Knockout Reilly

Knockout Reilly
Directed by Malcolm St. Clair
Produced by William LeBaron
Malcolm St. Clair
Jesse L. Lasky
Adolph Zukor
Screenplay by Pierre Collings
John W. Conway
Kenneth Raisbeck
Albert Payson Terhune
Starring Richard Dix
Mary Brian
Jack Renault
Harry Gribbon
Osgood Perkins
Lucia Backus Seger
Cinematography Edward Cronjager
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
  • April 16, 1927 (1927-04-16)
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Knockout Reilly is a 1927 American drama silent film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and written by Pierre Collings, John W. Conway, Kenneth Raisbeck and Albert Payson Terhune. The film stars Richard Dix, Mary Brian, Jack Renault, Harry Gribbon, Osgood Perkins and Lucia Backus Seger. The film was released on April 16, 1927, by Paramount Pictures.[1][2]


When a successful prizefighter known as "Killer" Agerra causes trouble in a nightclub, a New Jersey mill worker, Dundee Reilly, knocks him out. This impresses both Pat Malone, an ex-boxer, and Pat's attractive sister Mary, who takes a liking to Reilly.

Reilly becomes a boxer under Pat's tutelage, but is framed for a crime and ends up serving nearly a year behind bars. When he gets out, Agerra's opponent in an upcoming fight drops out, so Pat Malone arranges for "Knockout" Reilly to be his replacement in the ring.

Agerra is much too good for him. Reilly is on the verge of being knocked out when Mary Malone visits his corner and tells him it was Agerra who framed him and caused him to go to jail. A newly motivated Reilly knocks his foe flat.



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