List of Ben 10 aliens

In the Ben 10 universe, the Omnitrix and its succeeding models possess the DNA of various alien races that the titular protagonist uses. Thus this not only lists the alien forms that Ben Tennyson and others assumes, but also the sapian races that the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/Nemetrix/Hero Watch/Power Watch/Unitrix/Biomnitrix/Omnitrix Replica/Biomnitrix/Argitrix obtained a genetic blueprint from.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10


Voiced by:

Heatblast is a Pyronite from the star Pyros. Heatblast appears to be a magma-based lifeform whose body is composed of a bright inner magma body covered by a reddish-brown charcoal-like crust. Heatblast is essentially "living magma", thus everything he touches either melts or catches fire. His main weakness is lack of control over his fires and being extinguishable like a normal fire, and he emits light just like a normal fire.

Heatblast is Ben's first transformation, accidentally activated in the pilot episode of the original series, "And Then There Were 10" when Ben was trying to remove the Omnitrix immediately after it first attached to him. During the original series, when Ben caught a cold, it gave Heatblast cryokinetic powers instead of the normal pyrokinesis. This returned to normal once Ben got over his cold.

Ben later regained access to Heatblast in "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" "Ben 10,000 Returns", and also as his 10-year-old self in "The Forge of Creation". Heatblast reappears through the Ultimatrix in "Viktor: The Spoils," when 16-year-old Ben uses him to defeat King Xarion, now in Dr. Viktor's body. He now has a darker skin tone and his eyes are not connected to the fire on his head, like Alan Albright (the Pyronite-hybrid Plumber's son). Heatblast retains this design in "Ben 10: Omniverse."

16-year-old Heatblast made his Omniverse debut in "A Jolt From the Past" to chase Corvo, while 11-year-old Heatblast made his Omniverse debut in "Trouble Helix" to fight Malware on Galvan B. In Omniverse, for both Bens, he looks similar to his appearance in Ultimate Alien. His eyes are once again connected to the fire on his head, his shoulder plates are slightly tilted up, and the 16-year-old Heatblast is taller and much more muscular. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest. In the reboot, his voice is very different than other incarnations, sounding like an arrogant teenager rather than the deep voice he had in previous incarnations.

Charcoal Man

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Charcoal Man is an alternate counterpart of Heatblast.


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Wildmutt/Wildpup is a Vulpimancer from the garbage planet Vulpin, and appears as a large dog-like creature with no visible eyes or tail. Without eyes, however, Vulpimancers use echolocation, a heightened sense of smell, and gills on their neck for thermography. However, a loud sound or a horrific smell can overwhelm them. According to various profiles on wildmutt, the porcupine-like quills on his back supplement his sonar and can also serve as weapons, either protecting him while he's rolling, or as projectiles fired off at will. This ability is unique to adult Vulpimancers, and as Ben's version is only ten years old, these quills have not fully developed.

Ben first transformed into wildmutt in "And Then There Were 10" after his experimentation with the Omnitrix, and is thus his first intentional transformation. In "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien," wildmutt's design was basically unchanged, except that his lips were orange instead of black and the Ultimatrix is on his chest. Vulpimancers made a few brief appearances in the third series, most of them were off-screen and not by Ben. His first official debut in "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" was in "Prisoner #775 is Missing", where he was used to track the invisible alien prisoner. Gwen felt the need to shout out wildmutt's name when he transformed because of wildmutt's inability to speak.

In "Ben 10: Omniverse", Wildmutt's design is mostly unchanged, and his Omnitrix is on a green collar with white stripes. 16-year-old Wildmutt made his Omniverse debut in "Have I Got a Deal For You" to track down the Screegit, while 11-year-old Wildmutt debuted in "Evil's Encore" frees himself, Gwen, and Grandpa Max from a sack.

The Ben 10,000 Wildmutt has the Omnitrix symbol on his head and has a tail.

Ultimate Wildmutt

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Ultimate Wildmutt made his official debut in "Prisoner #775 is Missing" when he wanted to stop the Merlinisapien (ChamAlien's species) from attacking the Colonel's house. He is reddish-orange in color with spines on his vertebral column. Ultimate Wildmutt has wildmutt's incredible sense of smell and is physically stronger than him. He is also more agile than Wildmutt, and has an even more acute sense of smell, enhanced hearing, and a sharp tail, claws, and bigger teeth for more effective close range combat. Ultimate Wildmutt was also used on the last episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien "The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2" where Ben used him to track down the Diagon and his friends to get back in the fight.


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Dog-Nabbit is an alternate counterpart of Wildmutt. He was mentioned in Store 23 (Omniverse).


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Diamondhead is a Petrosapien from the planet Petropia. The planet was destroyed by Vilgax with the help of Tetrax, who unknowingly helped him create the weapon that destroyed it. This was originally the case, but in "The Secret of Chromastone", it was further revealed that the object used to destroy Petropia was a crystal that was to be held by a Sugilite (the Crystalsapiens; Chromastone's race) and used to protect (or in this case, recreate) the planet. Petropia was reborn in this episode, and all Petrosapiens now resemble Ben's Diamondhead form. Diamondhead is also the first of Ben's aliens to receive a name, after being indirectly named by Max.

Diamondhead is a silicon based alien, contrary to his name, and possesses super density molecular structure, making him invulnerable. Diamondhead can control his crystal physiology at will, allowing him to create crude crystal weapons from any part of his body on demand or fire crystal shards from his hands. This same ability also allows him to regenerate to an extent, such as re-growing lost limbs. In addition to growing crystal from himself, Diamondhead can grow crystal over the ground. His crystal body acts as a prism that can refract light and energy beams. The one drawback to Diamondhead's crystal form is the crystal itself, which can shatter if exposed to sufficiently strong sonic vibrations. While Petrosapiens can regenerate limbs, there is a limit to how much damage they can recover from.

Ben first transformed into Diamondhead to destroy Vilgax's giant robot sent to retrieve the Omnitrix in "And Then There Were 10". In the planning stages, Diamondhead was set up to be one of the aliens Ben would have discovered later on, while Cannonbolt would have been one of the original ten.

Diamondhead was regained after Chromastone was destroyed by Vilgax in the 2-part "Ben 10: Alien Force" episode "Vengeance of Vilgax". The color of his crystals is changed slightly and he doesn't wear a dress. Instead he is composed of a material similar to Chromastone and has the Omnitrix located on his chest. He now has green eyes.

Diamondhead made his "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" debut in "Basic Training" to defeat Kodek, with no difference from his design in "Ben 10: Alien Force".

In "Ben 10: Omniverse", Diamondhead has a black shirt with a green stripe in the middle. He also has black pants. The Omnitrix is on his belt. 11-year-old Diamondhead is the same. Diamondhead made his Omniverse debut in "It Was Them" to fight Slamworm, while Diamondhead made his debut in "Trouble Helix" defeating Malware.


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XLR8 (pronounced "accelerate") is a Kineceleran from the planet Kinet.

Resembling a semi-armored velociraptor, XLR8 has ball-shaped feet, scissor-like claws and a retracting helmet with a windshield. XLR8 has the ability to manipulate friction to instantaneously reach speeds of 500 mph, allowing him to climb up walls and run on water with relative ease and also have a degree of enhanced strength. Manipulating friction also allows him to come to a dead stop easily on most surfaces. Using his speed, XLR8 can perform a number of unique feats, like creating tornadoes through centrifugal force, either through running in a small circle or spinning, and can deliver speed-enhanced attacks in quick succession. Amazing reflexes accompany this speed, allowing XLR8 to quickly dodge attacks. Ben first transformed into XLR8 in the episode "And Then There Were 10" when he decided to play around with his new-found power, and to get revenge on Cash and JT, the bullies he fought with earlier. XLR8 is faster than the speed of lightning, as shown in Monster Weather.

Though Ben clearly favors Four Arms over all the other aliens, he has shown a preference for XLR8, as the alien's excessive speed has proven itself very reliable.

XLR8 was first (and last) used by the Ultimatrix in the crossover special "Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United" to save Dr. Holiday from Alpha Nanite.

In Omniverse, XLR8 has a green chest instead of white. Ben as XLR8 in Omniverse looks exactly same as in the original series except that the Omnitrix is green, he has three blue stripes on his tail, he is shorter, and his whole neck is white. While XLR8 made his debut in "Hot Stretch" to win a game of street hockey, XLR8 made his debut in "Trouble Helix" when Ben was stuck as XLR8 until Azmuth made XLR8 revert to human.


Voiced by:

Speedyquick is an alternate counterpart of XLR8. He looks just like his 16 year old dimensional counterpart, but he has bluish-white skin, blue eyes, and a dark blue chest. His tail also has bluish-white stripes.

Grey Matter

Voiced by:

Grey Matter is a Galvan, a gray-skinned, frog-like alien that is 5 inches tall. The Galvans are a highly intelligent race that are responsible for many of the technologies in the series, including the Omnitrix, the Null Void Projector, the Null Void itself, their planet, Galvan Mark II (since their original homeworld, Galvan Prime, was destroyed by the Highbreed in the "Ben 10: Alien Force" "War of the Worlds" 2-parter), and the Galvanic Mechamorphs (Upgrade's species), among others. The most notable Galvan is the Omnitrix's creator, Azmuth; notability that is based in no small part on his pioneering work in creating the Null Void and his creating the Omnitrix. He claims to be the most intelligent being in at least three galaxies, arguably five.

Ben usually dislikes becoming Grey Matter due to his small size. He is mostly accessed by accident and a running gag in the franchise is that he is accessed when Ben wants a large, powerful alien. However, as Grey Matter, Ben gains a Galvan's calculative and technical intellect, being able to outwit larger enemies, create almost anything from spare parts, deduce the function of any device at a glance, and analytically help in difficult situations. Grey Matter's size allows him to squeeze into small spaces and climb walls due to tiny suction cups on his skin, and he has sharp teeth and slimy skin that make him difficult to grab. Though his small size has it's advantages, it can become a disadvantage whenever the Omnitrix times-out, resulting in the much larger Ben getting stuck.

Ben first intentionally transformed into Grey Matter in order to search for a rare gold Sumo Slammer Trading Card in cereal boxes in a supermarket in "Washington B.C.". Grey Matter returned in "Ben 10: Omniverse," where his white jumpsuit is now green with a belt and a pair of gloves, and the stripe on his head is now gone. Unlike most of the other aliens that had their Omnitrix moved, Grey Matter's remained on his back. He made a brief debut in "Have I Got a Deal for You" as one of three straight accidental transformations.


Voiced by:

Brainfrog is an alternate counterpart of Grey Matter. Brainfrog looks almost identical to 11 year old Grey Matter except his eyes are light blue and his jumpsuit is blue. The rim on the Omnitrix is gold and its energy is light blue.

Four Arms

Voiced by:

Four Arms is a Tetramand from the desert planet Khoros, resulting in the strength-oriented species. Tetramands are 12-foot-tall powerhouses with armored skin and extremely dense musculature, making them unmatched in pure physical strength (although the females are substantially stronger than the males). However, the muscle mass and heavy skin makes Tetramands relatively slow and unable to use things normally used by smaller life forms. According to Azmuth's father in "Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens," The pyramids of Egypt were created by Tetramands.

Four Arms is one of Ben's favorite alien forms. Utilizing Four Arms' strength and versatility, Ben can create shock waves simply by pounding the ground or clapping all four of his hands together, dubbed the "Big Smack", and his leg strength allows him to cross entire city blocks in a single jump (similar to Hulk). When under the effects of an illness, his strength and stamina are somewhat lessened and he develops pungent hives in his armpits. With Four Arms, Ben has a tendency to make puns about arms and has habit of saying he can do something "with three hands tied behind my back". Ben first transformed into Four Arms to fight the giant woolly mammoth that Dr. Animo had reanimated in "Washington B.C.".

Though many other cartoon series' have depicted multi-armed fighting characters, none of their ''extra'' arms really move as independently as Four Arms', as he was able to catch a falling Gwen and Max while climbing out of a bottomless pit. His extra pair of arms also grant him versatility in a fight, as it makes it easier to pin-down an opponent, as seen in "Ready to Rumble" when Ben used the form to compete in a wrestling tournament. It also seems like this level of Eye–hand coordination extends to guitar playing, as he can play two electric guitars simultaneously in "Monster Weather".

Four Arms reappeared in "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", wearing a much different costume and having an appearance reminiscent of a wrestler. He now has more authentic clothes of his original species, with golden bracelets, a ponytail, two gold sashes that cross over his trunk with the Ultimatrix on the center of his chest, and green eyes instead of yellow. Four Arms is regained in "Video Games" in a fight with Ssserpent, and Ben was surprised because he did not know he was still there. Ben's 10-year-old version of Four Arms made an appearance in "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", in the episode "The Forge of Creation".

In "Ben 10: Omniverse", 16-year-old Four Arms' design resembles a moustached muscle man at a circus, and the Omnitrix is located in his belt. 11-year-old Four Arms' is the same. 16-year-old Four Arms made his Omniverse debut in "Many Happy Returns" to fight Princess Looma, while 11-year-old Four Arms made his debut in "The More Things Change: Part 1" to fight Malware. It's revealed during this "Many Happy Returns" that Tetramands are well known for making indestructible engine blocks. Kevin points out that this is the reason why his car is still able to function, despite withstanding all the punishments it had received throughout their adventures.

In "Game Over" Four Arms has a pirate style hat and wrestler-like clothing. The Omnitrix is now on his hat. His strength and stamina remain unchanged. In the Ben 10,000 version, he's more muscular, and the Omnitrix is in the center of his shirt. He also has a bigger jaw with two sharp teeth

Handy Man

Voiced by:

Handy Man is an alternate counterpart of Four Arms. Handy Man has 11 year old Four Arms' appearance, except he has blue eyes and blue on his shirt instead of white. His skin is dark pink and the rim of the Omnitrix is gold.


Voiced by:

Stinkfly/Stinkyfly is a Lepidopterran from the swamp planet Lepidopterra. Combining elements of a wasp, dragonfly and spider which allow them to fly with high mobility and speed, Lepidopterrans have four eye stalks that give them a wide range of vision on all sides, and shoot a toxic slime. They also have mouths with pollen ducts that can excrete streams of high-pressure, foul-smelling liquids that vary from a flammable toxin to an immobilizing jelly. Younger members of the species emit an herbicidal gas via flatulence. One weakness of a Lepidopterran is losing their ability to fly when their wings get wet, though this is a main weakness of flying insects in general.

Ben first transformed into Stinkfly in "Washington B.C.", when he had to save Gwen after she fell from the Washington Monument, and defeat Dr. Animo. Since then, Stinkfly has been among Ben's favorite flying alien forms. The 10-year-old version of Stinkfly made an appearance in the "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" episode "The Forge of Creation". His eye color changed from orange to green, his hands are green instead of black, his teeth are white instead of green, and his Omnitrix has changed from white to green.

In Omniverse, while 16-year-old Ben's Stinkfly resembled the Original Series, with his face and pupiled eyes green, larger wings and a dark green suit he can also run out of pollen from his ducts and his pollen ducts are also his eyes as all lepertrodians see throgh there pollen ducts . While the younger version of Stinkfly reappears in "A Jolt from the Past", the current version is reintroduced in "Of Predators and Prey : Part 1".

Big Bug

Voiced by:

Big Bug is an alternate counterpart of Stinkfly. Big Bug looks identical to Stinkfly in Omniverse but he has a different color scheme. His skin is light purple, his wings are white and his pupils are light blue. His outfit is blue and the black parts have dark blue highlights instead of dark green. The rim of the Omnitrix is golden and its energy is light blue.


Voiced by:

Ripjaws is a Piscciss Volann of the artificial water planet Piscciss, a world made of 98% water with solid matter only at its core, which houses the planet's gravitational multiplier, the device that holds all water and the beings on the planet. Piscciss Volanns are fish-like aliens that possess the traits of Earth's oceanic fish, with many variations but share a luminescent dangle, an ability to withstand a remarkable amount of pressure and swim at great speeds by combining their legs into a tail. They are also voracious eaters, able to unhinge their jaws to bite into much larger objects and even rip through steel (hence Ben's nickname for the form). The core component of the gravity multiplier is actually a piece of the Map of Infinity, which Aggregor took and Goop's anti-gravity projector replaced.

First transforming into Ripjaws in order to take the Krakken's eggs back from Jonah Melville in "The Krakken", Ben does not rely solely on this form due to the fact that he needed to stay hydrated, drying quickly if out of the water for even a few minutes. This appears to be his main weakness along with heat exhaustion. "In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", Ben regains access to the form in "Perplexahedron" to escape from a water trap, Ripjaw looks a bit catfish-like with Ultimatrix symbol moved in the center of his chest, larger claws, and the bioluminescent lire on his head is smaller.

In Omniverse, 11-year-old Ripjaws' design combines Original Series elements with Omniverse elements. His eyes remain like those in the Original Series, his eyebrows from Ultimate Alien are gone, his teeth are now visible but are like those in the Original Series. His tail is bigger, he has black clothing around his left shoulder, and the Omnitrix is on his left chest. His 16-year-old appearance is a mix of both versions and has a belt with the Omnitrix on it. He has re-appeared in the episode "Gone Fishin'". Ripjaws shares a number of traits with Earth's aquatic lifeforms such as alligators, eels, anglerfish, and sharks.


Voiced by:

Upgrade is a Galvanic Mechamorph, a race accidentally created by the Galvans. Originally an uninhabited satellite, Galvan scientists tried to make Galvan B (Galvan Prime's moon) habitable for colonization by binding self-replicating nanotechnology to Galvan B's minerals. When a new sentient species is born as an unexpected result, the Galvans abandoned the project and allowed the first Galvanic Mechamorphs to flourish into a civilization.

Other than firing positronic plasma beams from its eye, a Galvanic Mechamorph's primary ability is to merge with technology, regardless of size or level of sophistication, making them capable of upgrading or changing it far beyond its original design (Hence Ben's nickname for that transformation). A good example of this can be found in the original series episode "Midnight Madness", where Upgrade merged with a helicopter fitted with a searchlight, and in its "Upgraded" form, the helicopter became a gunship with a laser cannon. Another ability Galvanic Mechamorphs possess is to form sharp projections made from their bodies as seen in the episode "Framed" when Kevin, as Upgrade, fended off Ben as Wildmutt. Ben himself performed a similar ability as Upgrade in the episode "Side Effects" when he merged with a motorcycle and formed spikes from the hubcaps of its wheels. While they can control non-sentient machines in that fashion, Galvanic Mechamorphs are incapable of properly controlling sentient technology. Galvanic Mechomorphs are also vulnerable to electricity and any substance also corrosive to regular metals, both of which can compromise their delicate internal workings. First becoming Upgrade to stop some criminals who were robbing an ATM in "Permanent Retirement", Ben's voice remained the same though sounding more computerized. This is due to Galvanic Mechomorphs being unable to bond with living organisms; thus, Ben's transformation into Upgrade is incomplete. But this fact can be bent as seen in the crossover special "Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United", where Upgrade merged with Rex Salazar's Nanites to greatly enhance his ally's Nanite-based machines during their fight with Alpha-Omega. Compared to his look from the original series, Upgrade's appearance in "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" had him with a black and green color scheme; he still has the green stripes on the black side, but now has black stripes in the green side.

Ben's nickname Upgrade also resulted in him creating a catchphrase for the form: What do you do when your best just isn't good enough? Answer: You get an upgrade.

In Omniverse Upgrade's design is the same as it was from Ultimate Alien, except his Omnitrix is now his eye. He made his Omniverse debut in "Otto Motives" so he could upgrade Kevin's car to fight Otto.


Voiced by:

Techno-Bubble is an alternate counterpart of Upgrade. Techno-Bubble looks identical to 11 year old Upgrade only with blue replacing the green on the circuit pattern and soft blue replacing the white parts. His Omnitrix has a gold rim and a blue faceplate and is located on his chest.


Voiced by:

Ghostfreak is an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos in the Anur system. Horrific creatures with a single eye on an upturned skull, long, sharp claws, a striped ghost-like tail, and internal tentacles, Ectonurites normally wear a protective skin that condenses their form to resemble ghosts, their single eye moving along a black track on that skin. Ectonurites are able to phase through matter, possess people, turn invisible and fly. They are stronger in darkness and can be weakened in sunlight to the point of death by combustion if not wearing their second skin. As an Ectonurite's consciousness exists in even the smallest strand of their DNA, Ghostfreak is essentially Zs'Skayr, an evil Ectonurite who managed to have his genetic template added into the Codon Stream. Due to the Anur system being closed off from the rest of the universe, Azmuth was unable to scan the DNA of another Ectonurite into the Codon Stream.

Ben first transformed into Ghostfreak to sneak out of his great aunt's house in "Permanent Retirement", admitting a sense of dread when he later uses Ghostfreak to defeat Zombozo. This would later be revealed to be the result of Zs'Skayr's consciousness influencing Ben whenever he becomes Ghostfreak. Eventually, the Zs'Skayr persona becomes strong enough to force his way out of the Omnitrix in the events of "Ghostfreaked Out", causing Ben to lose the ability to become Ghostfreak until the events of "Be Afraid of the Dark" when Zs'Skayr escaped death by allowing himself to be scanned by the Omnitrix. Though the Ectonurite DNA was removed from the Codon Stream by Azmuth, Ben ends up using the Omnitrix to absorb Zs'Skayr during his attack on Vilgaxia. Since then, as shown in "The Ultimate Sacrifice" when Ben attempted to use Ghostfreak on Ultimate Humungosaur, the Zs'Skayr persona has stayed inactive. In "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", Ghostfreak's second skin looks notably different from the original series, having white skin, a bigger eye, and the Ultimatrix moved to his chest from his left chest. In "Ben 10: Omniverse" he resembles his Original Series appearance, but now has chains on his neck, wrists, shoulders, and tail. There are chain links leading from the chains on his neck and tail to the Omnitrix on his chest. He is also much skinnier than he was before and does not seem to have the Zs'Skayr personality anymore. Ghostfreak reappeared in "Mystery, Incorporeal". After every fight with Charmcaster's rock monsters, Ghostfreak would appear as the only selection on the Omnitrix. Eventually, Ben gave in and transformed into Ghostfreak to fight Michael Morningstar.


Voiced by:

Cannonbolt is an Arburian Pelarota from the planet Arburia, which was destroyed by "The Great One" one week prior to the events of "The Big Tick". After this, the Arburian Pelarotas moved to Vulpin (Wildmutt's planet), then they mutated due to the pollution, evolving to be able to live there and becoming a sub-species, called Vulpinic Tortugans. Cannonbolt is the first new alien to appear on the Omnitrix, and eventually replaces Ghostfreak in the original series opening. He was originally meant to be one of the original ten aliens, but was replaced by Diamondhead in production.

Cannonbolt is a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in natural armor plating, and by curling up into a ball, much like an armadillo or pillbug, he can encase himself in his armor, becoming virtually invulnerable; also, in his balled-up form, he can roll across terrain at high speeds. The drawback is that Cannonbolt quickly picks up momentum, which can make hitting more agile targets difficult, as he cannot slow down quickly; in addition, Cannonbolt's speed and maneuverability is limited outside of his ball form, owing to his bulk and high center of gravity, as he is off-balance most of the time. The first time Ben used Cannonbolt was in "The Big Tick", but it was an accidental transformation, Ben intended to turn into XLR8 to go to a fast-food restaurant; the first intentional transformation was made in the same episode to try to stop "The Great One" for destroying Earth.

In Alien Force, Cannonbolt's armor is more curved, the stripe on his torso is gone, his eyes are now green, and the Omnitrix is on his chest.

In Omniverse, Cannonbolt looks like a mix between his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien and Original Series looks, but is shorter. 11-year-old Ben has Cannonbolt's Omnitrix on his forehead like in the original series. In the original series, Cannonbolt was a hulking, broad shouldered alien with natural yellow armor plating on his back shoulders and the backs of his arms. Cannonbolt is one of the most popular aliens during the Ben 10 series.

Ultimate Cannonbolt

Voiced by:

As Ultimate Cannonbolt, his body is light metallic cyan with a darker shade of gray on his now-metallic armor, armor which has cylindrical studs that turn into spikes when he goes into his ball form. In this state, he offers increased defensive and offensive capabilities. He also has increased speed, momentum and can bounce even higher. Ben first used Ultimate Cannonbolt in "Too Hot to Handle" to hold Kevin and P'endoris, allowing Kevin to seal P'andor back into his suit.


Voiced by:

Rollway is an alternate counterpart of Cannonbolt. Rollaway is quite similar to Cannonbolt, except that his color scheme is more like Ultimate Cannonbolt's, and his Omnitrix symbol and eyes are blue instead of green. His eyes are more to the horizontal side rather than diagonal. The Omnitrix symbol has a gold outer casing.


Voiced by:

Wildvine a Florauna from the planet Flors Verdance. Florauna are plant-based aliens with tentacle like roots for legs, and carnivorous plant-shaped flaps covering their heads. Among a Florauna's abilities are extending limbs, thorns, explosive seeds, merging with other plants and understanding other plant-based beings, and regeneration from near fatal attacks. However, like any plant, a Florauna requires sunlight and water to survive. But in Ben's case, first using the form by accident in "Camp Fear" to face the Mycelium, he seems to not require sunlight and water. As a plant, his main weakness is fire.

Wildvine returns in Ben 10: Omniverse, during a training session with Rook. His 16-year-old version looks exactly the same with the exception of having four plant legs and the omnitrix symbol being on a belt. 11 year old looks like OS Wildvine. Wildvine has vine like legs, four long fingers on his hands, and flytrap shaped flaps covering his head.

Stink Arms

Voiced by:

Stink Arms is the fusion combination of Four Arms and Stinkfly' DNA. Stink Arms mostly resembled Four Arms with a few Stinkfly characteristics. Four Arms' eyes were replaced by Stinkfly' eye stalks. He also had Stinkfly' tail and wings. Stink Arms wore a shirt based on Stinkfly' suit and Four Arms' pants. Stink Arms wears the Omnitrix symbol on his face.

Diamond Matter

Voiced by:

Diamond Matter is the fusion combination of Diamondhead and Grey Matter's DNA. Diamond Matter is slightly bigger than Grey Matter. Diamond Matter had Diamondhead's crystalline skin. He also had Diamondhead's spikes on his back and the back of his head. Diamond Matter had Grey Matter's eyes and mouth. Diamond Matter wore a uniform that was white with black cuffs on the left and black with white cuffs on the right. Diamond Matter wore the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Heat Jaws

Voiced by:

Heat Jaws is the fusion combination of Heatblast and Ripjaws' DNA. Heat Jaws has Ripjaws' torso, head and tail flap, but has Heatblast's arms and legs. Also, Ripjaws' dorsal fin is replaced by flames.


Voiced by:

Spitter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Spheroid from the planet Scalpasc.Spitter is a green, bulbous alien. He resembles a puffer fish. He has 3 spikes sticking out the top and bottom of his head. His mouth covers mostly the upper front of him, which is filled with dull colored, pointed teeth. His eyes are connected to the corners of his lips.He has black pants that partly covers his stomach and has the Omnitrix symbol on the black pants.

Spitter can spit out a concentrated blast of slime. This slime is very slippery, and can be made acidic. It has also been shown to be highly conductive. When he spits, Spitter inflates into a ball-like shape. Spitter has sharp teeth. Spitter seems to have enhanced strength, as shown in Ben 10,000 when he held Dr. Animo who had the body of a yeti at that time. Scalpasc's atmosphere is toxic but Spitter can survive on Scalpasc because he has no nostrils.


Voiced by:

Buzzshock is a Nosedeenian, from the Nosedeen Quasar (a play on Noseden and Quasar). Commonly referred to as Megawhatts (A play on megawatt and "what"), Noseddenians are battery-like energy beings that manipulate electricity, transmit themselves through any electrical source in a high speed and reproduce via Mitosis once amassing enough energy.

Although Ben has not revealed these powers himself, he does reveal that he has the ability to send green electrical shocks, unlike the regular Megawhatts, which shoot yellow; he is also slightly different from them, which are yellow while Buzzshock has green eyes and a white lightning stripe on his chest. Buzzshock was first used by Ben 10,000 in his fight with Doctor Animo.

In Omniverse, Buzzshock looks like the Megawhatts in Omniverse, now having bolts on his hands, the green lightning stripe, and the top of his forehead has turned to green, and the Omnitrix is on his head. Buzzshock was used to save the Megawhatts from being absorbed by Phil, and to send him into the Null Void by powering up the Null Void Projector.


Voiced by:

Arctiguana is a Polar Manzardill from the planet X'Nelli. Arcticguana's appearance somewhat resembles an iguana.

Similar to Big Chill, Arctiguana is capable of firing a long-range freeze ray that isolates targets in ice on contact, cold enough to freeze molten lava. The ray can create an icy path that he can skate across in a snowboard-like fashion. Arctiguana can survive in any sub-freezing temperatures. Arctiguana also has the ability to breathe underwater. Arcticguana has enhanced strength, as shown in "Store 23" when he tackled Tetrax and landed on a car, the roof was dented. As shown in "For a Few Brains More", Arctiguana can use his breath as a means of quickly hovering himself (along with anyone holding on to him) across the ground. If Arctiguana uses his ice breath too much, he'll need to catch up his breath before using it to freeze things again. In Ultimate Alien, Arcticguana had three dorsal fins reaching down his back and gills on the sides of his head. He also had small spikes around his face. Arctiguana wore white pants and a black open-front shirt. He wore the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse, Arctiguana has clothing which covers most of his body. His chest is covered by a white shell. He has four pointed fins instead of three. The clothing goes all the way up to his head and his pants are fully black. The black stripes on his face do not go through his mouth anymore, instead going around his mouth. The spikes on his face are now on his chin. His gills are no longer visible. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest. When 11-year old Ben was in 16-year old Ben's body, his voice was slightly higher.

11-year-old Arctiguana has sleeves with white cuffs and his leg is white and ending in black when it reaches his foot. His chest is not covered, so his gills are visible. His eyes are connected by the black stripe. The spikes are still on his face. The Omnitrix symbol is on his left wrist.

Ultimate Arctiguana is capable of firing a long-range freeze ray that isolates targets in ice on contact. Ultimate Arctiguana can shoot large columns of ices from his cannons, and propel himself across the ground with their force.


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Freezelizard is an alternate counterpart of Arcticguana. Freezelizard wears a sleeved covering with white leg endings. He has blue eyes. The Omnitrix symbol is blue with a gold outer casing, and is located on his left wrist.


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Benwolf in the first three series or Blitzwolfer in Ben 10: Omniverse, is a Loboan from Anur Transyl's moon Luna Lobo. Besides superhuman strength and agility, Blitzwolfer can peel back his lupine snout to send out a sonic howl. Besides the color-blindness, Blitzwolfer finds it hard to resist his predatory instincts. Blitzwolfer is said to be affected by many other normal attacks and could be blinded by ultraviolet light, although there is no evidence showing this in the episode.

Ben first became Blitzwolfer, (called Benwolf at the time), when a Loboan assumed to be a "Yenaldooshi" (Navajo Werewolf) scratched the Omnitrix in the episode "Benwolf", causing its DNA to be added into Ben's selection of aliens. The result of Ben's battle leaves the Omnitrix halfway between "Scan Mode" and "Active Mode"; causing him to transform within several hours instead of instantly as he normally does, similar to how a Werewolf transforms, considering they constantly refer to the Loboan that scratched the watch as an alien werewolf. In Ultimate Alien he wears the same clothing, he wears the Ultimatrix on his chest and the inside of his mouth is red and white. Blitzwolfer later makes his return in the Omniverse episode "An American Benwolf in London", his name conned at the time, now in a green and black suit with matching collar and wristbands and a white belt. He then turns into him again briefly in Omiverse episode "Catfight" to attack Nacey Chain.


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Benmummy in the first three series or Snare-oh in Ben 10: Omniverse, is a Thep Khufan scanned from an unnamed Thep Khufan in "Under Wraps"; from the desert planet Anur Khufos in the Anur system. Thep Khufans are Mummy-like creatures made up of many bandages that function like tentacles and can regenerate from any injury with an apparent immunity to corrodium. However, the downside is that a Thep Khufan is prone to getting wet or burned .

Snare-oh was seen only two times in the original series; Ben debuts him in "The Return" as an accidental transformation while fighting off the Yenaldooshi and getting used to his form's abilities. Ben quickly discovers how to stretch his bandages, but has not displayed knowledge of the advanced reshaping techniques yet. He was seen again in the non-canon episode "Ken 10", where Ben 10,000 helps his son Ken when he got stuck trying to escape from his room.

In Ultimate Alien Snare-Oh looks the same but is much taller and now wears the Ultimatrix on his chest and the green lines on his body are now gold. In Ben 10: Omniverse, Snare-oh is redesigned to have a new black head-dress with a golden crown; a collar/wrap-like garment over his shoulders and neck, and his Omnitrix symbol is on the waist of his tunic. He briefly debuted in "The Frogs Of War" two-part episode, while the Omnitrix was in Randomizer Mode. Snare-oh's eyes and the gaps between his bandages glow green.


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Benvicktor in the first three series or Frankenstrike in Ben 10: Omniverse, is a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl in the Anur system. Transylians are based on the Frankenstein Monster, resembling patch-work humanoids with machine parts on their bodies while possessing super-strength, agility and durability. They also can generate electricity and blast it at others, adhere to metal surfaces through electromagnetism and survive in the vacuum of space.

Frankenstrike, like Snare-oh and Blitzwolfer, looks slightly different from Dr. Viktor, with longer hair and a smaller left eye; also as the others, has green eyes instead of purple, and releases green electricity. Ben first became Frankenstrike after the Omnitrix scanned Dr. Viktor during his fight with him, Zs'skayr, and their Thep Khufan ally in "Be Afraid of the Dark". In the Omniverse series, Frankenstrike reappears in "Max's Monster". Frankenstrike has an appearance similar to the classic depiction of Victor Frankenstein's monster, appearing more patched-together.

Lightning Volt

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Lightning Volt is an alternate counterpart of Frankenstrike. His appearance is based on 11-year-old Frankenstrike. His skin is one-toned rather than two, he has gold transformers on his back with light blue coils and bright blue bulbs. His gauntlets are gold, the set of stripes on his pants (specifically, his thighs and calves) are gold with the rest of them being black with a blue highlights. His boots are gold with three bright blue lines. He has bolts on his elbows, shoulders, neck, and chest. He has long black hair and sideburns. He has a scar on his left upper arm, right shoulder, and above his left eye. The Omnitrix is located on the light blue stripe of his belt.


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Upchuck is a Gourmand (from gourmand) from the planet Peptos XI. Divided into the dark-green-colored Merks and the light-green-colored Perks, Gourmands are small frog-like aliens with a very large appetite, their four strong and adhesive tongues stretching out to latch onto large objects and swallow whole. As Gourmand's mouths and various acid-filled stomachs stretch to facilitate the digestion, the latter converting the ingested matter into explosive balls of liquids that can be expelled at will with great accuracy. His name is taken from the slang term for vomit, noting the similarity of the "upchuck" energy balls he can expel while making a Burping sound (often associated with vomiting). As a defense, having done so with their ten previous home worlds, Gourmands can devour their planet as a last resort when invaded and depart for a new planet to call home.

Upchuck was unlocked for Ben's use by Xylene, to destroy Vilgax's drone in "The Visitor". He was also used to eat the sub energy and defeat the forever king. He also made an appearance in "The Secret of the Omnitrix" as a failed attempt to fight Miax who he at the time thought to be Vilgax. As Upchuck, it seems that Ben cannot easily digest human food due to their acids being unstable for a Gourmand to digest, much to Ben's dismay when he stated "I'm a bottomless pit, yet I can't digest the good stuff!". In Omniverse, Upchuck's 11 year-old appearance remains the same but his eyes and symbol have changed from white to green. His 16-year-old appearance remains the same as his Alien Force and Ultimate Alien appearance as well yet can assume a Perk-type form. Perk Upchuck has green skin, six sprout like growths on the back of his head, a dark green patch of skin on his head, light green skin on his face and belly and crooked teeth.

Vomit Man

Voiced by:

Vomit Man is an alternate counterpart of Upchuck. Perk Vomit Man looks identical to his 11 year old dimensional counterpart, however, he has different colorations. His skin is more bluish, the white parts on his outfit are light blue and the black parts have dark blue highlights.


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Ditto is a Splixson from the Earth-like planet Hathor.

Ditto is a very cute and adorable humanoid child alien with the ability to clone himself limitlessly, but each clone operates independently, regardless of whether or not Ben wants them to, and is indistinguishable from the others, and somehow, he can breathe underwater. Though the clones are autonomous, they share a link with each other, with the pain of one being shared with all of the others, and the death of one clone will cause the death of the rest, which negates the usefulness of making large numbers of clones, explaining the reasons why Ben rarely creates many clones of Ditto in the limited times he has appeared. His childlike-size is also neither stronger nor faster than his size as his build suggests, though his cloning doesn't appear to dilute his base strength. Ben activated Ditto accidentally in the episode "Divided We Stand", to fight against Dr. Animo's mutated seagull; his first intentional Ditto transformation was in the same episode to go goofing around on the beach. His name is taken from a statement that means the user has an identical thought/reason/answer compared to another person, based on the phrase "Great minds think alike.".

In Omniverse, 11 year-old Ditto's head fins are white and the ones on the side are connected to his eyes. He also has two small spikes protruding from his cheeks. His fingers are now sharper and the green orbs on his shoulders are gone. He has bumps like the three on his waist on his shoulders and wrists. His neck is completely black. Ditto is about the height of an average human child. 16-year-old Ditto looks similar to his 11-year-old self. He has green fins now. His suit where it used to be black is now green, and he has green under his arms, on his shins, and around his waist. in the Episode A Fistful of Brains it is shown that the death of one clone will cause the death of the rest is no longer true because Khyber's new pet kill`s all but the original Ditto; it was likely a glitch in the prototypes.

Eye Guy

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Eye Guy is an Opticoid from the planet Sightra.

Eye Guy is the first alien to have been unlocked off-screen, how he was obtained is never addressed. As his name says, Eye Guy's upper-body is covered in eyes, though he ironically has no eyes on his head, which consists of a mouth and a very large pair of bat-like ears. From these eyes, Eye Guy can fire numerous energy beams such as, ice beams, fire beams, and laser beams; the eyes can be merged to create different effects, like a freezing beam; and by merging every eye into the large eye, he can fire a stronger energy blast.

His only appearance in the original series itself was in "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 2", where Ben was attempting to prevent the Negative 10 from stealing the Sub-Energy. He also was introduced in the first alternate opening of "Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix" version, in a fight with Doctor Animo.

In Omniverse, 11 year old Eye Guy is the same as 16-year-old Eye Guy who looks almost the same as the original series, with his central eye returning, but now the white circles on his pants have been replaced with green stripes and his belt is now green with a white stripe. He wears green cuffs and has less eyes covering his body although they are bigger. He has also gained eyes on his hands. He has a green belt where the Omnitrix symbol is located.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Secret Of The Omnitrix

Way Big

Voiced by:

Way Big is a To'kustar, created by unpredictable cosmic storms. He is 200 feet tall with the ability to move at fast speeds and create a cosmic storm and has invulnerability, a To'kustar's only weak point is his fin, which momentarily paralyzes him when struck.

Gaining the ability to become Way Big in "Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix", after Azmuth decides to deactivate the "Self-destruct mode" of the Omnitrix, Ben uses his form's size to his advantage. In Ben 10: Alien Force the spikes on his hips and shoulders are gone and has green eyes. Way Big has great strength as shown in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "The Ultimate Sacrifice" when he easily defeated all 6 ultimates. He also has great strength on objects his size such as in "Primus" where he threw Vilgax into orbit, despite him being his own size. Also in "The Widening Gyre" he threw the garbage monster into the sun, despite it being relatively bigger.

In "Ben 10: Omniverse," Way Big has his new design similar to his original. He also now speaks in a distorted voice with a Japanese accent. He was temporarily erased from the Omnitrix as a result of Eon's time ray.

Ultimate Way Big

Voiced by:

Ultimate Way Big is 600 feet tall (3 times taller than Way Big), stronger, has a spike sticking up from both his cheeks and his body is blue, red, and white. His head looks similar to Alien X or Ditto. He was used only once to battle in the episode "The Ultimate Enemy, Part 2". He can launch cosmic discs from his hands. This is also the last Ultimate form Ben used. He has increased strength, durability and has the power of flight. However, his giant size prevents him from fighting in small spaces and he can be harmed by Diagon's magic acid rain. Ultimate Way Big can also shoot lasers at the opponent like the regular form.


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Giant-Manster is an alternate counterpart of Way Big.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Alien Force


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Swampfire is a Methanosian from the planet Methanos (referring to methane), a living plant alien with superhuman strength and ability to create fire from the methane produced by his body. Besides being able to control plant life and producing seeds that quickly grow into vines, Swampfire also has a vast regenerative ability that allows him alter his own body. This expresses itself in such ways as tunnelling underground in vine form, growing his feet to root himself into the ground, healing his lost limbs or producing other ones; this ability makes him almost indestructible. However, Swampfire is more vulnerable than Heatblast because he can be frozen for periods of time, unlike Heatblast, who is completely invulnerable to cold. He may look like a walking compost heap but he is one of the most powerful ones.

He appeared in pilot episode of Ben 10 Alien Force, in "Ben 10 Returns: Part 1" after the Omnitrix had recalibrated, to fight the DNAliens, Forever Knights and defeat Kevin.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, his design is changed and has five fingers on his hands. Swampfire's skin is now olive green, and his arms are larger. The red petals on his shoulder, along with the green thorns on his body, are thinner and longer. His torso design has changed, splitting the black parts on his waist into two. The Omnitrix symbol has also moved from his chest to his stomach. Swampfire underwent a transformative phase during the events of "Charmed, I'm Sure".

Ultimate Swampfire

Voiced by:

As Ultimate Swampfire, he is a tree-like version of himself with a Heatblast-like face and blue gooey shells containing an organic, blue-colored napalm kerosene gel-like solution, containing a highly flammable substance that is used to create blue flames, which are more powerful than the normal, and when he puts his hands together, he creates a huge fire blast; he can also shoot fire bombs. Ultimate Swampfire cannot regenerate himself, this limitation was offset by his body being made of petrified wood which is more resistant to damage. Ben used Ultimate Swampfire on the first time in the Ben 10: Alien Force's series finale "The Final Battle: Part 2", to fight Vilgax, and being the first ultimate form used by Ben.

Mr. Mucky

Voiced by:

Mr. Mucky is an alternate counterpart of Swampfire. He looks like Swampfire's original Omniverse design but in a blue color scheme. His body is aquamarine in color. The petals on his head and shoulders are aqua. The top of his head, where the tip of the petals is, is grey. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his stomach.

Echo Echo

Voiced by:

Echo Echo is a Sonorosian (a play on sonic and sonar) from the planet Sonorosia (from the word sonoros in Latin, meaning sound). Sonorosians are living sound waves, and because of such Echo Echo's appearance is a containment suit.

Echo Echo is a small white silicon-based alien whose body is a living amplifier, with headphones connected to square appendage resembling an MP3 player in his back with a port on it decorated with a binary digit situated like the number 10. He can scream at ultrasonic frequencies, capable of overloading machinery and stopping projectiles in mid-flight; he can also use echolocation; and channel vibrations to enhance his power and transmit sound waves through speakers. He used to speak with a very high-pitched and tinny voice, but became slightly lower, he also has the ability to duplicate himself, but unlike Ditto, the clones are not linked in any way and can revert even if all duplicates are not re-integrated, which splinters the original's personality.

The first time he appeared was to fight the Forever Knights' dragon robot in "Ben 10 Returns: Part 2".

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Echo Echo is fatter and shorter, with stubbier legs. On the back of his MP3 player, instead of two plug-like holes, there is now the number ten. The eyes appear puffier as well. His Omnitrix symbol is now on his forehead.

Ultimate Echo Echo

Voiced by:

As Ultimate Echo Echo, he is a blue, taller, with longer arms, and is a more robotic version of himself whose mouth doesn't move when he talks, but can be opened. In this state, Ultimate Echo Echo is unlike his regular form, in that he cannot duplicate himself anymore (As confirmed on the Cosmic Destruction site), but this limitation is well matched with incredible new abilities. He can now shoot sonic screams and sonic waves from discs, which are situated on many parts of his body, that can be thrown and controlled. He also has the power to levitate on air, which makes him one of the most powerful ultimate forms. Ben used Ultimate Echo Echo for the first time to fight the Necrofriggian colonizers, and to help Gwen and Kevin with the traps of the temple in "Map of Infinity". In Omniverse, Albedo takes on a new Ultimate Echo Echo form, which has a dark blue coloring and red disks; he also appears poorly put together.

Copy Copy

Voiced by:

Copy Copy is an alternate counterpart of Echo Echo.


Voiced by:

Humungousaur is a Vaxasaurian (vaxa is an Icelandic word which means grow and sauria being a clade of lizards) from the planet Terradino (terra dino means "terrible land" in Latin).

Humungousaur is a 12 feet tall humanoid dinosaur-like alien, and Ben's current favorite alien; he possesses great strength and a thick layer of skin that provides vast resistance to injury; he also has the power to increase his own body size and mass growing up to 60 feet in height. His strength increases as he grows, and his dinosaur features become more pronounced, growing Stegosaurus-like plates on his back, a crest from his forehead, and spikes on his tail; Humungousaur has also proven to be durable enough to survive in space for at least a few minutes.

Ben used him on the first time to fights a swarm of DNAliens and a Highbreed in "Ben 10 Returns: Part 2".

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Humungousaur wears black briefs and a green sash across his chest containing the Omnitrix symbol. He now has a shorter tail. His natural predator is Tyrannopyde.

Ultimate Humungousaur

Voiced by:

As Ultimate Humungousaur, he is a larger ankylosaurus-like creature who is 20 feet tall. Unlike his original form, Ultimate Humungousaur cannot grow at all. He is a green-skinned, armored version of himself with grey horns on his head, arms, chest and back; with a mace in his tail, and his back is covered by a large, spiked shell. His genetic DNA allows him to convert his hands into bio-Gatling guns that shoot kinetically unstable bone fragments as missiles as a result of millions of simulated battles over thousands of years. Ultimate Humungousaur was first used by Albedo in "The Final Battle: Part 1" to fight Ben as Humungousaur, being the first Ultimate Form used in the Ultimatrix. Ben first uses him in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Too Hot to Handle" to fight P'andor and his minions (Surgeon, Hammer and Buzz). He is shown to be strong enough to trip Way Big in "The Ultimate Sacrifice". In Omniverse, Albedo's version is now has tan skin instead of green, and appears more like a cyborg.


Voiced by:

Dino-Mighty is an alternate counterpart of Humungousaur. He looks the same as his dimensional counterpart, except he has greyish-cyan skin instead of brown, a light greyish-cyan chest, blue eyes, and a blue sash. The waistband of his briefs is soft blue. His Omnitrix is on his sash, which resembles Humungousaur's sash but is blue.


Voiced by:

Jetray is an Aerophibian (derived from aero for air and amphibian) from the planet Aeropela.

Jetray is a manta ray-like alien who has horns extending from the center of the eyes and two wings which are attached to his arms. He is capable of flying and swimming at supersonic speeds, as fast as XLR8 (or possibly faster), being able to accelerates to speeds greater than light; he can shoot neuroshock blasts through his eyes and tail in the form of lasers or a massive explosion; also he doesn't need to breathe, enabling him to easily travel through water and space. Jetray first appears to chase Alan Albright in "Everybody Talks About the Weather". Ben used him as his mode of transportation, much like Stinkfly when he was younger; however, he elected to use other aliens that were more favorable than Jetray, or simply his own car. Jimmy Jones, the one who exposed Ben's identity to the world, mistook his name as Jeffrey.

Big Chill

Voiced by:

Big Chill is a Necrofriggian (necro- meaning death, and -frigid meaning very cold) from the planet Kylmyys (the Finnish word for coldness). Moth-like in form, folding their wings to resemble hooded robed figures, Necrofriggians can become intangible and freeze an opponent in various ways, one of which utilizes intangibility to freeze anything that they pass through.[note 1]

While possessing superhuman strength and resistance to extreme temperatures, Necrofriggians are unable to use their intangibility against opponents with the same ability. Necrofriggians have an ability to asexually reproduce once every 80 years: building a large nest made of digested metal, where their eggs will hatch, then their offspring feed from metal and will first eat from the nest, before they instinctively will feed on solar plasma until they mature and go to their home.

Ben first became Big Chill in "Kevin's Big Score" to chase down Ultimate Kevin after he stole the Rustbucket II and later to fight Vulkanus. Later, due to the Nercofriggian reproduction cycle, as shown in "Save the Last Dance", Big Chill overtook Ben's personality to carry out the process, but Ben doesn't remember anything he does as Big Chill during this cycle, like he eats metal and had 14 babies.

In Omniverse, Big Chill is larger and barrel chested with bigger wings and the Omnitrix symbol on a green colored waist belt. He looks like a hunchback with his hood on.

Big Chill's natural predator is the Hypnotick.

Ultimate Big Chill

Voiced by:

As Ultimate Big Chill, he is red-skinned version of himself with flame design on his wings, antennae and around his eyes, which causes his face to resemble a mask; and his voice is more gravelly than normal, having a deeper tone behind it. In this state, Ultimate Big Chill can now also create "ice flames", flames that turn into ice, they are flames that consume the heat of whatever they touch, and use that energy to burn, but instead to burn things, it freezes them, much faster than the normal. He was first used in "Hit Em Where They Live", to fight Vulkanus and his Pickaxe Aliens army.


Voiced by:

Freezeghost is an alternate counterpart of Big Chill. Freezeghost resembles his counterpart's 16-year-old design, but he has a different coloring scheme. His wings and antennae are a lighter blue. His chest is the same color as the wings. His belt is white with thin gold straps surrounding it and the Omnitrix is in the middle. His neck and head are white with specs of the same colored blue. His eyes are light blue.


Voiced by:

Chromastone is a Crystalsapien (a combination of crystal- and -sapien which means "intelligent being made of crystal"). His home planet is MorOtesi.[note 2]

Chromastone is silicon based alien with a super dense skin, and has several shards of magenta crystals protruding through his clothes. He has great strength, the ability to fly and is indestructible due to his crystal skin. He is also able to absorb most kinds of energy like a conductor and channel it into multicolored laser blasts or less-intense natural light. In battle, Chromastone can allow energy to pass harmlessly through his body via refraction or blast it back at the foe; he can seemingly produce blasts without having to absorb energy, though it may be due to absorption of radiant energy like sunlight, or just ambient energy. However he is unable to absorb energy when not expecting it or is too weak to do so. Ben first used Chromastone to stop the zombified schoolgirls in "All That Glitters".

During the episode "Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2", Chromastone was destroyed by Vilgax using his Taydenite sword, but the alien's remains reformed into Diamondhead, the reason for this is connected to the fact that Sugilite is the only one of his species. He hid himself until the time came for him to restore Petropia, which was shortly after Vilgax's destruction of the planet. It is believed that Sugilite is the guardian of the Petrosapiens, and that he was created as a backup system for the planet in case the planet was destroyed. Although Chromastone becomes accessible again after the events of "The Secret of Chromastone", Ben didn't use him until the pilot episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien to fight Bivalvan, being very surprised that he still had access to the form.

In Omniverse Chromastone is relatively unchanged except that his crystals are a little taller. He was first seen being used in Trouble Helix, when Khyber broke into the Plumbers' base for data while Ben was helping Driba and Blukic test energy weapons. In "A New Dawn", Chromastone gets a new appearance. He now wears a green jumpsuit. His body is now dark blue. He also has three spikes on his shoulder and arms. He also wears green gauntlets on his wrists and legs. His legs now have spikes. His face now has a magenta chin that also resembles a mouth guard, and four spikes on his head. He now speaks without moving his mouth at all. The Omnitrix is now on his right pectoral.


Voiced by:

Brainstorm is a Cerebrocrustacean (a play on cerebrum and crustacean) from the planet Encephalonus IV (a play on encepha-, a prefix referring to the brain), the previous three Encephalonus planets were all destroyed as the result of primitive Cerebrocrustaceans' attempts to take advantage of the storms surrounding their previous home worlds with poor results. Cerebrocrustaceans has supermassive intelligent crab-like creatures able to perform several complex calculations and use electric attacks with their pincers or by opening the exoskeleton plates that cover their exposed brains. They also have the power to levitate, create force fields, and cause a storm just by thinking. But their intellect makes the Cerebrocrustaceans selfish and eccentric. He has an IQ of 10^30 or one nonillion.

As Brainstorm, with the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol in his cephalothorax, Ben speaks with much greater diction and with a British accent. He was first seen in "Pier Pressure", to face Ship, but Brainstorm was an accidental transformation. In Omniverse, Brainstorm has black and green stripes; one in the center of his head, while the other goes under him. He now speaks with a Swedish accent.


Voiced by:

Spidermonkey is an Arachnichimp (a play on arachnid and chimpanzee) from the jungle planet Arahnascimmia (which is also called "Arachna"). Dwelling in tree tops to avoid the giant predators on Arahnascimmia's surface, Arachnichimps are four-eyed, four-armed blue monkey-like aliens with the ability to produce strong webbing from their tails.

Since first using the form in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" to fight Verdona, Ben uses Spidermonkey as one of the most used aliens for being able to execute nimble hand-to-hand fighting though has got tangled in his webbing on occasion. Despite not being a strong form, Spidermonkey's wiry frame is suitable to evading danger. In Ben 10: Omniverse, Spidermonkey's design was substantially changed: Having two extra eyes, spiky hair, gray stripes, his nose has moved to his forehead, and two green sashes going across his chest where the Omnitrix is located. He first reappears in "The More Things Change : Part 1", for fight Crabdozer.

Ultimate Spidermonkey

Voiced by:

As Ultimate Spidermonkey, he is a bulky purple gorilla-like with four sharp spider legs sprouting from his back, and he had lost his tail and his extra arms. In this state, Ultimate Spidermonkey is stronger and can spit stronger webs from his mouth in a larger amount, which are waterproof. He was first seen in the pilot episode of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, to fight Bivalvan, being the first ultimate form of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. In "For a Few Brains More", Albedo uses another form of Ultimate Spidermonkey that has six arms.

Mr. Monkey

Voiced by:

Mr. Monkey is an alternate counterpart of Spidermonkey. He looks similar to Spidermonkey but he has white fur, bluish grey skin, light blue eyes and blue sashes. His Omnitrix symbol is gold with light blue energy.


Voiced by:

Goop is a Polymorph (a word meaning "many shapes") from the planet Viscosia (a play on viscosity).

He is a 200-pound viscous life form, a shape-shifter made of green goo, which is also slightly acidic, controlled by an anti-gravity generator developed by the Galvans, that resembles a small flying saucer (which is where his voice comes from), and also has sharp edges. This device allows him to take any shape and levitate; however, if the ship and the slime are separated by even a short distance, the slime will become inert until the ship recollects it, and also it has a button that shuts off the anti-gravity.

In "Deep" Goop used his anti-gravity projector to keep the Piscciss planet's gravity, and he left his generator there, even after Ben turned back to human form. Dwayne McDuffie says the Ultimatrix will generate another anti-gravity projector; he also said that the original species of Goop did not use a projector.

Goop first appears to battles a Techadon in "The Gauntlet". In Ben 10: Omniverse, Goop has an amoeba-like shape; and the anti-gravity projector is redesigned, where the Omnitrix symbol is now on the top of the projector; also when Goop speaks now, a crackle of static is heard at the end of each line as if he is speaking through a walkie-talkie.

Muck Amuck

Voiced by:

Muck Amuck is an alternate counterpart of Goop.

Alien X

Voiced by:

Alien X is a Celestialsapien (celestial referring to a supernatural being and sapien from the Latin wise), native to the Forge of Creation also known as Zvezda, their birthplace, outside the known Universe, hidden from everyone except Paradox and whoever possess the Map of Infinity. Celestialsapiens have black silhouetted bodies resembling space with tiny white stars, and a white shadow and white hands, similar to a humanoid. With Paradox calling them omnipotent, Celestialsapiens can manipulate space, time and reality at any level they wish. They have multiple abilities as a result, such as having enough strength to smash through a planet with one punch, moving across an entire solar system in less than a millisecond, teleporting several miles or more in a distorted clear haze, or flying and levitating through air and space at any speed. The Celestialsapians have also demonstrated their ability to generate white, shockwave-like force fields that can physically repel another of their kind, instantly become the size of a star, regenerate and reform a body part with a thought if it is destroyed (though they can only be harmed by another Celestialsapien) and shape-shifting into a black hole-like portal that can absorb another of their kind. In addition, Celestialsapians can deflect and redirect energy blasts with their bare hands, turn into multiple duplicates that allow them to be in more than one place at once, and even telekinetically control motion and force to cause objects to levitate and fly at various speeds or control all vectors and directions for specific targets, the last of which allow them to perform a feat such as causing time to reverse for flood water (which manifested as white hazy energy waves reversing time for the water) from a broken dam, or cause enemy combatants to be reversed in time and end up attacking each other by positioning opponents in the path of each other's attacks. Also, their powers allow them to incapacitate, disorient, weaken, overwhelm or even harm another of their kind, enough that one Celestialsapien's hand was destroyed in a fight, though it was able to grow it back shortly after. Though all powerful, each Celestialsapien is normally in an inactive state of internal debate due to having a dual consciousness: One being a personification of love and compassion while the other embodies rage and aggression. Unless able to take action or achieve a balance between its two personas, a Celestialsapien normally remains still for long periods of time due to the conflicting personas. Their inability to agree greatly inhibits and weakens Celestialsapians, thereby keeping them from having full omnipotence at all times, while it also can physically make them more vulnerable to others of their kind. In fact, it has been demonstrated that having multiple decisions to make can overwhelm or confuse a Celestialsapian and weaken them further. However, the personas do have common ground in some matters such as a mutual hatred for Paradox for an unknown reason, allowing him to exist on the condition that he stays "500 light years" away from any Celestialsapien.

Alien X is the tenth alien that Ben becomes after his Omnitrix was reformatted when he stops a dam that had burst in "X = Ben + 2", becoming a metaphysical mediator within his mind for Alien X's personas, Bellicus and Serena, to settle their debates as their Voice of Reason, but his inability to get the two personas to agree makes Ben unable to physically move as Alien X. Since that point, he views the use of the form as a major risk despite acknowledging Alien X as one of his most powerful aliens.

After getting the Ultimatrix, Ben had a security protocol installed that locked the Alien X option to ensure the form would not be used if the item fell into the wrong hands and that he would not accidentally turn into it, Gwen and Kevin have the keys that undo the protocol. Ben had this undone in order to get Bellicus and Serena to help him to find the Forge of Creation and stop Aggregor, which didn't work. Paradox ended up getting Ben out of his Alien X form after the boy's attempt to reason with the two personalities failed, prior to them realizing Paradox's presence and were about to vaporize him upon a quick mutual agreement.

Alien X returned in Ben 10: Omniverse, in "So Long, And Thanks For All the Smoothies" (in this series the form now has a more pronounced chin). Though saving the universe from the detonated Anihilaarg is beyond them, Serena convinced Bellicus to let Ben use their power to create a new universe with everyone unaware of the slight changes and on the notion that the doomsday weapon was broken. But this action results in the events of "Universe vs. Tennyson" as the reboot was unsanctioned, with the ordeal at court ending with Ben gaining full control of Alien X by convincing Bellicus and Serena to focus solely on their debates. As a result, Ben is able to fight as Alien X without the risk of being immobilized. However, he does not seem to have full omnipotence at all times.

In the game Ben 10: Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks, Alien X was used to negate Psyphon's Null Void cannon and send Vilgax's entire ship into the Null Void.

Alien 23

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Alien 23 is an alternate counterpart of Alien X.


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Lodestar (a play on lodestone, a magnetic rock, piece of magnetite) is a Biosovortian.

Lodestar has a floating metal head which levitates between his pointed shoulders, which is held in place magnetically, and his mouth doesn't move, has crab-like claws just like the claws on his feet. He has magnetic powers, being able to create magnetic fields, enabling him to repel, attract, emit magnetic pulses, and control metallic objects; and also attack using magnetism waves; he has an armored hull, very tough, but does not support a huge explosion, on the other hand, he can regenerate himself; and also he can make a shield and fly.

At the end of "War of the Worlds Part 2" when the Omnitrix resets itself after Ben reprograms the DNA of the Highbreed, it had unlocked new aliens, Ben transformed into him, but he wasn't seen, just his hologram. His official debut was in "Simple" to defeat the Red Army.

His Ultimate Alien debut was in "Video Games" in a failed attempt to fight the Stalker.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Lodestar's design is relatively unchanged, the only changes are his head and legs. His head has a skull-like shape with yellow horns, similar to Jetray's; also he now can move his mouth when he talks. His legs have less black on them, the yellow going up past his knees.


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Rath (a play on "wrath") is an Appoplexian (a play on apoplexy, an informal sinonym to extreme anger) from the planet Appoplexia. Resembling large, muscle-bound, humanoid tailless tiger-like aliens, Appoplexians suffer from aggressive temperament and decreased reasoning power, having a need to fight anything that breathes regardless of whether they fight their own friends. Their mannerisms and speech are reminiscent of a professional wrestler speaking in third person, saying "Lemme tell ya somethin'!" then followed by the full name of whoever they are talking to. In addition, each Appoplexian has two retractable claws on the wrists that can generate shockwaves when driven into objects. They are durable to the point of surviving in space for short periods and take a powerful laser cannon blast at point blank range without even flinching. But one downside to Appoplexians, other than their tempers, is acute aquaphobia.

Ben first becomes Rath in "Con of Rath" (A play on "The Wrath of Khan" from the second Star Trek movie) when the crown prince Tiffin sets off the Omnitrix's circuit, and caused it to keep Ben in that state for the whole episode until Tiffin leaves, and when Ben found out that Kevin knew about it all the time, he turned back into him to beat Kevin up. Though being Rath alters his mind (to the point where he tries harming Captain Nemesis for cheating in a race), Ben uses him as one of his more powerful alien forms due to being gifted with enough physical agility and strength to easily lift objects far larger than him and pummeling most enemies with ease. Both Kevin and Gwen find Rath the most amusing of Ben's aliens, often laughing behind his back or out of Ben's hearing range while he's Rath.

In Omniverse, Rath's appearance is basically unchanged except he has different-shaped eyebrows and they are now black. He reappears in "It Was Them" to fight Dr. Animo's giant ants. It's later revealed that, unlike other Appoplexians, Rath does not wear any clothing. This is odd, considering that the Omnitrix would usual adapt the user's clothing to the alien they turned into. During the events of "Secret of Dos Santos", due to Skurd's tinkering with the Omnitrix which also resulted with him speaking Spanish, Rath ended up in luchador garb.

Ultimate Rath

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While the ultimate form of an Appoplexian, Ultimate Rath is wearing attire in homage to Kraven the Hunter of the Marvel comics universe and able to speak normally, it is a form exclusive to Albedo that he first used in "Malgax Attacks".

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Alien Swarm


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Nanomech is a Nanochip/human hybrid being, part drone, part human. He is a Nanomechian.

He is an inch tall being, but it's worth noting he is drastically different from the source alien, which are bug-like, while Nanomech takes more on a humanoid shape. He has a crest-like growth on his head. He has the ability to fly with his wings for added maneuverability, which glow when he flies; shoot energy balls from his hands and his eye; and also he is the opposite of Humungousaur, Nanomech can change his body size to a microscopic size to adapt to any situation, but can't grow to any bigger size. However, being a part of the chips' hive mind renders him vulnerable to the Queen's link to the other chips; however, unlike the drones, he retains his individuality.

In Ben 10: Alien Swarm, Nanomech was unlocked by scanning the Nanochips. He was used to enter Victor Validus's brain and battle The Queen; Ben destroyed her and thus the entirety of the chips, freeing everybody from their control.

He first appears in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Video Games", with his appearance and voice changed; Nanomech would be in a supposed video game he was going to appear in, but Nanomech was regarded too small for the video game. Later in the same episode, he was used to tear apart the insides of Will Harangue's robot.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, he now has a design that combines aspects more from Alien Swarm. He no longer has his circuits, and has different wings and a more robotic voice tone; also his Omnitrix's symbol is now where his eye used to be.


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Teeny-Weeny is an alternate counterpart of Nanomech.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


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AmpFibian is a blue jellyfish-like alien called an Amperi with four tentacles from the planet Andromeda Galaxy planet Amperia. He has the ability to generate and drain electricity from his tentacles; can sense the electrical pulses in the minds of other life forms, allowing him to read their thoughts, though it seems that Ben doesn't know how to do this; turn intangible, stretch all of his tentacles, and absorb and redirect energy beams. AmpFibian can also travel through air, water, and electronic currents by turning his body into electricity. However, if he is using electricity while entering water, he will electrocute himself.

Though unintentionally first used in "Fused", where Ra'ad entered Ben's body during the DNA scan in a freak accident in an attempt to take the Ultimatrix offline to evade Aggregor to track him down; which explains that the first time, he had blue eyes and had a voice that sounds just like Ben's but it has the effect of being phase-shifted because of Ra'ad. The first intentional use was in "Deep", to breathe under water on the planet Piscciss, where from this time he has green eyes.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, AmpFibian didn't change too much except for his pointed tentacles, black eyes with small areas of green, and the Omnitrix on his face.


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Terraspin (a pun on the turtle terrapin) is a Geochelone Aerio (a play on Geochelone, a turtle found in Africa, Asia, and the USA, and "Aerio" a play on air) scanned from Galapagus in "Escape From Aggregor"; from the Andromeda Galaxy planet Aerio (destroyed by Aggregor) and moved to the Andromeda Galaxy peaceful planet Aldabra (a pun on the island of the Aldabra Group).

Terraspin is a turtle-like alien with holes in chest, and big flat flipper-like arms with retractable claws that can be used as fingers. He has the ability to retract his head into his shell, where an opening in the shell serves as a viewfinder, his fins become triangular and his legs combine into a similar triangular shape, he blows a powerful wind from the holes in its shell while also using his triangular shape arms as propellers; allowing varied powers such as creating winds and spinning himself at high-speed; he uses the blowing ability to fly. Terraspin also has super-human strength, and his species is impervious to mana.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Terraspin now has six holes instead of eight, has spots on his legs, toes and shoulders. Also his skin is now green instead of a tan/brown, and he has gained toes on his feet.

Water Hazard

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Water Hazard is an Orishan from the Andromeda Galaxy planet Orishaia (a play on Ushuaia, a city in Argentina). He has a red cape type "shell" that covers his head. He has the ability to blast water from his hands. Ben obtained Water Hazard by scanning Bivalan. Bivalan was on Aggregor's ship along with the genetic donors of AmpFibian, Armadrillo, Terraspin, and NRG. In "Too Hot to Handle", Ben decided to use the diplomatic approach with P'andor and transformed into Water Hazard, pretending to be Bivalan; though unsuccessful in negotiation, Ben duped P'andor into thinking he was Bivalan. In Omniverse, Water Hazard has six eyes and barnacles on his body.


Voiced by:

Armodrillo is a Talpaedan (a play on talpidae, a name for a family of mammals that includes subterranean animals such as moles) scanned from Andreas in "Andreas' Fault"; from the Andromeda Galaxy planet Terraexcava (from Portuguese Terra Excava means "Excavated ground").

Armodrillo is a strong armored robotic armadillo-like alien with a head that looks similar to a Corinthian helmet. He has an invulnerable armor that protects him from most kinds of damage; has two jackhammer-like arms, that allows the ability to drill into the ground, or form jackhammers that cause tremors, shock waves and earthquakes; he can also turn his hands into actual drills, and launch objects from his hands by using hydraulics. Despite all this mechanical appearance, he is biological and the armor and drills are natural. Ben first used Armodrillo to defeat Computron and the robots from the Dimension 12 released by Captain Nemesis in "Hero Time".

In Ben 10: Omniverse, his design now includes a different head shape, bolts on his shoulders and has a metal circle on top of his head; a tail and fingers with horizontal lines. He is also one of Ben's most recurring transformations, whether it's intentional or accidental.


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Toolboxx is an alternate counterpart of Armodrillo. He looks almost the same as Armodrillo. But, instead of yellow and dark grey, he is colored mild blue and gold.


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NRG is a Prypiatosian-B (a play on Prypiat, a city that was evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster) scanned from P'andor in "Too Hot To Handle"; from the Andromeda Galaxy planet Prypiatosia.

NRG is a radioactive energy being with a Russian accent, encased within an oven-like invulnerable containment suit that contains his radiation. When released, he is able to shoot energy beams and can create intense heat, enough to create the intensity of a nuclear bomb; he is capable of becoming intangible, so he cannot be touched except by the material his armor is made of. His armor is so tough that can only be broken with a sharp piece of Taydenite; but even trapped in the armor he can still use part of his power when it is released. he can shoot energy beams through the holes of the viewfinder, and can generate intense heat, being able to turn his armor red hot and melt solid rock; and has super-human strength. Ben first transformed into NRG by accident to defeat the 10-year-old Ben as the original Heatblast in "The Forge of Creation".

In Ben 10: Omniverse, his new design includes a handle-like form on the top of his head, and has bolts on his body. Because of the handle, his armor can be opened easily. His true form wears two straps, a belt, two wristbands on both arms and two knee braces on both legs; and he has another Omnitrix symbol, in his belt. This "outfit" is actually a lower level containment field. Before the Omnitrix times out, Ben must return to the protective suit, but the Omnitrix will replace it, as seen when he transformed into Water Hazard in "The Frogs of War Part 1" from outside the suit.


Voiced by:

Fasttrack is a Citrakayah (A play on Citroen) from the planet Chalybeas (From "Chalybeate" mystical waters containing salts of iron possessed by the extinct "Chalybes" community in accordance to the enchanted strength element). Fasttrack is a blue and black alien with two mask-like projections on his eyes. He moves at high speed like XLR8, and also has enhanced strength as he was strong enough to carry both Hulka and Tack without losing any speed, however, he doesn't easily stop from running, probably because he can't manipulate friction as XLR8 does. He made his first on-screen appearance in "Basic Training" where he saves Tack and Magister Hulka from a malfunctioned grenade. He has the ability to run through the time and space barrier and he is stronger than XLR8.


Fastcat is an alternate counterpart of Fasttrack.


Voiced by:

ChamAlien is a Merlinisapien from an unknown planet. Lizard-like with three eyes, usually each a different color, a Merlinisapien can change colors to camouflage himself with only his shadow visible; he can also grow a spike out of the end of his tail; in addition he is very agile, flexible, fast, slippery, has great strength, and can also stick to surfaces with his great physical adherence.

Ben obtained ChamAlien from the one of the last living Merlinisapiens, designated "Prisoner #775", after the events of the titular episode. While transforming into him for the first time, Ben called the form "Overkill" because Gwen said earlier in the episode about the fact that he shouts out his alien forms' names.


Voiced by:

Eatle is an unknown species from an unknown planet that resembles an armored robotic humanoid alien with a Rhinoceros beetle-like horn and a big metal mouth. He has sharp fingers, and a super-strength, allowing him to eat big pieces of any material; and has powers similar to Upchuck, he can eat many things, and convert them into powerful laser beams that he shoots from a slot on his horn; he can also use the horn as a battering ram and possess a durable hull; however Eatle has a blind spot due to his eye placement, making him easier to sneak up on. He briefly made his debut in "A Knight to Remember", on a short failed attempt to fight Vilgax.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Eatle was also re-designed: his look is not robotic or humanoid and now is similar to a Japanese rhinoceros beetle; he now has a green stomach, and he can also move his mouth.


Voiced by:

Clockwork is a Chronosapien (Chrono meaning time, and sapien from the Latin wise), a race of mechanical lifeforms that are steampunk in design and speak in German accents. Capable of travel through time and space, Chronosapiens are able to produce time rays that can either age or regress their targets or slow everything down around them. They can display events that have happened in the past by rotating the keys on their heads, which produces a light that create holographic images of past actions. The use of a Chronosapien's powers creates a ripple effect which can be sensed and reversed by another. Chronosapien's are slow runners.According to Ben 10,000, the Chronosapien race gone rogue during a Time War occurring within the Omniverse series.

Clockwork indirectly debuted through Ben 10,000 in "Ben 10,000 Returns", used to send Eon to the past, and to destroy the Hands of Armageddon with the help of 16-year old Ben as Way Big. He appears later in "Inspector 13", when the Ultimatrix malfunctions, causing Gwen and Kevin to transform into the Ultimatrix aliens. Clockwork makes his official debut in "Catch a Falling Star" to fight Overlord.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Clockwork's design is relatively unchanged; he only has a larger body and a wind up-like shape on his protrusion on his head. During the events of "Ben Again", trapped within his 11 year old body, Ben briefly accessed a younger version of Clockwork. 11-year-old Clockwork looks very similar to older Clockwork, but his face looks more like an emoticon. He also has a white shirt with a black stripe on it.


Voiced by:

Windy-Hindy is an alternate counterpart of Clockwork.

Jury Rigg

Voiced by:

Jury Rigg (a play on Jury rigging) is a 1-foot tall gremlin-like alien able to disassemble and assemble any machinery in quick time, though Jury Rigg is prone to manic needs to break and fix. He was first introduced in "The Eggman Cometh" three times: the first two with Ben unable to control himself as Jury Rigg before managing to muster enough willpower to fully utilize Jury Rigg's abilities in destroying Dr. Animo's machine and rebuild it with an opposite function. In Ben 10: Omniverse, Jury Rigg ironically now wears a 1900s aviator's suit, which includes goggles and a scarf that further his Gremlin-like features.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United


Voiced by:

Shocksquatch (A play on electric shock and Sasquatch) is a Gimlinopithecus (A play on Robert Gimlin and Gigantopithecus) from the planet Pattersonea (A play on Roger Patterson). Gimlinopithecuses are Yeti-like aliens with great coordination and strength, they have small metal plates all over their bodies that can conduct electricity. Their only weakness is being insulated, making their ability to conduct electricity useless. He speaks with a Canadian accent.

Ben briefly became Shocksquatch in the special crossover "Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United" due the Alpha Nanite hacking the Ultimatrix a couple of times.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, Shocksquatch was entirely re-designed, he appears slimmer than usual and he now has yellow and black fur, along with bigger fingers and toes; he also now has two plates on the side of his wrist instead of the back of his hands. He now has green eyes with black pupils, and has yellow horns; his symbol is on a green belt. He reappears in "The More Things Change" 2-parter to defeat Buglizard. He is another of Ben's Omniverse regular transformations.

In "Store 23", Ben 23 uses Shocksquatch with the name "Electricyeti".


Voiced by:

Electricyeti is an alternate counterpart of Shocksquatch. Electricyeti has yellow and blue fur, along with grey fingers and toes. He has two bolts on the side of his wrists instead of the back of his hands. He has blue eyes with black pupils and yellow horns. He also has a blue belt where the Omnitrix symbol is located. The Omnitrix symbol is blue with a gold outer casing.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Omniverse


Voiced by:

Feedback is a Conductoid (a play on conduct) from the planet Teslavorr (tesla- is from Nikola Tesla, a physicist who was renowned in his works in electric manipulation; and vorr is a play on vore, a Latin meaning for "to devour").

He is a humanoid alien that speaks with electrical tone of voice; he has one green eye on his head, his body is similar in appearance to the xenomorph from the Alien franchise, he has a black and white color scheme, he has plugs on the tip of his fingers, tail and on his two antennae which also makes him look like a jester. He can use these plugs to absorb and redirect most kinds of energy by direct contact or from a distance; and he also uses the electricity to grind on electric lines and fly by using it as propulsion.

Feedback was Ben's most favorite alien when he was 11 years old, using him even when he wasn't right for the situation and he became addicted to him. But due to Ben's overuse of the form, as revealed in the flashback events of "Showdown", Feedback was destroyed by Malware, and was removed from the Codon Stream of the Omnitrix. As a result of the event, the Omnitrix never accepts any new Conductoid DNA. However, in the final battle with Malware in the episode "Showdown: Part 2", Ben regained the ability to become Feedback once again.This version looks similar to the younger version, but has a black and green color scheme, and is more muscular with golden bolts on his shoulders, arms, and hips. In the final episode of Ben 10: Omniverse, A New Dawn, Feedback is the last alien to ever be used by Ben, whom he used to defeat Maltruant, a rogue Chronosapien, by sending him into an infinite loop of defeat.


Voiced by:

Plug-Man is an alternate counterpart of Feedback. Feedback's shape is the same as 11 year old Ben's Feedback, but his colors are unknown. Ben 23 had originally named Feedback as "Plug-Man", but later changed it due to liking the name "Feedback" better.


Voiced by:

Bloxx (a play on "blocks") is a Segmentasapien (Portmanteau for "Segment" for part and "Sapien" for wise in Latin) from the planet Polyominus ("Poly" for many), whose body is totally composed by Lego blocks as his name states.

His primary power is shape shifting. He can alter his body structure into any form needed; this includes some regenerative ability. He can also can use his blocks to stretch and build himself. Due his shape-changing abilities based on blocks, his body is fragile and is easily broken when hit with enough force, but since he can regenerate it doesn't matter whether his body structure is broken or not. Ben first uses Bloxx in "The More Things Change Part 1", to save the alien grocery store of Bellwood and to help Rook disable the bomb.

Bloxx has four main shapes: His normal form, his ball form (similar to Cannonbolt), his wall form, and his dome form.


Voiced by:

Build-A-Guy is an alternate counterpart of Bloxx. Build-A-Guy's appearance looks similar to Bloxx's. His three main colors are; white, light blue, and gray, with black lines all over his body, unlike Bloxx whose main colors are; red, blue, and yellow.


Voiced by:

Crashhopper (A play on "grasshopper") is an Orthopterran with the primary power control the muscles of his legs, allowing him to jump in a long distance on a high speed, causing a sonic boom. Due to his powers based on high jumps, he possesses a resistant skull, which is used to hit with great impact.

Ben debuted Crashhopper in Ben 10: Omniverse.


Voiced by:

Gravattack is an alien Galileo Galilei, an esteemed astronomer) from the planet Keplorr (From Johannes Kepler who discovered the laws of planetary motion). He is a living planetoid alien with a giant mouth and a molten (planetary) core at the center of his body and has the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

Gravattack has the power of manipulating the gravity of himself and others, changing the mass, making it heavier or lighter. Also with his gravity manipulation, he is able to make objects "orbit" around him like a planet and he can convert himself into a planet for better influence. He first appears in "A Jolt from the Past" to fight Fistrick in his Class 12 Armored Mecha Suit.

Ultimate Gravattack

Voiced by:

While the ultimate form of a Galilean, Ultimate Gravattack is more planet-like in appearance with three orbiting planetioid-like orbs surrounding him, it is a form exclusive to Albedo that he first used in "For A Few Brains More". and more thing.

Orbit Man

Voiced by:

Orbit Man is an alternate counterpart of Gravattack.

Ball Weevil

Voiced by:

Ball Weevil (A play on "boll weevil") is an Insectoid and a small yellow beetle-like alien with the ability to spit sticky balls of plasma; this goo ball absorbs matter while it rolls, getting bigger and either explodes upon impact, expanding until detonating, or is remotely exploded by Ben, one of his powers as Ball Weevil; making the force of the explosion vary depending the size of the ball. He also has an enhanced agility, which allows him to move his goo to hit where he wants, and also seems that he can resist the explosive force of his own goo, even when he is stuck in it.


Voiced by:

Walkatrout (a play on walkabout and trout) is a blue spherical fish-like alien with legs. Walkatrout is also the species name. It has a slippery body, enhanced agility, and is presumed to have the ability to breathe underwater.

He first appeared in "Outbreak" while Blukic and Driba were trying to fix the Omnitrix. It is a blue trout with legs.

Pesky Dust

Voiced by:

Pesky Dust (a play on "pesky" and pixie dust) is a Nemuina, a pixie-like alien that can put people to sleep and manipulate their dreams for information. While Pesky Dust first appeared in "Outbreak" while Blukic and Driba were trying to fix the Omnitrix, Ben got to better utilize the form in "For A Few Brains More" to force Albedo's location out of a fearful Khyber, who possesses no defense against a Nemuinian's powers.

Nighty Knight

Voiced by:

Nighty Knight is an alternate counterpart of Pesky Dust. He looks the same as Pesky Dust, but he has blue clothing instead of green and a lighter blue skin color. He also has blue eyes and gloves. His Omnitrix symbol is blue with a gold outer casing.


Voiced by:

Mole-Stache (a play on mole and moustache) is an orange mole-like alien with an British accent and a yellow moustache that can be used in a variety of ways that include serving as an extra set of hands or as a makeshift propeller. While Molestache first appeared in "Outbreak" while Blukic and Driba were trying to fix the Omnitrix, Ben got to better utilize the form in "Breakpoint" when he defeats Fistrick. In "Store 23," Ben showed them to Ben 23 to see what aliens his dimensional counterpart had unlocked. It's revealed in "Breakpoint" that Molestache speaks with a British accent.

The Worst

Voiced by:

The Worst is an Atrocian, a yellow pudgy alien that is practically indestructible yet can still feel pain and thus ineffective in combat. The Worst was what Ben called the form at the time, so it may not be his actually name. This is when off show the cast made jokes of finalizing his name, into Patato Head.But was never made a reality because of the busy plans of finish new ideas and form styles of many aliens for the 2017 new premiere series of, Ben 10 reboot.

The Worst aka will be named Patato Head (almost official) first appeared in "Outbreak" when Blukic and Driba were trying to fix the can also stop or clogs energy blast,but still feels pain. He wears the Omnitrix on his "outy" belly button and wears green briefs.

Kickin Hawk

Voiced by:

Kickin Hawk (a pun on "kicking" and "chicken hawk") is a chicken/hawk-like combatant alien with a white mohawk-like comb. His powers are retracting talons from his hands and scythe-like blades from his elbows and using them for battle. He can cut objects by using the blades on his arms. He has enhanced strength, managing to take on Fistrick and the Muroids by himself. He is also very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Ben accidentally downloaded Liam when fighting him. He scanned him and turned into a Ben 10 version of Liam and called him Kickin Hawk.

He first appeared in "Outbreak" fighting Liam (his genetic donor despite being more chicken-like).


Voiced by:

Toepick is a yellow-skinned ogre-like alien who wears a metal cage as a helmet to conceal his horrific face which induces fear in any who see it, even himself as his own species cannot look at each other for that reason. The Omnitrix symbol is on the bottom of the collar his cage is on, which is connected by chains to a pair of black briefs.

Toepick was mentioned in the original series' non-canon episode "Ken 10", as one of the ten accessible aliens in Ken's Omnitrix, though Ken begged Ben to swap Toepick for Grey Matter, which he did. He makes his debut appearance in the episode "Special Delivery" to overwhelm Psyphon with his face. He later is used by Ben in "Something Zombozo this Way Comes" to scare Zombozo into submission.


Voiced by:

Astrodactyl (From Astro and Pterodactyl) is a pterosaur-like alien from the planet Terradino (Humungousaur's planet), that uses a propulsion jetpack to fly. Astrodactyl also uses an internalized star power from sonic booms to energy whips. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his shoulder. A downside is that Astrodactyl has low endurance and vulnerable to Electricity. Astrodatcyl makes his debut appearance in the episode "While You Were Away" to fight Dr. Pyschobos.


Voiced by:

Bullfrag (From "Bullfrog", and the prefix -frag, which means annihilate) ("frag" could also be a reference to the Incurseans' Boston-like accent, as they would pronounce words differently, making "frog" sound like "frag") is an Incursean (play on Incursion). The Incurseans are a race of violent toad-like aliens with New York accents, forced to become spacefarers after the eon-long civil war on their homeworld ended a millennia ago as the result of their planet being inadvertently destroyed by Ascalon's power. Besides their extendable tongues, Incurseans make use of their agility and leg strength in a fight. Ben gained Bullfrag during the episode "The Frogs of War" by Azmuth to infiltrate the Incurseans' ranks with the Omnitrix in "Life Form Lock" mode to remain in the form until the second order. This also enable Ben to distract Princess Attea, though found it a bit disturbing that his mindset as Bullfrag has him having a mutual attraction to Attea. Bullfrag can also jump and is very agile with quick reflexes.


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Atomix (From "Atomic") is a robotic-humanoid like alien who uses radiation and atom-based attacks, and is said to be Ben's third strongest transformation, next to Alien X and chromastone. He can create an atomic blast at a particular area and orbs of atomic energy, he has incredible superhuman strength and superhuman durability . He speaks in a highly respectful way, addressing Grandpa Max and Gwen as "grandfather" and "cousin" instead of their names.

Atomix was first mentioned in "Ben 10." He was first seen in "For a Few Brains More" to take down Albedo as Ultimate Humungousaur and Ultimate Spidermonkey. Interestingly, the form was named by Azmuth while his primary brain was removed from his body. Atomix reappears in "The Vampire Strikes Back" to create an orb to destroy Zs'Skayr and hurt Lord Transyl, in which it is revealed that his orb can stay there even when the Omnitrix times out.Atomix was also mentioned in Ken 10.


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Atomic-X is the fusion combination of Alien X and Atomix's DNA. His torso is mainly that of Atomix's, but is Alien X's height and shape. His head is in the shape of Alien X's, with Atomix's eyebrows fused with the middle spike of Alien X's head, and the details from Atomix's chin. His upper body is the shape of Alien X's with details from Atomix. His lower arms are that of Atomix, while his hands have the coloration of Alien X. He has Atomix's belt while it lacks the green, and his legs are that of Alien X with details from Atomix. He wears the Biomnitrix on his chest.


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Crashocker is the fusion combination of Crashhopper and Shocksquatch's DNA. Crashocker has the chest, torso, and arm structure of Shocksquatch but instead of being yellow, they are brownish-green. His upper head is the same as Crashhopper's and his chin comes from Shocksquatch. He has Crashhopper's legs but with two bolts on each of his feet. He retained Crashhopper's green clothing and abdomen. He has three bolts on his neck and has his throat colored the same as his chin with his horn's design.

The Biomnitrix symbol is located on Crashocker's stomach.


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UpRigg is the fusion combination of Jury Rigg and Upgrade's DNA. UpRigg has the body of Jury Rigg with the circuit pattern of Upgrade. His arms, legs, and stomach are slightly more rounded than Jury Rigg's. Rather than a devil tip, he has a plug on the end of his tail, similar to Feedback's. His ears and nose are longer and pointier.

The Biomnitrix is located on the ring of his eye, which is Upgrade's symbol location.

Big Chuck

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Big Chuck is the fusion combination of Upchuck and Way Big's DNA. He has the basic body of Perk Upchuck with Way Big's details. He has Perk Upchuck's shade of green on Way Big's fins on his head, elbows, and shoulders. The bulbs on his head have turned fin-like. He retains Upchuck's "gills" on the side of his head. He has a white face with a grey top and green sides, back, and neck.

The green part from his neck goes down to his chest. He has black stripes on his arms. His legs are disproportional, being very small thighs and very large calves. He has green Upchuck fingers and toes. He has Way Big's chin eyes.

The Biomnitrix is located on his chest.


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Humungoopsaur is the fusion combination of Goop and Humungousaur's DNA. He has Humungousaur's general body shape with Goop's fingers and spikes and is composed of Goop's slime.

Humungoopsaur wears a white recolored version of Humungousaur's sash across his chest with the Biomnitrix symbol on it. Floating above him is a white version of Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector without the Biomnitrix symbol on it.


Fourmungousaur is the fusion combination of Four Arms' and Humungousaur's DNA. He has the body of Humungousaur with the features of Four Arms. His skin is two toned like Humungousaur's, but the darker tan is replaced by Four Arms' red. He has four Humungousaur arms with Four Arms' gloves on the hands. On his arms and head, he has Four Arms' spikes.

He has Humungousaur's white belt with a green stripe, along with Four Arms' pants that go above the belt. His feet are Four Arms' with Humungousaur's toe nails. His head is shaped like Four Arms' with his facial features and Humungousaur's nose.

The Biomnitrix is located on his sash.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10: Omniverse: Galactic Monsters


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Gutrot is a purple-skinned alien in a green suit with a clear view of his stomach, which mixes a variety of gases and chemicals that fires from nozzles on parts of his body the chemicals could kill a human easily. While in this form, Ben has a vast knowledge of complex gases. Gutrot first debuts in "Animo Crackers", learning the range of his abilities from future Animo. During the Galactic Monsters season, he replaces Four Arms in the opening.


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Whampire is a Vladat (a pun on "Vlad the Impaler"), a vampire-like alien. Doing his best thinking while upside-down, Whampire is able to drain the life force of others and use hypnosis and bat-like parasites to control his opponents mentally and physically. He can also fly. One major flaw to the Vladats is that they can be weakened by sunlight. Vladats were originally the ruling race in the Anur system, their leader being the name sake of the system's main planet Anur Transyl, before they became extinct while being remembered as a tyrannical race. During the events of "The Vampire Strikes Back", Ben scanned the Vladat DNA from the resurrected Lord Transyl and even used the parasites to get the info on the whereabouts of Zs'Skayr's castle from Viktor, Crujo, and Kuphulu.


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Unitaur is a humanoid unicorn with a purple/black horn and with pink hair. He has a wheel where his legs are supposed to be. He has medieval shoulder padding and gauntlets. His chest is colored fully green.


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Slapstrike is a short, red-skinned alien with black markings on his face. He has silver samurai shoulder and knee pads, and he has black fingerless gloves on his hands with three spikes on them. He has small legs, with white fur on his waist, and has a black and green striped belt attaching the fur to his body. He has several silver bands on his arms and ankles, and he has two yellow horns. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.

He seems to be modeled after a samurai or a Mongolian warrior. His oversized hands are nearly the size of his torso.

Aliens introduced in Ben 10 (Reboot)


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Overflow is a roughly humanoid alien who replaces Ripjaws as Ben's go-to water form. Covered in red and gray metallic armor with tubes that alternate between gray metal and transparent portions that reveal the water flowing within, he also has two modules on his head containing water and has the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. Overflow is also hydrokinetic, manipulating water for defense, propulsion, and attack.

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  1. Dwayne McDuffie revealed that Big Chill cannot turn invisible, and when he did, it was an error.
  2. the events in Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks being non-canon for Sugilite, who is the genetic donor for Chromastone, is the sole Crystalsapien and the guardian of Petropia(Diamondhead's Planet)


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