Japanese military aircraft designation systems

The Japanese military aircraft designation systems for the Imperial period (pre-1945) had multiple designation systems for each armed service. This led to the Allies' use of code names during World War II, and these code names are still better known in English-language texts than the real Japanese names for the aircraft. A number of different schemes were simultaneously in use.

Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service

The Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (Japanese: 大日本帝國海軍航空隊, Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kaigun Koukuu-tai) (IJNAS) used several different aircraft designation systems simultaneously. Between 1931 and 1945, aircraft had Shi numbers designating the specification they were designed to. They also had a long form of Type and Model Number system used between 1920 and 1943, a short designation system akin to that of the United States Navy in use between the late 1920s and 1945, a system of popular names introduced to replace type numbers from 1943 through 1945.

Specification Shi numbers

Japanese Navy specifications from 1931 were given an experimental, or Shi number, based on the year of the Emperor's reign the specification was issued in. Since multiple specifications could be issued in a year, the number was disambiguated with the aircraft purpose.[1]

During the period this designation system was in use, the Emperor in question was Hirohito, the Showa Emperor, thus the years of Showa were those used, which began in 1926.

Thus, the Mitsubishi Zero was designed to meet the 1937 specification called 12-shi carrier fighter.

Long Type and Model Number system

After 1929, aircraft types were given a type number based on the last two digits of the year as counted from the mythical founding of Japan in 660BC by Emperor Jimmu. Added to this was a brief description of the aircraft's function. The Mitsubishi Zero was so-called because entered service in 1940 which was the Japanese year 2600, thus it was designated Type 0 Carrier Fighter.[2]

Model numbers were added to show subtypes. By the late 1930s these were two digits, the first being airframe revisions, the second engine revisions.[3]

The system was abandoned in 1943, when it was decided that it gave away too much information about the aircraft.

Short system

In the late 1920s a short designation scheme was adopted, which was strikingly similar to the 1922 United States Navy aircraft designation system. This scheme used a letter or two letters to designate a type of aircraft, a number to indicate the number in series of that type of aircraft, and finally a letter to designate the manufacturer. Unlike the US Navy system, the Japanese system did not have a different number series for each manufacturer, and did not omit the number "1".[4]

Thus, the Zero's type in this designation system was A6M, which meant the sixth type of carrier fighter under this designation system, and that it was built by Mitsubishi.

Variants were indicated by an additional number at the end; repurposing an aircraft was indicated by a dash and then the new type letter.[4]

Sometimes two aircraft were ordered from different manufacturers to the same specification at the same time, generally as insurance against the primary design not working out. In this case, the same series number was used for both.

Aircraft type letters[5]
LetterType of Aircraft
ACarrier fighter
BCarrier attack bomber
DCarrier dive bomber
EReconnaissance seaplane
FObservation seaplane
GAttack bomber (land-based)
HFlying boat
JFighter (land-based)
MSpecial seaplane
NFighter seaplane
RReconnaissance (land-based)
SNight fighter
Manufacturer Letters
North American Aviation
CConsolidated Aircraft
Douglas Aircraft
GHitachi Kokuki
JNihon Kogata Hikoki
ZMizuno Guraida Seisakusho

Popular names

After July 1943, names were given to Navy aircraft instead of type designations. These names were given according to a scheme based on the aircraft's role.

Special cases include kamikaze aircraft such as Special Attackers Ohka ("Cherry blossom"; designed from the start as such) and Kikka ("Orange blossom"; believed to be considered for this role), aircraft that employed non-conventional (i.e. non-propeller-driven) propulsion scheme like rocket-powered interceptor Shūsui (poetic term meaning "Sharp Sword"), and aircraft used for non-conventional deployments such as Special Attacker Seiran ("Mountain Haze"; deployed from submarines to strike targets behind the frontline and expected to be ditched upon returning to motherships). Both Ohka and Kikka are named after the fruit trees in the gardens of the Imperial Palace.

Imperial Japanese Army Air Service

The Imperial Japanese Army Air Service (often called the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (大日本帝國陸軍航空隊、大日本帝國陸軍航空部隊 Dainippon Teikoku Rikugun Kōkūtai, Dainippon Teikoku Rikugun Kōkūbutai) (IJAAS) used a straightforward system based on year of service and type, nearly identical to the Navy's long type and model number system. This system was used from 1927. The "Ki" (キ; abbreviation of kitai = airframe) designation was also used and became prominent in later years.

Long Type and Model Number system

The first part of the designation was a two-digit type number based on the Japanese year in which the aircraft entered service. A minor exception was the year 1940 (2600), for which the type number 100 rather than zero was used. This was followed by a description of the aircraft's function.[6] If there were two or more aircraft with the same type and function, the latter was enhanced to further differentiate them. An example is the Type 2 single-seat fighter (the Nakajima Ki-44) and the Type 2 two-seat fighter (Kawasaki Ki-45).

Major modifications (such as a different engine) were indicated with a subtype number, officially in kanji but often in Roman numerals. Small-scale modifications (such as armament) are indicated with a Japanese ordinal (甲,乙,丙), or "kai"(改) if the modification was large but not enough for a new type number.[7]

Short designation ("Ki" number)

The "Ki" airframe designation indicates the project number (written in Arabic numerals), and was assigned in sequence to all projects regardless of manufacturer or type.[2]

Popular names

Popular names such as "Hayabusa" (the Nakajima Ki-43) were not part of the official designation.

Calendars and Type numbers

Data from: [8]

Calendar Year
Type number
(Army & Navy)
Imperial Japanese
Calendar Year
Calendrical Era
Navy experimental
Shisaku number
1921Type 10 (Taisho)2581Taisho 10
1922Type 11 (Taisho) 2582 Taisho 11
1923Type 12 (Taisho)2583Taisho 12
1924Type 13 (Taisho)2584Taisho 13
1925Type 14 (Taisho)2585Taisho 14
1926 (to 25 Dec.)Type 15 (Taisho)2586 (to 25 Dec.)Taisho 15
1926 (from 26 Dec.)2586 (from 26 Dec.)Showa 1
1927Type 872587Showa 2
1928Type 882588Showa 3
1929Type 892589Showa 4
1930Type 902590Showa 5
1931Type 912591Showa 66-Shi
1932Type 922592Showa 77-Shi
1933Type 932593Showa 88-Shi
1934Type 942594Showa 99-Shi
1935Type 952595Showa 1010-Shi
1936Type 962596Showa 1111-Shi
1937Type 972597Showa 1212-Shi
1938Type 982598Showa 1313-Shi
1939Type 992599Showa 1414-Shi
1940Type 100 or 02600Showa 1515-Shi
1941Type 12601Showa 1616-Shi
1942Type 22602Showa 1717-Shi
1943Type 32603Showa 1818-Shi
1944Type 42604Showa 1919-Shi
1945Type 52605Showa 2020-Shi

Designation table

This is a sortable table giving all the various designations and names of Japanese Military aircraft from circa 1925 to 1945. Data from :[9] and [[10]]

Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service aircraft designations

Service Short Designation Manufacturer Official Designation Experimental Designation (Navy), Role (Army) Name Allied Reporting Name Notes
IJNASA1NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 3 Carrier FighterSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASA2NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 90 Carrier FighterSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASA3NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 90 Training FighterSingle-engined two-seat biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASA4NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 95 Carrier FighterSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASA5MMitsubishi九六式艦上戦闘機 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Carrier Fighter9-shi Carrier FighterCLAUDEalso given reporting name SANDY in error
IJNASA5M4-KMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 96 Training FighterTwo-seat training fighter variant of A5M
IJNASA5M4-KWatanabeWatanabe Navy Type 2 Training Fighter15-shi Fighter-TrainerTwo-seat training fighter variant of A5M
IJNASA6MMitsubishi零式艦上戦闘機 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter12-shi Carrier Fighter零戦 – ReisenZEKE (HAMP / HAP / RAY)
IJNASA6M2-KMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Training FighterZEKE
IJNASA6M5-KMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Training FighterZEKE
IJNASA6M2-NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 2 Fighter Seaplane15-shi Fighter SeaplaneRUFE
IJNASA7MMitsubishi17-shi Ko Type Carrier Fighter烈風 – Reppu – Storm Wind SAM
IJNASA7M3-JMitsubishi17-Shi Otsu(B) Type Interceptor Fighter Reppu Kai
IJNASA7HeHeinkelType He Air Defence FighterJERRYHeinkel He 112B-0
IJNASA8VSeverskyType S Two-seat FighterDICKSeversky 2PA-B3
IJNASAXBBoeingType B Carrier FighterOne Boeing Model 100 tested
IJNASAXGCanadian CarType G Carrier FighterOne Grumman FF-1 tested
IJNASAXDDewoitineType D Carrier Fighter One Dewoitine D.510 tested
IJNASAXHHawkerType H Carrier Fighter One Hawker Nimrod tested
IJNASAXHeHeinkelType He Interceptor Fighter Three Heinkel He 100D-0 tested; production in Japan by Hitachi cancelled
IJNASAXVVoughtType V Interceptor Fighter One Vought V-143 tested
IJNASB1MMitsubishi一三式艦攻 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 13 Carrier Attack BomberSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASB2MMitsubishi八九式艦攻 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 89 Carrier Attack BomberSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASB3YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 92 Carrier Attack BomberSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941 (Kugisho Naval Arsenal)
IJNASB4MMitsubishi9-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerBiplane
IJNASB4NNakajima9-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerUnsuccessful competitor to Kugisho B4Y1
IJNASB4YKugisho九六式艦攻 – Kugisho Navy Type 96 Carrier Attack Bomber9-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerJEAN
IJNASB5MMitsubishi九七式二号艦攻 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 97-2 Carrier Attack Bomber10-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerMABEL
IJNASB5NNakajima九七式艦攻 – Nakajima Navy Type 97-1 Carrier Attack Bomber and Nakajima Navy Type 97-3 Carrier Attack Bomber10-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerKATE
IJNASB5N1-KNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 97 Model 1 Attacker-TrainerKATETrainer version of B5N
IJNASB6NNakajimaNakajima Navy Carrier Attack Bomber Tenzan14-shi Carrier Torpedo Attacker天山 – Tenzan – Heavenly MountainJILL
IJNASB7AAichiAichi Navy Carrier Attack Bomber Ryusei16-shi Carrier Torpedo Attacker流星 – Ryusei – Shooting StarGRACE
IJNASBXNNorthropNorthrop 2E Gamma bomber 2 imported.
IJNASC1MMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 10 Carrier Reconnaissance AircraftSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNAS MitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 10 Carrier Attack Aircraft (Torpedo Bomber?)Mitsubishi 1MTSingle-engined triplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASC2NNakajimaNakajima Navy Fokker Reconnaissance AircraftJapanese-built Fokker Super Universal; obsolete in 1941
IJNASC3NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 97 Carrier Reconnaissance Aircraft10-shi Carrier (Land) ReconnaissanceSingle-engined monoplane; not proceeded with
IJNASC4AAichi13-Shi High-speed Reconnaissance PlaneProject only
IJNASC5MMitsubishi九八式陸上偵察機 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 98 Reconnaissance AircraftBABS
IJNASC6NNakajimaNakajima Navy Carrier Reconnaissance Plane Saiun17-shi Carrier (Land) Reconnaissance彩雲 – Saiun – Painted CloudMYRT
IJNASC6N1-S2NakajimaNight Fighter17-shi Carrier (Land) Reconnaissance彩雲 – Saiun – Iridescent CloudMYRT
IJNASCXP1PotezOne imported for diesel experiments
IJNASD1A1Aichi九四式艦爆 – Aichi Navy Type 94 Carrier Bomber8-shi Carrier Dive BomberSUSIE
IJNASD1A2AichiAichi Navy Type 96 Carrier BomberSUSIE
IJNASD2NNakajima8-Shi Carrier BomberUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi D1A1
IJNASD2YKugisho8-Shi Carrier BomberUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi D1A1
IJNASD3AAichi九九式艦爆 – Aichi Navy Type 99 Carrier Bomber11-shi Carrier Dive BomberVAL
IJNASD3MMitsubishi11-Shi Carrier BomberUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi D3A1
IJNASD3NNakajima11-Shi Carrier BomberUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi D3A1
IJNASD3Y1-KKugishoKugisho Navy Training Bomber Myojo明星 - Myoujou – Venus
IJNASD3Y2-KKugishoKugisho Navy Training Bomber MyojoMyoujou – Venus
IJNASD4YKugishoKugisho Navy Carrier Bomber Suisei17-shi Carrier Dive Bomber彗星 – Suisei – CometJUDY(may have been given the reporting name DOT in error)
IJNASD4Y1-CKugishoKugisho Navy Type 2 Carrier Reconnaissance AircraftJUDY
IJNASD4Y2-CaKugishoKugisho Navy Type 2 Carrier Reconnaissance AircraftJUDY
IJNASD5YKugishoKugisho Navy Special Attacker Myojo Kai
IJNASDXDDouglasType D Attack PlaneOne Douglas DB-19 tested
IJNASDXHeHeinkelType He Attack PlaneOne Heinkel He 118V4 tested
IJNASE1YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 14-1 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE2NNakajima一五式水上偵察機 – Nakajima Navy Type 15 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE3AAichiAichi Navy Type 90-1 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE4NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 90-2 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE4N2-CNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 90-2-3 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE5KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Type 90-3 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE5YKugishoKugisho Type 14-2 Kai-1 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE6YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 91 Reconnaissance SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE7KKawanishi九四式水上偵察機 – Kawanishi Navy Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane7-shi Sea ReconnaissanceALF
IJNASE8AAichi8-Shi Reconnaissance SeaplaneUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi E8N1
IJNASE8KKawanishi8-Shi Reconnaissance SeaplaneUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi E8N1
IJNASE8NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 95 Reconnaissance Seaplane8-shi Sea ReconnaissanceDAVE
IJNASE9WWatanabeWatanabe Navy Type 96 Small Reconnaissance Seaplane9-shi Sea ReconnaissanceSLIMSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE10AAichiAichi Navy Type 96 Night Reconnaissance Seaplane9-shi Sea ReconnaissanceHANKSingle-engined biplane flying boat; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE10KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Type 94 Transport Seaplane9-shi Sea ReconnaissanceSingle-engined biplane flying boat; obsolete in 1941
IJNASE11AAichiAichi Navy Type 98 Night Reconnaissance Seaplane11-shi Sea ReconnaissanceLAURA
IJNASE11KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Type 96 Transport Seaplane11-shi Sea ReconnaissanceUnsuccessful competitor to Aichi E11A1; three prototypes modified as transports
IJNASE12AAichi12-Shi Two-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane
IJNASE12KKawanishi12-Shi Two-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane
IJNASE12NNakajima12-Shi Two-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane
IJNASE13AAichi零式水上偵察機 – Aichi Navy Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane12-shi Sea ReconnaissanceJAKE
IJNASE13KKawanishi12-Shi Three-seat Reconnaissance Seaplane
IJNASE14WWatanabe12-Shi Small Reconnaissance Seaplane
IJNASE14YKugisho零式小型水上偵察機 – Kugisho Navy Type 0 Small Reconnaissance Seaplane12-shi Sea ReconnaissanceGLEN
IJNASE15KKawanishi二式高速度水上偵察機 - Kawanishi Navy Type 2 High-speed Reconnaissance Seaplane Shiun14-shi Sea Reconnaissance紫雲 – Shiun – Purple CloudNORM
IJNASE16AAichiAichi Navy Reconnaissance Seaplane Zuiun16-shi Sea Reconnaissance瑞雲 – Zuiun – Happy CloudPAUL
IJNASF1AAichi10-Shi Observation SeaplaneUnsuccessful competitor to Mitsubishi F1M1
IJNASF1KKawanishi10-Shi Observation SeaplaneUnsuccessful competitor to Mitsubishi F1M1
IJNASF1MMitsubishi零式水上観測機 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 Observation Seaplane10-shi Sea ObservationPETE
IJNASG1MMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 93 Attack Bomber7-shi Land AttackerTwin-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASG1MMitsubishi8-shi Land AttackerLong Range Research Plane. Different from 7-shi
IJNASG2HHiro九五式陸上攻撃機 – Hiro Navy Type 95 Attack Bomber7-shi Land AttackerTwin-engined monoplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASG3MMitsubishi九六式陸攻 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Attack Bomber9-shi Land AttackerNELL
IJNASG4MMitsubishi一式陸攻 – Mitsubishi Navy Type 1 Attack Bomber12-shi Land AttackerBETTY
IJNASG5NNakajima13-Shi Attack Bomber Shinzan深山 – Shinzan – Deep MountainLIZ
IJNASG6MMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 1 Wingtip Convoy FighterBETTY
IJNASG6M1-KMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 1 Large Land TrainerBETTY
IJNASG6M1-L2MitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 1 TransportBETTY
IJNASG7MMitsubishi16-Shi Attack Bomber TaizanTaizan – Great MountainProject only
IJNASG8NNakajima18-Shi Attack Bomber Renzan連山 – Renzan – Mountain Chain RITA
IJNASG9KKawanishi17-Shi Attack BomberProject only
IJNASG10NNakajimaSuper Heavy Bomber Fugaku富岳 – Fugaka – Mount Fuji
IJNASH1HHiroHiro Navy Type 15 Flying boatTwin-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASH2HHiroHiro Navy Type 89 Flying boatTwin-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASH3HHiroHiro Navy Type 90-1 Flying boatThree-engined monoplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASH3KKawanishi九〇式二号飛行艇 – Kawanishi Navy Type 90-2 Flying boatBELLEThree-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASH4HHiroHiro Navy Type 91 Flying boatTwin-engined monoplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASH5YKugisho九九式飛行艇 – Kugisho Navy Type 99 Flying boat9-shi Flying BoatCHERRY
IJNASH6KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Type 97 Flying boat9-shi Flying BoatMAVIS
IJNASH6K2-LKawanishiKawanishi Navy Type 97 Transport Flying boatMAVIS
IJNASH6K4-LKawanishi九七式大型飛行艇 – Kawanishi Navy Type 97 Transport Flying boatMAVIS
IJNASH7YKugisho12-Shi Special Flying boat TILLIE Project only.
IJNASH8KKawanishi二式大型飛行艇 – Kawanishi Navy Type 2 Flying boat13-shi Flying BoatEMILY
IJNASH8K2-LKawanishiKawanishi Navy Transport Flying boat Seiku晴空 – Seiku – Sunny SkyEMILY
IJNASH9AAichi二式練習飛行艇 – Aichi Navy Type 2 Training Flying boat13-shi Flying Boat
IJNASH10HHiro14-Shi Medium Flying boatProject only
IJNASH11K1-LKawanishiKawanishi Navy Large-size Transport Flying boat Soukuu蒼空 – Soukuu – Blue Sky4-engine transport flying boat project with nose clamshell doors
IJNASHXCConsolidatedType C Flying boat One Consolidated P2Y-1 tested
IJNASHXDDouglasType D Flying boat Two Douglas DF tested
IJNASHXPPotez1 Potex 452 flying boat imported for evaluation
IJNASJ1NNakajima13-Shi Three-seat Fighter
IJNASJ1N1-CNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 2 Reconnaissance AircraftIRVING
IJNASJ1N1-RNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft13-shi Land Reconnaissance
IJNASJ1N1-SNakajimaNakajima Navy Night Fighter Gekko13-shi Night Fighter月光 – Gekko – Moon LightIRVING
IJNASJ2MMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Interceptor Fighter Raiden14-shi Interceptor雷電 – Raiden – ThunderboltJACK
IJNASJ3KKawanishi17-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter
IJNASJ4MMitsubishi17-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Senden閃電 – Senden – Flushing Lightning LUKE
IJNASJ5NNakajima18-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Tenrai天雷 – Tenrai – Heavenly Thunder
IJNASJ6KKawanishi18-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Jinpu陣風 – Jinpu – Squall
IJNASJ7WWatanabe18-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Shinden震電 – Shinden – Resounding Lightning
IJNASJ8MMitsubishi19-Shi Rocket-Powered Interceptor Fighter Shusui秋水 – Shusui – Sharp Sword
IJNASKikkaNakajimaNakajima Navy jet fighter, 皇国二号兵器 – Kōkoku Nigō Heiki – Imperial Weapon No.2橘花 – Kikka – Wild Orange BlossomFirst Japanese jet aircraft.
IJNASK1YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 13 Training SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; obsolete in 1941
IJNASK2YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 3 Primary Trainer
IJNASK3MMitsubishiMitsubishi Navy Type 90 Operations TrainerPINE
IJNASK4YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 90 Training Seaplane
IJNASK5YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 93 Advanced TrainerWILLOW
IJNASK6KKawanishi11-Shi Advanced Trainer SeaplaneCancelled Single-engined biplane
IJNASK6MMitsubishi11-Shi Advanced Trainer SeaplaneCancelled Single-engined biplane
IJNASK6WWatanabe11-Shi Advanced Trainer SeaplaneCancelled Single-engined biplane
IJNASK7MMitsubishi11-Shi Crew TrainerCancelled Twin-engined monoplane
IJNASK8KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Type 0 Primary Trainer Seaplane12-shi Primary Trainer SeaplaneSingle-engined biplane; fifteen built
IJNASK8PNihon12-Shi Primary Trainer SeaplaneCancelled Single-engined biplane
IJNASK8WWatanabe12-Shi Primary Trainer SeaplaneCancelled Single-engined biplane
IJNASK9WWatanabeKyushu Navy Type 2 Primary Trainer Momiji14-shi Trainer紅葉 – Kouyou – Red LeafCYPRESS
IJNASK10WWatanabeKyushu Navy Type 2 Intermediate Trainer14-shi Land Middle TrainerOAKAlso used as target tug
IJNASK11WWatanabeKyushu Navy Operations Trainer Shiragiku15-shi Trainer白菊 – Shiragiku – White Chrysanthemum
IJNASKXANorth AmericanType A Intermediate TrainerTwo North American NA-16 tested
IJNASKXBuBückerType Bu Primary TrainerBücker Bü 131
IJNASKXCCaudronType C Trainer One Caudron C-600 tested
IJNASKXHeHeinkelType He Trainer One Heinkel He 72 tested
IJNASKXJJunkersType J Trainer One Junkers A-50 tested
IJNASKXLLockheedType L Trainer One Lockheed 10 Electra tested
IJNASL1NNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 97 TransportTHORA
IJNASL2DDouglas/Nakajima/ShowaNavy Type D Transport & Showa Navy Type 0 TransportTABBYlicence built Douglas DC-3
IJNASL3YKugishoKugisho Navy Type 96 TransportTINAConverted Mitsubishi G3M
IJNASL4MMitsubishiMitsubishi Army Type 100 TransportTOPSY
IJNASL5?Unidentified transportNo details
IJNASL6?Unidentified transportNo details
IJNASL7PNihon13-Shi Small Amphibious TransportCancelled Single-engined monoplane
IJNASLXCCurtiss-WrightType C Amphibious Transport One Curtiss-Wright CA-1 Commuter aka (Curtiss Courtney) tested
IJNASLXDDouglasType D TransportOne Douglas DC-4E tested
IJNASLXFFairchildType F Amphibious Transport one Fairchild A942 tested.
IJNASLXGTokyo Gas-ElectricSpecial Liaison TransportCommercial Tokyo Gas-Electric KR-2 for VIP use.
IJNASLXGGrummanGrumman Amphibian Flying BoatOne Grumman G-21 Goose tested
IJNASLXHeHeinkelType He TransportOne Heinkel He 70 tested.
IJNASLXKKinnerType K TransportOne Kinner Envoy tested.
IJNASLXMAirspeedType M TransportTwo Airspeed Envoys tested.
IJNASM6AAichiAichi Navy Special Attack Bomber Seiran17-shi special Attacker晴嵐 – Seiran – Mountain Haze
IJNASM6A1-KAichiAichi Navy Special Attack Training Bomber Nanzan南山 – Nanzan – Southern Mountain
IJNASMXJ1NihonNavy Primary Training Glider Wakakusa17-shi Exp. Research Plane若草 – Wakakusa – Young GrassTwo-seat glider
IJNASMXY1KugishoTest AircraftMXY1Single-engined research aircraft
IJNASMXY2KugishoTest AircraftMXY2Single-engined research aircraft
IJNASMXY3KugishoTarget GliderMXY3Radio-controlled target drone
IJNASMXY4KugishoKugisho Navy Type 1 Target AircraftMXY4Radio-controlled target drone
IJNASMXY5KugishoTransport GliderMXY5Assault glider; twelve built
IJNASMXY6KugishoEnte-type GliderMXY6
IJNASMXY7KugishoKugisho Navy Suicide Attacker OhkaMXY7桜花 – Ohka – Cherry BlossomBAKA
IJNASMXY8KugishoKugisho Training Glider AkigusaMXY8秋草 – Akigusa – Autumn Grass
IJNASMXY9KugishoKugisho Trainer ShukaMXY9秋火 – ShukaRocket Intercepter practice glider (may also have been a non-flying replica of Mitsubishi A6M)
IJNASMXY10KugishoKugisho Navy Bomber Ginga Ground DecoyMXY10Non-flying replica of Kugisho P1Y1
IJNASMXY11KugishoKugisho Navy Type 1 Attack Bomber Ground DecoyMXY11Non-flying replica of Mitsubishi G4M
IJNASMXZ1Mizuno17-shi Exp. Research PlaneBasic training glider
IJNASN1KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Fighter Seaplane Kyofu15-shi Fighter Seaplane強風 – Kyofu – Strong WindREX
IJNASN1K1-JKawanishiKawanishi Navy Interceptor Fighter Shiden紫電 – Shiden – Violet LightningGEORGELandplane development of Kyofu;
IJNASN1K2-JKawanishiKawanishi Navy Interceptor Fighter Shiden KaiGEORGELandplane;
IJNASN1K5-JKawanishiKawanishi Navy Interceptor Fighter Shiden KaiGEORGELandplane;
IJNASN1K2-KKawanishiKawanishi Navy Training Fighter Shiden Kai RensenGEORGELandplane
IJNASP1YKugishoKugisho Navy Bomber Ginga15-shi Land Bomber銀河 – Ginga – GalaxyFRANCES (FRANCIS in error)
IJNASP1Y1-SKugishoKugisho Navy Night Fighter Byakko15-shi Night FighterByakko – White Light
IJNASP1Y2-SKugishoKugisho Navy Night Fighter Kyokko15-shi Night FighterKyokko – Aurora
IJNASQ1WWatanabeKyushu Navy Patrol Plane Tokai17-shi Patrol東海 – Tokai – Eastern Sea LORNA
IJNASQ2MMitsubishi19-Shi Patrol Plane TaiyoTaiyo – OceanProjected twin-engined ASW patrol bomber
IJNASQ3WWatanabeKyushu Navy Patrol Plane NankaiNankai – Southern Sea
IJNASR1YKugisho17-Shi Reconnaissance Plane SeiunSeiun – Cloud of Dawn
IJNASR2YKugisho18-Shi Reconnaissance Plane Keiun景雲 – Keiun – Beautiful Cloud
IJNASS1AAichi18-Shi Hei C Type Night Fighter Denko電光 – Denko – Bolt of Lightning
IJNASNakajima6-shi Carrier FighterDive-bomber needed instead
IJNASMitsubishi7-shi Carrier FighterMitsubishi 1MF10 - Low-wing monoplane
IJNASNakajima7-shi Carrier FighterNavy variant of IJA Type 91 Fighter
IJNASMitsubishi8-shi Carrier FighterMitsubishi Ka-8 - Two-seat fighter - Crashed during experimental flight
IJNASNakajima8-shi Carrier FighterCancelled
IJNASNakajima9-shi Carrier FighterNavy Type of IJA Ki-11
IJNASAichi7-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerBiplane
IJNASMitsubishi7-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerBiplane
IJNASNakajima7-shi Carrier Torpedo AttackerBiplane
IJNASNakajima6-shi Carrier Dive BomberCrashed during experimental flight
IJNASNakajima7-shi Carrier Dive Bomber
IJNASAichi6-shi Night Reconnaissance Flying BoatNight Recon. Seaplane (flying boat biplane)[11]
IJNASAichi7-shi Reconnaissance SeaplaneCompetitor to E7K[12]
IJNASNavy Suicide Attacker OhkaSukukaze – Cool BreezeOMARFictional
IJNASExperimental Special Attacker1Toka – Wisteria
IJNASExperimental Attack Plane1Tozan – Eastern Mountain
IJNASAichiType 97 Reconnaissance Seaplane?BOBMisidentification
IJNASAichiType 98 Bomber Float Plane?IONEMisidentification
IJNASType 99 Four Engine Flying Boat?JOANMisidentification
IJNASAichiType 99 Single Engine Dive Bomber Seaplane?
IJNASMitsubishiType 1 Single Seat Fighter?ZEKEMisidentification
IJNASMitsubishiType 96 Carrier Fighter?SANDYMisidentification
IJNASNakajimaNakajima Navy Type 97 Seaplane FighterADAM fictional
IJNASNakajimaType 1 Dive Bomber?DOTMisidentification
IJNAS E7KNakajimaType 97 Seaplane Fighter ADAM Misidentification
IJNASKa-1Kayabaカ号観測機 – Ka-Gō Artillery spotterBased on Kellett KD-1 autogyro
IJNAS Type 99 Flying Boat JOAN Misidentification of MAVIS or CHERRY
IJNAS Type T.K.19 Fighter JOEFictional
IJNAS Type 99 Dive Bomber Seaplane JUNE Misidentified floatplane VAL
IJNAS NagoyaSento-ki 001 Sento-ki 001 Carrier Fighter JUNE Misidentified A6M
IJNASKa-2KayabaImproved version of the Ka-1

Imperial Japanese Army Air Service aircraft designations

Service Short Designation Manufacturer Official Designation Experimental Designation (Navy), Role (Army) Name Allied Reporting Name Notes
IJAASKa-goKayabaKa-go ObserverObservationArtillery observation autogyro
IJAASKi-1Mitsubishi九三式重爆撃機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 93 Heavy BomberH. BomberMonoplane
IJAASKi-2Mitsubishi九三式双発軽爆撃機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 93 Twin-Engined Light BomberL. BomberLOUISEMonoplane
IJAASKi-3Kawasaki九三式単発軽爆撃機 – Kawasaki Army Type 93 Single-Engined Light BomberL. BomberBiplane
IJAASKi-4NakajimaNakajima Army Type 94 ReconnaissanceRecon.Biplane
IJAASKi-5KawasakiFighterInverted gull-wing
IJAASKi-6NakajimaNakajima Army Type 95 Model 2 TrainerOperation TrainerHigh-wing Monoplane
IJAASKi-7MitsubishiOperation TrainerCompetitor to Ki-6
IJAASKi-8NakajimaFighterInverted gull-wing
IJAASKi-9 – 立川 キ9Tachikawa九五式一型練習機 – Tachikawa Army Type 95 Model 1 TrainerTrainerSPRUCECalled "churen" (middle-trainer)
IJAASKi-10Kawasaki九五式戦闘機 – Kawasaki Army Type 95 FighterFighterLast IJA fighter biplane
IJAASKi-11NakajimaFighterCompetitor to Ki-10 monoplane
IJAASKi-12NakajimaFighterRetractable gear
IJAASKi-14MitsubishiCo-operation Recon.Cancelled
IJAASKi-15 – 三菱 キ15Mitsubishi九七式司令部偵察機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 97 Headquarter ReconnaissanceHQ Recon.Karigane – Wild GooseBABSUsed by Navy as C5M
IJAASKi-16NakajimaFuel TransportDouglas DC-2 variant
IJAASKi-17 – 立川 キ17Tachikawa九五式三型練習機 – Tachikawa Army Type 95 Model 3 TrainerTrainerShoren – Primary TrainerCEDAR
IJAASKi-18MitsubishiFighterExperimental Army version of A5M
IJAASKi-19NakajimaH. BomberCompetitor to Mitsubishi Ki-19
IJAASKi-19MitsubishiH. BomberRenamed to Ki-21
IJAASKi-20Mitsubishi九二式重爆撃機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 92 Heavy BomberH. BomberMilitarized Junkers G-38
IJAASKi-21 – 三菱 キ21Mitsubishi九七式重爆撃機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 97 Heavy BomberH. BomberSALLY / GWENIJA workhorse bomber
IJAASKi-22KawasakiH. BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-27 – 中島 キ27Nakajima九七式戦闘機 – Nakajima Army Type 97 FighterFighter NATE / CLINT Army still used in 1940s
IJAASKi-28KawasakiFighterCompetitor to Ki-27
IJAASKi-29TachikawaL. BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-30 – 三菱 キ30Mitsubishi九七式軽爆撃機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 97 Light BomberL. BomberANNCompetitor to Ki-32
IJAASKi-31NakajimaL. BomberCancelled competition to Ki-28 & Ki-30.
IJAASKi-32 – 川崎 キ32Kawasaki九八式軽爆撃機 – Kawasaki Army Type 98 LIght BomberL. BomberMARYCompetitor to Ki-30
IJAASKi-33MitsubishiFighterCompetitor to Ki-27. Similar to Navy A5M.
IJAASKi-34 – 中島 キ34Nakajima九七式輸送機 – Nakajima Army Type 97 TransportTransportTHORACommercial AT-2
IJAASKi-35MitsubishiCo-operation Recon.Cancelled
IJAASKi-36 – 立川 キ36Tachikawa九八式直接協同偵察機 – Tachikawa Army Type 98 Co-operation ReconnaissanceCo-operation Recon.IDAFixed undercarriage
IJAASKi-38KawasakiFighterBecame Ki-45
IJAASKi-40MitsubishiHQ Recon.Cancelled
IJAASKi-42MitsubishiH. BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-43 – 中島 キ43Nakajima一式戦闘機 隼 – Nakajima Army Type 1 FighterFighter隼 – Hayabusa – Peregrine FalconOSCARIJA workhorse fighter
IJAASKi-44 – 中島 キ44Nakajima二式単座戦闘機 – Nakajima Army Type 2 Single-seat FighterFighter鍾馗 – Shoki – DemonTOJO (JOHN duplicate code name)Interceptor
IJAASKi-45 – 川崎 キ45KawasakiFighterCancelled due to engine problems
IJAASKi-45 Kai – 川崎 キ45改Kawasaki二式複座戦闘機 – Kawasaki Army Type 2 Twin-seat FighterFighter屠龍 – Toryu – Brave DragonNICKBecame night fighter with upward-firing guns.
IJAASKi-46 – 三菱 キ46Mitsubishi一〇〇式司令部偵察機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 100 HQ ReconnaissanceHQ Recon.DINAH
IJAASKi-47MitsubishiL. BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-48 – 川崎 キ48Kawasaki九九式双発軽爆撃機 – Kawasaki Army Type 99 Twin-engined Light BomberL. BomberLILY
IJAASKi-49 – 中島 キ49Nakajima一〇〇式重爆撃機 – Nakajima Army Type 100 Heavy BomberH. Bomber呑龍 – Donryu – Storm DragonHELEN
IJAASKi-50MitsubishiH. BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-51 – 三菱 キ51Mitsubishi九九式襲撃機/軍偵察機Mitsubishi Army Type 99 Attacker / Army ReconnaissanceAttacker / Army Recon.SONIA
IJAASKi-52NakajimaDive BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-53NakajimaFighterMulti-seat High-speed Fighter. Project only
IJAASKi-54a – 立川 キ54Tachikawa一式双発高等練習機 – Tachikawa Army Type 1 Twin-engined Advanced TrainerTrainerHICKORY
IJAASKi-54bTachikawaTachikawa Army Type 1 Operations TrainerTrainerHICKORY
IJAASKi-54cTachikawaTachikawa Army Type 1 TransportTransportHICKORY
IJAASKi-55 – 立川 キ55Tachikawa九九式高等練習機 – Tachikawa Army Type 99 Advanced TrainerTrainerIDAKi-36 variant. Named "koren" (advanced trainer)
IJAASKi-56 – 川崎 キ56Kawasaki一式貨物輸送機 – Kawasaki Army Type 1 Cargo TransportTransportTHALIAType Ro Transport variant
IJAASKi-57 – 三菱 キ57Mitsubishi一〇〇式輸送機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 100 TransportTransportTOPSYCommercial MC-20 and Navy L4M
IJAASKi-58NakajimaEscortKi-49 variant
IJAASKi-59 – 国際 キ59Kokusai一式輸送機 – Kokusai Army Type 1 TransportTransportTHERESACommercial TK-3
IJAASKi-60KawasakiFighterwith DB601 engine
IJAASKi-61 – 川崎 キ61Kawasaki三式戦闘機 – Kawasaki Army Type 3 FighterFighter飛燕 – Hien – Flying SwallowTONY
IJAASKi-64KawasakiFighter ROB Engines mounted front and rear of cockpit
IJAASKi-65MitsubishiAttackerProject for successor to Ki-51
IJAASKi-65ManshuFighterHeavy fighter project
IJAASKi-66KawasakiDive BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-67 – 三菱 キ67Mitsubishi四式重爆撃機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 4 Heavy BomberH. Bomber飛龍 – Hiryū – Flying DragonPEGGYAlso used as Torpedo bomber and Interceptor.
IJAASKi-68NakajimaBomberLong-range bomber project
IJAASKi-69MitsubishiEscortKi-67 variant project
IJAASKi-70TachikawaHQ Recon. CLARA Cancelled
IJAASKi-71ManshuAttacker EDNA Ki-51 with retractable undercarriage
IJAASKi-72TachikawaCo-operation Recon.Ki-36 variant project
IJAASKi-73MitsubishiFighter STEVE Cancelled
IJAASKi-74TachikawaRecon. Bomber PATSY (initially PAT) Long-range Bomber
IJAASKi-75NakajimaFighterMulti-seat Fighter with Pressure cockpit. Cancelled
IJAASKi-76 – 国際 キ76Kokusai三式指揮連絡機 – Kokusai Army Type 3 Command LiaisonUtilitySTELLAAlso used for anti-submarine patrol
IJAASKi-77TachikawaA-26 長距離機 – Long-range experimentalResearch
IJAASKi-78Tokyo University研三高速研究機 – High-speed Experimental "Ken-3 research
IJAASKi-79 – 満州 キ79Manshu二式高等練習機 – Manshu Army Type 2 Advanced TrainerTrainerKi-27 variant
IJAASKi-80NakajimaFormation CommanderKi-49 variant
IJAASKi-81KawasakiFormation CommanderKi-48 variant. Project only
IJAASKi-82NakajimaH. BomberCancelled
IJAASKi-83MitsubishiFighterLong-range fighter
IJAASKi-84 – 中島 キ84Nakajima四式戦闘機 – Nakajima Army Type 4 FighterFighter疾風 – Hayate – GaleFRANK
IJAASKi-85KawasakiBomberArmy version of G5N1
IJAASKi-86KokusaiKokusai Army Type 4 Basic TrainerTrainerCYPRESSBücker Bü 131
IJAASKi-87NakajimaFighterHigh altitude fighter
IJAASKi-90MitsubishiBomberLong-range bomber project
IJAASKi-91KawasakiBomberLong-range bomber
IJAASKi-92TachikawaTransportLarge transport
IJAASKi-93RikugunAttacker57 mm gun mounted under fuselage
IJAASKi-94TachikawaFighterTwin-boom high-altitude fighter
IJAASKi-95MitsubishiHQ Recon.Ki-83 variant
IJAASKi-97MitsubishiTransportTransport variant of Ki-67
IJAASKi-98ManshuFighterTwin-boom pusher
IJAASKi-100 – 川崎 キ100Kawasaki五式戦闘機 – Kawasaki Army Type 5 FighterFighterKi-61 variant
IJAASKi-101NakajimaFighterPERRYNight fighter
IJAASKi-102 – 川崎 キ102Kawasaki四式襲撃機 – Kawasaki Army Type 4 Assault AircraftFighter / AttackerRANDY
IJAASKi-103MitsubishiAttackerAttacker variant of Ki-83
IJAASKi-104RikugunFighterKi-94 variant
IJAASKi-105KokusaiTransport BUZZARD Powered Ku-7
IJAASKi-106TachikawaFighterWooden Ki-84
IJAASKi-107TokyoTrainerWooden primary trainer
IJAASKi-108KawasakiFighterHigh-altitude fighter with pressurized cockpit
IJAASKi-109 – 三菱 キ109Mitsubishi試作特殊防空戦闘機 – Mitsubishi Army Experimental heavy fighter interceptorFighterInterceptor Ki-67 with 75mm field gun
IJAASKi-110TachikawaTransportWooden Ki-54
IJAASKi-111TachikawaFuel TransportCancelled
IJAASKi-112MitsubishiH. BomberWooden Ki-67
IJAASKi-113NakajimaFighterSteel Ki-84
IJAASKi-114TachikawaTransportWooden Ki-92
IJAASKi-115NakajimaSuicide AttackTsurugi – Sabre
IJAASKi-116ManshuFighterKi-84 variant with 1500 hp engine
IJAASKi-117NakajimaFighterKi-84 variant
IJAASKi-119KawasakiFighter-BomberDive-bomber/torpedo fighter
IJAASKi-148KawasakiI-gou type 1 othuGuided Bomblaunched from Ki-48 bomber
IJAASKi-200MitsubishiArmy experimental rocket interceptor秋水 – Shusui – Sharp SwordNavy J8M1
IJAASKi-201NakajimaFighter-Bomber火龍 Karyū – Fire DragonProject only
IJAASKi-202RikugunInterceptor秋水改 – Shusui–kai – Sharp Sword ImprovedAdvanced Ki-200
IJAASKu-1MaedaMaeda Army Type 2 Small GliderTransportTowed by Ki-51
IJAASKu-2Tokyo UniversityResearchTailless research aircraft
IJAASKu-3Tokyo UniversityResearchTailless research aircraft
IJAASKu-4Tokyo UniversityResearchPowered Ku-2. Project only.
IJAASKu-5FukudaTrainerresearch aircraft
IJAASKu-6MaedaGliding TankCancelled
IJAASKu-7KokusaitransportBecame Ki-105 (powered glider)
IJAASKu-8KokusaiKokusai Army Type 4 Special TransportTransportGOOSETowed by Ki-21
IJAASKu-8KokusaiKokusai Army Type 4 Special TransportTransportGANDERTowed by Ki-21
IJAASKu-10MaedaTrainerSailplane for special training
IJAASKu-11NihonTransportMade of wood
IJAASKu-12FukudaTrainerTwo-seat secondary glider
IJAASRikugunTa-gou Special AttackerSuicide Attack"Ta" was start of "Takeyari" (Bamboo-spear).
IJAASKoubeTe-gou ObserverObservationExperimental competitor to Ka-go
IJAASKa 87KawasakiKawasaki Army Type 87 Heavy BomberH. BomberDornier Do N
IJAASMitsubishiMitsubishi Army Type 87 Light BomberL. BomberArmy version of Type 13 Carrier Attacker of IJN
IJAASKawasakiKawasaki Army Type 88 Light BomberL. BomberType 88 Recon. variant
IJAASKawasakiKawasaki Army Type 88 Reconnaissance AircraftRecon.Biplane
IJAASNakajimaNakajima Army Type 91 FighterFighterParasol
IJAASKawasakiKawasaki Army Type 92 FighterFighterBiplane
IJAAS2MR8Mitsubishi九二式偵察機 – Mitsubishi Army Type 92 ReconnaissanceRecon.Parasol
IJAASFiatType I Heavy BomberHeavy BomberRUTHFiat BR.20 (Italy). Nearly 80 imported.
IJAASLockheedType LO TransportTransport THELMA (TOBY) Lockheed 14WG-3 (USA).
IJAASVulteeType 98 Showa Light BomberMILLIEVultee V-11GB1
IJAASHeinkelType 98 Medium BomberBESSHeinkel He 111
IJAASFocke-WulfFREDFocke-Wulf Fw 190A-5
IJAASFocke-WulfTRUDYFocke-Wulf Fw 200K Kurier
IJAASJunkersIRENEJunkers Ju 87A-1
IJAASJunkersJANICEJunkers Ju 88A-4
IJAASJunkersTRIXIEJunkers Ju 52/3m
IJAASMesserschmitt DOC Messerschmitt Bf 110
IJAASMesserschmittTRIXIEMesserschmitt Bf 109E
IJAASNakajimaType 97 Fighter?CLINTMisidentification
IJAASNakajimaType 1 Light Bomber?JOYCEMisidentification
IJAASKawasakiType 1 Single Seat Fighter?JIMMisidentification
IJAASKawasakiType 97 Medium Bomber?JULIAMisidentification
IJAAS Ki-21 MitsubishiType 97 Heavy BomberJANEMisidentification of 'SALLY'
IJAASMitsubishi Mitsubishi Navy Type 97 Fighter ABDULFictitious version of Type 96 A5M 'Claude' with retractable landing gear.
IJAASMitsubishiType 97 Light Bomber Darai 108NORMAMisidentification of American Bennett BTC-1 aircraft
IJAASMitsubishiType 0 Single Seat Twin Engined FighterHARRY Similar to Fokker D.XXIII; (originally code-named 'Frank.')
IJAASMitsubishiType 0 Medium Bomber?GWEN Misidentification
IJAASMedium Bomber (short nose) DORIS Misidentification of NICK, LILY or HICKORY
IJAASMedium Bomber MAISIE Misidentification
IJAASNakajima Nakajima/Douglas DC-2 transport TESS Six DC-2 aircraft imported from the USA
IJAASNakajima Type AT-27 twin-engine fighter GUS fictional aircraft from magazine
CivilianMitsubishi Ohtori 鳳 Ohtori - Phoenix EVE Civilian transport derived from Mitsubishi Ki-2-ii
IJNASKawanishi Navy Special Attack Aircraft Baika 梅花 Baika – Japanese Apricot Blossomunbuilt pulsejet kamikaze project
IJNASMitsubishi 靖国 Yasukuni – Ki-67-I transferred to Navy as torpedo bomber
IJNASMizuno Navy Special Attack Glider Shinryu 神龍 Shinryu - Divine Dragonunbuilt kamikaze interceptor glider project
IJNASNakajima Navy Special Attack Bomber Kikka 橘花 Kikka – Orange blossom also known as 皇国二号兵器 – Kōkoku Nigō Heiki – Imperial Weapon No.2
IJNASNakajima Navy Suicide Attacker Toka トカ Toka - Wisteria BlossomNavy Ki-115

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