This article is about the Visayan god. For the volcano, see Kanlaon Volcano. For the city, see Canlaon.
Title Kan-Laon
The Supreme Ruler
One Who Is the Ruler of Time
Description supreme deity
Gender Female
Region Visayas
Equivalent Abba

Kan-Laon is the name of an ancient Visayan deity. During pre-Hispanic times, the deity was worshiped by the natives as their Supreme Ruler. In the Visayan language, Kan-Laon means "One Who Is the Ruler Of Time."

Mt. Canlaon, situated on the island of Negros, is the largest active volcano in the Philippines and highest mountain in the Visayas region.[1] The mountain is said to be where Laon made his presence felt to the people. In ancient times, native priests (babaylan) would climb up the mountain and do rituals every good harvest season or when there was a special ceremony. They would also offer gifts as a sign of respect.

Kan-Laon has many counterparts all over the Philippine archipelago. Some of the more popular are Bathala of the Tagalogs, Gugurang of the Bicolanos, and Kabunian of the Ilokanos and Ifugaos.


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