Jason Jones (actor)

Jason Jones

Jones in Fairbanks, Alaska, July 2009
Born Jason Pierre Jones
(1973-06-03) June 3, 1973
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Residence New York City
Nationality Canadian
Citizenship Canada and United States
Alma mater Ryerson University
Occupation Actor, comedian
Years active 2003–present
Spouse(s) Samantha Bee (m. 2001)
Children 3

Jason Pierre Jones[1][2] (born June 3, 1973) is a Canadian-American actor and comedian. He is best known for being a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He departed that show on March 26, 2015.

Life and career

Jones was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario.[3] He attended Hill Park Secondary School and then Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto. Jones is married to Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and fellow former The Daily Show correspondent, with whom he has three children: daughter Piper Bee-Jones (born 2006), son, Fletcher Bee-Jones (born 2008), and daughter, Ripley Bee-Jones (born 2010). In 2014, he became a United States citizen.[4]

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

In September 2005, Jones joined the Daily Show cast as a contributor. When his wife left the show in late December for family leave, Jones was promoted to a full-time correspondent. Thereafter, he won a significant following at The Daily Show, thanks to a few pieces on the Denmark cartoons, Carl Monday, and Laguna Beach. Before Rob Corddry left The Daily Show, he said: "Jason Jones has raised the bar too high. I just can't say the things he says to people."[5] His exposé on the real values of Wasilla, Alaska remains one of the most popular pieces on the Daily Show website. In 2014, Jones temporarily left The Daily Show to appear in a pilot for the sitcom Love Is Relative.[6]

In June 2009, Jones was sent to Tehran just prior to the controversial 2009 presidential election.[7][8] Jones' reports in Iran included an interview with Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari, who was arrested after the disputed June 2009 presidential elections. During Bahari's time in prison, his interrogators charged him with espionage and used Jones' interview as evidence against him. It was later clarified by Bahari that the charges were fabricated.[9] Jones appeared as himself in the film version of Bahari's ordeal, Rosewater, encountering Bahari prior to taping their interview. The film was written and directed by Daily Show host Jon Stewart. Another segment in Iran poked fun at Iranians' greater knowledge of the United States compared with Americans' knowledge of Iran. That segment, along with a 2011 piece in which he invited cameras to his vasectomy, are regarded by TV Guide as his signature segments on the program.[10]

On October 7, 2014, he co-hosted The Daily Show with his wife Samantha Bee, in the absence of an ailing Jon Stewart.. He also disclosed on that episode that he had recently become an American citizen.

Jason Jones announced that he would leave The Daily Show in 2015 to begin work on his untitled TBS show which he co-wrote and will executive produce with wife Samantha Bee.[11]

2014 Sochi Olympics

Jason Jones was sent as a mock reporter to cover the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Through his visit, Jones often lampooned Russian culture and its perceived police state. For example, in one episode, Jones attempted to find a protest area in Sochi and was forced to drive well outside of the city to an abandoned parking lot which was designed as the zone for protesters; however, even then he was approached by police officers and asked to leave due to not having appropriate documentation. During Jason Jones's interview with opposition figure Alexei Navalny, the crew's cameras and other electronic equipment was jammed as they entered an apartment to conduct the interview. Jones also managed to hold a mock interview with Mikhail Gorbachev where he insisted Gorbachev put up the wall, a play on president Ronald Reagan's plea to Gorbachev to "tear down" the Berlin Wall. Alexei Navalny was arrested several days after conducting the interview with Jason Jones, which was also satirized by Jon Stewart.[12]

Other work

Jones has also done various television work with his Canadian sketch comedy troupe The Bobroom, and was the host of Craft Corner Deathmatch on the Style Network in 2005. He also co-wrote, co-starred in, and co-produced the 2004 film Ham & Cheese with fellow Bobroom alumnus Mike Beaver; the film was nominated for six Canadian Comedy Awards in 2005. He has also had minor roles in numerous feature films, such as the 2002 Syfy original film Terminal Invasion and the 2003 film Public Domain, the latter of which also starred Don McKellar, Nicole DeBoer, and Beaver.

He appeared in the TV show Queer as Folk,[13] as well as appearing on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother as "Tony". Jones has appeared twice on the NBC series Law & Order as Len Pewels, host of the fictional Len Pewels' America. In 2008, Jones worked on a CBS sitcom about a celebrity chef (to be played by Jones), with his wife (to be played by Samantha Bee).[14] Jones and Bee starred as husband and wife in a movie entitled Cooper's Camera (USA Cooper's Christmas), in which their Christmas was recorded on a brand new (1985, at the time) camera.

Jones did further work in a series of television advertisements, including a series for beer brand Molson, and appearing as Greg Gregger in Budweiser's short films The Best Man and The Company Man, as well as in some 30-second commercials. Jones had a supporting role in the 2009 movie All About Steve. In early 2010, he starred in a sitcom pilot for ABC called How to be a Better American, but it was not picked up as a series. He also made cameo appearances in the 2012 film Pitch Perfect, its 2015 sequel Pitch Perfect 2, the 2013 film The Art of the Steal and the 2015 films Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and The Night Before. In 2014, Jones starred in the pilot for the sitcom Love is Relative as the character "Nate".

He worked with his wife, Samantha Bee, on development of a new show for TBS, The Detour.[15] TBS ordered the pilot, written by Jason Jones and Samantha Bee in October 2014.[16] The show is based on the real life couple's own experience with family vacations.[17] It was picked up for ten episodes in February 2015.[18] On April 6, 2016, the show was renewed for a second season.[19]


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