The Fall of Rock and Roll

Kako je propao rokenrol
Како је пропао рокенрол
How Rock'n'Roll was Ruined
Directed by Zoran Pezo
Vladimir Slavica
Goran Gajić
Written by Branko Vukojević
Aleksandar Barišić
Biljana Pajkić
Starring Srđan Todorović
Velimir Bata Živojinović
Sonja Savić
Branimir Brstina
Nebojša Bakočević
Anica Dobra
Branko Đurić Đuro
Vesna Trivalić
Bogdan Diklić
Dragan Bjelogrlić
Slobodan Ninković
Dušan Kojić
Release dates
  • 1989 (1989) (SFRY)
Running time
98 minutes
Language Serbo-Croatian

How Rock'n'Roll was Ruined (Serbo-Croatian: 'Kako je propao rokenrol, Како је пропао рокенрол') is a 1989 Serbian omnibus comedy film. It comprises three story segments, written and directed by three different screenwriters and directors. The score was also a joint effort, with lead musicians from rock bands Idoli, Električni Orgazam, and Disciplina Kičme each composing the music for one segment. The three independent stories are situated within the context of popular and youth culture in Yugoslavia at the time just before the country broke up, and abound with satirical, farcical, and absurdist humour. The film was awarded a Golden Arena for Best Film Editing at the Pula Film Festival in 1989. It attained cult status in the following years.[1][2][3]


The soundtrack for the film came out in 1989. The music for each story segment was written by a different musician, with intro, outro, and intermezzos composed and acted by Dušan Kojić as his stage persona Zeleni zub (Green Tooth).[3]

1."Doživljaji Zelenog zuba"  Dušan Kojić4:10
2."Skalpeli"  Vlada Divljan1:08
3."Ljubavna tema"  Vlada Divljan0:50
4."Hasanaginica rep"  Vlada Divljan1:03
5."Montažni kompjuter"  Vlada Divljan0:43
6."Nindža mix"  Vlada Divljan, Zoran Pezo, Branko Vukojević3:10
7."Ljubavna tema Japan"  Vlada Divljan0:16
8."Skalpeli žive"  Vlada Divljan0:45
9."Ljubavna tema - kraj"  Vlada Divljan0:23
10."Novi doživljaji Zelenog zuba"  Dušan Kojić0:30
11."Drakulina tema"  Srđan Gojković0:45
12."Tvoj dan"  Srđan Gojković2:50
13."Barbarina tema"  Srđan Gojković1:00
14."Srećna Nova godina"  Srđan Gojković2:09
15."Ja ne mogu više"  Srđan Gojković2:56
16."Hajde, hajde devojko"  Srđan Gojković2:30
17."Dobro jutro"  Srđan Gojković1:08
18."Najnoviji doživljaji Zelenog zuba"  Dušan Kojić1:38
19."Nećemo I"  Dušan Kojić1:06
20."Trese, lupa, udara"  Dušan Kojić3:01
21."U pozorištu"  Dušan Kojić1:10
22."Pokojni Toza"  Dušan Kojić2:11
23."S. stan"  Dušan Kojić2:40
24."Orman"  Dušan Kojić0:13
25."San"  Dušan Kojić0:58
26."Crveno"  Dušan Kojić3:39
27."Waka - Ćaka"  Dušan Kojić0:33
28."Nećemo II"  Dušan Kojić3:19
29."E & Đ stan"  Dušan Kojić2:17
30."Zdravo, Zube zeleni"  Dušan Kojić2:35

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