This article is about Kfarhata in the Koura District. For Kfarhata in the Zgharta District, see Kfarhata Zgharta.
Map showing the location of Kfarhata within Lebanon

Location within Lebanon

Coordinates: 34°17′0″N 35°45′0″E / 34.28333°N 35.75000°E / 34.28333; 35.75000Coordinates: 34°17′0″N 35°45′0″E / 34.28333°N 35.75000°E / 34.28333; 35.75000
Country  Lebanon
Governorate North Governorate
District Koura District
Elevation 170 m (560 ft)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
  Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Dialing code +961

Kfarhata ( known also as Kfar Hata, Kafrhata, Arabic: كفرحاتا ) is a village located in the Koura District in the North Governorate of Lebanon. It is one of the 52 towns of El-Koura, situated at the southern region of this district, at the other side of Al-Kateh(The cutter); a shallow but wide valley, separating a group of 6 towns from the gigantic El-Koura olive plains.

The population is Greek Orthodox and Maronite.[1]

Although the mountainous profile of this town, the olive trees cultivation is equally successful and popular, with high quality of olive oil, extracted with the traditional Koranian cold technique.

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