Directed by Ademir Kenović
Produced by Bakir Tanović
Written by Abdullah Sidran, Ademir Kenović
Starring Slobodan Ćustić
Snežana Bogdanović
Branko Đurić
Ivana Legin
Mustafa Nadarević
Music by Goran Bregović
Distributed by FRZ Bosna, Sarajevo, RTV Sarajevo
Release dates
  • 15 March 1990 (1990-03-15) (Yugoslavia)
Running time
105 minutes
Country Yugoslavia (SR Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Language Serbo-Croatian

Kuduz is a 1989 film, set in SR Bosnia and Herzegovina written by Abdullah Sidran and Ademir Kenović, who also directed the film. It was nominated for three European Film Awards in 1989: Best Young Film, Best Actress (for Snežana Bogdanović), and Best Composer (for Goran Bregović). It is based on the true story of the outlaw Junuz Kečo.


A petty criminal is released from prison and marries his girlfriend. He manages to live a life free from crime, poor but happy, until his new wife commits adultery, which leads him to murder her and her lover. He then escapes into the mountains and evades justice for years.

This is a story about love and tragedy. It takes place in the grim social setting of city outskirts. Badema, a seductive local girl, meets Bećir Kuduz who has just come out of prison. Neither the age difference nor fact that Badema has a little girl of her own (without knowing who the father is) stops them from coming together, each with plans of their own. Kuduz dreams of starting up his own construction business, Badema wants to work in a local cafe where it is fun and never boring.

But Badema is obviously quite light-hearted and is no homebody. Kuduz, meanwhile, is a man plagued by tragedy, torn by love, passion and jealousy. The two squabble and make up, then fight and split up only to return, and so the story unfolds until it reaches its inevitable tragic end. And it would all be utterly banal and unimportant were it not for fact that behind this tragedy lies the pure, true love of two people who find each other in this cruel world: Kuduz and Badema's five-year-old daughter Amela.



European award "Felix", Paris, France:

Yugoslav Feature Film Festival, Pula, SR Croatia:

Film Festival Vrnjačka Banja, Yugoslavia:

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