Jean Sebastien Roy

For the curler, see Jean-Sébastien Roy.

Jean Sebastien Roy, also known as JSR, is a Canadian professional motocross rider and has won 5 CMRC Canadian National Motocross Championships dating from 2001-2005.

He was born and raised in Acton Vale, Quebec.

Roy competed in the USA as a privateer for a number of years, where he raced both the AMA Motocross and Supercross classes. His strongest AMA season was 1998, where he finished 9th overall for the season as a full privateer Kawasaki rider. Unfortunately, Roy was unable to secure a full factory ride after that, and switched between several private Honda teams. In 2001, after having a lackluster season in the US, he decided to become fully dedicated to the Canadian National Series (CMRC).

Since his return to Canada, JSR has won his 5 consecutive 250 championships, as well as a handful of Montreal Supercrosses. Roy has proven extremely competitive during his part-time forays in the AMA championship, regularly showing top 10 speed on production-based, 2-stroke equipment.

In an intense championship battle, Roy lost the 2006 MX1 championship to his Blackfoot Honda teammate Dusty Klatt, but finished ahead of teammate and longtime rival Blair Morgan. Both racers were on Honda CRF450 four stroke machines, and it was the first season on one for both.

With defending champion Klatt moving to the US to pursue AMA racing, Roy enters 2007 as the odds-on favorite for an unprecedented 6th National title. His team, Blackfoot Motorsports based in Calgary, AB, will field Yamaha motorcycles after six very successful seasons with Honda.

During the 2007 season, Roy suffered some bike problems and injuries that set him back to 5th in the standings. His plans for next season are not known yet.

He was in 3rd place at the Quebec Motorcross championship on May 23, 2009.

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