Jackie Chan filmography

Jackie Chan at the 2008 Cannes Film festival.

Chinese actor Jackie Chan's career spans more than 5 decades and features him working as actor, martial artist, film director, producer and singer.

Career Summary

Jackie began his career as an extra child actor in the 1962 film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar. Ten years later he was a stuntman opposite Bruce Lee in 1972's Fist of Fury and 1973's Enter the Dragon. The first major breakthrough was the 1978 film Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, which was shot while he was loaned to Seasonal Film Corporation under a two-picture deal.[1]

In 1995 Rumble in the Bronx made Jackie Chan a mainstream celebrity in America.

In 2000, Chan played a fictionalized version of himself in the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures, which ran until 2005.[2]

In July 2008, the BTV reality television series titled The Disciple (simplified Chinese: 龙的传人; traditional Chinese: 龍的傳人; literally: "Disciple of the Dragon") concluded. The aim of the series, produced by and featured Chan, was to find a new star to become Chan's "successor" and student in film-making. The winner of the series was Jack Tu (Tu Sheng Cheng), who is now set to star in three modern Chinese action films, one of which was scripted by Chan, and all three to be co-produced by Chan's company JCE Movies Limited.[3][4][5]

In 2010, Jackie Chan appeared in his first dramatic role in an American film, a remake of 1984's The Karate Kid as Mr. Miyagi, opposite co-star Jaden Smith.[6] Chan followed up the high profile part with a minor role Shaolin.

Jackie Chan's 100th movie,1911, which he was co-directed, produced, and starred in, was released on September 26, 2011 and in North America on October 14th.[7] [8] While Chan has directed over ten films over his career, this was his first directorial work since Who Am I? in 1998.

While at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Chan announced that he was retiring from action films citing that he was getting too old for the genre. He later clarified that he would not be completely retiring from action films, but would be performing fewer stunts and taking care of his body more.[9]

Recent news

His latest movie was called Dragon Blade, a historical action film. Chan plays Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions during the Han Dynasty. The film was released on February 19, 2015.[10]

Chan's new upcoming film is called Skiptrace, an action comedy film directed by Renny Harlin.[11][12] The film will co-stars Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and American actor Johnny Knoxville. As of May 14, 2015, MGM has decided to move forward with the production of Shanghai Dawn, the proposed third film in Chan's popular Shanghai Noon franchise, where he has been slated to reprise his role as Chon Wang (a homophone of John Wayne, a well-known western actor), once again alongside Owen Wilson's Roy O'Bannon.

Films and movies

1960s films

Year English Title Chinese title Role Production Co. Notes Ref.
1962 Big and Little Wong Tin Bar 大小黄天霸 Child Great Win Film Credited as Yuen Lau; lost film
1963 The Love Eterne 梁山伯與祝英台 Shaw Brothers
1964 The Story of Qin Xiang Lin 秦香蓮 Kid N/A
1966 The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) 兩湖十八鏢(上集) Dali Film Company [13]
The Eighteen Darts (Part 2) 兩湖十八鏢(下集)
Come Drink with Me 大醉俠 Shaw Brothers

1970s films

Year English Title Chinese title Role Production Co. Notes Ref.
1970 Lady of Steel 荒江女俠 Beggar kid Shaw Brothers
1971 The Blade Spares None 刀不留人 Enemy Golden Harvest Company
The Angry River 鬼怒川 Guard
A Touch of Zen 俠女 N/A International Film Company Stuntman
1972 Fist of Fury 精武門 Jing Wu's student Golden Harvest Company
Hapkido 合氣 Black Bear's student
The Brutal Boxer 唐人客 Thug Far East Motion Picture Co.
Game of Death 死亡遊戲 Hai Tien's fan Golden Harvest Company
Concord Production Inc.
Stranger from Hong Kong 香港過客 N/A Cocinor
Les Films Marceau
1973 Enter the Dragon 龍爭虎鬥 Han Prison's thug Concord Production Inc.
Warner Bros.
Facets of Love 北地胭脂 Xiao Liu Shaw Brothers Cameo; credited as Chen Yuan Lung
Not Scared to Die 頂天立地 Si To / Shi Tzer N/A Cameo
Police Woman 女警察 Himself Great Earth Film Company Mole Face Gang Leader
Kung Fu Girl 鐵娃 Japanese thug Golden Harvest Company Stuntman; credited as Chen Yuan Lung
Little Tiger of Canton 廣東小老虎 Ah Lung Soon Lee Films Co.
Freedom Strikes a Blow 碼頭大決鬥 Thug Hong Kong Kai Fa Film Co. Extra (uncredited)
Ambush 埋伏 Extra Shaw Brothers
The Awaken Punch 石破天驚 Thug Fu Kuo Film Company
Fist of Unicorn 麒麟掌 Sing Hui Film Co.
1974 Fist to Fist 除霸 N/A Dai Gwok Film Company
The Golden Lotus 金瓶雙艷 Brother Yun Shaw Brothers Studio Credited as Chen Yuan Lung
Supermen Against the Orient 四王一后 Extra Stuntman
Village of Tigers 惡虎村 Bandit
1975 All in the Family 花飛滿城春 Hsiao Tang Golden Harvest Company
Bruce Lee and I 李小龍與我 Extra B & B Film Company Production
Shaw Brothers Studio
Ting Pei Motion Pictures
No End of Surprises 拍案驚奇 Secretary Chen Golden Harvest Company Credited as Chen Yuan Lung
The Himalayan 密宗聖手 Tseng's men N/A
The Young Dragons 鐵漢柔情 N/A N/A
1976 New Fist of Fury 新精武門之精武拳 Ah Lung N/A
Dance of Death 舞拳 N/A N/A Credited as Chen Yuan Lung
Stunt coordinator
Shaolin Wooden Men 少林木人巷 Tiger / Little Mute N/A Stunt coordinator
Action director
Hand of Death 少林門 Tan Feng N/A
Killer Meteors 風雨雙流星 Wa Wu-Bin / Tiger
/ Immortal Meteor
N/A Stunt coordinator
The Private Eyes 半斤八兩 N/A Golden Harvest Company Stuntman
1977 The 36 Crazy Fists 三十六迷形拳 N/A N/A Stunt coordinator
Action director
To Kill with Intrigue 劍花煙雨江南 Cao Lei N/A Credited as Chen Yuan Lung
Stunt coordinator
1978 Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin 蛇鶴八步 Hsu Yiu Fong N/A Stunt coordinator
Action director
Magnificent Bodyguards 飛渡捲雲山 Lord Ting Chung N/A
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow 蛇形刁手 Chien Fu N/A Credited as Cheng Lung
Stunt coordinator
Martial arts choreographer
Drunken Master 醉拳 Wong Fei Hung N/A [15]
Spiritual Kung Fu 拳精 Yi-Lang N/A Credited as Chen Yuan Lung
Stunt coordinator
Action director
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu 一招半式闖江湖 Master Jiang N/A Martial arts director
Stunt coordinator
Two in Black Belt 黑帶恨 N/A N/A Cameo
1979 The Fearless Hyena 笑拳怪招 Shing Lung N/A
Dragon Fist 龍拳 Tang How-Yuen N/A
Immortal Warriors 百戰保山河 N/A N/A Action director
Stunt coordinator
Master with Cracked Fingers 廣東小老虎 Jackie Chan N/A This film was created from an amalgamation
of footage, primarily from the limited-release
1973 film Little Tiger of Canton.

1980s films

Year English Title Chinese title Role Studio Notes Ref.
1980 The Young Master 帥弟出馬 Dragon / Master Lung Golden Harvest Company
Leonard Ho Productions
The Big Brawl 殺手壕 Jerry Kwan Warner Bros.
Golden Harvest Company
Read Lips 孖寶闖八關 N/A N/A Producer
1981 The Cannonball Run 砲彈飛車 Subaru Driver #1 Golden Harvest Company
Eurasia Investments
The Gold-Hunters 老鼠街 N/A N/A Producer
1982 Dragon Lord 龍少爺 Dragon Ho / Lung Golden Harvest Company [18]
1983 Fantasy Mission Force 迷你特攻隊 Sammy Cheung Ming Film Supporting role
Fearless Hyena Part II 龍騰虎躍 Chan Lung / Stone Lo Wei Motion Picture Company This film was created by Lo Wei and was derived
from alternative footage recorded during the
filming of the original The Fearless Hyena.
It had no input from Jackie Chan.
Winners and Sinners 奇謀妙計五福星 CID 07 / Cop #7086 Golden Harvest Company
Project A A計劃 Sgt. Dragon Ma Yue Lung N/A
1984 Wheels on Meals 快餐車 Thomas
Cannonball Run II 砲彈飛車2 N/A Warner Bros.
Pom Pom 神勇雙響炮 Motorcycle Cop #2 N/A Cameo
1985 Police Story 警察故事 Chan Ka-Kui / Kevin Chan Golden Harvest Company
Heart of Dragon 龍的心 Tat Fung / Ted
Ninja Thunderbolt 至尊神偷 N/A N/A Cameo
The Protector 威龍猛探 Billy Wong Golden Harvest Company
My Lucky Stars 福星高照 Muscles
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星
1986 Naughty Boys 扭計雜牌軍 Prisoner N/A Cameo
Armour of God 龍兄虎弟 Jackie Condor / Asian Hawk Golden Harvest Company
1987 Project A Part II A計劃續集 Dragon Ma
That Enchanting Night 良青花奔月 N/A N/A
1988 Police Story 2 警察故事續集 Chan Ka-Kui / Kevin Golden Harvest Company
Dragons Forever 飛龍猛將 Jackie Lung
The Inspector Wears Skirts 霸王花 N/A N/A
Rouge 胭脂扣 N/A Golden Harvest Company
1989 Miracles 奇蹟 Charlie Cheng Wah Kuo
/ Kuo Chen Wah
The Inspector Wears Skirts II 神勇飛虎霸王花 N/A N/A
I Am Sorry 說謊的女人 N/A N/A

1990s films

Year English Title Chinese title Role Studio Notes Ref.
1990 Island of Fire 火燒島 Steve Tong / Da Chui Blaine and Blake Ltd.
The Outlaw Brothers 最佳賊拍檔 N/A N/A
Stage Door Johnny 舞台姊妹 N/A N/A
Story of Kennedy Town 西環的故事 N/A Golden Way Films
1991 A Kid from Tibet 西藏小子 Airport passenger Yuen Biao Productions Cameo
Armour of God II: Operation Condor 飛鷹計劃 Jackie Condor Golden Harvest Company
Paragon Films Ltd.
Angry Ranger 火爆浪子 N/A N/A
Beauty and the Beast 美女與野獸 Beast Walt Disney Pictures Chan performed voice acting and
singing in the Chinese dub of the film.
1992 Police Story 3: Super Cop 警察故事III超級警察 Chan Ka-Kui / Kevin Golden Harvest Company
Twin Dragons 雙龍會 Ma Yau / John Ma
Die Hard / Boomer
Centre Stage 阮玲玉 N/A
The Shootout 危險情人 N/A N/A
1993 Once a Cop 超級計劃 Inspector Chan Golden Harvest Company Cameo
City Hunter 城市獵人 Ryo Saeba a.k.a.
Michael Martin City Hunter
Based on the Japanese manga City Hunter.
Crime Story 重案組 Inspector Eddie Chan
Kin chan no Cinema Jack 陳健沒有傑克電影院 N/A N/A This is an anthology film, a joint production
between Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.
The HK section was produced by
Jackie Chan and featured Yuen Biao.
1994 Drunken Master II 醉拳II Wong Fei Hung Golden Harvest Company
1995 Thunderbolt 霹靂火 Chan Foh To / Alfred Tung
Rumble in the Bronx 紅番區 Ma Hon Keung
1996 Police Story 4: First Strike 警察故事IV之簡單任務 Chan Ka-Kui / Jackie
1997 Mr. Nice Guy 一個好人 Jackie
1998 Who Am I? 我是誰 Jackie Chan
Rush Hour 火拼時速 Detective Inspector Lee New Line Cinema
Hot War 幻影特攻 N/A N/A
An Alan Smithee Film:
Burn Hollywood Burn
N/A Himself Hollywood Pictures
Cinergi Pictures
Mulan 花木蘭 Captain Li Shang Walt Disney Pictures Voice only, Cantonese and Mandarin version.
1999 King of Comedy 喜劇之王 N/A N/A
Gorgeous 玻璃樽 C. N. Chan Golden Harvest Company
Gen-X Cops 特警新人類 Fisherman Media Asia Entertainment Group Cameo
Tempting Heart 心動 N/A N/A

2000s films

Year English Title Chinese title Role Studio Notes Ref.
2000 Shanghai Noon 西域威龍 Chon Wang Touchstone Pictures
Spyglass Entertainment
Gen-X Cops 2: Metal Mayhem 特警新人類2 N/A N/A Presenter [19]
2001 The Accidental Spy 特務迷城 Buck Yuen Golden Harvest Company
Rush Hour 2 火拼時速2 Chief Inspector Lee New Line Cinema [20]
2002 The Tuxedo 燕尾服 Jimmy Tong DreamWorks SKG [21]
2003 Shanghai Knights 西域威龍2皇家威龍 Chon Wang Touchstone Pictures
Spyglass Entertainment
Vampire Effect 千機變 Jackie Fong Emperor Multimedia Group Cameo
The Medallion 飛龍再生 Eddie Yang Golden Port Productions Ltd.
Emperor Multimedia Group
2004 Around the World in 80 Days 環遊世界八十天 Passepartout / Lau Xing Walden Media
The Twins Effect II 千機變 II – 花都大戰 Lord of Armour /
General Wai Shing
Emperor Multimedia Group Makes an appearance, along with his
son, Jaycee Chan, who is in his debut.
New Police Story 新警察故事 Chan Kwok-Wing China Film Group
JCE Entertainment Ltd.
Enter the Phoenix 大佬愛美麗 Mr. Chan JCE Entertainment Ltd. Cameo
Rice Rhapsody 海南雞飯 N/A N/A Executive producer
2005 The Myth 神話 General Meng Yi / Jack JCE Entertainment Ltd. [24]
Everlasting Regret 長恨歌 N/A N/A
House of Fury 精武家庭 N/A N/A
2006 Rob-B-Hood 寶貝計劃 Fong Ka Ho / Thongs Emperor Motion Pictures [25]
2007 Rush Hour 3 火拼時速3 Chief Inspector Lee New Line Cinema [26]
Air Diary 飛行日志 N/A N/A
2008 The Forbidden Kingdom 功夫之王 Lu Yan / Old Hop Huayi Brothers Media
Casey Silver Productions
Kung Fu Panda 功夫熊貓 Master Monkey DreamWorks Animation Voice only
Run Papa Run 一個好爸爸 N/A N/A
Wushu 武術之少年行 N/A N/A
2009 Shinjuku Incident 新宿事件 Steelhead Emperor Dragon
Looking for Jackie 尋找成龍 Jackie Chan Beijing Film Studio
Nantong Television
The Founding of a Republic 建國大業 Interviewer China Film Group Cameo

2010s films

Year English Title Chinese title Role Production Co. Notes Ref.
2010 The Spy Next Door 鄰家特工 Bob Ho Relativity Media [27][28]
Little Big Soldier 大兵小將 Big Soldier Media-Television
The Karate Kid 功夫夢 Mr. Han Columbia Pictures [29][30][31]
Kung Fu Panda Holiday 功夫熊猫假期特别 Master Monkey DreamWorks Animation Voice only
Saba 世博冠軍湖絲仔 Xu Rongcun N/A
2011 Shaolin 新少林寺 Wu Dao Emperor Motion Pictures
Kung Fu Panda 2 功夫熊貓2 Master Monkey DreamWorks Animation Voice only
1911 辛亥革命 Huang Xing Media Asia Films
Legendary Amazons 楊門女將 N/A N/A
2012 Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖 Asian Hawk Emperor Motion Pictures
2013 The Unbelievable N/A Mr. Z Amazing Industries Short film
Personal Tailor 私人訂制 N/A Huayi Brothers Media Cameo
Police Story 2013 警察故事2013 Detective Zhong Wen China Vision Group [32]
2014 As the Light Goes Out 救火英雄 N/A Media Asia Films Cameo [33]
2015 Dragon Blade 天將雄獅 Huo An Huayi Brothers Media [10]
Who Am I 2015 我是谁2015 N/A Producer only [34]
Monkey King: Hero is Back 西游记之大圣归来 Monkey King Voice only
2016 Kung Fu Panda 3 功夫熊貓3 Master Monkey/Li Shan DreamWorks Animation
Oriental DreamWorks
Voice only, Master Monkey in English Version, Li Shan in Chinese and Hong Kong Version
Skiptrace 絕地逃亡 Bennie Chan Cider Mill Pictures [11][35]
The Master: A Lego Ninjago Short Master Wu Warner Bros. Voice only
Short film
Railroad Tigers 铁道飞虎 Ma Yuan Beijing Television Cultural Works Post-production [36]
2017 Kung Fu Yoga 功夫瑜伽 Jack Taihe Entertainment
Shinework Media
This film is a Chinese-Indian co-production.
The Foreigner Quan STX Entertainment Post-production [37]
The Nut Job 2 Mr. Feng ToonBox Entertainment
Red Rover International
Gulfstream Pictures
Voice only
The Lego Ninjago Movie Master Wu Warner Bros. Voice only
Bleeding Steel 機器之血 Village Roadshow Pictures Asia
Heyi Pictures
Filming [38]
2017 Viy 2: Journey to China Filming
2018 Shanghai Dawn Chon Wang Pre-Production [39]

Other programs


Year English Title Chinese title Network Notes Ref.
1989 Son of The Incredibly Strange Film Show N/A Channel 4 Episode 1; 22 September 1989 [40][41]
1990 The Best of the Martial Arts Films 金裝武術電影大全 N/A
1996 Biography: Jackie Chan: From Stuntman to Superstar N/A A&E Network 8 October 1996
1998 Jackie Chan: My Story 成龍的傳奇 N/A
1999 Jackie Chan: My Stunts 成龍:我的特技 N/A
2002 The Art of Action: Martial Arts in Motion Picture 功夫片歲月 N/A
2003 Cinema Hong Kong: Kung Fu 電影香江:功夫世家 N/A
Traces of a Dragon: Jackie Chan & His Lost Family 龍的深處:失落的拼圖 N/A
2006 The Heavenly Kings 四大天王 N/A Feature film, mockumentary
2008 A Touch of Beijing N/A N/A Documentary about Beijing's hosting
of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Mega Cities: Hong Kong N/A National Geographic Channel 20 June 2008

Reality TV series

Year English Title Chinese Title Network Notes Ref.
2008 The Disciple 龍的傳人 BTV aka Disciple of the Dragon [3][4][5]

Variety shows

Year Title Network Country Notes Ref.
2013 Running Man SBS South Korea South Korea Episode 135; special guest (with Choi Siwon),
Red Team receives a golden boot, which is given to Jackie Chan.
Happy Camp HBS China People's Republic of China 21 December 2013; guest (with Jing Tian, Ding Sheng, Lin Shen, Li Tai)
2014 Happy Together KBS2 South Korea South Korea Guest (with Choi Siwon, Jessica and Narsha) [43]


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