List of Back at the Barnyard characters

This a list of characters appearing in the Nickelodeon animated series Back at the Barnyard.

Main characters


Otis (voiced by Chris Hardwick (series); Kevin James (film)) is a male holstein cow who is the leader of the barnyard. Although male, he is called a "cow" in the show, Otis would not be in reality, as he has an udder, and would in fact be a bull or steer. This descrepency is not explained in the series. It appears to be due the fact that in general small children believe cows to be a separate species from bulls, and the writers do not want them to find out otherwise. He can also squirt milk out of his udders. In the episode "Cowman and Ratboy", Otis becomes a superhero named Cowman. He also appears as Cowman in the special 1-hour episode "Cowman, the Uddered Avenger". Otis is also a huge party animal and enjoys anything with action or stunts and enjoys watching sports bloopers. He has a big crush on Abby. Some of his other aliases are "Professor Exposition", politician "Ned Bovine", newsman "Gil O'Malley", golfer Heifer Woods (punning off the famous golf star Tiger Woods) along with many other human disguises, and in the show's Christmas special, we learn he went to high school with two of Santa Claus' reindeer, Donner and Blitzen. He also plays a lot of pranks on Nora Beady (their next door neighbor, who claims to hear them talking and having their wild parties). Otis makes a cameo in the pilot episode of Planet Sheen. He was voiced by Kevin James in the original film.


Pip (voiced by Jeff Garcia) is a great, gray, barn mouse who speaks with a slight Mexican accent and often rides around on his best friend Otis' shoulder. He is known for his crush on Bessy, the sassy and sarcastic cow best friend of Abby, but she always rejects him. Pip's superhero ego is Ratboy, the sidekick of Cowman. Pip is not usually involved with the gang's crazy schemes as much as Freddy, Peck, Pig, etc. are, but still, he usually comes along for the ride. Pip's human disguise makes people question him, to which another animal says 'He's the world's smallest man!'.


Abby (voiced by Leigh Allyn Baker) is a pretty, crazy intelligent, blonde, blue-eyed cow who resides in the barnyard and was created in order to replace Daisy, Otis's former love interest in the film, who failed to make any appearances in the series at all. Abby possesses a number of rowdy, tomboyish qualities (such as a love of sports) and has held multiple past occupations, including one as a trapeze artist, which she has since given up for whatever reason. She holds a mutual infatuation for Otis, who refuses to admit his feelings in return for her albeit at many points throughout the program, signs of him holding a fondness for her that are inevitable have appeared (such as when Otis's miniature clone, in which all of Otis's personality traits are duplicated, fell in love with a small clone of Abby). It was revealed in one episode that Abby actually dyes her hair blonde, though her natural hair color has never been revealed, and she is close friends with Bessy, who was Daisy's best friend in the movie (although the character has been forgotten by the other characters who were in the movie). Her superhero name is Cowgirl.


Pig (voiced by Tino Insana) is filthy, not bright, fat and is the only character in the show to be named after his own species living in a mudhole. He is very gluttonous and would eat anything, and he does so uncontrollably. In several episodes, Pig has various segments on the show that often interrupt the episode at its most important parts, with a few memorable segments are "Viewer Mail", "Ask Dr. Pig", a makeover segment and "Hollywood: Fact or Fiction?", which serves as filler time when an episode story is slightly shorter than its air time. Pig has a strong, but quite strange, love for unicorns, and he wished for one in the Christmas special, and is also the animal on the barnyard to dress up and disguise as humans the most times. He has a pet skunk named Skunky, and in one episode he is shown to have a beautiful singing voice. In another episode, after Pig sat on Pip's hand, it left a mark, and the animals believe that he is related to the pet pigs of Prince Fripplehoot, telling by a birthmark shaped like a crown on his backside and is therefore royal, but the stuck-up pigs turned him down. His superhero name is "Mr. Hamtastic." Pig makes a cameo in the pilot episode of Planet Sheen.


Freddy (voiced by Cam Clarke) is a very funny, but dim-witted, weasel and is best friends with Peck, a weak rooster whom he's often tempted to eat; he used to be a carnivore, but then he's become a vegetarian to assimilate to the barnyard. However, in multiple times in the series, Freddy has shown gestures of or attempted to eat Peck, but every time when he tries, his attempt is thwarted, either intentionally or unintentionally. He is illiterate, and suffers from paranoid delusions and has multiple personality disorders. It's notable how Freddy is the only character to almost be banished from the barnyard twice for crimes he never committed. Also, he's a character who's been struck by lightning multiple times throughout the series, but once and only once, he temporarily became a genius after being struck. Freddy's superhero name is Paranoid Man.


Peck (voiced by Rob Paulsen), is an intelligent, but weak rooster who is best friends with Freddy and appears to be unaware of Freddy’s recurring urges to eat him. He is considered to be extremely accident prone, especially with flying meteorites. Peck seems to share a slight rivalry with Root, a larger, braver rooster on the barnyard, such as in "Pecky Suave", where we learn that Peck (as the titular alter ego) is shown to have a crush on a beautiful hen named Hanna. Due to Peck’s accident-proneness and Freddy’s insanity, Peck and Freddy are the show's resident comic relief. Peck's superhero name is "The Green Rooster."


Duke (voiced by Dom Irrera) is a sheepdog who is in charge of the Farmer's flock of intelligent sheep. Duke is clearly no match for the intellect possessed by the sheep he herds. Duke loves being a leader and being in charge of things, though no other animal wants him to be the leader because he is too irresponsible. This was first shown in the movie after Ben, the barnyard leader, was killed and Duke wanted to take his position as leader, but no other animal except his fellow dogs and a cat, wanted him to take the place of Ben and wanted Otis instead. In the series, Duke fancies himself as the barnyard's unofficial safety inspector and makes the barnyard watch a boring safety film once every year. Duke only enjoys dog activities, such as playing ball, so he doesn't hang around with Otis and his friends much, and as a result, sometimes feels lonely and left out.


Bessy (voiced by Wanda Sykes) is a sassy brown cow who lives on the barnyard, and is best with sarcastic comments toward the others. In the movie, she was Daisy's best friend, but after Daisy was replaced by the more tomboyish Abby, she now serves as her best friend. Bessy is smarter than the other animals in the barnyard and doesn't like their antics. Even though Bessy is known to be the object of Pip's affections, she scornfully fails to return the same feelings. In one episode, Bessy reveals that she lost her little son at a county fair, and mistakenly believes that her son's Otis; but then it was revealed that this is not true as Otis lost his mom on a different date.

Mrs. Beady

Noreen "Nora" Beady (voiced by Maria Bamford), more commonly known as Mrs. Beady, is a woman who lives close by to the barnyard. She is aware about the animals and does various attempts to expose their antics to the world. But no one else believes her because everyone else thinks she's insane, and whenever she attempts to expose the talking animals, the animals always find a way to sabotage her plan.

Farmer Buyer

Farmer Buyer (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is the vegan owner of the barnyard for whom Otis cares deeply. Still, when the animals need some time alone to work on a private project (a movie they are trying to make, a theme park they are attempting to build, etc.), that does not stop them from trying to drive him away with a prank phone call.

Recurring characters

Mr. Beady

Nathan Randall Beady III (voiced by Steve Oedekerk), more commonly known as Mr. Beady, is Mrs. Beady's reluctant husband who miserably tries to convince his wife that animals do not talk. Mrs. Beady often calls him "Mr. Lump" because he always sits on a chair watching TV and rejects everything Mrs. Beady says about the talking barn animals. He is also shown to be miserable on a semi-constant basis, on some occasions wishing for death.

Snotty Boy

Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady (voiced by Steve Oedekerk) is the rude, hateful,and bratty nephew of Nora Beady. He easily falls for pranks pulled on him by the barn animals, being very dimwitted, and is the object of their hatred, calling him "Snotty Boy." Eugene, whose dad is a clown (known to snore and cry in the tune of "March of the Gladiators, a common circus tune), is extremely obese and the only person who he is ever nice to is his aunt and tortures his uncle. Despite his cruel ways, he considers himself a ladies' man. In one episode he was "dating" Otis and another girl (a disguised horse) at the same time. His catchphrase is "Ha Ha!" similar to Nelson Muntz from "The Simpsons"


The Sheep (voiced by Chris Hardwick, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Cam Clarke, Rob Paulsen, and Jeff Bennett) always hang around together in an eternally-close herd and are more intelligent than Duke. They often quote famous literature and make snide comments toward Duke. They seem to be very intelligent and philosophical despite their farmly upbringings.


Etta (voiced by Leigh-Allyn Baker) is the lead hen and the mother of Maddy. She used to be a good friend of Ben.

The Jersey Cows

The Jersey Cows are Eddy, Igg and Bud, 3 cows who enjoy pranking humans and dislike having rules. Eddy is the leader out of the 3 cows. They're seen in the episodes "Cow's Night Out" and "Otis' Mom", and also have cameo appearances in several other episodes as well.


Everett (voiced by Lloyd Sherr) is the farmer's old bloodhound. The elderly dog first appeared in the movie, where he celebrated his 13th birthday, making him 91 in dog years. As the oldest animal on the Barnyard, Everett is depicted as being droopy and is as thin as his own skeleton, which can easily be seen. Everett uses a walker to get around, except for when he is playing an instrument, and hardly ever talks, but in very few episodes, he speaks. In an episode it was revealed that he was once an explorer and he is a good fighter when he was protecting the corn from the crows.


Skunky (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is Pig's pet skunk who is considered as the latter's best friend, much to Otis' chagrin, as seen in "Pig Amok". In "Doggleganger", it is revealed he hates Duke. He appeared in "Snotty's New Pet", where Pig threw him through the window to skunk Snotty. He appeared in later episodes.

Tony Twocheeks

Tony Twocheeks (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a gopher entrepreneur who lives near the Barnyard. He often cons those who buy from him. He has an Elvis-like hairdo, sunglasses, and is sometimes seen chewing on a toothpick. He never appeared in Season 2, presumably being drowned by Chubs Malone as mentioned in Otis Eleven.

The Vet

"The Vet" (voiced by Audery Wasilewski and Julia Sweeney) is a female veterinarian who is called in to give the animals check ups. Many of the animals fear her, due to the pain she inflicts whenever she performs a physical. However, unlike Snotty Boy, she is oblivious to the suffering her patients go through, and actually loves animal. She appeared in only four episodes: "Dead Cow Walking", "Snotty's Day Out", "Doggleganger", and "Dream Birthday". While she played a similar role in each, it should be noticed that up until her last two appearances, her design was constantly changed. However, 3 elements remain the same about the character in each appearance: she always wears a blue lab coat, she constantly wears a pair of white latex gloves, and animals (and sometimes people) fear her checkups. Farmer Buyer also seems to hold secret affections towards the Vet, as seen in "Dream Birthday".


Root (voiced by Earthquake) is Peck's rival. He hosts the weekly talent show at the barn.


Baxter (voiced by Kevin McDonald) was a small white dog with pointed ears who became Duke's nemesis after he met him at an animal clinic in the episode "Doggleganger". He disguised as Duke with the help of black spray paint to give him spots and markings like Duke's. Although Baxter seemed to be a stray, he might have had an owner in order to be able to afford medical care. He made 2 more appearances, first as Duke's replacement on the Barnyard, and then tried to marry Duke's sister, Stamps, only for the fact she was second in line to a relative's priceless bone collection, was later tricked by Wedding-Dress Duke into "Marrying" Baxter to get the truth out.


Buck is a brown horse who lives on the barnyard who has a terrible temper and despises Otis. In the episode "Some Like It Snotty" where Otis dresses up as a girl to prove they have easier lives than boys and ends up becoming Snotty Boy's temporary girlfriend, Buck also dressed up as a girl.


Bigfoot (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), who debuted in "Otis vs. Bigfoot", was in love with Abby and wanted to live at the Barnyard, but opted to go away. He was seen in several episodes since as a minor character, such as a judge in "Barnyard Idol", a mayoral candidate in "Otis for Mayor" and was also a singer. He also tricked the masses into thinking he was dead, but the animals later discovered it was a publicity stunt to keep the paparazzi away from him. Apparently, Bigfoot can also fly and has his own theme song similar to Gamera. In multiple episodes, it is shown that he is afraid of flash photography because he doesn't like to be known to the world even though he is known.


Goat is a brownish-gray goat who is known for giving rides to Otis (i.e. The Great Sheep Escape, The Chronicles of Barnia). The goat has also played saxophone and even given advice to the others.

Pizza Twins

The Pizza Twins (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Steve Oedekerk) are identical twin pizza delivery boys who first appeared in the original movie and often deliver pizza to the barnyard. The duo are very unintelligent and whenever they manage to successfully perform a task (either good or bad) they chant their famous line, "Doodley-doo-doo doo." One of them is of the Lutheran religion and has a fake arm.

Hilly Burford

Hilly Burford (voiced by John DiMaggio) is the series' British news anchor who also is a judge in "Do You Gots It?", served as Santa Claus in "It's an Udderful Life" and hosts the game show "Trivia Cash A-Ding-Dong" in the episode, "A Beautiful Freddy". His voice and characterization is a tribute to Will Ferrell's impression of longtime baseball announcer Harry Caray.

Officer O'Hanlon

Officer Fred O'Hanlon (voiced by John DiMaggio) is the series' police officer. In "Chain Gang" he also serves as the prison warden because of budget cuts. He teamed up with Mrs. Beady to capture Bigfoot in "Otis vs. Bigfoot".

Jessica Allspice

Jessica Allspice (voiced by Maria Bamford) is a celebrity pop diva and was featured as a judge on the show Do You Gots It? Her catchphrase is, "I wanna party with you." She is a spoof of Jessica Simpson.

Joey, Macy and Boyle

Three children are in the Barnyard that go to school, where Peck is the teacher. They are Joey the Cow (voiced by Rob Paulsen), Macy the Sheep (voiced by Maile Flanagan) and Boyle the Chick (voiced by Chris Hardwick).

Guest characters

Max Fripplehoot

Max Fripplehoot (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a wealthy man with a hot temper, who appeared in the episode "Chez Pig", where he tries to buy Pig's truffle pie recipe. But the animals refused in the end.


Bingo (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is a monkey test pilot who appeared in the episode "The Right Cow". He crashed into the barnyard with his spaceship, and he tries to get rid of Otis so he could be Barnyard leader. At the end, he was blasted to outer space on a spaceship, vowing to return. He has never made good on his vow.

Mr. Jinx

A ventriloquist dummy made by Otis so Freddy could find a talent, but then does mean things to the animals and lets Freddy take the blame. He was than defeated by Freddy, and was revealed that the dummy was controlled by termites who wanted revenge on Otis for destroying their tree which was their home.

Stupid McStinky Head

Stupid McStinky Head (voiced by Jeff Bennet) is the name that Snotty Boy gave to his pet snake. He is seen in one episode, "Snotty's New Pet", where Snotty captures Pip and plans to feed Pip to the snake. But eventually the snake becomes friends with Pip when he realizes Pip is the only one who likes him.


Juanita (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a female, trapeze-artist. She is seen at “Big top Barnyard” on the tightrope. In “Bling My Barn”, at the restaurant.

Chubbs Malone

Chubbs Malone (voiced by Mark DeCarlo) is the head of the Gopher Underground shop. In Otis Eleven it was mentioned that he took Tony Twocheeks on a fishing trip but Tony never came back, leading to speculation that he drowned Tony Twocheeks. He maliciously tried to take over the barn by cheating to win a game of Fizzbin and make the night barn the gophers' party place. But when Otis saves his life from a falling anvil, Chubbs feels grateful and gives back the barn to the animals.

Krouser Krebs

Krouser Krebs (voiced by Thomas F. Wilson) is a duck bully from Otis's childhood who was famous for making Otis squirt milk at himself. He only appears in "Brave Udders." He only wanted to apologize to Otis until Otis's friends got him mad and made Krebs attack them mercilessly. He leaves the barnyard to apologize to a warthog across town and in anger of Otis's friends attacking him.


Hanna is a hen who's Peck's crush. Peck repeatedly tried to talk to her in an episode but he always gets too shy when approaching her.

Wild Mike

Wild Mike is a troll usually kept in a cage. When released from the cage, he dances and causes all the animals around him to dance with him. He first appeared in the Barnyard movie, but was never introduced in the television series until the episode "Wild Mike's Dance Party".


Veronica is a lovely femme fatale and Abby's cousin who appeared in the episode "Abby and Veronica," who, according to Abby, was a tomboy during childhood but appears to have dropped any masculine personality traits but still seems to be as good a fighter as Abby had described her as before her visit. In this episode, Veronica enticed all males on the barnyard into fetching a diamond for her from a nearby jewel mine, but Abby, knowing the many perils of that particular mine, beautified herself in hopes of achieving more gorgeousness than Veronica, so she may convince all of the male animals that her relative had deceived into cancelling any plans of finding a diamond for Veronica (especially Otis).

Dr. Filly

Dr. Filly (parody of Dr. Phil) is a horse psychiatrist. In "Paging Dr. Filly", the animals hired him to cure Peck and Freddy's arguing, but he appeared to make things worse. It was then revealed that this wasn't the real Dr. Filly and instead, it was a former patient of his, an impersonator donkey named Chip (Dr. Filly told him, 'Come on Chip, we talked about this.').


Shmoozy is a whale who appeared in the episode "Free Shmoozy". The animals liberate Shmoozy from a park but they end up becoming swallowed by the whale. At the end of the episode the animals discover that Shmoozy was just playing around and has no intent of eating them. Shmoozy talks whale language, so only Freddy understands him.

Mr. Wiggleplix

Mister Wiggleplix is an invisible hedgehog who could only be visible when covered with flour. He is Pig's friend who appeared in the episode "Mr. Wiggleplix". Because he was not visible, everybody believed he was Pig's imaginary friend. In the episode, Pig believed that Otis killed him but in the end, otherwise it was revealed.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic (portrayed as a talking horse and voiced by himself) is Bessy's famous accordion-playing friend. Yankovic was seen in the episode, "Get Bessy".

Canadian Crows

A group of mischievous crows from Canada who enjoy stealing the barnyard's corn. They speak with a French accent.


Stamps (voiced by Nika Futterman) is Duke's sister who appeared in "Puppy Love". She was seen dating Baxter, but it was revealed that Baxter did not love her, only her prized possessions.


Prunella (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a she-donkey that appeared in the episode "Hickory Dickory Donkey" and uses Pip as a fake boyfriend to make her real boyfriend, Thor jealous.


"Plucky" is a Tyrannosaurus rex that starred in "Plucky and Me." His roar is equivalent to the T. rex roar from Jurassic Park

Film-only characters


Daisy (voiced by Courteney Cox) was Otis's love interest in the movie. She later gave birth to a male calf and named it Ben after Otis's father, and because Daisy's husband was probably killed after a storm blew Daisy and Bessy's herd away, Otis became baby Ben's adoptive father. In the series, Daisy was completely replaced by Abby, who was more of a tomboy. No mention of Daisy or her son Ben has come up in the series ever since. However, Otis and Daisy could've divorced and she and her son most likely left the barnyard.


Ben (voiced by Sam Elliott) was the former leader of the Barnyard. In the movie, he was killed by a pack of evil coyotes. He was Otis' adoptive father, who took him in when he found him in the meadow as an infant. He was more strict than Otis, who enjoys partying. Daisy also named her baby calf after him at the climax. Ben has only been mentioned on the show once, but seems to have completely vanished from the Barnyard after his death.


Miles (voiced by Danny Glover) was an old mule who was a good friend of Ben's. When Ben died, Miles was crucial in mentoring Otis which helped him assume his position of leadership and defeat the coyotes. He has never been mentioned in the show, even though he was seen in the theme song.


Maddy (voiced by Madeline Lovejoy) was a young chick who enjoys playing with Otis. She was slightly troublesome for her mother Etta to take care of because she often wandered off from her family. .


Dag (voiced by David Koechner) was a red coyote and the main antagonist in the original Barnyard movie. He captured all the chickens, but under Otis' leadership, the animals were able to free the chickens and scare away all the coyotes. Otis, after threatening to punch Dag and ordering him to never return, then proceeded to swing the coyote out of the junkyard using his golf skills. It is unknown what happened to Dag after the movie, but he most likely heeded Otis' warning for fear of his life.

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