Jean-Marie Bigard

Jean-Marie Bigard

Jean-Marie Bigard.
Born Jean-Marie Bigard
(1954-05-17) 17 May 1954
Troyes, France
Years active 1988present

Jean-Marie Bigard (born 17 May 1954 in Troyes, France)[1] is a French comedian and actor.[2] Known for his often controversial humour, he has performed at some of the largest entertainment facilities in France, including the Palais omnisports at Paris-Bercy and the Stade de France.[3] Bigard is a close friend of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whom he accompanied on an official visit to Pope Benedict XVI in Rome.[4][5][6]

Personal life

Jean-Marie Bigard married Claudia Bigard in February 1991. They divorced in August 2009. He then married the comedian Lola Marois in May 2011. The couple have one child, Sasha, born on 19 June 2009.[7]


Year Title Notes
1988 Vous avez dit Bigard ? One Man Show
1990 Oh Ben Oui ! One Man Show
1992 Le nouveau Bigard au Palais des glaces One Man Show
1993 Bigard Intégral One Man Show
1995 100 % Tout Neuf One Man Show
2000 Bigard met le Paquet One Man Show
2001 Bigard bourre Bercy One Man Show
2003 Des Animaux et des Hommes One Man Show
2004 Bigard au Stade de France One Man Show
2006 Le Bourgeois gentilhomme Play
Mon psy va mieux One Man Show
2008 Clérambard Play
2009 La tournée du patron One Man Show
2010 Bigard remet le paquet One Man Show
2011 Le Coup de la cigogne Play
2012 №9 de Bigard One Man Show
2014 Bigard fête ses 60 ans One Man Show
2015 100% Bigard One Man Show
2016 Nous les femmes One Man Show


Year Title Role Director Notes
1989 À deux minutes près The store SOS Eric Le Hung
1990 La grande embrouille Paulo Claude Guillemot TV Movie
1991 Les secrets professionnels du Dr Apfelglück Café's owner Several
1992 Les cravates léopards Gonzales Jean-Luc Trotignon TV Movie
1996 Oui Stéphane Alexandre Jardin
Toniglandyl Myriam Isker TV Short
1997 Arlette Victor Claude Zidi
1998 Lautrec Aristide Bruant Roger Planchon
Le clone Dental customer Fabio Conversi
1999 L'âme-soeur Rémi Jean-Marie Bigard
2001 La boîte Roger Claude Zidi (2)
Philosophale Farid Fedjer
Gilbert Mouclade était un marrant Himself Elie-Alexandre Le Hoangan & Camille Saféris Short
2002 And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen Dr. Larry Claude Lelouch
2003 The Car Keys The bank manager Laurent Baffie
Les gaous Dédé Igor Sekulic
Le dirlo: Lucie François Ragueneau Patrick Volson TV Movie
2005 L'homme qui voulait passer à la télé Roger Hano Amar Arhab & Fabrice Michelin TV Movie
2006 Hé M'sieur! - Des yeux pour entendre Antoine Charpentier Patrick Volson (2) TV Movie
2007 New délire The producer Eric Le Roch
2008 Un vrai papa Noël Manu José Pinheiro TV Movie
2009 Le missionnaire Mario Roger Delattre
2010 Le grand restaurant A client Gérard Pullicino TV Movie
2011 Les recalés du permis Jealous husband Olivier Belmondo & Lucas Rue Short
2012 Un Marocain à Paris Saïd Naciri
2013 Nos chers voisins Serge Emmanuel Rigaut TV Series (1 Episode)
2014 R.I.S, police scientifique Carrera Olivier Barma TV Series (1 Episode)
2016 Le cabanon rose The Brigadier Jean-Pierre Mocky
2017 Vive la crise Jean-François Davy
Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction Claude Lelouch (2)



He was one of the contetant during the First season of Danse avec les stars.

Views on the September 11 attacks

In September 2008, Bigard claimed that the September 11 attacks on the US seven years earlier were an "enormous lie" orchestrated by the American government. He said that he was "absolutely sure and certain" that the US government had stage-managed the attacks.[4]

Later, in a statement to Agence France-Presse, Bigard said that he wanted to "apologise to everyone". He also said: "I will never speak again about the events of 11 September. . . I will never express any more doubts." He stopped short, however, of saying that he accepted that his comments were untrue.[4]

On June 2009, Bigard posted several videos on his website in which he comments on the official account of the September 11 attacks.[8][9]

On 28 October 2009, accompanied by Mathieu Kassovitz, Bigard participated on a TV show (France 2) in which he said there was no proof of Ben Laden's culpability in the attacks, neither any images (and proof) about an airplane crashing on the Pentagon.[10]


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