Julien Civange

Julien Civange
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Julien Civange is a musician, composer, lyricist, and producer. He was born in Paris, France.

DJ at age 10 on the French underground radio "Carbone 14", then musical reporter for the major French magazines, radio and TV stations, Julien Civange, leaves the world of media at the age of 17 with a significant experience of the entertainment world. He has met numerous musicians (Bo Diddley, Charlie Burchill, Joe Strummer, Téléphone) who contributed to his musical autodidact background.

La Place

At 16, Julien Civange created the rock band La Place, with two school friends. In its very first version the band sounds like a mix of punk energy and funk music. David Bowie who wanted the "best beginners band of the moment" invited La Place as an opening band for his concert with Tin Machine at la Cigale (1989).

Following a Tour Sauvage and hundreds of live shows before various change of line-up and 4 years stuck in a basement, from which they emerge to make 7 concerts with Simple Minds (April–May 1995). Two months after, they were invited by the Rolling Stones at the Olympia (July 1995).

After this concerts, the band who had never had a label until then signed with an indie one (La Bande Son Canal +) and recorded their first and only album.

Emmaus Mouvement

In 1998, following many encounters with Abbé Pierre, musician, producer Julien Civange proposed to add his contribution to the 50th year anniversary of the Emmaus Mouvement by gathering together on one album a number of different musicians who supported the idea behind the Emmaus Mouvement – that is to say, the fight against all forms of exclusion. However, there was one condition – that every musician had to create a specific piece of music for the occasion or offer an as yet unpublished/unrecorded work. French singer Jean-Louis Aubert composed a very beautiful song "veille sur moi", Stéphane Eicher recorded a duet with the group Bratsch, Joe Strummer improvised a folk cover version of " Junco Partner ", Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ) did a duet with Shurik'n and Imothep of the group IAM, Marianne Faithfull recorded the poems of Shakespeare, the group Les Rita Mitsouko recorded "Le Juste Prix", and Rachid Taha offered "54". Manu Chao, the group "Air", Cassius, Mars IV, Les Négresses Vertes, FFF and Howie B also participated in the album that was produced by Virgin Records.

Director, photographer Raymond Depardon made the promotional film for the album. Thanks to a competition by Steven Rubin, Fuji Laboratories and the film director David Fincher (Seven, The Game) 450 reels of film were released throughout France and shown just before the movie Fight Club.

The album was well received by both the public and the press, and therefore achieved its goal : for Emmaus Mouvement to touch a wide public particularly young people whilst celebrating its 50th anniversary through music.

Music2Titan (2005)

Its more "abstract" production is Music2titan : Four musical themes composed with Louis Haeri that were placed on board ESA's Huygens probe in October 1997. Their vocation is to strengthen ESA and NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan with the aim to leave trace of our humanity to the unknown and build awareness about this adventure. "Hot Time", "Bald James Deans", "Lalala" and "No Love" have reached Titan on January 2005 after a 7 years and 4 billion kilometer journey. Never will human signs have traveled and landed so far.

In 2004, Julien Civange organised the distribution and promotion of these music throughout the world by putting in place a system of distribution that is uniquely online (more adapted to follow the planning of a space mission than a physical distribution ! ) with all the iTunes Music Stores of Apple around the planet. Since then, from Cupertino the ITMS team supervises the release of the 4 pieces of music. Quick Time also actively participates in the promotion of this intergalactic event.

The ongoing progress and news is released by the media around the world, the site www.music2titan.com created for the occasion receives millions of visits from more than 110 countries and thousands of e-mails from around the globe.

The depositions of support flowed in from around the world, from the simple man in the street to the stars of the scientific world, to the stars of the entertainment world, like Mick Jagger who declared in a press statement : Mick Jagger said (see: ) : "Music has always been at the centre of cultures all over the world and I believe it will continue to play an important part in thousands of years time. Music has a role in the same way as technology and science in reflecting the age we live in and generally exploring new areas beyond the accepted boundaries and beyond earth. The music on board the spacecraft offers a very human touch to the project and at the same time provides an important educational aspect to the mission about outer space and contributes positively to the debate about whether there is any other planet or moon which can potentially sustain life."

Other artistic contributions

Julien has also composed and produced music or supervised soundtracks for films, for play, as well as for art Installations

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