures from that realm, it implies that any flames of animosity between Gwen and herself have died down. This explains why Charmcaster would entrust Gwen to help stop a problem in her realm and why she’d allow a creature that still follows her will to be a present from Gwen to Ken. It also would explain why Gwen suddenly was fine with copying Charmcaster's hairstyle.

Charmcaster returns in Ben 10: Alien Force, living with her uncle. She wears a way different outfit, utilizing mana manipulation in her various spells, and far more vicious, sadistic, and arrogant than before. During the events of "In Charm's Way", Charmcaster tricks Kevin into attacking Ben by promising to restore him to normal, for she can drain Gwen's magical and Anodite powers. She and Hex conquer the world in the alternate timeline of "Time Heals".

In the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Hit 'Em Where They Live", Charmcaster teamed up with Zombozo and Vulkanus in a plot to kidnap Ben's parents.

During the events of "Where the Magic Happens", Charmcaster helps Ben, Gwen and Kevin to get in Ledgerdomain so they can find a piece of the Map of Infinity. During that time, Charmcaster's background story is revealed as she moves past her feelings of resentment toward Gwen and actually develops a friendship with her. This change in her spurred her to buy time for Ben's group to escape while she remained behind in Ledgerdomain with the hopes of defeating a powerless Adwaita at last.

By the events of "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Charmcaster reclaimed Ledgerdomain during the power vacuum left by Adwaita's defeat and becomes corrupted with power, building a device that drains the lives of living things to sacrifice all life on her domain to being Spellbinder back to life. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin attempted to stop her before they end up being sacrificed as well. But the revived Spellbinder, learning of the horror his daughter committed for his sake, reverses the ceremony to restore everyones' lives back while a saddened Charmaster is left with how she should spend her life now. Gwen, pitying her and hoping she can get better, leaves Charmcaster in charge of Ledgerdomain rather than apprehending her. In "Couples Retreat", Charmcaster attempted to fill the void in her life with Darkstar, thinking he loved her while unaware that he is using her for her powers. When Ben's group arrive to Ledgerdomain after him, Charmcaster overheard Darkstar's history with Gwen, attacking her before learning of what kind of person he really is. Reluctant to accept the truth, Charmcaster accepts it when he is unable to remember her real name. Furious, Charmcaster expels Darkstar from Ledgerdomain and leaves him both powerless and at the mercy of Ben's group. Charmcaster stands alone in the ruins of her castle sadly and tearfully gazing at Michael's mask that was left behind, heartbroken at being betrayed by the first person she felt love and affection for.

By events of Ben 10: Omniverse, Charmcaster appeared to have gone insane and unhinged since it appeared she was now constantly talking to her satchel. In actuality, she was speaking to the totem figurine that Adwaita became. While Charmcaster made a cameo appearance in "Mystery Incorporeal" where she tortured a defenseless Darkstar out of revenge prior to turning him into a figurine, she makes her official return in "Charmed, I'm Sure", Charmcaster appeared on Anur Transyl and used Ben and his group to recover the Alpha Rune that Zs'Skayr stole from her. Charmcaster later returns in "Charm School" where she turns her uncle Hex into a figurine to access his library and claim the Staff of Ages as her birthright. But Gwen's interference forces Charmcaster back to Ledgerdomain. In "Third Time's a Charm", after capturing Gwen and achieving her goal to be the most powerful magic user, Charmcaster is tricked into transforming herself into a stone totem figurine. She is left seen kept in her own bag in Gwen's room until she can learn the error of her ways, with Gwen expressing hope that the two of them can become friends someday. According to Man of Action member Duncan Rouleau, this would ultimately happen and potentially shown if Gwen ever received a spin-off.

In "The Most Dangerous Game Show," Charmcaster appears as a contestant on "The Most Delicious Game" hosted by Charles Xenith.

Stone Creatures

The Stone Creatures are rock monsters from Ledgerdomain that are often used by Charmcaster. They are large rock golem creatures with pink runes on their skin and come in different appearances.

There are Stone Bat versions that Charmcaster uses.


Voiced by:

The secondary antagonist, he was dubbed Ghostfreak by Ben since he is the human's Ectonurite form yet is actually a clone of the form's donor Zs'Skayr (a play on "The Scare"). Originally High Ectonurite, Zs'Skayr learned about the Omnitrix from reading one of Vilgax's data, tricking Myaxx into allowing him to accompany her in acquiring a sample of Florauna DNA. However, possessing the donor, Zs'Skayr manages to have his DNA scanned with the Florauna's for the Omnitrix. While the original Zs'Skayr died sometime between then and the original series, he lived through the genetic clone manifested within the Omnitrix. Ghostfreak's original appearance was similar to that of a ghost with a black track along his skin but after freeing himself, he tore off the protective second skin to reveal Zs'Skayr's true form. He has the power to phase through matter and possess other life forms. He can also become far stronger if he's in complete darkness, which allows him to become even scarier in appearance and fire a powerful energy beam from his chest. However, without the second skin protecting him, sunlight can cause him to combust and die.

Only able to influence Ben originally as Ghostfreak when the boy first used the form before regaining his strength, Zs'Skayr finally managed to force his way out of the Omnitrix in the episode "Ghostfreaked Out". After peeling off the protective layer of skin that normally covered him, he tried to take over Ben's body in order to become whole again. After a failed attempt to possess Ben, he coerced the Circus Freak Trio to help him by taking over Thumbskull and tossing him about the room in a show of force, he was destroyed when he was exposed to sunlight by Ben. However, during the events of "The Return" and "Be Afraid of the Dark", Zs'Skayr is brought back by Viktor and their group of Anur Transylians to enact a master plan to plunge the Earth into darkness so Zs'Skayr can exist in eternal darkness with the Omnitrix as a bonus. But Zs'Skayr is once again defeated by Ben when exposed to sunlight while in space, though he managed to get some of his DNA scanned into Ben's Omnitrix at the last second. As revealed in the Omniverse episode "From Hedorium to Eternity", Zs'Skayr is revealed to have survived and attempted to repeat his scheme to plunge Earth in darkness with the aid of his Ectonurite kin before being sucked into the portal he built.

Zs'Skayr turns up alive in the Ben 10: Alien Force episode "Ghost Town". After being removed from the Codon Stream, Zs'Skayr had apparently been imprisoned by the Galvans; Vilgax frees him on the condition that he tell him the secrets of the Omnitrix and the knowledge to defeat Ben, but Zs'Skayr betrays him and takes over Vilgax's home planet of Vilgaxia, possessing the citizens and turning them into his minions that resemble his sun shielded form. Vilgax then enlists the help of Ben to try to take Vilgaxia back. During the battle, Ben lets Zs'Skayr enter his body, returning the Ectonurite DNA to the Codon Stream, Ben transforms into Ghostfreak but he takes control of him in the same way he turns the Chimera Sui Generis citizens and soon he tries to possess Vilgax, but is defeated by Vilgax and Ben changes back, with Ghostfreak still inside the Omnitrix until the Zs'Skayr persona ended up in Ledgerdomain.

However, in the ending scene of "Mystery Incorporeal", Zs'Skayr emerges from the portal to Ledgerdomain that Darkstar had opened earlier. Weakened, Zs'Skayr resolves to use the Plumbers to ensure his return to Anur Transyl while removing King Xarion from Doctor Viktor's body. ZsSkayr also formed an alliance with Crujo and Kuphulu. Once back on Anur Transyl, formally introducing himself to Ben by his true nature, Zs'Skayr regains his full strength while readjusting his skull to assume a grim reaper-like appearance and revealing his goal to regain his former title by using the energies of the Alpha Rune he stole from Charmcaster to revive the Valdactylian race starting with Lord Transyl and use their power to rule the universe. However, Zs'Skayr is defeated by Ben using his Atomix form to create an energy sphere that vaporizes him with Ben keeping the item in Zs'Skayr's castle to discourage any chance of revival. In flashback episode From Hedorium to Eternity He returns a year after his defeat in the space and comes to town of Bellwood where built a portal that allows you to bring the ectonurite of Anur phaetos to Earth to start their invasion but is defeated by Ben and returned to his planet along with his people.


A Loboan who was mistaken by Navajo Indians to be the Yenaldooshi, a werewolf-like creature from their folklore, it was sent by Dr. Viktor to steal communication equipment from the Navajo Indian reservation that Ben, Gwen, and Max were visiting in "Benwolf". The initial confrontation resulted with Ben gaining Blitzwolfer as a result of the Loboan providing its genetic code by accident, though Omnitrix was trapped between modes with the gradual change making it seem the Loboan was an actual yenaldooshi. Later, the Loboan appears to be killed by a cave-in, but actually survived as it completes its mission. In "Be Afraid of the Dark", it was revealed that the machine was part of Zs'Skayr's plan to cover the Earth in Corrodium radiation. When the Corrodium projector on the space station was destroyed, Yenaldooshi was presumably killed.

The Mummy

The Mummy is a Thep Khufan from the planet Anur Khufos, the genetic source of Snare-oh. The Mummy was sent by Dr. Viktor to find a dangerous mutative element called Corrodium that crashed on Earth millions of years ago. During the alien's battle with Ben, the Mummy's DNA was scanned by the Omntrix before it was frozen solid by a liquid nitrogen device and buried under concrete with the Corridium. However, the Mummy is freed by the Yenaldooshi and completes his mission of giving Viktor a power source for his machine. In the end, the Mummy gets inadvertently sent into the Null Void alongside Viktor through an ill-timed use of his teleportation device. Its current fate is unknown.


Voiced by:

Doctor Viktor is a Transylian from Anur Transyl (an alien resembling Frankenstein's monster) and also Frankenstrike's genetic donor. As Zs'Skayr's second in command, Viktor used his powers on a teleportation machine to send his comrades to their positions. When at NASA, he posed as a human to get a job at NASA to obtain the means to hijack a space shuttle while reviving his master to achieve their ultimate plan was to prevent the sun's light from reaching the earth using satellites. During the resulting battle, Ben accidentally had the Omitrix scan Viktor's DNA before he essentially defeats himself when an attempt to teleport Ben to an unspecified location, ended up with him and the Mummy getting tossed into the portal he created.

Viktor returns in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, redesigned with two red eyes and a metal plate on his head, with lightning that is no longer purple but blue. Viktor was among Kevin's victims during the events of "Absolute Power", and then, Viktor was tossed into the Null Void. Between then and his return in "Viktor: The Spoils", Viktor ended up encased in ice and brain dead by the time he somehow ended up in the war-torn country of Zarkovia. However, originally intended as a weapon by his son Prince Gyula in order to dispose him, King Xarion transferred his mind into Viktor using a special contraption and Ben when he was passed out as AmpFibian. With Xarion's mind inside his body, the alien renamed himself King Viktor and nearly decimates the rebels before Ben's group encase him in a molten tank, vowing revenge on them for taking his birthright from him.

However, during the events of the Ben 10: Omniverse, his mind restored by Zs'Skayr after he metaphysically destroyed King Xarion, Viktor is freed once brought to Anur Transyl during the events of "Rad Monster Party". In the events of "Charmed, I'm Sured" and "The Vampire Strikes Back," Viktor helps Zs'Skayr drain all the energy of the Alpha Rune in what he saw to be madness in reviving Lord Transyl. When he learns that Zs'Skayr intends to revive the entire Vladat race, whose treated his kind as slaves during their reign, Viktor changes sides to help Ben destroy the clones while capturing the weakened Lord Transyl to contain him. Viktor later places Lord Transyl's prison pod in Anur Transyl where it currently faces the direction of Anur Transyl's sun.


Voiced by:

Exo-Skull is a cybernetically enhanced rhinoceros mutant who first appears in Ben's future timeline as seen in "Ben 10,000" as one of Animo's followers.

In the Omniverse series, having an affair with the Merlinisapien Subdora, Exo-Skull is hired by Maltruant to steal the Key to Time for him during the events of "Fight in the Museum". He returns in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World Ben: Part 1 along with Sudbora to help Maltruant again.

Kane North

Voiced by:

Kane North is a TV actor who is the twin brother of Abel North, having framed his brother for stealing his idea for the "Kangaroo Kommando" series that was Ben's favorite show. Kane also had a grudge against Tim Dean for stealing his ideal for the "Super Alien Hero Buddies" show, which was inspired by Ben's adventures.

As revealed in the Omniverse episode "The Vengers", Kane ended up in jail for five years before being released as he once more masquerades as Kangaroo Kommando while teaming up with Billy Billions and Carl Nesmith in a scheme to depose Ben as the hero.

Introduced in Ben 10: Alien Force


The race of Atasians, calling themselves the Highbreed, are xenophobic alien races from the planet Augstaka that serve as the primary antagonists of the first half of Ben 10: Alien Force. The Highbreed are very strong, they have wings that let them fly and also shoot claw darts from their hands. They can open their chest up, revealing root-like tentacles they can use to drink water from the ground. They have difficulty surviving and operating in warmer climates, which cause them to quickly dehydrate if they do not find water. They are fiercely loyal to their commander and follow a strict honor code.

They considered themselves as the highest life-form in the universe, due to the Highbreed believing that their DNA is the purest of all alien species and being one of the first forms of life. This idea of racial purity ultimately become their undoing die lack of genetic diversity and inbreeding leading to multiple infections and sterility. With their own extinction assured, the Highbreed refused to die alone and spurred their xenocidal rampage throughout the universe to extreme levels to cleanse the universe of "lower life forms". To achieve this, they sent advance forces of Highbreed commanders and Xenocytes to secretly build massive teleporter gates so that the main Highbreed armada arrives and destroy the planet.

In "War of the Worlds" two parter, when the Highbreed begin the final phases of their attack on Earth, Ben used the Omnitrix to reconstruct the DNA of all Highbreed with the DNA of the aliens in the Codon Stream. At first the Highbreed were shocked at losing the genetic consistency that had been a pillar of their cultural identity. Their council immediately considered committing mass suicide as their only remaining honorable route. Luckily, Reinrassic III convinces his people that Ben helped them live again, and is named the new Highbreed Supreme with the war ended.

Different VAs have voiced the Highbreed: Dee Bradley Baker, Paul Eiding, Richard McGonagle, and Kevin Michael Richardson.


DNAliens are alien races who were infected by Xenocytes, alien leeches artificially mass-produced by the Highbreed that attached to a host. Once attached, the Xenocytes alter their hosts' minds while gradually fusing onto them to transform the hosts into DNAliens. Serving the Highbreed as sacrificial drones, the DNAliens share their masters' speciesist ideals. They thrive on cold weather, so fire damages them beyond repair. Throughout the Ben 10 Alien Force series, Ben and his friends encountered DNAliens created from human hosts. As a result of its user being human, the Omnitrix can undo the process as the Codon Stream recognizes the Xenocytes as non-sapient.

The Xenocytes and the DNAliens returned in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Simian Says", when the Arachnichimp mercenary Simian stole a Xenocyte Queen and sold it to a crime lord on his homeworld named Mizaru. When he released the Xenocyte, it infected him and began spreading more Xenocytes throughout all of Aranhaschimmia. A twist in this was that Mizaru actually gained control of the Xenocyte Queen which latched onto his head. Eunice, with the help of Simian and Ben's team, were able to reverse the effect and cure all the Arachnachimps while killing the queen.

In the "Ben 10: Omniverse" episode "Special Delivery," only one see in Ben`s flashback is defeat by Ben in Big Chill.

Different VAs has voiced and provided the vocal effects for the DNAliens: Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bennett, Greg Cipes, Diane Delano, Paul Eiding, Will Friedle, Wallace Langham, and Richard McGonagle.


Gorvan is a Tetramand who first appeared in Ben 10: Alien Force.

His first television appearance is a cameo in "Special Delivery" in auction psyohon to receive the Dwarf Star. In "Mud is Thicker than Water," he collaborates with Psyphon and his thugs to infiltrate a Plumber base and steal the Anihilarg. He is defeated by Ben and Gwen. In CatFight He is seen along with other warriors tetramand trying to defeat Looma to claim their right to the throne.


Voiced by:

Argit is a rat-like alien with sleep inducing quills who was originally one of the captive donors in the Rooters' experiments, serving as the genetic donor for Pierce Wheels's abilities. Having befriended Kevin, Argit became an associate after their memories of the Rooters were wiped out. Argit is a known con-artist who out of make money for his own gain or to pay off his debts, even if it means selling out his friends as once admitted to sold off his own mother. (Kevin even backs this up, saying Argit got top dollar for her.)

Argit first appears in Alien Force episode, "Kevin's Big Score", wearing a brown jacket, black shirt, blue jeans and goes about barefoot, making a deal with Kevin and stealing the Rustbucket from him for a profit and making reoccurring appearances. He reappears in Ultimate Alien episode, "Andreas' Fault", where he destroys the Forever Knights' castles with the help of Andreas. Though he seemed to care for Andreas, he shamelessly took advantage over the Talpaedan's innocence and expressed no remorse over his presumed death to Kevin's disgust. In "Enemy of my Enemy", Argit took advantage of him being targeted by Ultimate Kevin to carry out a job by Pa Vreedle to make sure his sons congratulate from the Plumber academy. Though he succeeded, and surviving Kevin, he was arrested soon after. Argit later appeared in "The Purge" and "Greetings from Techadon".

In Omniverse, wearing an orange zipped up jacket with matching pants, Argit is now opossum-like with shorter quills and longer ears. Argit's appearances in the first half range from obtaining the Annihilarg doomsday device for Milleous with disastrous results that were negated and selling out Kevin to Princess Looma. But in the "The Frogs of War" two-part, helping Gwen and Kevin in their resistance against the Incurseans, Argit ends up becoming a respectable member of Undertown society despite his kleptomania. In "The Rooters of All Evil" and the "Weapon XI" two-part episode, after Kevin restored his memories, Argit reluctantly accompanied the group in their confrontation with the Rooters. In the series finale, it is revealed that Argit ends up becoming the president of Earth in the future timeline.


Voiced by:

Michael Murphy "Mike" Morningstar is the son of a Plumber, initially depicted as a well-mannered individual from an upper-class family and a menagerie of Plumber technology. However, he shows a very uncaring attitude to others around him. Furthermore, he is a vampire-like being, his abilities allow him to absorb energy of another living being to gain the ability to project energy bolts, fly, superhuman strength and stamina, and healthier-looking skin. His victims, on the hand, become zombie-like and loyal to him. Morningstar's powers are a vicious cycle: gaining more power from the mass of life force energy he drains yet it increases his hunger for more. When Morningstar's activities were found out by Ben's group, he pretended to help the group get to the bottom of it and wins the Tennysons' trust, especially Gwen's. Once revealing himself to be the cause for the zombified schoolgirls, draining Gwen's energy to become near invincible, Morningstar overwhelms Ben and Kevin before Gwen managed to take her energy back from him. This leaves Morningstar weakened as his zombie victims followed suit, reducing him to being almost desiccated and powerless.

As a result, Morningstar's face is permanently zombified as he dons a metal helmet as a mask and now calls himself Darkstar, his powers having gradually returned much stronger and gaining new abilities to manipulate dark energy to absorb life force and shoot powerful blasts. In "Darkstar Rising", Darkstar decided to get revenge by getting Ben's group arrested by Magister Prior Gilhil for impersonating Plumbers and by making a deal with a Highbreed that he defeated. When the Highbreed did his part of the deal, Darkstar tried to absorb Ben, Gwen, Kevin, the Highbreed and Gilhil's life force energy but he was unable to absorb Gwen's because she escaped. He later captured Ben, Kevin, the Highbreed, and Ghilhil and was about to absorb all of their life force energy when Gwen came in with a group of DNAliens in which he was unable to absorb all of them because of fatigue. He was defeated by Ben and he was arrested by Magister Ghilhil, being thrown to the Null Void. Darkstar later manipulates Kevin, who at the time was dealing with his Omnitrix-induced deformity, into helping him get the Dominus Librium so it can solve their mutual issues during the events of "Trade Off". But once Kevin realizes the danger he caused, he reverses the process with the slab destroyed and Darkstar rendered powerless as he runs off while swearing revenge.

Darkstar later resurfaces in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien two-part episode "Absolute Power", having been forced to feed off the energy of stray animals just to survive while not attracting attention. Found by Gwen with an offer to help her save Kevin, his face restored as payment, Darkstar reveals that he kept a surviving fragment of the Dominus Librium which needs to strong energy surge would make it usable again. Though Darkstar plotted to use the situation to absorb Ultimate Kevin's acquired energies to become all powerful, Ben anticipated this plot and had Cooper create a mechanism in the machine to revert the process of the absorption and send the energy back to its proper owners. Afterwards, Kevin punches Darkstar in retaliation for their last meeting. Darkstar reappeared in "Couples Retreat", his face now zombified again as he attempted to enter Ledger Domain to acquire its mana. As a result, he tricked Charmcaster in thinking he has romantic feelings for her to be infused with mana. When Ben, Gwen and Kevin got in Ledger Domain, Charmcaster learns of what kind of person Darkstar truly is before exiling him from her realm while leaving him powerless and at the mercy of Ben's group.

Having made a cameo in "Ben 10: Omniverse" episode "Special Delivery", Darkstar makes his official return in "Mystery Incorporeal", disguised as a nerdy student at Gwen's university named Dante. Revealed that only Ledgerdomain's mana can restore his appearance, using Charmcaster's Stone Creatures and the cult he established, Darkstar captures Gwen and attempts to sacrifice her in a ritual to open a portal to Ledgerdomain and drain its mana. He is defeated by Ben as Ghostfreak, with Gwen placing an anti-magic seal on his forehead to render him powerless so he can be given to the authorities. However, the female police officer taking him in turns out to be a disguised Charmcaster as she proceeds to enact a painful vengeance upon him. In "Charmed, I'm Sure", it is revealed that she turned him into a miniature rock figure. He saves himself from being crushed by whispering a "good reason" to Charmcaster. He is eventually freed-along with Adwaita, Hex, Gwen, and Bezel, who had all been similarly transformed-thanks to Gwen and Ben's teamwork.

The Incurseans

The Incurseans (Spanish word for "invasion") are a race of violent toad-like aliens with New York accents, forced to become spacefarers after the eon-long civil war on their homeworld ended a millennia ago when one Incursean stole Ascalon from Azmuth and destroyed the Incursion homeworld from misusing the weapon. Though making small appearances in earlier episodes, the Incursions become more of a threat during arc 3 of the Ben 10: Omniverse series until Milleous is removed from power with Attea taking over.

Emperor Milleous

Voiced by:

Emperor Milleous, usually announced by a longer title is usually cut off, (Hail Lord Emperor Milleous, Light of the Incursean Empire, Keeper of the Conquest Ray, all living creatures tremble in your...) is the ruler of the Incursean Empire. He is rather indifferent, seemingly having no concern for the well being of others with his family included as he had his wife imprisoned. Milleous first appear in "X = Ben + 2", when his daughter Princess Attea was abducted by Sevenseven and taken to Earth. Milleous was willing to destroy the entire planet without a second thought as he had Pluto destroyed as a practice shot. However, Attea had paid Sevenseven more money to help her overthrow her father. Once Swampfire defeated the Incursions and Sevenseven, Emperor Milleous has Attea incarcerated with her mother and canceled the attack on Earth. Milleous made a brief cameo at the end of the "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" episode "Simian Says" where he had received a DNA altering ray gun from Simian.

In the Omniverse episode "So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies," Emperor Milleous hired Argit to obtain the Annihilarg doomsday device before personally attempting to take it with his men. Milleous later started a campaign to conquer the universe with Earth to be the cornerstone. In the two-part episode "The Frogs of War," Emperor Milleous led the invasion of Earth and even got Ben to surrender upon unleashing to mutated To'kustars on Earth. Due to Attea's scheme, Milleous is defeated and put in Plumber custody.


Voiced by:

Attea is the daughter of Emperor Milleous and the princess of the Incursean Empire. Attea is a green-skinned humanoid frog who is always seen wearing a purple flight suit and she desire power more than everything. Attea also seems to have a romantic interest in Ben, mainly as his alien form Bullfrag, despite she still flirts with him when he is human. First appearing in "X = Ben + 2", where she was abducted by Sevenseven and taken to Earth. However, though Milleous was attempting to retrieve her, Attea paid Sevenseven more money to help her overthrow her father. Once Swampfire defeated the Incurseans and Sevenseven, Milleous expresses being impressed with Attea being having her incarcerated with her mother.

Attea returned a few years later during the "Ben 10: Omniverse" series, now a teen and serving as a general in the Incursean army. Though still intent of overthrowing her father, Attea could not pull it off due be constantly under supervision. Her attempts to conquer planet Peptos XI and eliminate Vilgax to diminish Vilgaxia's morale were both thwarted by Ben. Though her conquest on Revonnah also failed, Attea gathered what remained of the mind control serum she had Dr. Psychobos develop to give her father use of the Way Bads to force Ben off Earth during the events of the "Frogs of War". However, after Milleous is captured, Attea revealed that she planned her father's defeat from the beginning and is allowed to leave in return to end her kind's intergalactic conquest. In "Catfight", Princess Attea competes with Princess Looma Red Wind for Ben's affections, and again in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".


Voiced by:

Raff is the commander of the Incursean Empire, Emperor Milleous's right-hand man, and one of Kevin's old friends. He first appeared in "X = Ben + 2" where he arrived on Earth to look for Princess Attea after she was captured by Sevenseven.

Raff appears in the "Ben 10: Omiverse" episode "Tummy Trouble" as Attea's advisor during her invasion of Peptos XI.

In "Rad," Commander Raff leads the Incurseans into capturing a Plumbers' ship.


Voiced by:

Sevenseven is an alien bounty hunter who is from the same species as Sixsix, but far more dangerous. Much like Sixsix, he does not speak a word of English, even when talking to those who do, but other aliens have been shown to understand him. Unlike Sixsix, who uses weapons hidden in compartments of his armor, Sevenseven's hands can transform into various weapons and tools. It is mentioned that Sevenseven is Sixsix's older brother.

In "X = Ben + 2", Sevenseven had captured Princess Attea near Earth causing Emperor Milleous to target Earth for destruction. Princess Attea later paid him to help overthrow her father, but both of them were defeated by Ben.

Sevenseven returns in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in "Hit 'Em Where They Live", he attempts to kill Ben's mom. Fortunately, Max stops him by making his jetpack overload so that it launches him into the sky. In Big Story he confront Gwen and Kevin in a factory but is defeat with easy by Rath.

Sevenseven returns in Ben 10 Omniverse in Vilgax Must Croak in company of his brother Sixsix and sister Eighteight who are hired by Attea to murder Vilgax but his plans fail when Ben, Rook and Plumbers group's defeat them. He make a cameo in "OTTO Motives" in company of his sister Two Two in the auto-show Tetramand. Then in "Cough it up", the returns along with his brothers Six Six and Eight Eight to help Psyphon with another evil plan.


Voiced by:

Albedo is a brilliant, albeit arrogant, rude and sociopathic Galvan. He was originally Azmuth's assistant, having first met Ben during the events of "Trouble Helix" where he played a role in Malware's evolution despite attempting to kill him. But later, taking Azmuth's refusal to make him an Omnitrix hard, Albedo built his own. However, though it functioned like Ben's, the Omnitrix that Albedo made was of inferior quality and turned him into a clone of Ben as the result of the two Omnitrixes being synchronized. As a result, Albedo also developed many of Ben's cravings and habits, which he considers utterly repulsive: Developing a craving for chili fries, even more than Ben himself, calling it a "human weakness" and denying having a liking for them.

Formally introducing himself in "Good Copy Bad Copy", Albedo tried to get Ben's Omnitrix, believing it would be able to turn him back to his original form. When Ben eventually met him during his rampage at a Forever Knight castle, Albedo pretended to be the creator of the Omnitrix, accusing Azmuth of being a liar, and asked Ben to give it back to him. When Ben realized that he was lying, he refused and Albedo attacked him in order to take his Omnitrix by force. After clashing with him twice, their Omnitrixes locked with each other, almost causing a feedback that could have destroyed a whole galaxy. During the process, Albedo's human form was damaged as he becomes white-haired and his clothes becoming red. Azmuth then arrived and put back the head plate of Albedo's Omnitrix, trapping him as a human while sent him to prison in the Null Void. In the series finale "The Final Battle", Albedo eventually escapes from the Null Void, teams up with Vilgax, stealing the Ultimatrix and completing it with pieces from his broken Omnitrix and tools given by Vilgax, yet could not return to his original form. Vilgax then offered him an alliance, promising he would let him get Ben's Omnitrix. Though not really trusting him, Albedo accepted and helped him. Despite the alliance being a success, Vilgax double-crossed Albedo and made him his prisoner. After the Omnitrix was destroyed, Ben freed Albedo and forced him to hand over the Ultimatrix by triggering the self-destruct command.

Marooned on Earth after Vilgax's ship exploded, Albedo has been running "show business" and playing the role Ben in his live action show, "Ben 10: Live", hiring three aliens to play Ben's top most popular aliens: Swampfire, Humungousaur, and Big Chill. Albedo intended to use the money to buy equipment in order to return to his Galvan form and leave Earth. However, not wanting the troupe to break up, the Vaxasaurian actor named Hugh lied to Ben's group that Albedo intended to build a Doomsday Bomb that will turn everyone on Earth into copies of Ben. But after Ben interfered, Albedo explains the device's purpose and how it both enabled him to shape-shift without an Omnitrix and gives no more reason to kill Ben. However, Ben's Ultimatrix caused the device to make Albedo's human form permanent, driving Albedo to attack Ben with his new powers before being knocked out and left in Hugh's care. In "Night of the Living Nightmare," Albedo attempts to get even with Ben, by using a Dream Eater to trap him in a nightmare version of Bellwood, only to end up being the one subjected to the Dream Eater.

Having appeared in the flashback pisode "Trouble Helix", Albedo makes his return in the "Ben 10: Ominverse" episode "The Ultimate Heist". With the assistance of Kyber, Albedo manages to trade places with Ben to develop a new Ultmatrix that would restore his Galvan form and evolve himself into an Ultimate Galvan state with the ability to assume the Ultimate forms of various aliens. From there, as seen in "A Fistful of Brains" and "For a Few Brains More", Albedo plotted to steal Azmuth's intelligence to augment his own. However, briefly caught in an enlightened state after absorbing the intelligence, Albedo is defeated. As an added punishment by Azmuth, Albedo ends up trapped in the form of Ben as an 11-year-old.

Albedo later returns in "And Then There Was None"/"And Then There Was Ben" two-part episode as part of the army of alternate Bens that Vilgax and Eon are recruiting across the multiverse.

Ultimate Albedo

Voiced by:

While the ultimate form of a Galvan, resembling MODOK of the Marvel comics universe with a third eye on his brain exposed head, it is a form exclusive to Albedo after he resumed his original form and evolved in "The Ultimate Heist". As shown in "A Fistful of Brains", this form's abilities include lasers beams, levitation, and telekinesis


Voiced by:

Psyphon (possibly a play on siphon, meaning drain or leach, due to his aid in draining the heroes of the conquered worlds) is Vilgax's servant and right-hand man. He is extremely loyal to Vilgax and follows his will completely; helping him to drain all the powers of the heroes of the 10 worlds he had conquered.

Psyphon returns in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Reflected Glory", he seeks to avenge his master's defeat by destroying Ben's "puppet masters", Cash and JT, bringing with him three R.E.D.s (short for Robotic Extermination Devices). In that episode, he displayed the power to fly, create red energy beams and barriers, and had enough physical strength to pummel Ultimate Spidermonkey into submission. He was weakened when JT and Cash used a Power Decoupler to drain out his energies. He then appears in the 2-part episode "The Ultimate Enemy" where he helps Vilgax absorbs Diagon.

Psyphon appears in Ben 10: Omniverse, having become slightly buffed as he intended to become his own master by setting up a protection racket based in Undertown. However, in "The More Things Change" 2-parter, Psyphon was becoming interested in Rook's arsenal during their fight. Psyphon and his henchmen are defeated and arrested by the Plumbers. In "Outbreak," Psyphon ending up being accidentally turned into Pyronite. He was restored to his original form when Blukic and Driba get the Omnitrix fixed. In "Special Delivery," Psyphon auctions off a Dwarf Star that Corvo was to bring to him but accidentally grabbed one of Ben's delivery bags by mistake. When Ben gets his hands on the Dwarf Star, Psyphon attacked him with the aid of Fistina, Zombozo, Trumbipular, the Vreedle Brothers, Fistrick, Vulkanus, Sundar, and Seebik. When Ben defeats most of them, Psyphon absorbs the powers of the Dwarf Star. When Ben becomes Toepick, he reveals Toepick's face enough to scare Psyphon and claim the Dwarf Star.

Eventually, losing respect from even his own followers, Pysphon decides to come crawling back to Vilgax by the events of "Bengeance Is Mine." However, like everyone else at the time, Psyhon mistook a plumber named Bill Gacks for a disguised Vilgax and is the only one who believes it after Gacks helped in his capture.


The R.E.D.s (short for Robotic Extermination Devices) are red square-shaped robots that work for Psyphon. Three R.E.D.s first appear in "Reflected Glory" where Psyphon used them on Ben's "puppet masters" Cash and JT. They were tricked and destroyed by Gwen and Kevin.

The R.E.D.s appear in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction. During the game, Psyphon mentioned that they only react to his button commands. The R.E.D.s come in different models ranging from R.E.D. Grunt, R.E.D. Melee, R.E.D. Sniper, R.E.D. Ranged, R.E.D. Lieutenant, and R.E.D. Elite.


Voiced by:

Ssserpent is a snake-like alien able to shed his skin, introducing himself as the "serpent that walks like man." He was first introduced in the "Vengeance of Vilgax" 2-parter, proving too tough for Gwen and Kevin before being easily defeated by the arrival of Cannonbolt. Since then, Ssserpent's appearances since have him suffering defeat by Ben's alien forms. However, in "The Perfect Girlfriend", Ssserpent had learned from his mistakes and managed to set up an arrangement for Ben to use Goop so he can trap him to a giant centrifuge. Though Goop was saved by the police before the damage got too severe, Sserpent escaped.

The Vreedle Brothers

Voiced by:

Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle a pair of "Repo men" who happen to be the sons of the infamous criminal Ma Vreedle, having very limited intelligence and theirs occupation includes bounty hunting and mercenaries for hire. Octagon is the older brother, slightly more intelligent with more mature, serious and down-to-earth personality, yet can still be easily tricked such as when Gwen distracted him and his brother with bubble wrap. Rhomboid is the least intelligent of the siblings who is the brawn of the two with a habit of always blowing things up with a large weapon. As he is the younger brother, despite being larger in size, he usually follows Octagon's orders with occasional foul-ups on his end. The Vreedle Brothers are physically weaker than most of Ben's enemies and appear to be no stronger than a normal human. However they make up for this with a large arsenal of various Alien weapons; and have a tendency to blow things up, which results in them having numerous run-ins with the law. The Vreedles are revealed to be multiple clone pairs created by their parents using an "expired cloning kit". Despite being basically defective clones, the Vreedles have a form of semi-immortality, meaning even if they are killed, usually by explosions they caused, their memories are transferred into another "set" of clones who will take their place.

They first appear in "Vreedle, Vreedle", hired by Baz-El to return Ship back for him. After Judge Domstol found the case in favor of Ben, Baz-El ordered the Vreedle Brothers to drop from their mission, but they denied that request causing them to be fended off by Ben and Kevin. In "Busy Box", attempting to steal it only to bring it back when it proved too much for them, the Vreedles were destroyed by the Naljian Destructor destroyed their ship in mid-flight. In appearances soon after, Ben's group encounters another pair of Vreedles with Rhomboid blabbing about their origins as clones.

Another "set" of Vreedle returns in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "The Enemy of My Enemy", where their father enlisted them to the Plumbers' Academy, sending Argit to fix their grade upon learning they are failing in their exams. When Ultimate Kevin attacked, the Vreedles tried to help by using a nuclear bomb grenade against him, unaware that the device would kill everyone in the vicinity. After Kevin left, following his advice to pretend they do not know him to the letter, the Vreedles arrest Argit on Magister Korwak's orders.

The Vreedle Brothers appeared in the Mother of all Vreedles" where they were back to their old roots by their mother and helped her create clones of their younger brother Preety Boy Vreedle with Earth's oceans. After their mother tried to dispose of them, Vreedles resolve to arrest their mother with Ben's group promising not to reveal the brothers' moral relapse. Unfortunately as revealed in Ben 10: Omniverse, the Vreedles accidentally blew up the entire Plumber academy in a moment of weakness and have been on the run since. They make their return in "So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies?", getting their hands on the Annihilarg without thinking of the consequences of it until it was too late.

In "Special Delivery," the Vreedle Brothers are among those who help Psyphon to fight Ben and reclaim the Dwarf Star. In "Oh, Mother Where Art Thou?," wanting to win their mother's respect, the Vreedles borrow one of the Pretty Boy clones to help them commit crimes. Though the scheme failed, they managed to win Ma Vreedle's respect due to abducting the Pretty Boy and stealing the core of a missile their mother was going to use on the sun.

They also appear in Cartoon Network's Punch Time Explosion as an assist characters with a synergy attack with Mojo Jojo.


Voiced by:

Sunder the Retriever is an alien bounty hunter. He has an axe which is able slice through things. It can also send whatever it slices to a different dimension, as he was able to send Ben (minus his Omnitrix hand) to the Null Void. He also uses a Hover Board for transportation; inside he has many gadgets, to use or to sell.

He was sent by Vilgax to pursue Ben and to try to remove the Omnitrix using his energy axe to bring to his master, sending Ben to the Null Void, but left only Ben's left hand on Earth. When the hand is found by Julie, she brings it to Gwen and Kevin. Kevin invented a machine to bring Ben back; it was a success except that Ben's left hand is now in the Null Void. As Sunder charges toward the group, Kevin activates the machine again and restores Ben's left hand to his body but sending Sunder to the Null Void. Sunder was then seen trying to reclaim his axe from one of the alien creatures there.

Sunder returns in "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" episode "The Transmogrification of Eunice" where he was released from Null Void and sent by Azmuth to retrieve the Unitrix (which turned into Eunice). Ben convinces Azmuth to let Eunice have a normal life and be one of his assistants as he always needs a helping hand tending Primus, as it needs some help and care. Before teleporting away with Azmuth and Eunice, Sunder asks Azmuth if he is still getting paid for his services.

In Omniverse, Sunder resumed his attempt to take the Omnitrix as seen in "Have I Got a Deal for You". This time, he is now shown wearing a helmet. He attacks Ben in Undertown and is sent flying by Shocksquatch. Sunder apparently didn't learn his lesson from the last couple times he came after an Omnitrix.

He reappears in "Special Delivery" where he assists Psyphon in claiming the Dwarf Star. Ben was able to defeat him easily. In Cough it up He is recruited by Psyphon to carry out another evil plan, but is defeated by Ben, Rook and Spanner.


Voiced by:

Jarrett is a Panthopage and the King of its kind, first appears in Ben 10: Alien Force in the episode Con of Rath where required to the Queen of Sicily and Zaw Weenel Ambassador to bring to Tiffin to his planet with the intention of devouring him as a way of avoiding conflict. Rath literally jumped down Jarrett's throat to recover the Tiffin, threatening to do so again, but with a more gruesome result.

In "Color of Monkey", Jarret hires Argit to capture a Tiffin. When he received the delivery, Jarett was dismayed to find artificial Tiffin in the delivery box instead (courtesy of Ben's interference). He grew angry and attacked Argit and his Techadons.

Introduced in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Will Harangue

Voiced by:

Will Harangue is a loud-vocaled television newscaster who hosts "The Harangue Nation" on cable. Since Ben's action became public knowledge, possibly to garner ratings, Harangue launched a smear campaign against Ben and constantly tries to denounce him as a threat to humanity. However, though still getting on Ben's nerves whenever he watches Harague's show, only a few actually bought into his propaganda.

Harangue had gotten his hands dirty starting in "Video Games" where he has Oliver Thompson aid him in tricking Ben into showing all his aliens' moves to give his giant robot "the Stalker" an advantage. But after the Stalker is eventually dismantled by Ben as Nanomech before becoming Way Big to crush the robot while "accidentally" dropping it on his car, Harangue covered his tracks by firing Thompson and altering the footage to portray Ben in a negative light.

In "Hero Time", Will Harangue worked with Captain Nemesis in a plot to have Captain Nemesis outdo Ben. He even arranged a contest between Ben Tennyson and Captain Nemesis with Jennifer Nocturne as his field correspondent. After Ben as Four Arms beat Captain Nemesis in the final event revolving around tug-of-war, Will Harangue commented that he can't say Ben cheated, but will let the viewer decide. After Captain Nemesis was arrested following his defeat at the hands of Ben, Will Harangue commented on this stating that a good man did terrible things all in the pursuit to stop the "menace that is Ben Tennyson."

In "The Big Story," Jimmy Jones appears on Will Harangue's TV show where Will reports that Ben (actually a plant clone of Ben) is working for a giant Plant Monster. Although he acknowledges Jimmy for providing photos of Ben as aliens, Will does not seem to take him seriously. In "The Mother of All Vreedles," Will Harangue reports on a meteor.

Returning in the 2-part Omniverse series episode "The Frogs of War", Harangue launched a smear campaign on Ben for the escaping aliens from Undertown. But once the Incursions conquered Earth, Harangue sided with the current occupation to broadcast propaganda-based news as he claimed that the World Leaders had "exiled" Ben and had welcomed the Incursions as their saviors. That action led to his show suffering lowered ratings with less sponsors, forcing him to fund Chadwick during the events of "Return to Forever" while ignorant of the Forever Knights' actual intentions. Ben as Juryrigg rewired the machine to turn Harangue into a mutant squid-like alien.

In "The Vengers," Will's present self also appeared and he reported about the Vengers' exploits, making his ratings even higher. In reality, however, they also doubled as a city wide smear campaign against Ben in order to boost the credibility of the Vengers, with himself being an unofficial secret partner. After the people realized that the Vengers became what they had always been (which is supervillains), he betrayed them immediately keeping his ratings as high as they were before. All while still trying to smear both Ben and Billy's team to cover up the fact that Billy had Harangue edit footage of the Vengers battle with Tennyson to discredit the latter further, all in a semi-vain effort to save face.


Voiced by:

Aggregor (a play on "Aggregate") is an artificial Osmosian who became an intergalactic criminal and serves as main antagonist in the first season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. He was originally created by Servantis as an enhanced clone from Kevin's DNA to destroy Ben after the Amalgams failed, however after Ben swore off the Omnitrix, Servantis had no use for him so he mind-wiped him and set him loose. Like Kevin, Aggregor can absorb any type of matter and energy and use them by force of will, with his own natural abilities, or with his staff. While he uses robots, Aggregor prefers to carry out his plans himself rather than let his henchmen do the work. Aggregor is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and caries a powerful spear which he can use as either staff or spear to stab targets or fire blasts of red energy that can disrupt other energy fields, stun targets or disrupt machinery.

Aggregor plotted to kidnap five aliens of different species from the Andromeda Galaxy so he could drain them of their powers with a machine he built back on his home world. Using their combined powers, he would become strong enough to search for and reassemble the four fragments of the Map of Infinity so he could travel to the Forge of Creation to absorb the powers of a newly born Celestialsapien and become omnipotent. Aggregor managed to absorb the aliens' powers and obtain the four pieces of the Map of Infinity. However, Kevin absorbed DNA samples from Ultimatrix to Aggregor, siphoning his power to revert the Osmosian back to his original form before being eventually handed over to the Plumbers.

Aggregor's Soldiers

Aggregor's Soldiers are the servants of Aggregor. They appear as humanoid robots compared to Vilgax's drones.

Voiced by:

Carl Nesmith

Voiced by:

Carl Nesmith was a famous superhero known as Captain Nemesis, a great American icon, and Ben's idol. He stated that he'd been a hero before Ben was even born, and his long services made him rich and famous, having his own weapon-making company and comic book series. But in reality, he is a greedy gloryhound and a fraud who recently stages all criminal activities he seemingly stopped to get fame and fortune.

He was first introduced in "Hero Time", where his faked kidnapping ploy with famous actress Jennifer Nocturne to get him back on the news was foiled by Ben, which developed an insane jealousy rivalry with Ben. After a second attempt to get back credit was again unwillingly spoiled by Ben, Captain Nemesis proposed a "friendly competition" between the two of them to see who the best was. Though he was able to win one test thanks to an Ultimatrix malfunction, he ended up being humiliated by Ben, ruining his image.

After his defeat, Carl was jealous and rancorous toward Ben, and upgraded his armor in a dangerous way to get revenge on him. He then kidnapped Julie and intercepted Jennifer Nocturne's helicopter in order to bring Ben to him for a rematch. Captain Nemesis endangered Julie and Jennifer's lives to force Ben through a "no-win" situation game. Ben saved Julie, while Gwen and Kevin saved Jennifer. During this time, Carl expressed a disgust and disillusionment for having "wasted" his life saving pathetic people like Ben, so he renamed himself Overlord, stating that Captain Nemesis is retired. After defeated, he is then arrested by the police. Will Harangue reported on this and commented that a good man did terrible things all in the pursuit to stop "the menace that is Ben Tennyson."

Carl Nesmith returns in "Catch a Falling Star" where he breaks out of prison with help from Jennifer Nocturne (who had developed Stockholm syndrome feelings for him due to her personal life crisis). Though getting plastic surgery to look younger so not to be recognized by the police, Nesmith was still bent on getting revenge on Ben. However, having feelings for Jennifer, Carl returns to jail when she is injured and covers up her role in his escape.

He returns later in Ben 10: Omniverse. In "The Vengers" is released from prison along with Kane North by Billy Billons to form team the Vengers and become future heroes of Bellwood, but in the end are considered villains and they are defeated by Ben and Rook.


Voiced by:

Computron was imprisoned in Dimension 12 but it was later freed by Captain Nemesis so it could save people from it and its robot minions, but Ben arrived and destroyed all of the robots using Jetray and Armodrillo. However, Computron was destroyed by Captain Nemesis by taking his fist and popping his head off.

Computron's Minions

Voiced by:

Computron's Minions are a series of organic purging robots that were imprisoned in the timeless Dimension 12. Serving as his enemies, Captain Nemesis used them for his publicity before Ben joined the fight using Armodrillo and Jetray to wipe out the majority while Captain Nemesis punched off the led Computron's head.

His Minions later appeared in "Girl Trouble" where they were seen stealing oil to make their fusion bomb as part of a plot to avenge the lead Computron. They were sent back into Dimension 12 by Ben, Gwen, Antonio, and Sunny while Kevin disarmed the fusion bomb.

In "Arrested Development," it was revealed that Billy Billions encountered the Computron Robots when he was accidentally sent into Dimension 12. Billions managed to create a pocket watch-like device that would enable him to control the Computron Robots and have them build a portal that would take him back to Earth while using them to kill Ben. However, once the device overloads, the Computron Robots revert to their programing objectives with Billion aiding Ben in sending the Computron Robots back into Dimension 12.

The robots share their name with the Transformers combiner, Computron.

King Xarion

Voiced by:

King Xarion was the aging King of the kingdom of Zarcovia. He appears in "Viktor: The Spoils" asking the help of Ben and his team to stop his son Prince Gyula who tried to liberate Dr. Viktor. King Xarion is later imprisoned along with Ben and his team until he was released by Gwen. King Xarion then makes off with Ben and takes it along with Dr. Viktor to Gyula's laboratory to be transported to one of their bodies. In doing where Ben Tennyson stops this, it led King Xarion's mind being in the body of Viktor and using it to eliminate its enemies. King Xarion in Viktor's body was stopped by Ben and his team to catch it on hardened metal.

He reappears later in Omniverse in "Rad Monster Party" in the flashback of Zs'Skayr when his conscious was finally destroyed by the Ectolord allowing Dr. Viktor to officially come back to life.


Voiced by:

Adwaita is a mutant Geochelone Aerio of Aldraba who is known as the master and Lord of Ledergdomian in addition to being the murderer of Charmcaster's father, Spellbinder.

He first appeared in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Where the Magic That Happens" where he is seen emerging from its strength when Ben, Charmcaster, Kevin and Gwen arrived to snatch Alpha Rune what causes that to confront them until Aggregor attacks him from behind and snatches the Alpha Rune provoking their anger but falls when his strength is Detruida. In "The Enemy of My Frenemy," Adwaita is tied to a circle with a stone which prevented him from using his powers to be released by Ben and his team. When Charmcaster sought to resurrect his father, this desperate leader seeking to defeat Charmcaster, but his life and that of every inhabitant of Ledergomian is absorbed but came back to life when Spellbinder placed it back to where it belonged.

He reappears in Ben 10: Omniverse, in the episode "Charmed, I'm Sure" where he was turned into a figurine of rock and used by Charmcaster as adviser alongside Darkstar. When Charmcaster ends up in another dimension, she is whispered something important by Adwaita, who hopes to guide her toward a defeat that will release him. He was eventually freed from her control upon her final defeat by the Tennysons, and teleported away to parts unknown after implying that he sees Gwen as more of a threat to him now. Had Gwen received a spin-off, then Adwaita would have featured as a major, Vilgax-like antagonist.

Pa Vreedle

Voiced by:

Pa Vreedle is a Vreedle who is the father of Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle. He first appears in "The Enemy of my Enemy" forcing Argit to infiltrate the Academy of Plumbers that Octagon and Rhomboid to pass their exams. Pa Vreedle returns later in "Vreedlemania", where he forms an alliance with Ma Vreedle so that they along with all of his children run destruction in the town of Bellwood.

According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Ma Vreedle and Pa Vreedle were made in a lab by extremely substandard scientists.


Voiced by:

Trumbipulor is an elephant-like alien.

He first appears in the episode "Basic Training" where he was seen committing illegal trading of Level 3 technology until he was defeated by Ben, Gwen, and Kevin and arrested by the Plumbers.

In "The Purge," Ben, Gwen, and Kevin fought Trumbipulor again. Ben fought him as NRG, but Trumbipulor escapes

In the Omniverse episode "Blukic & Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's," Trumbipulor was redesigned with smaller ears and his mouth is now at the end of his trunk. Trumbipulor fought Ben and Rook in order to find the "absolute power" which turned out to be peanuts. When Trumbipulor's kind eats peanuts, they grow to large size. As Echo Echo, Ben took advantage of Trumbipulor's super-hearing and blasted him with sound waves.

In "Special Delivery," Trumbipulor is seen at Psyphon's auction. He is among those who help Psyphon fight Ben and reclaim the Dwarf Star that was to be auctioned off.

Ma Vreedle

Voiced by:

The mother of Rhomboid and Octagon Vreedle, Ma Vreedle is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in the universe. Debuting in "Mother of All Vreedles", Ma steals numerous pieces of cloning machinery to create countless clones of his new son Pretty Boy using Earth's oceanic supply of salt water. However, she ends up being turned in by her sons. Kevin fears her, describing her in contrast to her sons as "less stupid, more mean."

Reappearing in Undertown during the events of Omniverse, having escaped from prison at an unknown time. Ma now sports a hat and jacket, which have a Mexican design to them. Ma returns in the events of "Oh Mother, Where Art Thou" when the Vreedle Brothers borrow one of the Pretty Boys and she threatens to blow up the sun if he was not returned to her in time. But once learning of the Pretty Boy's whereabouts, Ma Vreedle decides not to kill Ben after his mother Sandra Tennyson stands up against her. Ma admits how she is impressed she is with her older sons. In "Vreedlemania," she along with Octagon, Rhomboid and army of pretty boy vreedles combine together with Pa Vreedle to carry out total chaos in the town of Bellwood.

According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Ma Vreedle and Pa Vreedle were made in a lab by extremely substandard scientists.

Pretty Boy Vreedle

Voiced by:

The Pretty Boy Vreedles are clone Vreddles created by Ma Vreedle as her perfect children compared to Rhomboid and Octagon. While cute and adorable as children by Ma Vreedle's standards, the adult Pretty Boys are muscular brutes that can serve as her enforcers.

Dodechedron Vreedle

Voiced by:

Dodechedron Vreedle is one of many of Ma Vreedle's perfect Pretty Boy Vreedle clones and only one to have been given a geometrically based name like his older brothers Octagon and Rhomboid.

Inspector 13

Voiced by:

The Weapons Masters of Techadon create, supply and sell weapons to anyone who can afford them from their homeworld of Techadon. They are incredibly anti-social and usually never leave their home planet, as stated that no one has ever seen one of them; but actually, no one has ever seen one of them and survived. They are cold and calculating with no concern only the intent of those who buy their products, only caring to make better weapons than the Galvans. To that end, there are times when the Weapon Masters steal technology from other advanced alien races and fit them for combat purposes.

Due to the events from both "The Gauntlet" and "Greetings From Techadon" where their Technodon robots were sent to that planet and defeated, a Weapon Master known only as "Inspector 13" arrived on Earth to obtain the Ultimatrix and weaponize it. However, his humiliating defeat forces him to leave Earth and keep his attempt a secret from fellow Weapon Masters.

But by the events of "Ben 10: Omniverse", making a cameo in "Special Delivery" before his official reappearance in In "The Ultimate Heist," Inspector 13's failure became public knowledge and he ended up in exile as a free agent in arms dealing.

In "Clyde Five", Inspector 13 provides Liam a prototype exo-suit weapon that Clyde named the Cincotrix.

Techadon Robots

Voiced by:

The Techadon Robots are a series of battle robots created in series for this breed to sell them to the best bidders or to same use with all types of laser weapons, and with one greater force that one of the robots makes them more dangerous.

Introduced in Ben 10: Omniverse


Voiced by:

Malware (named by Azmuth to reflect his nature to corrode anything he touched) is a red Galvanic Mechamorph and main antagonist of the first two arcs in Omniverse, set apart from others of his kind by absorbing technology to "evolve" himself instead of the opposite effect. Malware was originally a yellow Galvanic Mechomorph whose life code was corrupted upon creation on Galvan B, possessing a razor-sharp physique and menacing claws in addition to his enhanced strength and natural abilities. As revealed in "Trouble Helix," suffering physical pain, Malware was waiting for an upgrade for his condition and sought out Azmuth and learned of the secondary Helix he created. Taking the Helix to Galvan B to fit it into the first Helix, Malware assumed a red-armored form with his assimilative ability and made it his goal to obtain the Omnitrix to further evolve himself.

Though defeated by the eleven-year-old Ben on Galvan B, Malware followed the boy to Earth and fought him as seen in "The More Things Change" Pt. 1. As revealed in "Of Predators and Prey" 2-parter, Malware managed to scan a copy of the original Omnitrix design for Dr. Psychobos to create the Nemetrix. Prior to the Nemetrix's completion, Malware's body structure altered into a monstrous-form after being inflicted with a blast that altered his being at a sub molecular level and later was seemingly destroyed after being overloaded while absorbing the Omnitrix.

In "Of Predators and Prey" Pt. 2, Malware and Dr. Psychobos arrive and confront Khyber and his Dog after their ship had crashed outside of Bellwood. Malware later reintroduced himself to Ben during the events of "Malefactor" while taking Galvan security codes from the Plumbers' mainframe, using a tanker truck as a diversion to get away. Malware later makes his move during the events of "Showdown", having Dr. Psychobos and Khyber provide a distraction to enact his scheme to wipe out the Galvans by destroying Galvan B with his remains seeping in Galvan Mark II to assimilate the planet. Upon regaining his ability to become Feedback, Ben places Malware in a petrified state. However, Malware's body was retrieved during "Malgax Attacks" and transfigured into a suit of armor that Vilgax uses. The suit was later calcified after it and Vilgax were thrown into the warp core of Vilgax's ship, but some of Malware's substance was seen emerging from a crack in it as it floated in space.


Voiced by:

Khyber the Huntsman is a hunter who was hired by Malware and Dr. Psychobos to go after Ben, told he was a worth prize to hunt. To aid in his hunt, Khyber is given an Omnitrix-like item called the Nemetrix which he uses to turn his pet Anubian Baskurr hunting dog-like alien Zed (voiced by Paul Eiding) into any predatory species to counter any of Ben's alien forms. In his spaceship, he keeps his collection of trophies from previous hunts including an Appoplexian skeleton, a Vaxxasaurian skull, and a Geochelone Aerio shell. At first, Khyber stayed in the shadows, infiltrating Max's Plumber base during the events "Trouble Helix" to obtain a history file of Ben's fight with Malware. Kyber eventually made himself known to Ben in "Of Predators and Prey" the 2-parter, capturing Ben and revealing the origins of the Nemetrix prior to being defeated as his ship crashes.

Surviving with the intent to make Ben pay, Khyber moves into Malware's ship and since helped in Malware's schemes until the events of "Showdown" where he aided Psychobos before they two enter into an argument of interest. After Azmuth managed to use a whistle to control Zed to defeat Psychobos, Khyber managed to swipe the Nemetrix off his dog while nobody was looking and escapes, and the Galvans took her collar off of her and became Kevin's pet, after obtaining a Panuncian as his new hunting animal, Khyber teams up with Albedo by aiding him in his escape during the events of "The Ultimate Heist" to enact a plan to capture Azmuth. As a benefit, Khyber gains a new model of the Nemetrix that enables his new pet, a Panuncian, to access its ultimate form. When Albedo is defeated, Khyber escapes again and resurfaces in "Stuck on You" where he employs Skurd to personally utilize the Nemetrix without its side effects on sapien life forms. However, Skurd's transfer to Ben resulted with Khyber, suffering minimal side effects, finally arrested.


A rare animal Khyber uses in place of Zed since she now belongs to Kevin, a Panuncian is a saber-toothed cat-like alien that is the natural predator of a Splixson (Ditto's kind) as its ability to split makes it a one-beast pack. Having been fitted with the Nemetrix, the Panuncian 's splitting ability is utilized by Khyber to have access to all Nemetrix alien forms at once. Using its Nemetrix's Ultimate Alien function, the Panuncian can increase its size and is outfitted with armor on its head and spikes across its body.

Ultimate Panuncian

Ultimate Panuncian - is the only ultimate form for the Nemetrix and he was the ultimate form of the Panuncian. For the most part, Ultimate Panuncian resembles its regular counterpart, save for having grown, its fur being a crimson red, and its head now having armor plating with a larger horn than a regular Panuncian's, with two smaller horns behind it and on the sides. It has larger fangs, and patches of fur appear to be missing, exposing peach colored skin. Spikes grow from its shoulders and back. The spikes and armor plating are identical to Crabdozer's armor.

Nemetrix animal aliens

These forms include:

Dr. Psychobos

Voiced by:

Dr. Psychobos is a mad scientist Cerebrocrustacean who frequently uses "a term I use loosely" when mentioning others and has an intent to prove the intellectual superiority of himself and the Cerebrocrustaceans over Azmuth and the Galvan race. The latter aspect of his personality playing a role in allying himself with Malware's business partner and creating the Nemetrix. Dr. Psychobos formally introduces himself to Ben during the events of "Outbreak" when he stole part of Ben's Omnitrix to repair the Nemetrix. He later enacts his plan to kill Azmuth during "Showdown" with Kyber before being abandoned by the hunter and then placed under arrest.

In "While You Were Away", Dr. Psychobos was sprung from prison by Princess Attea and forced in her services at the time when the Incursians invaded Revonnah. With the mind control serum he developed, Dr. Psychobos also provided the Incursians with the Way Bads during their occupancy of Earth as seen in the two-part episode "The Frogs of War." In the end, Dr. Psychobos's control over the Way Bads is negated as the Way Bads are sent into the Null Void by Rook, Blukic, and Driba. Being arrested soon after, Psychobos resurfaced in the "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World" two-part episode to repair Maltruant. But Psychobos ends up being betrayed and left behind in Mad Ben's universe, later formulating a scheme to kill off Ben and Ben 23 but ending up being jailed alongside Mad Ben.

Undertown Thugs

A group of criminal aliens that reside in Undertown, most of time hired by Psyphon in different plans but act on their own whims in other criminal acts.

Bubble Helmet

Voiced by:

Bubble Helmet is one of Psyphon's henchmen. He is a caterpillar-like alien who wears a robotic suit that produces an atmosphere that he can breathe. After being captured by the Plumbers during the events of "The More Things Change", Bubble Helmet was being temporary turned into a Gimlinopithecus during the events of "Outbreak".


Voiced by:

Fistina is an Acrosian, an Russian-accented alien whose body is a robotic suit with weapons. After being captured by the Plumbers during the events of "The More Things Change", Fistina was temporary turned into a Galvanic Mechomorph during the events of "Outbreak". In "Rules of Engagement," after being arrested for robbing a jewelry store while helping fight off Princess Looma, Fistina developed a crush on Rook despite both being on opposite sides of the law. Later, in "No Honor Among Bros", Fistina had a temporary alliance with Fistrick to break out of confinement in the Plumbers base to enlist in an underground fight tournament to win the Golden Fist. But after their truce ends with her suffering a humiliating defeat, Fistina steals the Golden Fist before relinquishing it willing to Rook after he won the tournament. In the "Final Countdown", being the only prisoner at the time, Fistina becomes a temporary deputy during the crisis caused by Kundo and her help results with her allowed to attend the Plumber academy after serving her sentence.

Fistina's animation model and personality is based on that of Crasher from Challenge of the GoBots.


Voiced by:

Liam is one of Psyphon's henchmen, a chicken-like alien who is slightly strong yet comedic relief. After being captured by the Plumbers during the events of "The More Things Change", Liam was temporary turned into a Vaxasaurian during the events of "Outbreak" before returning to normal while becoming Kickin Hawk's genetic donor. Liam later brought an exo-suit weapon from Inspector 13 in the episode "Clyde 5", losing it to Clyde and making attempts to get it back.


Voiced by:

Thunderpig is one of Psyphon's henchmen. He is a warthog-like alien. Thunderpig exhibits enhanced strength which he uses to lift and throw a glowing flail that he uses to attack others with. He was first seen in "The More Things Change" Pt. 2 where he assists Psyphon and those who work for Psyphon into attacking Ben and Rook. They end up defeated and are arrested by the Plumbers.

In "Special Delivery," Thunderpig attacks Ben at his house with the resulting fight damaging Mr. Baumann's car; most likely lied to by Psyphon, since he accused Ben of eating his father even though Ben doesn't eat ham. This would become a running gag in subsequent episodes.

Thunderpig later appeared in "Rad" where he and another alien were seen getting kicked out of a bar called the "Black Hole".

Thunderpig is a fairly obvious parody of ThunderCats, with attire and hair resembling that of Lion-O and his battlecry-"Thunderpig" said three times successively-mirroring that of the ThunderCats.


Voiced by:

Tummyhead is one of Psyphon's henchmen. He is an alien with a second head on his stomach. Tummyhead was first seen in "The More Things Change" Pt. 2 where he assists Psyphon and those who work for Psyphon into attacking Ben and Rook. They end up defeated and are arrested by the Plumbers.

Tummyhead later appeared in "Special Delivery."

Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk

Voiced by:

Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk is a criminal alien and Psyphon's thug. He first appears in "The More Things Change" Pt. 2 where, in company of other member of his species and allies, works for Psyphon in the plan of destroy Bellwood. In "Special Delivery," he make a cameo at the auction held by Psyphon. In "Return to Forever," he and Tummyhead committed an assault in Undertown, but was defeated by Ben and Rook. In "Mud is Thicker than Water," he accompanies Psyphon in a plot to steal the Anihilarg.


Voiced by:

The Bouncers are a group of criminal aliens by skin blue and great height working for Psyphon in their evil plans.


Voiced by:

Bug-Lite is a criminal slug-like alien that works to Psyphon. He first appears in "The More Things Change" Pt. 2 where he worked to Psyphon. In "Special Delivery," he make a cameo at the auction held by Psyphon. In "Mud is Thicker than Water," Bug-Lite accompanies Psyphon in a plot to steal the Anihilarg.


Voiced by:

Fistrick is a super-strong small-time crime lord and arms dealer. He has a lot of connections, often responding that he "knows/knew a guy" as the answer to question. Ben and Rook first encounter Fistrick when he and his henchmen were abducting Megawhatts and using them to power up the technology that he has reverse-engineered. In the fight between Ben and Rook, Fistrick uses a powerful exo-suit that is powered by Megawhatts. As Gravattack, Ben was able to defeat Fistrick and hand him over to the Plumbers while the Megawhatts were relocated to Undertown.

In "Bros in Space," Fistrick acquired a planet-destroying satellite and positioned it near the planet Revonnah so that he could use the planet's Amber Ogia as fuel for the weapon. Upon heading to Revonnah, Fistrick trained the local Muroids to steal the Amber Ogia for him and pilot his Mecha-Harvesters. Ben and Rook discovered the plot while visiting Rook's family on Revonnah. Fistrick brought Ben to his planet-destroying satellite intending to kill him with it, but Ben narrowly escaped the death trap. As Kickin Hawk, Ben defeated Fistrick and the Muroids while Rook rallied his people and defeated the Muroids.

In "Special Delivery," Fistrick is seen at an auction held by Psyphon. He later helps Psyphon attack Ben and reclaim the Dwarf Star.

He returns in No Honor Among Bros, where he escapes from the Plumber HQ using a concoction based on his own sweat with Fistina in order to participate at the Golden Fist Tournament. As a unintended side effect his concoction poisons Rook's brain with his essence, leading Rook to act like Fistrick. He defeats Bahrvad by throwing salt into his face and outwits Fistina using a mechanical disassembling device but is defeated by Rook Blonko.

In Universe Vs. Tennyson, Fistrick hijacked Mr. Baumann's truck and forced him to drive around. Fistrick soon found himself fighting Ditto but started to gain the upper hand after Ditto transformed back into Ben. However, when Fistrick tackled down Ben, he landed on the gas pedal which made the truck smash into a wall. Fistrick was then arrested by Ben and Rook and was taken to Plumber's HQ. Ben wondered how Fistrick got out of jail so fast and it turns out to be by Chadzmuth. Chadzmuth then forced the Plumbers to release Fistrick and Fistrick was pleased by this. At the end of the episode, Fistrick was arrested again but it can be assumed that Chadzmuth freed him and the other villains once more.

He is the main villain in Breakpoint as he and his fellow criminals disguise themselves as different versions of Ben to commit hijackings of alien tech shipments. However, Fistrick and his gang are eventually apprehended, with Fistrick being beaten by Molestache. He is then given the ultimate insult by Ben in his jail cell by being fed a meatball sub and chili fries.


Voiced by:

Corvo is a teenage villain who is one of Fistrick's henchmen.

In "A Jolt From the Past," Corvo assisted Fistrick into abducting the Nosedeenians in order to power Psyphon's equipment. He was defeated by Ben and Rook and then arrested by the Plumbers.

In "Special Delivery," Corvo was seen in a bar when he was on his way to deliver the Dwarf Star to Psyphon's auction. When Ben entered the bar, Corvo grabbed the wrong bag and ran off to where Psyphon is holding his auction.


Voiced by:

Hoodlum has white hair with tan skin. He has black lines underneath his eyes with upper-body armor that is orange in color. On his suit he has two jars which stores Nosedeenians. He wears silver shoes with black spikes on them.

In "A Jolt From The Past", he was fighting against Ben and Rook after they discovered Fistrick's warehouse.

In "No Honor Among Bros", he was seen in Fistrick's old hangout along with Corvo and the other Thug. When asked if he had seen Fistrick, he pretended that he didn't even know him.


Voiced by:

This unnamed thug uses an upper torso power armor which is a little bigger when compared to his partner Hoodlum's, and can be powered by two Nosedeenians.

The armor can shoot electricity.

Solid Plugg

Voiced by:

Solid Plugg is a thug for hire appearing in Ben 10: Omniverse, having a criminal record. Though short, Solid Plugg is very strong. He first appears in 2-part "The More Things Change", shopping his groceries at Mr. Baumann's shop before making his official introduction in "Have I Got a Deal for You" where he was an assistant of Professor Blarney T. Hokestar.

Princess Looma Red Wind

Voiced by:

Princess Looma Red Wind is a female tetramand who is a princess of Khoros and Gar`s daughter. Long ago she met Kevin when Argit and he went to their planet to seek an advanced engine but to get it he had to accept to marry her. After agreeing to do so Kevin leaves her taking the engine with him, this led her to seek out Kevin and complete the wedding. She appears in "Many Happy Returns" after a long search to find Kevin, she arrives on Earth. Kevin tries to hide with Ben, but is eventually found by Looma. Rook and Gwen try to stop her until Ben fights and defeats her as Four Arms. Her father says that Ben is now engaged to her and she promises to return three years later.

She returns in "Rules Of Engagement" to search for wedding gifts. She kidnaps Esther, Julie and Rook for the wedding event. She is defeated by Ben as Ball Weevil and she left saying the engagement is now off and that Julie can have Ben. Despite this, she comes after Ben again in "Catfight" and winds up in a three-way fight over him involving Princess Attea of the Incurseans and Nyancy Chan. However, Ben eventually convinces both her and Attea that they are powerful rulers who don't need men by their sides, and they return home while Chan goes to prison.

Looma re-appears as a contestant in "The Most Dangerous Game Show", where her rivalry with Attea is temporarily rekindled.

Billy Billons

Voiced by:

Billy Billions is a rich kid who was a rival of an eleven-year-old Ben Tennyson, due to Ben's popularity. In an attempt to get rid of Ben, Billons ends up in the 12th Dimension and spends five years there without aging while building a device to control the robot residents of the dimension. In "Arrested Development", Billions makes his return and uses his army of dimension 12 robots to enact revenge on Ben by turning him and Rook into eleven-year-olds. But when Billions loses his means to control the robots, he makes brief alliance with Ben and Rook to close the 12 dimension before being arrested by the Plumbers.

Later in "The Vengers", Billy returns and expenses released Kane North and Carl Nesmith to form the team known as The Vengers to become the heroes of Bellwood and so overthrow Ben Tennyson but in the end they return to their role as villains and they are defeated by Ben and Rook.


Voiced by:

Another of Billy's inventions, Mazuma is an android with the appearance of a blonde young woman. She dresses in a black shirt with Billy's logo and a pink skirt, resembling a cheerleader. She serves as Billy's bodyguard and sometimes offers advice to him.

Nyancy Chan

Voiced by:

Nyancy Chan is a female criminal who is very obsessed with felines and a passion of cats which is similar to Catwoman from DC's Batman, and with an ability to control feline species and hypnotizing cats or anything cat-like to do her bidding.

She first appears in "Special Delivery" in the background at Psyphon's auction.

In "Tummy Trouble," Nyancy Chan fights with Ben and Rook where she is unable to control Rook and ends up defeated. Nyancy Chan is then arrested by the Plumbers.

In "Catfight," she returns and manipulates Ben while he is in the form of Rath to carry out her evil plans, but is defeated by Rook, Ester and Rayona.


Voiced by:

EightEight is a bounty hunter and mercenary from the Sotoragg system. She is the sister of Sixsix and Sevenseven. Eighteight first appeared in "Vilgax Must Croak" where she and her brothers were hired by Princess Attea to kill Vilgax shortly after in the episode after the vengers she is a purple and pink robot with red eyes on he mask

Way Bads

Voiced by:

The Way Bads are mutant Tokustars mutated by Dr. Psychobos to serve as Incurseans' mindless enforces during the events of the two-part "The Frogs of War" before they are transported to the Null Void by Rook after breaking Psychobos's hold over them. The WayBads later return in part 2 of "Weapon XI", first attacking Ben, Gwen, Rook and Argit during their escape from the Amalgamate kids and later after the Rooters were decommissioned and left behind in the Null Void.


Voiced by:

Crujo is a brown Loboan working for Zs'Skayr. He first appears in "Rad Monster Party" alongside Kuphulu to carry out the release of Viktor and is then seen fighting Ben, Rook, Rad, and Hooble. "In Charmed, I'm Sure," Crujo and Viktor help Zs'Skayr in the task of draining the energy of the Alpha Rune.


Voiced by:

Kuphulu is a Thep Khufan who works for Zs'Skayr. According to Scout, Kuphulu is a small-time repeat offender.

Lord Transyl

Voiced by:

Lord Transyl is the last of the Vladats, having reigned over Anur Transyl before his death. However, having obtained his hand, Zs'Skayr uses the energies of the Alpha Rune to resurrect Lord Transyl to convince him to join forces to take over Anur Transyl's population while resurrecting the Vladats race to extend their control to the rest of the universe, during the events of "The Vampire Strikes Back". When Zs'Skayr orders Lord Transyl to get Ben Tennyson under his control, Viktor turns against Lord Transyl and the plan fails, followed by Ben using Atomix to defeat Zs'Skayr and Lord Transyl. Afterwards, Lord Transyl is imprisoned by Viktor in a casket stationed to face the sun to keep him in a weakened state.


The Rooters are a special Plumber black ops unit in the Null Void, holding higher rank than any Plumber branch and answer only to High Protectorate. The group is led by the half-Cerebrocrustacean Proctor Servantis and composed of half-Aerophibian Swift and the half-Prypiatosian-B Leander. As it would be revealed, believing Ben is a threat to the universe, the Rooters' hybrid nature was the result of recruiting Kevin Levin to use his ability to turn them and the future members of the Plumbers Kids into alien hybrids for the purpose to kill Ben. But the assassination plan failed and Servantis purged Kevin, Argit, and the Plumber Kids of any memories of the Rooters as the organization lets Ben be after his removed the Omnitrix. However, when the Highbreed invasion has Ben wears the Omnitrix once more, the Rooters decide to use Kevin and the Plumber Kids as sleeper agents to get close to Ben. Making their debut in "The Rooters of All Evil", having recruited Phil to their ranks, the Rooters attempted to capture Kevin to begin their plan. But Kevin escape with the Plumbers' help before he eventually agrees to help Servantis during the events of "Weapon XI" two-parter where the Rooters regain their hit squad and sic them on Ben, Gwen, Rook, and Argit. Luckily, feigning loyalty to the Rooters' cause, Kevin frees the Plumber Kids from Servantis before the Rooters were disbanded by the High Protectorate. The Rooters were then stranded in the Null Void and left at the mercy of the Way Bads - a fitting punishment, as the Way Bads ARE a threat, while the Rooters only feared Ben out of paranoia.


Voiced by:

Proctor Servantis is a human/Cerebrocrustacean hybrid who is the leader of the Rooters. He formerly held the rank of Proctor in the Plumbers and also worked as a Plumber scientist before then.


Leander is a human/Prypiatosian-B hybrid in a black Proto-Tech Armor and a human head-shaped helmet who is a member of the Rooters. He used to be a Magister-ranked Plumber before his position was revoked.


Voiced by:

Swift is a human/Aerophibian hybrid with retractable patagia who is a member of the Rooters.


Voiced by:

Kundo is a Revonnahgander traditionalist who believes his people are being poisoned by the outside world, being the only member of his race to still hold that belief. While he was originally tolerable to allow Rook to join the Plumbers, Kundo was against Rook Sharr's enlistment and pursued her to Earth during the events of "Rook Tales" to bring her back to Revonnah by any means. But it resulted with Kundo being seemingly killed when subjected to the acidic Blastonium, later revealed to have survived the near-death experience with severe burns and cybernetic prosthetics. Driven further insane by his new nature as a cyborg, believing his actions are for the good of the universe, Kundo returned in "Final Countdown" to wipe out the Plumber bases with Earth's branch his first target. But Kundo is defeated and arrested after his plan is thwarted.


Voiced by:

Maltruant (a play on "Mal" and "Truant") is a Chronosapian who seeks to control the time-space continuum and is the main antagonist of the final arc of the Omniverse series, mentioned to have been involved in a time war before his body was broken in several pieces and placed in various points in time and space. Maltruant also played a role in Vilgax's obsession for the Omnitrix and visited the dimension of Mad Ben where he became the youth's second mentor figure. Maltruant first appeared in the episode "Fight in the Museum" when he hires Subdora and Exo-Skull steal the Key to Time, one of his many body parts, for him. In the first half of the "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World" two-part episode, Maltruant recruits Dr. Psychobos to complete the restoration of his body before going to the dimension of Mad Ben to gain the final piece of his body. Once completely repaired, allowing the latter to do whatever he likes to the former alongside Ben and Ben 23, Malruant leaves both Psychobos and Mad Ben behind while he proceeds to start a new time war with Eon providing him with two Time Beast eggs. In the two-part series finale, Maltruant then travels to Ben's future timeline to steal the Anihilaarg and modify it with a Dwarf Star before using the Time Beasts to reach the time before the universe began so he recreate it in his own image. But it resulted in Maltruant's destruction and, unaware of the significance, the beginning of an endless time loop where the Chronosapian would eventually be rebuilt and repeat his actions up to being destroyed again and again.


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Subdora is a Merlinisapien who considers herself an artisan in the ways of burglary. Suubdora is hired by Maltruant alongside Exo-Skull to obtain his body parts from across time and space, later left behind in the finale.

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Eon is an alternate version of Ben that had gone rogue and wanted to eliminate all other versions of him. Eon is also a Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Chronian (a play on Chronos, Greek word for time) from the planet Chronia.

He was introduced in the first live-action movie "Ben 10: Race Against Time" within an alternate timeline. Eon has a plan to activate the "Hands of Armageddon", a Chronian artifact that exists throughout time and space, in many alternate timelines. He uses ape-like aliens to help him use the Omnitrix to turn Ben into a younger version of himself showing some control of the watch, due to the fact that the Hands of Armageddon needed the energy of a young Chronian to activate, he also deactivated the fail safe so his DNA would completely overtake Ben's personality, essentially changing him into a clone of himself and leaves the scene of the crime seemingly wiping himself from existence as "two of the same beings cannot exist in the same place at the same time". As Eon, Ben activates the Hands of Armageddon which will start an alien invasion, but returns to normal after Gwen manages to reach Ben inside young Eon. The real Eon appears again and tries to exact his revenge, but Ben manages to send him crashing into the Hands of Armageddon, destroying it in that timeline in a huge explosion.

Eon returned in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Ben 10,000 Returns." It turns out that "Race Against Time" was in an alternate timeline. As it turns out, Eon survived his battle against the Ben of that timeline, and has since been traveling through various different timelines, enslaving versions of Ben wherever he finds them. When he comes to the real Ben (20 years from Ultimate Alien), Ben 10,000 sends him 20 years earlier to present day Ben. They eventually find out that he was absorbing the Bens, making them into his minions, and that he's a corrupt Ben Tennyson wanting to eliminate all other Bens and become the one and only Ben in the whole time-space continuum. They realized that Eon was hunting them from inside their Ultimatrixes. However, Eon was defeated when the Hand of Armageddon was destroyed with the Bens he absorbed sent back to their realities.

In the Ben 10: Omniverse episode "Ben Again," wanting to regain power over the multiverse, Eon switches Ben's mind with his younger version in a plan to take Paradox's Chrono Navigator before deciding to destroy reality when he learns he caused a temporal disruption. Luckily, Ben and his past self use their respective Clockwork forms to trap Eon between their timelines and undo the damage he caused. Eon later resurfaces in the "And Then There Was None"/"And Then There Was Ben" two-part episode, helping Vilgax recruit evil incarnations of Ben across the multiverse before being betrayed and then sent back to his reality. In the final arc of the Omniverse series, Eon helps Maltruant by providing him with Time Beast eggs for his plan to travel to time before the universe was created. However, Eon ends up being betrayed and sent back to his own dimension.

Eon's Servants

Eon's Servants are the servants of Eon. They are apparently black except for their faces. They also wear a tunic and a helmet with mirror effects. When unmasked, their faces resemble a pig-nosed ogre with wrinkled skin and closed eyes.

In "Ben 10,000 Returns," Eon's Servants are alternate timeline versions of Ben.

In "Ben Again," Eon's Servants are robots.

The Queen

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The Queen is a Nanochip, a biomechanical beings shaped like nano-chips from the "Hive Planets". The Queen produces the Hive from her body and later, after she takes up residence in Victor Validus's body she produces them from there; they have the ability to take over a person's mind. However, The Queen transferred herself into the body of Elena Validus after leaving a decoy queen in Victor that is destroyed by Nanomech. In "Revenge of the Swarm", having fully integrated with her host's mind, the Queen influences Elena with her desires to keep Ben away from Julie in order to keep Ben all to herself. Ultimately, when she used the drones in an attempt to choke Ben to death, Elena was convinced by Julie to stop all this if she really loved Ben and took control over herself for a moment to sacrificed herself to destroy the Hive. However, the Queen survived as she and the Hive constructed a new body in Elena's likeness. Acting on Elena's feelings for Ben during the events of "The Perfect Girlfriend", the Queen attempts to steal him by assuming Julie's form. However, seeing that shes knows nothing about love, the Queen resolves to hate Ben instead and vows revenge on him.

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