Launch title

A launch title, or launch game, is a video game released to consumers synchronously with the release of its respective video game console, meaning they are the only available games at the time of the console's launch. One or more of these may be a packaged with the console. Because launch games provide first impressions of the console's features and technical abilities, they are important in the video game industry, and some launch games have been killer apps.

Quality vs. quantity

Historically, the number of launch titles has been an important factor in deciding the success of a gaming platform. The more games available at launch, the higher the chances that players will find something that interests them. However, the same importance applies to game quality: poor quality games do not sell as well in the long term as high quality ones.

When preparing for a major console launch, developers and publishers have a decision to make. They can release a large number of launch games, often accompanied by the promise of more soon after launch, or they can release a few extremely strong games, or a killer game. Whilst releasing a large number of extremely strong titles is of course preferred, this may not be practical. To balance these choices, developers will often supplement one or two strong titles with third-party or licensed titles to bolster the number of launch titles.

Launch games

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