Left Spine Down

Left Spine Down

Left Spine Down Promo Photo, 2008; left to right: Jeremy Inkel (rear), kAINE D3L4Y (front), Jared Slingerland (rear), Tim Hagberg (middle), Denyss McKnight (front) and Matt Girvan.
Background information
Origin Vancouver, Canada
Genres Digital hardcore, punk rock, electronica, drum and bass, heavy metal, industrial rock, industrial metal
Years active 2003-present
Labels Metropolis Records, Synthetic Sounds (Canada) (Current Label),
Danse Macabre (Europe), Bit Riot Records (USA)
Associated acts Front Line Assembly
Noise Unit
Website http://www.leftspinedown.com
Members kAINE D3L4Y
Jeremy Inkel
Matt Girvan
Galen Waling
Past members Jared Slingerland
Denyss McKnight
Tim Hagberg
Frank Valoczy

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Left Spine Down (also known by the abbreviation LSD) is a band that plays what they call "cyberpunk," a mixture of electronica, metal, punk, and drum & bass[1][2] which can be described as some kind of digital hardcore.

The band features Jeremy Inkel of electro-industrial bands Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit and electronic band Delerium.


The group self-released their debut EP, Smartbomb EP, in June 2007.[3][4][5] The EP was produced by Front Line Assembly/Noise Unit's Chris Peterson.[6] Their debut LP, Fighting for Voltage, was released in April 2008 on Synthetic Sounds in Canada, and a Canadian tour followed in support of the album.[7][8] Bit Riot Records picked up the rights to the release of Fighting for Voltage in the USA and released the album in September 2008.[9][10]

On March 3, 2009 and again via Synthetic Sounds the band released their second full-length album entitled Voltage 2.3: Remixed and Revisited. The album featured three new songs; "Welcome to the Future" with covers of "Territorial Pissings" by Nirvana and "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division; along with remixes and segues.[11] In January 2011 the band's fourth music video was released for She's Lost Control which made it into rotation on MuchMusic in Canada.[12]

The band has toured North America extensively with Revolting Cocks, SNFU, 16 Volt[13] and Chemlab[14] and opened for groups such as The Birthday Massacre, Combichrist, DOA, Genitorturers[15] and Front Line Assembly.

In May 2011 Left Spine Down signed with Metropolis Records.[16] They released their second full-length album, Caution, on August 23, 2011 which was preceded by a new single and video for the track "X-Ray".[17][18][19][20] The album was produced by well known industrial music producer Dave "Rave" Ogilvie and features the band as a four-piece stripped down from their previous incarnations as a five and six-piece band.[21][22]

In late 2011, Skinny Puppy lead singer Nivek Ogre's side project ohGr announced a December 2011 West Coast USA and Canada tour consisting of nine performances supported by Left Spine Down.[23][24]

In 2012, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult announced their 25-year anniversary tour covering over 30 dates in the USA tour featuring direct support by Left Spine Down.[25][26]


Current members
Former members



Date of release Title Label
2007 Smartbomb EP Synthetic Sounds
2008 Fighting for Voltage Synthetic Sounds / Bit Riot Records
2009 Voltage 2.3: Remixed and Revisited Synthetic Sounds
Smartbomb 2.3: The Underground Mixes Synthetic Sounds
Fighting for Voltage/Voltage 2.3 Double Disc Deluxe Edition (Europe) Synthetic Sounds / Danse Macabre Records
2011 Caution Metropolis Records

Music Videos

Year Title Director(s)
2009 "Last Daze" Casey O'Brien
"Reset" Thana Fauteux
"Welcome to the Future" Brian Moelker
2010 "She's Lost Control" Troy Sobotka
2011 "X-Ray" Troy Sobotka

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