Leioa town hall

Coat of arms

Location of Leioa within the Basque Country

Coordinates: 43°19′44″N 2°59′5″W / 43.32889°N 2.98472°W / 43.32889; -2.98472
Country  Spain
Autonomous Community  Basque Country
Province Biscay
Comarca Greater Bilbao
  Total 8.5 km2 (3.3 sq mi)
Elevation(AMSL) 30 m (100 ft)
Population (2012)
  Total 30,626
  Density 3,600/km2 (9,300/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (GMT +2) (UTC+2)
Postal code 48940
Area code(s) +34 (Spain) + 94 (Biscay)
Website Town Hall

Leioa (Spanish: Lejona) is a municipality in Biscay, Basque Country, in northern Spain. It is located south of Getxo and Bergando delimitating east and south with Erandio. Today it is part of the Bilbao conurbation. Its population stands at approximately 30.400.Leioa has a sufrace of 8,36 km2. The Udondo river establishes eastern limit of the municipality.[1]


It has its origins in 1526, before that year it was part of the "anteiglesia de Erandio".[2] It was a village with no more than 8000 people until the 1960s, when development came its way, as Bilbao expanded. Its population experienced a rapid increase in the 1970s, and a more moderate growth afterwards. Is become a part of metropolitan Bilbao.



The main boulevard in Leioa (Looking south towards Bilbao).

The municipality of Leioa still retains much of its agricultural past and out of the urban centre many traditional Basque houses can still be seen on little family farms, though rapid development puts their long-term future in question. The University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea - Universidad del Pais Vasco) has most faculties within this municipality.



Two consecutive stations of Line 1 of the Metro Bilbao rapid transit system are located in Leioa: Leioa and Lamiako.


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