Símon Bolivar Square in Ziortza-Bolibar
Country  Spain
Autonomous community Basque Country
Province Biscay
Capital Markina-Xemein
  Total 206 km2 (80 sq mi)
Population (2001)
  Total 26,095
  Density 130/km2 (330/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Largest municipality Ondarroa

Lea-Artibai is a comarca of the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country, Spain. Lea-Artibai is the heir of the historical merindad of Markina, which was one of the merindades of Biscay. Currently, Lea-Artibai is one of the seven comarcas that compose the province. Its capital city is Markina-Xemein.


Lea-Artibai is located at the northeast extreme of the province. It limits with the comarcas of Busturialdea at west and Durangaldea at south, while the province of Gipuzkoa is at the east. The Bay of Biscay is at north. It occupies the drainage basin of the rivers Lea and Artibai.


# Municipality Population Territory km²
Markina-Xemein 4.950 44,79
Ziortza-Bolibar 408 18,50
Ondarroa 8.856 3,6
Etxebarria 821 18,10
Berriatua 1,284 20,23
Amoroto 414 12,94
Gizaburuaga 201 6,32
Ispaster 668 22,62
Lekeitio 7.438 1,90
Aulesti 680 25,31
Munitibar-Arbatzegi Gerrikaitz 415 27,04
Mendexa 431 56


The Artibai river in Berriatua.

Lea-Artibai is the only comarca of Biscay that does not have a single kilometer of highway or railway. Its communications are deficient and depend on roads, like the BI-633 that connects Ondarroa with Durango or the BI-2405 which connects Ondarroa with Lekeitio.


The economy of the municipalities of Lea-Artibai are based on the primary sector, while some industries, like one of fish preservation exist too.

Coordinates: 43°17′17″N 2°31′32″W / 43.28806°N 2.52556°W / 43.28806; -2.52556

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