L'argent des autres

L'Argent des autres

Film poster
Directed by Christian de Chalonge
Produced by Michelle de Broca
Henri Lassa
Adolphe Viezzi
Screenplay by Pierre Dumayet
Christian de Chalonge
Based on L'Argent des autres
by Nancy Markham
Starring Jean-Louis Trintignant
Catherine Deneuve
Claude Brasseur
Michel Serrault
Music by Guy Boulanger
Patrice Mestral
Cinematography Jean-Louis Picavet
Edited by Jean Ravel
Release dates
  • 27 September 1978 (1978-09-27)
Running time
105 minutes
Country France
Language French

L'Argent des autres is a 1978 French film directed by Christian de Chalonge, and starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Catherine Deneuve, Claude Brasseur and Michel Serrault. It won the Louis Delluc Prize and the César Award for Best Film and Best Director, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Best Writing and Best Editing.[1]


Henri Rainier is an employee at Miremant bank. He makes loans to an adventurous client, the Chevalier d'Aven, knowing that he has the backing of his superiors. However, the relationship proves financially disastrous, and the bank is faced with having to cover up its massive deficit. The bank's managers want to disassociate themselves from the scandal. As it is Rainier's client who is accused of fraud, the managers hold Rainier responsible for it and fire him from his bank job. However, Rainier refuses to take it lying down, and knows that it was the bank's directors who approved the loan. Rainier's wife Cécile and union representative Arlette suggest he sue his former company. Determined not to be the scapegoat, and anxious to avoid possible criminal charges, Rainier sets out to prove his former superiors' responsibility for this and other shady transactions.



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