Kirk Wong

Kirk Wong
Chinese name 黃志強
Pinyin Wáng Yǔ (Mandarin)
Jyutping Wong4 Jyu5 (Cantonese)
Birth name Wang Zheng-quan
王正权 (Simplified)
王正權 (Traditional)
Wáng Zhèngquán (Pinyin)
Wong4 Zeng3 Kyun4 (Jyutping)
Born (1949-03-28) March 28, 1949
Hong Kong
Other name(s) Alan Smithee
Che-Kirk Wong
Kirk Wong Chi-keung
Years active 1981-2002: 2012
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang.

Kirk Wong (黃志強) (born March 28, 1949) is a Hong Kong film director and actor. Wong is perhaps best known for directing the 1998 action comedy film The Big Hit.

History and early career


Wong's roles in the 1980s included Sergeant Sam Liang in Danger Has Two Faces (1985), Inspector Lau in Legacy of Rage, and Inspector Philip Chan in Forever Young (1989) (not to be confused with the Steve Miner directed, Mel Gibson starring 1992 film of the same name).

His roles in the 1990s included Dai Anfen in God of Gamblers II (1990), Crazy Bull in Twin Dragons(1992), and Yuan Pa Tien in The Mad Monk(1993), as well as a cameo appearance in Police Confidential (1995).


Wong made his directing debut in 1981 film The Club, alongside Michael Chan and Kent Cheng. In 1983, Wong directed the film Health Warning, starring Johnny Wang, Eddy Ko and Elvis Tsui.

In 1993, Wong directed the film Crime Story alongside Jackie Chan, followed by Rock N'Roll Cop a year later starring Anthony Wong. Wong made his American directing debut in 1998 film The Big Hit along with Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips. In 2000, Wong directed the TV film The Disciples starring Ice-T.


In 2002, Wong retired from the film industry at the age of 53.

In June 2012, Wong directed his first film in over a decade.[1]





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