Jim Hawkins (character)

Jim Hawkins
Treasure Island character

One More Step, Mr. Hands by N. C. Wyeth, 1911, for Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (Jim Hawkins with pistols).
Created by Robert Louis Stevenson
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Cabin Boy
Title Current head master of Harrow School
Nationality English

James "Jim" Hawkins is a fictional character in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.[1] He is both the protagonist and main narrator of the story.


At the start of the novel, Jim works at his family's inn. A patron of the inn, former swashbuckler Billy Bones receives the Black Spot, a pirates' summons, with the warning that he has until ten o'clock, and he drops dead of apoplexy on the spot. In the dead man's sea chest, Jim and his mother find an oilskin packet, which contains a logbook detailing the treasure looted during Captain Flint's career, and a detailed map of an island, with the location of Flint's treasure caches marked on it. Squire Trelawney immediately plans to outfit a sailing vessel to hunt the treasure down, with the help of Dr. Livesey and Jim.

When Jim goes to Bristol and visits Long John Silver at the Spy Glass tavern, recovered, Silver intends to murder the Hispaniola's officers, and keep the loot for himself and his men. When the pirates have gone back to their berths, Jim warns Smollett, Trelawney, and Livesey of the impending mutiny.

When they reach Treasure Island, the bulk of Silver's men go ashore immediately. Although Jim is not yet aware of this, Silver's men have given him the Black Spot and demanded to seize the treasure immediately, discarding Silver's own more careful plan to postpone any open mutiny or violence until after the treasure is safely aboard. Jim lands with Silver's men, but runs away from them almost as soon as he is ashore. Hiding in the woods, Jim sees Silver murder Tom, a crewman loyal to Smollett. Running for his life, he encounters Ben Gunn, another ex-crewman of Flint's who has been marooned three years on the island, but who treats Jim kindly in return for a chance of getting back to civilization. Later, Jim joins Trelawney, Livesey, and their men at an abandoned, fortified stockade on the island, until Silver and his pirates assault the stockade, but they are repulsed in a furious battle.

During the night, Jim sneaks out of the stockade, takes Ben Gunn's coracle and approaches the Hispaniola under cover of darkness. He cuts the ship's anchor cable, setting her adrift and out of reach of the pirates on shore. After daybreak, he manages to approach the schooner again and board her. Of the two pirates left aboard, only one is still alive: the coxswain, Israel Hands. He agrees to help Jim helm the ship to a safe beach in exchange for medical treatment and brandy, but once the ship is approaching the beach, Hands tries to murder Jim. The following day, the enraged pirates turn on Silver and Jim, but Ben Gunn, Dr. Livesey and his men attack the pirates by surprise, killing Merry and another guy and dispersing the rest. Silver surrenders to Dr. Livesey, promising to return to his duty. They go to Ben Gunn's cave home, where Gunn has had the treasure hidden for some months. The treasure is divided. One night Silver abandons the ship with some bags of gold. Jim says that he has nightmares and he can still hear Silver's parrot's voice saying "Pieces of Eight".


Year Title Actor
1918 Treasure Island Francis Carpenter
1920 Treasure Island Shirley Mason
1934 Treasure Island Jackie Cooper
1937 Treasure Island Claudia Pugacheva (as Jenny Hawkins)
1950 Treasure Island Bobby Driscoll
1954 Long John Silver Kit Taylor
1954 Return to Treasure Island Dawn Addams (as Jamie Hawkins)
1971 Treasure Island Aare Laanemets
1971 Animal Treasure Island Minori Matsushima (voice)
Billie Lou Watt (voice, English dub)
1972 Treasure Island Kim Burfield
1972 Treasure Island Davy Jones
1982 Treasure Island Fyodor Stukov
1985 Treasure Island Melvil Poupaud
1987 Treasure Island Todd Boyce (voice)
1988 Treasure Island Valery Bessarab (voice)
1990 Treasure Island Christian Bale
1996 Muppet Treasure Island Kevin Bishop
1999 Treasure Island Kevin Zegers
2002 Treasure Planet Joseph Gordon-Levitt (voice)
Austin Majors (voice, young)
2006 Pirates of Treasure Island Tom Nagel
Year Title Actor
1958 The Adventures of Long John Silver Kit Taylor
1966 Die Schatzinsel Ivor Dean
Alf Marholm (voice)
1968 Treasure Island Michael Newport
1977 Treasure Island Ashley Knight
1978–79 Treasure Island Mari Shimizu (voice)
Erica Mendez (voice, English dub)
1986 Return to Treasure Island Christopher Guard
1987 Treasure Island in Outer Space Itaco Nardulli (as Gimmi Hawkins)
1993–95 The Legends of Treasure Island Dawn French (voice, season 1)
John Hasler (voice, season 2)
2012 Treasure Island Toby Regbo
Year Title Voice actor
2013 Treasure Island Edward Holtom

Treasure Planet version

Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins (right) with John Sliver (left) as depicted in Disney's Treasure Planet
First appearance Treasure Planet (2002)
Created by John Ripa
Voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (teen)
Austin Majors (child)

Jim Hawkins appears in Disney's 2002 animated film, Treasure Planet, a science fiction adaptation of Treasure Island. The film's prologue depicts Jim as a five-year-old (voiced by Austin Majors) reading a storybook in bed. Jim is enchanted by stories of the legendary pirate Captain Flint and his ability to appear from nowhere, raid passing ships, and disappear in order to hide the loot on the mysterious "Treasure Planet". Twelve years later, Jim (now voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has grown into an aloof and alienated teenager, helping his mother Sarah run an inn and deriving amusement from "solar surfing" (a hybrid of skysurfing and windsurfing atop a board attached to a solar-powered rocket), a pastime that frequently gets him in trouble. One day, a spaceship crashes near the inn. The dying pilot, Billy Bones, gives Jim a sphere and tells him to "beware the cyborg". Shortly thereafter, a gang of pirates raid and burn the inn. Jim, his mother, and their dog-like friend Dr. Delbert Doppler barely escape. The sphere turns out to be a holographic projector, showing a map that Jim realizes leads to Treasure Planet.

Doppler commissions a ship called "RLS Legacy" on a mission to find Treasure Planet. The crew is a motley bunch, secretly led by cook John Silver, whom Jim suspects is the cyborg of whom he was warned. Jim is sent down to work in the galley; despite his mistrust of Silver, they soon form a tenuous father-son relationship. As the ship reaches Treasure Planet, mutiny erupts, led by Silver. Jim, Doppler, and Amelia abandon the ship, accidentally leaving the map behind. Silver, who believes that Jim has the map, has a chance to kill Jim, but refuses to do so because of his attachment to the boy. While exploring Treasure Planet's forests, the fugitives meet BEN, an abandoned, whimsical robot who claims to have lost most of his memory and invites them to his house to care for the wounded Amelia. The pirates corner the group here; using a back-door, Jim and B.E.N. return to the ship to recover the map. Upon their return, they are captured by Silver, who has already captured Doppler and Amelia.

When Jim is forced to use the map, the group finds their way to a portal that can be opened to any place in the universe. The treasure is at the center of the planet, accessible only via the portal. In the stash of treasure, Jim comes across a missing part of BEN's cognitive computer. Jim replaces this piece, causing BEN to remember that the planet is set to explode upon the treasure's discovery. In the ensuing catastrophe, Silver finds himself torn between holding onto a literal boat-load of gold and saving Jim, who hangs from a precipice after a fall. Silver saves Jim, and the group escapes to the Legacy, which is damaged and lacks the motive power required to leave the planet in time to escape. Jim attaches a rocket to a narrow plate of metal and rides it toward the portal to open it to a new location while Doppler pilots the ship behind him. Jim manages to open the portal to his home world's spaceport, through which all escape the destruction of Treasure Planet.

After the escape, Amelia has the surviving pirates imprisoned aboard the ship and offers to recommend Jim to the Interstellar Academy for his heroic actions. Silver sneaks below deck, where Jim finds him preparing his escape. Jim lets him go, inheriting Silver's shape-changing pet called Morph. Silver predicts that Jim will "rattle the stars", then tosses him a handful of jewels and gold he had taken from Treasure Planet to pay for rebuilding the inn. The film ends with a party at the rebuilt inn, showing Jim a military cadet. He has changed his ways and is escorted home by two cop robots that arrested him before. The change is evident as the cops greet him with respect unlike before. He looks to the skies and sees an image of Silver in the clouds.


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