Ladies Who Do

Ladies Who Do
Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards
Written by Michael Pertwee (script)
Starring Peggy Mount
Robert Morley
Harry H. Corbett
Dandy Nichols
Music by Ron Goodwin
Cinematography Geoffrey Faithfull
Release dates
Running time
85 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Ladies Who Do is a 1963 British comedy film starring Peggy Mount, Robert Morley and Harry H. Corbett.

Plot summary

Mrs. Cragg (Peggy Mount) works as a charwoman (part-time domestic servant) for retired Colonel Whitforth (Robert Morley) and as a cleaner at an office block in London. It is whilst doing her office cleaning that she retrieves an unsmoked cigar as a gift for the Colonel and unwittingly wraps it in a scrap of paper discarded by a property financier named James Ryder (Harry H. Corbett).

On receiving his cigar, the Colonel discovers that the scrap of paper actually contains details of a City takeover bid and unscrupulously uses this insider information to make £5000 on the stock market, which he shares with Mrs. Cragg. This new-found wealth prompts the pair, together with three other ‘chars’ who are Mrs. Cragg's neighbours in Pitt Street, to form the company 'Ladezudu': a speculation syndicate headed by Whitforth with the ladies providing insider information collected from bins at their respective offices. All is going well until an ill-timed investment in Irish pigs wipes out all their capital as swine fever kills their stock.

It is then that Mrs. Cragg discovers that Ryder is planning the demolition and redevelopment of Pitt Street. As the bulldozers arrive and no assets to assist them, can the 'ladies who do' save their street and take on the City executives single-handedly?


DVD release

Ladies Who Do was released on DVD in the UK on 24 March 2008.

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