Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus

Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus (known as Jason et les héros de l'Olympe in French) was an animated French TV series produced by Night Storms Productions and Saban Entertainment. The series stars the voices of Miles Marsico, Pat Fraley, John Morris, Tifanie Christun, Scott Bullock, Frank Welker and Tom Bosley.

Series Overview

Jason is a twelve-year-old with fantasies of becoming a hero just like those in the mythological battles of the Ancient World. He is in for a surprise as his dreams become a reality when he climbs to the top of Mt. Olympus and fulfills and ancient prophecy. Jason is the “chosen one” and a wise… More old man, Jupiter, King of the Immortals, gives him the Belt of Orion which allows him to exist on Mt. Olympus and gives him control of the universe. The evil Dracchus seeks the all-powerful amulet and it is up to Jason to keep the belt and save Mt. Olympus!



Episode Guide

  1. Orion's Belt
  2. Meeting with Medusa
  3. Jason and the Harpies
  4. Sea No Evil
  5. Jason and the Sirens
  6. No Man's Land
  7. Forge of Vulcan
  8. Treasure of Trouble
  9. Last of the Atlanteans
  10. Unity is Strength
  11. Changer in the Midst
  12. Sting of the Scorpion
  13. Lost in the Labyrinth
  14. Indiscipline
  15. Horseplay on Mt. Olympus
  16. Danger in a Strange Land
  17. Sleepless on Mt. Olympus
  18. The Cyclops
  19. Fast Feud
  20. Laughter of the Sphinx
  21. Close Companion
  22. The Pipes of Pan
  23. Calypso's Challenge
  24. The Golden Fleece
  25. Gaze of Gorgons
  26. Day of Destiny

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