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Judith Rothman Rofé (aka Judy Rothman Rofé) is an American screenwriter, producer, lyricist and author specializing in comedy and literary adaptations for children. She won the 2002 Emmy for Best Animated Program for The New Adventures of Madeline[1] (based on the books by Ludwig Bemelmans), for which she was writer, lyricist, story editor and supervising producer on over 70 episodes. She was nominated for three additional Emmys,[2] and also won an Ace award and the Humanitas Prize.[3] She was an executive at the Disney Channel and has written dozens of specials, DVDs and series, including Arthur (PBS), Angelina Ballerina (PBS), Ni-Hao Kai-lan (Nickelodeon), Rainbow Fish, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, and the animated feature Trumpet of the Swan.

Rothman's songs have been featured on many television programs and have been released on four Sony and Rhino CDs. She collaborated with Joe Raposo on the Madeline theme song and also wrote the lyrics for the theme song of the long-running Canadian series Mona the Vampire. She has worked on many songs with New York composer Jeffrey Zahn of Arthur and JoJo's Circus, as well as with British composer Andy Street on Madeline and Strawberry Shortcake. She was the head writer and supervising producer of the PBS Kids CGI animated series Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps and lyricist with Alex Rockwell for Jim Henson's Pajanimals. She is currently working on a live action/puppet series for the Jim Henson Company as well as developing an animated pilot for Amazon Studios.

In 2016 Rothman created the preschool television series Julie's Greenroom with Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton. The show will star Julie Andrews who will be joined by her assistant Gus (Giullian Yao Gioiello) and “Greenies,” a cast of original puppets built by The Jim Henson Company and will premiere on Netflix in 2017.[4]

Rothman has recently gained fame[5] as the formerly anonymous Neurotic Parent author, essayist and anonymous blogger The Neurotic Parent (theneuroticparent.com), whose satiric guide to college admissions was published using the name J.D. Rothman in March 2012 by Prospect Park Books.

"I started the Neurotic Parent blog four years ago in 2008 as a lark when one of the moms from my son’s soccer team heard that I was going on a college trip with my son, and that we’d be visiting 12 schools in 9 days across 8 states. She thought logistically I’d have a lot to blog about, but when I saw how the parents and kids behave on these tours – and it was mind-blowing – I became a neurotic parent when I wasn’t neurotic before. The blog took off – it went viral just about the fifth day – and was discovered by an admissions officer from Kenyon College who published an excerpt. About two years later my current publisher, who was then a neurotic parent herself, discovered the blog and asked me to turn it into a book."[6]

A previous portion of the blog was published anonymously in I'm Going to College, Not You, edited by Jennifer Delahunty, the dean of admissions of Kenyon College. The book, a Los Angeles Times bestseller, based on the blog is titled The Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions.

Rothman is married to Peter Rofé, a bassist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. They live in Santa Monica, CA and have two sons.


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