Jeff Stoddard

Jeff Stoddard
Background information
Born (1973-12-14) December 14, 1973
Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genres Electronic
Occupation(s) Musician, recording engineer
Associated acts

Jeff Stoddard (born December 14, 1973) is a Canadian electronic musician, recording engineer and remix artist. He has been a member of and played with such electronic acts as Front Line Assembly, Will and Decree.

Early life

Stoddard was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia and then moved, at a very young age with his mother Heather Stoddard to live in various hippy communes all over North America. This lasted until he was 9 years old and was obviously a very profound experience in his formative years.[1] He eventually returned to Canada and was moved to Kamloops, British Columbia where he attended elementary and Senior High School. Stoddard has stated that he spent most of his time "being an asshole" at school and listening to punk rock and heavy metal music. Among others, he credits Bad Brains, Black Sabbath and Black Flag as his favourite bands, and the most substantial influence on his musical development and career.[2]

Recording career

His sonic experiments started early on when he began hooking up model trail transformers to tape recorders to alter record and playback speeds. He played in some punk rock Bands like BlackHeart and the Punishers.

Sometime around 1990 he relocated to Vancouver and joined the band Will with Rhys Fulber, John McRae and Chris Peterson. Together they released the album Pearl of Great Price.

The following year he worked with Front Line Assembly on their record, Caustic Grip[3]

Then he, John McRae and Chris Peterson moved into Skinny Puppy's (at that time) Vancouver based recording Studio Subconscious Communications to write and record the tracks found on Decree's first release, Wake of Devastation.

He then re-emerged working under the name Roughhausen and has released 4 or 5 albums under that name. Most recently he has been touring the United States with each Roughhausen release. 2011 saw two US Roughhausen tours

2012 saw yet another US tour this one primarily in the East coast in support of the Roughhausen CD "Throb" That tour entitled The Cry Havoc tour [4] included dates with Chilean industrial metal band Vigilante [5]


- Front Line Assembly - Caustic Grip
- Provision_song_29|Front Line Assembly - Provision
- Will - Pearl Of Great Price
- Various Compilation - Mindfield
- Various Compilation - Electrocity Vol. 4
- Various Compilation - Hot Wired Monstertrux
- Decree - Wake Of Devastation
- Will - Déjà-Vu
- Various Compilation - Neurostyle Vol. VII
- Front Line Assembly - Reclamation
- Various Compilation - The Tyranny Off The Beat Vol. IV
- Various Compilation - The Tyranny Off The Beat Vol. V
- Various Compilation - EBM Club Classics Vol. 2
- Various Compilation - Industrial Frequencies Vol. 2 (CD)
- Various Compilation - The Electronic Challenge Vol. 3 (CD)
- Various Compilation - EBM Club Classics Vol. 3 (2xCD)
- Roughhausen - Defenestrated
- Front Line Assembly - Gashed Senses & Crossfire / Caustic Grip
- Roughhausen - Defenestrated - Roughhausen - Control: Face Fuck Remixes
- Roughhausen - The Agony of the Beat
- Roughhausen - Someone's Got to Pay
- Roughhausen - Limited Edition US tour EP
- Roughhausen - Throb
- Roughhausen - The Medicated Generation


The Agony Tour 2008 (Asia)


Why Does it Hurt When I Pee? Tour 2010 (Asia)


Blood, Bones & Cum Tour 2011 (United States)[10]


Viscerex Complex Tour 2011 (United States)[12]


Cry Havoc Tour 2012 (United States)[14]


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