Jim O'Doherty

Jim O'Doherty
Occupation Actor, television producer, writer
Years active 1989–present

Jim O'Doherty is an American television producer, writer and actor.

As a television producer and writer is best known for his work on the sitcoms Grounded for Life and 3rd Rock from the Sun. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the latter series, as a part of the producing and writing team.[1]

O'Doherty other television credits include Out of the Blue, The Tracy Morgan Show and Brothers...as well as the sitcoms Kickin' It and How to Rock, in which he is credited as creator for both series. He has collaborated with fellow producer and writer David M. Israel on the series 3rd Rock from the Sun, Grounded for Life, The Tracy Morgan Show and Brothers.

As an actor, O'Doherty has had small roles in the television series Married... with Children, That '70s Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun and Grounded for Life. As well as appearing the films Megaville (1990) and Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1992).

Prior to acting, O'Doherty started his career in the entertainment industry as stand-up comedian.[2] He also worked as an audience warm-up man for numerous TV sitcoms...including Unhappily Ever After, Suddenly Susan and Married...With Children.


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