Jean Audureau

Jean Audureau
Born 1932
Cholet, France
Died 2001
Paris, France
Occupation Writer and playwright
Nationality French
Period modern

Jean Audureau (1932–2001) was a French writer and playwright known for the whimsey of his work.[1]

Life and career

Jean Audureau was born in Cholet, France. He wrote his first play La Réception in 1956, and began his career in earnest in 1966 with À Memphis il y a un homme d’une force prodigieuse. He continued his success with Le Jeune Homme (1970), La Lève (1975) and Félicité (1983). More contemporary plays include Katherine Barker (1993), À l’image d’Hélène (1996) and L’Élégant Profil d’une Bugatti sous la lune (2002).[2] Andureau was noted for the quality of his composition.[3][4]

Audureau died in Paris in 2001.


Details on selected works include:


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