Kerala Vision Digital TV

Kerala Vision Digital TV
Public company
Industry Telecommunications, Broadcasting
Founded 2006
Headquarters Kochi[1]
Area served
Products Cable Television, Broadband Internet
Parent Kerala Vision

Kerala Vision Digital TV is an Indian cable TV network services company based in Kochi and it serving the state of Kerala. Started in 2010, it is a cable network along with a set-top box which carries more than 250 digital channels. It includes various local cable channels which are only cable-cast over its network.

To comply with the TRAI and Central Government rules relating to digitalization of Cable Television signals, Kerala Vision Ltd and all its supporting cable operators along with other share holders in the state of Kerala with the support of the Cable Operator's Association (COA), formulated a company named Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL) to cater the digital needs under the brand name ‘‘Kerala Vision Digital TV’.

All these 250+ channels are displayed in televisions through set-top boxes (STB). With respect to its add on features, different types of STB’s are presently available. They are COSHIP, COSHIP HD, MYBOX and LOGIC EASTERN. Different types of schemes are available to deploy the STB in households.

Kerala Vision Digital TV is hardwired right into homes, through existing cable connections for consistently clear viewing unlike satellite dishes, which may be affected by weather conditions.

Channel packages of Kerala Vision Digital TV are available in 5 bouquets.


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