Joseph Curiale

Joseph Curiale talking to the audience

Joseph Curiale (born July 1, 1955) is an American composer and conductor.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut he attended the University of Bridgeport and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education. Curiale is most notably recognized for his two symphonic compositions Awakening and The Music of Life. Awakening was recorded in 1997 by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The Music of Life, in 2001 by the London Symphony Orchestra. The Music of Life premiered in the United States in April, 2002 and was performed by the Akron Symphony Orchestra.

Curiale has also composed separate pieces, most notably “Wind River” which was commissioned by the University of Wyoming Symphony Orchestra in commemoration of the new millennium. He also composed the piece “Blue Windows” written for trumpet and orchestra, and originally performed by Doc Severinsen.

Curiale has guest conducted his work with the Hollywood, Milwaukee, Phoenix, London and Royal Philharmonic orchestras among several others. Many of his compositions incorporate Japanese themes and traditional Japanese instruments, as well as American movie themes including those of film noir and more recent periods.

Selected Works


  1. Joseph Curiale The Spirit of Creativity: Thoughts on Living One's Creative Truth 2011 1618422413 "I was living in Singapore at the time I was writing the third movement of Gates of Gold, “Call of the Mountain.” I got very excited about a particular section I was working on when suddenly a kind of dread feeling came over me."

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