Kon Tum

Kon Tum
Thành phố Kon Tum

Location in Kon Tum Province
Kon Tum

Location in Vietnam

Coordinates: 14°23′N 107°59′E / 14.383°N 107.983°E / 14.383; 107.983Coordinates: 14°23′N 107°59′E / 14.383°N 107.983°E / 14.383; 107.983
Country  Vietnam
Province Kon Tum

Kon Tum's wooden church.

Kon Tum is the capital town of Kon Tum Province in Vietnam. It is located inland in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, near the borders with Laos and Cambodia.


After the People's Army of Vietnam invaded South Vietnam on March 30, 1972 during the Easter Offensive, two divisions attempted to capture Kon Tum, but failed. In March 1975, however, Kon Tum was overrun during the Ho Chi Minh Campaign and large numbers of refugees were forced to flee east to the south central coast.

Kon Tum has several vestiges of the French colonial period, as well as several tribal villages directly in the suburbs of the Vietnamese-reconstructed town. Among the town's landmarks, there is a Roman Catholic wooden church on discrete stilts and a large French-built seminary which hosts a small museum on local hill tribes. French missionary presence in Kon Tum traces back to 1851.

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