Kill Me Later

Kill Me Later
Directed by Dana Lustig
Produced by Dana Lustig
Ram Bergman
Carole Curb Nemoy
Written by Dana Lustig
Annette Goliti Gutierrez
Starring Selma Blair
Max Beesley
Brendan Fehr
Keegan Connor Tracy
Music by Tal Bergman
Cinematography David Ferrara
Edited by Gabriel Wrye
Release dates
September 14, 2001 (2001-09-14)
Running time
89 min.
Country United States

Kill Me Later is a 2001 film directed by Dana Lustig and starring Selma Blair and Max Beesley; it also features Brendan Fehr and Keegan Connor Tracy.


Blair plays Shawn, a suicidal loan officer at a bank. She is having an affair with the bank vice-president, who is married; after discovering that his wife is pregnant, she goes to the roof to kill herself. In the meantime bank robbers hijack an armored car. When the police arrive to stop Shawn from jumping, the one of the bank robbers accidentally get caught (Thompson). The cops break up the robbery, but one of the robbers, Charlie Anders (played by Beesley), takes Shawn hostage by threatening to shoot her. They make a deal: she will help him escape if he promises to kill her afterwards.

As poetic justice, the bank vice-president was a collaborator in the robbery but is arrested.

The film begins at the moment when Shawn and Charlie jump into the water, then jumps back to 24 hours earlier. In the scenes when Charlie and Shawn are hiding out near his boat, you can see the clock moving backwards.


Two detectives, young Agent Reed, played by Lochlyn Munro, and the older Agent McGinley, played by O'Neal Compton, are trying to solve the case. McGinley's wife keeps calling to nag. Reed is extremely knowledgeable about suicide because his sister killed herself.

Two robbers: young Billy, played by Brendan Fehr, and the older Jason Thompson, played by Tom Heaton. Thompson is expecting to die, either from a life of debauchery or a bad prostate. Thompson is the one that tells the police there was an inside man.

End scene

Shawn and Charlie are seen on a beach in South America. Living the dream that Charlie tells Shawn about previously during the boat scene.


A large number of filter effects, shutter effects, and jump cuts are used to make long dialogue scenes (particularly between the two cop and between the two lovers) more visually interesting. The audio itself on both is done as a single long take.

Dana Lustig, the director, makes an on screen appearance as Shawn's stepmother.

It was filmed in Canada.


Kill Me Later's opening theme was the dream pop song "The Old Fashioned Way" by the New York-based band Luna.

Luna - The Old Fashioned Way

Blue Flannel - Havin a Bad Day

The Geraldine Fibbers - House is Falling

Danny Lerman - Eilat

Hal Ketchum - Shes Still in Dallas

Danny Lerman - For Now Youre Just a Dream

Yeghish Manoukian - Following the Banks of the Arax River

Yve Adam - Fiction

Camillia - Streets

Remo - Growing A Way

Paul Christian Gordon - Shady

In 2005 the German Industrial metal band Rammstein released Spring, although the song did not have a promotional music video, an unnofficial version which features scenes from the film Kill Me Later, became one of the most watched videos of the band on the internet.

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