Jimmy the Kid

Jimmy the Kid
Directed by Gary Nelson
Produced by Ronald Jacobs
Written by Sam Bobrick
Based on Jimmy the Kid novel by Donald E. Westlake
Starring Gary Coleman
Music by John Cameron
Cinematography Dennis Dalzell
Edited by Richard C. Meyer
Zephyr Productions
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release dates
November 12, 1982[1][2]
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $5 million[3]

Jimmy the Kid is a 1982 American comedy film starring Gary Coleman and Paul Le Mat. It was directed by Gary Nelson, produced by Ronald Jacobs, and released on November 12, 1982 by New World Pictures. Following 1981's On the Right Track, it was second theatrical film release starring Coleman.[1]


The film was based on the 1974 novel of the same name by Donald E. Westlake. It was the third book of Westlake's Dortmunder series. One of the shooting locations was Bob Hope's Malibu Canyon plantation.[4]



Overall, critical reception of the family-friendly comedy was on the negative side. Even Gene Siskel, who called himself "one of few Americans who publicly declared his affection for On the Right Track" concluded that the follow-up was "definitely on the wrong track."[5][6][7][8] Roger Ebert also found little to like in the film, but admitted that kids may well enjoy it.[9]


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