Leisure Books

Leisure Books
Parent company Dorchester Publishing
Country of origin United States
Fiction genres Horror

Leisure Books is an imprint of Dorchester Publishing specializing in horror and thriller mass market paperbacks. As of 2000, Leisure Books was the only American publisher with a line of horror books.[1] Leisure Books has published novels and collections by a number of horror's notable authors, such as: Brian Keene, Richard Laymon, Graham Masterton, Ray Garton, Stacy Dittrich, Jack Ketchum, Sarah Pinborough and Douglas Clegg. Leisure horror titles have won numerous awards, including the Bram Stoker Award,[2] the International Horror Guild Award,[3] and the World Fantasy Award.[4]

There was also a line of Leisure Westerns, notably featuring the work of Max Brand among others. Lesure Books was also the company responsible for publishing the Wildlife Treasury card series.

Leisure Books offered a book sales club service. Typically two free books were provided as an initial inducement. After that two books were sent on a monthly basis. Readers would have 10 days to keep or return. If kept there would be a discount on the purchase price.

Effective September 2010, Leisure Books, along with the remainder of Dorchester's mass market paperback lines, were canceled as print publications. Future titles were slated to be available only as e-books.[5]


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