Joe LaRue

"Jammin'" Joe LaRue (born 1960) is a competitive eater from Binghamton, New York who lives in North Ogden, Utah.

LaRue was educated at Johnson and Wales University.

He is an independent competitive eater associated with All Pro Eating. Previously he was a ranked member (as high as 7th) of mle. LaRue, a culinary arts professional, had notable years of competition from 2003-2011, winning an 84 Lumber baked bean eating bout, winning the Footys Y-100 Wing Ding chicken wing eating contest and placing second at the Sweet Corn Fiesta's Sweet Corn Eating Championship. It was his victory in the 2005 sweet corn eating match (31 ears of sweet corn in 12 minutes) that showed he has top tier ability. He holds the world records in sweet corn with 46 ears of corn eaten in 12 min set in 2010, Pickles with 4 lb of sour garlic dill eaten in 5 min, mall food with 107 oz eaten in 6 min and 14 camp Washington coney dogs in 3 min.

Being an executive Chef with a B.S. in Advanced Culinary Arts, LaRue understands the properties of the food he eats and uses that knowledge to advance his natural athletic talent. He is 6'8" tall, and is in good physical condition, but he continues to train at the gym to give himself an edge at the table.

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