Lawrence Cheng

Lawrence Cheng
Background information
Chinese name 鄭丹瑞
Chinese name 鄭丹瑞 (traditional)
Chinese name 郑丹瑞 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhéng Dánrúi (Mandarin)
Jyutping zeng6 daan1 seoi6 (Cantonese)
Born (1954-11-27) 27 November 1954[1][2]
Hong Kong
Other name(s) Ah Tan (阿旦)
Years active 1976–present

Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui (born 27 November 1954) is a Hong Kong film actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and master of ceremonies. He was a Hong Kong DJ and radio channel executive.

Cheng became famous after he created the radio drama series The Yuppie Fantasia in 1986 which he also starred in. In 1989, he starred in the film adaptation of the series which was directed by Gordon Chan and became a box office hit.

Early life

Cheng was born in Hong Kong on 27 November 1954. He attended the Baptist College, the top broadcasting school in Hong Kong and graduated in 1978.

Acting career

Lawrence Cheng brought his comical slightly nerdish and slightly fantasia film persona into films since the mid-80s. He has acted in mainly comedy films over the next ten years and a few drama films. He occasionally wore more than one hat like other Hong Kong actors.

After graduating from the Baptist College in 1978, Cheng immediately joined RTV in which he worked on numerous popular television series. He later joined ATV and became a Creative Director. His career path changed from a TV personal to a radio producer and DJ in 1984 when he joined RTHK. In 1987, he made his return to television industry and joined TVB. In TVB, he was a variety show host, and acted in many dramas.

His film career started in 1980, however he was not yet well known til he starred in The Yuppie Fantasia in 1989, which was a box office hit grossing out US$2 million. Aside from being an actor, he is also a director, producer and screenwriter.

Cheng currently hosts variety shows as a freelancer for TVB, ATV, now TV Hong Kong Channel, feature Race Meetings and Events for The Hong Kong Jockey Club and acts in a few dramas. He acts as supporting actor in Hong Kong films.

In January 2011, he suffered a burst lung whilst playing football.



Year Title Chinese Title Role
1980 Encore 喝采 Actor
The Desperados 籠裡雞 Writer
1981 The Third Hand 第三隻手 Actor
One Heart One Spirit 童軍樂 Actor
Family of Lust 代代風流代代春 Actor
1982 Hell Has No Boundary 魔界 Assistant Director
1983 The Drummer 鼓手 Actor
Red Panther 害時出世 "Kiang"
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 星際鈍胎 Writer
1984 Behind the Yellow Line 緣份 "café captain"
My Darling Genie 我愛神仙遮 Writer
1985 Seven Angels 歡場 "night club patron"
Love with the Perfect Stranger 錯點鴛鴦 "Ah Tan"
Friendly Ghost 老友鬼鬼 Actor
Carry On Doctors and Nurses 天使出更 "Nurse Tan"
1987 Happy Bigamist 一屋兩妻 "Shin's colleague"
Wonder Women 神奇兩女俠 "Tan"
1988 Heart to Hearts 三人世界 "Alex's friend at party"
The Eighth Happiness 八星報喜 "Beautiful's boyfriend"
Profiles of Pleasure 群鶯亂舞 "Tall Kao"
Ghost in the House 吉屋藏嬌 "Ging Goh"
Couples, Couples, Couples 三對鴛鴦一張床 "John's friend in lounge"
Mother Vs Mother 南北媽打 "Man on bus with Xi"
1989 Miracles 奇蹟 "Daily Sun Reporter"
The Romancing Star III 精裝追女仔之3狼之一族 "Lo Ka-ling"
Happy Together 相見好 "Robert"
In Between Loves 求愛夜驚魂 "Chin Cheng"
The Bachelor's Swan Song 再見王老五 "Tan"
The Yuppie Fantasia 小男人周記 "Leung Foon"
Little Cop 小小小警察 "Representative of Cruelty Against Animal"
1990 Brief Encounter in Shinjuku 錯在新宿 "Leung Foon"
A Tale from the East 漫畫奇俠 "Dunn, the conductor of HK Youth Orchestra"
Shanghai, Shanghai 亂世兒女 "Chan Tai-man"
The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon 吉星拱照 "Jimmy Chiu"
1991 Alien Wife 我老婆唔係人 "Priest"
Finale in Blood 大鬧廣昌隆 "Cheng Ming Pau"
Inspector Pink Dragon 神探馬如龍 "Ma Yue-lung"
1992 Game Kids 機Boy小子之真假威龍 "Gay Shop Manager"
Freedom Run Q 太子爺出差 "Albert"
She Starts the Fire 噴火女郎 "Charles Siu"
King of Beggars 武狀元蘇乞兒 "Professor"
Never Ending Summer 吳三桂與陳園園 "Chan Tai-yuen"
1993 The Eight Hilarious Gods 笑八仙 "Uncle Cheung"
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father 新難兄難弟 "Ko Lo-chuen" / "Siu-lung (adult)"
Murder 黃蜂尾後針 "Chu Chung-hong"
Tom, Dick and Hairy 風塵三俠 "Hairy/Giorgio Mao"
1994 The True Hero 暴雨驕陽 "Joe"
He & She 姊妹情深 "Martin Cheng Sai-kit"
The Modern Love 新男歡女愛 Actor
He's a Woman, She's a Man 金枝玉葉 "Charles Chow Chu"
1995 Heaven Can't Wait 救世神棍 "Hui Chi-on"
Romantic Dream 追女仔95之綺夢 "Leung Hoi"
The Meaning of Life 搶閘媽咪 "Lam Chi Wing"
1997 Those Were the Days 精裝難兄難弟 "Ko Lo-chuen"
Option Zero G4特工 Actor
1998 The Storm Riders 風雲─雄霸天下 "Jester/Man Chow Chow"
2001 Born Wild 野獸之瞳 "Sandy's eye doctor"
2002 The Eye 見鬼 Producer
2003 Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat 六樓后座 "Jason (voice only)"
Golden Chicken 2 金雞2 "Fortune Teller"
2004 Six Strong Guys 六壯士 "Lawrence"
The Eye 2 見鬼2 Producer
Koma 救命 Producer
2005 Bug Me Not! 虫不知 "Hyland's dad"
Mob Sister 阿嫂 "Boss Wang"
The Eye 10 見鬼10 Producer
Home Sweet Home 怪物 Producer
2006 Cocktail 半醉人間 "Tsuen"
2007 Simply Actors 戲王之王 "Tourist watching window cleaner"
2008 Ocean Flame 一半海水,一半火焰 "Yau's blackmailed victim"
Happy Funeral 六樓后座2 家屬謝禮 Producer
2010 Break Up Club 分手說愛你 Himself
The Stool Pigeon 綫人 "Cher's friend"
Perfect Wedding 抱抱俏佳人 Producer
Bruce Lee, My Brother 李小龍 "Ko Lo-chuen"
2011 Hi, Fidelity 出軌的女人 "Mr. Ho"
Lan Kwai Fong 喜愛夜蒲
The Allure of Tears 傾城之淚 "Xiao Dan"
2012 Vulgaria 低俗喜劇 "Professor Cheng"
2013 Bends 過界 "Leo"
2014 Break Up 100 分手100次 "Policeman"
2015Lost in Hong Kong 港囧 "Host of art exhibition"
Wong Ka Yan 王家欣 Actor
Super Models 色模 Actor

TVB series

Year Title Chinese Title Role
1993 Man of Wisdom 金牙大狀 "Tai Ah-tau"
1995 Man of Wisdom II 金牙大狀 II "Tai Ah-tau"
1997 A Road and a Will 香港人在廣州 "Sam Yue"
2004 Sunshine Heartbeat 赤沙印記@四葉草.2 "Yip Shu-ko"
2006 Welcome to the House 高朋滿座 "Ko Yau-pang"
2014 Never Dance Alone 女人俱樂部 "Wong Kwok-leung"

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