La loba (telenovela)

La Loba (The (Female) Wolf)
Created by Patricia Palmer
Developed by TV Azteca for Azteca Novelas
Directed by Jose Acosta
Lorena Maza
Starring Ivonne Montero
Mauricio Islas
Theme music composer Jorge Avedano
Opening theme "Las Leyes del Corazon" Performed by Ana Gabriel
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 175
Executive producer(s) Jose Solano Rodriguez
Producer(s) Maricarmen Marcos Azteca Novelas: Alberto Santini Lara
Location(s) Mexico City
Editor(s) Miguel Sanchez C
Rigel Sosa Andrade
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original network Azteca 13
Original release 2010
Preceded by Pasión Morena
Followed by Entre el Amor y el Deseo

La Loba (Fierce Angel) is a Mexican telenovela by TV Azteca. It premiered on 2010. The protagonists are the international stars Ivonne Montero and Mauricio Islas. Grand actors such as Regina Torne, Omar Fierro, Ana Ciochetti, Fernando Becerril, and Marta Aura also included as cast members.

Original version

Patricia Palmer created the original Argentine version, Los Angeles No Lloran. It was produced by Patricia Palmer, Alberto Marchi and Alejandro Moser. The original stars are Orlando Carrio and Patricia Palmer. Theme song in this version is also by Patricia Palmer.

Patricia Palmer joined the cast as Mina in La Loba.


Main cast

Main antagonist, main villain

Prime actors

Presentation of

Secondary cast

and with special participation of the creator, producer and protagonist of the original series



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