Ivica Vidović

Not to be confused with Ivica Vdović.

Ivica Vidović (May 10, 1939   April 18, 2011) was a Croatian and Yugoslav actor who appeared in many classic films in the cinematic output of the former Yugoslavia.

Following his screen debut in 1962 film Rana jesen, Vidović appeared in many films gradually developing screen personality of a quiet, soft-spoken and mild-mannered intellectual often at odds with primitive and violent surrounding. This image served him very well both in serious dramas and comedies.

To the international audience Vidović is arguably best known for the role of Soviet ice skater in 1971 cult film WR: Mysteries of the Organism. Across the former Yugoslavia, Vidović's best role was for the 1970 cult mini-series Naše malo misto.

In later years, Vidović starred in Naša mala klinika, a Croatian sitcom aired on Nova TV.

Vidović was married twice, both times for his screen partners. With Mirjana Majurec, from whom he divorced, he had one child. His second wife was Serbian actress Gordana Gadžić, with whom he had two children.


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