Line 3 (Metrovia)

Line 3 of Metrovia was inaugurated on May 4 of 2008. It connects the populous Neighborhood of Bastion Popular at the North of Guayaquil with downtown.


Guayaquil's BRT System - Metovia
Stations from North to South
Number Name of Station
Main Terminal - Bastión Popular
1 Parque California
2 Inmaconsa
3 Coop. Luz del Guayas
4 Fuerte Huancavilca
5 La Florida
6 Coop. Gallegos Lara
7 Avenida Juan Tanca Marengo
8 Prosperina
9 Colegio Dores Sucre
10 Cerros de Mapasingue
11 Mapasingue
12 Centro de Arte
13 Fedeguayas
14 Colegio 28 de Mayo
15 Avenida Las Monjas
16 Ciudadela Bellavista
17 Universidad Católica
18 Ciudadela Ferroviaria
19 Universidad de Guayaquil
20 Colegio Vicente Rocafuerte
21 Calle Esmeraldas
22 Plaza La Victoria
23 Mercado Central
Main Terminal I.E.S.S. (South)

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