Judd Lynn

Judd Lynn
Nationality American
Other names Chip Lynn
Occupation writer, producer, director, story editor
Employer ANA Productions (1992)
The Cannon Group (1993)
Saban Entertainment (1993-2001)
The Walt Disney Company (2009)
Saban Brands (2015)
Known for Writer/director/producer of Power Rangers
Predecessor Eddie Guzelian
Successor Jonathan Tzachor

Judd "Chip" Lynn is an American television writer, producer, and director.

He is known for his work on the children's action/adventure series Power Rangers. He spent the first few years as Production Manager and directed second unit scenes for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, before becoming a director on the show. He served as a staff writer during the second season, before gaining greater influence as the story editor/head writer for more than five years beginning midway though Power Rangers Turbo, and Co-Producer beginning with Power Rangers in Space, finally leaving after Power Rangers Time Force.

Lynn chose to base the sixth season of the series in space as opposed to the video game themes of the Super Sentai source material, it took its suits and mecha from Denji Sentai Megaranger. The stabs at more intense originality in Power Rangers version led to a greater effort in all American Ranger fight scenes, original villains, and overall much darker content than seen in previous incarnations.

Lynn returned to the franchise as a writer for Power Rangers Jungle Fury, then as an Executive Producer for Power Rangers RPM after the newly appointed Eddie Guzelian was relieved from his duties as executive producer by Disney employees during the middle of the season.

At Power Morphicon 2010, Lynn told fans he would not be a part of Saban's 2011 Power Rangers season Power Rangers Samurai. However, In 2014, Lynn returned to the series, again in an executive producer role, helming 2015's Power Rangers Dino Charge. He will also serve as executive producer of the 2017 season, Power Rangers: Ninja Steel.[1]


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