Irish Recorded Music Association

Irish Recorded Music Association
Type Non-profit
Services Media attention, direct-appeal campaigns, research
Fields Protecting music
Key people
Sean Murtagh (Anti-Piracy Dept), Alex Callow (IRMA Membership), Willie Kavanagh (Chairman IRMA), Pat Creed (Warner Music Ireland), Mark Crossingham (Universal Music Ireland), Annette Donnelly (Sony Music Ireland) & Peter Kenny (RMG)

The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) is a non-profit association set up to manage and control the music industry in the Republic of Ireland.[1]

Goals and activities

Filesharing controversy

IRMA and Eircom reached an agreement over file sharing which uses a third-party organisation to monitor Eircom users for downloading of infringing music.[5] The agreed system was reported to use a "three-strikes-and-you're-out" system.[5] The agreement was criticised by Digital Rights Ireland and IrelandOffline.[5][6]

The association sent solicitors' letters to several organisations, including hosting service Blacknight Solutions, whose MD, Michele Neylon, made the copy sent to his company publicly available on the company site.[7] Although Blacknight Solutions isn't an ISP they still received the letter, which stated in the event of a positive response to this letter it is proposed to make practical arrangements with Blacknight of a like nature to those made with eircom.[7][8]

Protests against the actions of IRMA are being organised by Digital Rights Ireland, as well as Blackout Ireland.[8]

Board member companies

The recording companies and other music-related companies that are on the IRMA board are:[9]

The IRMA trust

In 1997 the IRMA set up a trust with Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Limited, with the aim to enhance the opportunities for young people who want to pursue a career in music. The trust's main initiative is the Instrument Bank, which provides music instruments to young people, particularly to young people who live in disadvantaged communities throughout Ireland.

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