Kaneva, LLC
Industry computer and video game industry
Founded 2004
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Key people
Christopher Klaus
Greg Frame
Products Virtual World, MMOG Platform
Website www.kaneva.com
Footnotes / references
Offline as of 14th November 2016

Kaneva, LLC is a privately owned Atlanta-based company founded in 2004 by Christopher Klaus and Greg Frame. Kaneva is a 3D Virtual World that supports 2D web browsing, social networking and shared media.

In 2004 Kaneva worked with Georgia's Department of Economic Development to draft a new law that would promote video game development in Georgia. It passed in 2004.[2]

On 14th November 2016, Kaneva's online world was shut down, with its "2d" social networking site closely following.


Kaneva was originally founded to develop a massively multi-player online game (MMOG). In late 2004, Kaneva released the first version of the Kaneva Game Platform.[3]

Kaneva later decided to use its own technology to develop a virtual world that combined video sharing, social networking and 3D environments. In 2005, Kaneva started development on the Virtual World of Kaneva, the company’s flagship product.[4] The Virtual World of Kaneva was released into beta in mid-2006.

A new site was created in April 2006 to allow the community of game developers to collaborate on their Kaneva Game Platform projects. This site was named the Kaneva Elite Developers Site.

The Elite Developers program was later discontinued with their source code release in November 2009. The source code is hidden but still available to everyone on the resources page at in their developer web site.[5]

In the first quarter of 2010 Kaneva released their Kaneva 3D Applications and their 3D App Game Developer Program.[6] Kaneva shifted from featured MMO development to smaller scale 3D application development which closely mirrors the very popular Facebook applications.


As of June 2010, Kaneva had over five million members. However, no information has been disclosed on how many 3D Applications are in development. As of November 2016, Kaneva is now offline, it was still in beta during this time.


Kaneva has several competitors, including Smallworlds, Entropia Universe, Utherverse, IMVU, Active Worlds, Second Life and Twinity.


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