Kristal Astro
Type Direct Broadcast Satellite
First air date
24 January 2000 (2000-01-24)
Availability National
Slogan The Future Is Direct To U
(2000 – 2003)
Making Your Life Richer
(2003 – 2012)
Go Beyond
(2012 - now)
Headquarters Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Broadcast area
Brunei-Muara District
Area Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Owner Astro
Parent Astro Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd
Launch date
24 January 2000 (2000-01-24)
Official website

Kristal-Astro is the sole operator of Brunei's multi-channel pay-TV service. It was officially launched on 24 January 2000. The company is a joint-venture between Kristal Sdn Bhd and Malaysia's Astro Television Network System (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad a subsidiary of Astro Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd.

All channels are customised to ensure that all programmes adhere to Brunei's religious, cultural and social values. Subscribers will also have access to pay-per-view services, as well as a wide range of interactive services, such as home banking, home shopping and distance learning.

Subscribers receive the satellite service using the state-of-the-art Digital Multimedia System (DMS), the same system introduced by Astro in Malaysia.

The operations of Kristal-Astro are backed by DST Group's expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, information technology and technical support.



Channel No.Channel NamePackages/VAS (Add-on channels)
104 Astro Ria Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
105 Astro Prima Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
106 Astro Oasis Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
111 Arab Radio & TV Variety Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
118 Astro Go Shop Malay HD
123 Astro Ria HD Family HD/Sapphire HD/Ruby HD/Jade HD
130 ABOM Tayangan Hebat Astro Box Office Movies
131 Astro Citra Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
132 Astro Warna Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
133 Astro Bella Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
134 Astro Mustika HD Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
135 Astro Maya HD Family HD/Sapphire HD/Ruby HD/Jade HD
141 Bintang Indo Pek
142 Pelangi Indo Pek
180 TVi Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
200 Astro Service Portal Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
201 Astro Vaanavil Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
202 Astro Vellithirai Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
203 Makkal TV Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
211 Sun TV Maharaja
212 Sun Music Maharaja
213 Chutti TV Maharaja
214 Sun Adithya
221 Jaya TV
222 Raj TV
223 Kalaignar TV
224 STAR Vijay
231 Astro Vinmeen HD
241 ABOM Thangathirai Astro Box Office
251 Astro Box Office Bollyone HD Astro Box Office Bollyone HD
300 Astro Xi Yue HD Family HD/Sapphire HD/Ruby HD/Jade HD
301 Astro AEC Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
304 Kah Lai Toi Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
305 TVB Classic Channel Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade
306 Astro AEC HD Family HD/Sapphire HD/Ruby HD/Jade HD
307 Astro Shuang Xing HD
308 Astro Quan Jia HD Ruby HD/Jade HD
309 Celestial Movies HD
310 Astro Wah Lai Toi HD
311 Astro Wah Lai Toi Ruby/Jade
312 Phoenix Chinese Channel Family/Sapphire/Ruby/Jade

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