Intern Academy

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Intern Academy

The film is also known as White Coats.
Directed by Dave Thomas
Produced by Josh Miller
Written by Dave Thomas
Starring Dave Thomas
Carly Pope
Dave Foley
Dan Aykroyd
Lynda Boyd
Cinematography John Spooner
Edited by Doug Forbes
Distributed by First Look Home Entertainment
TVA Films
Release dates
  • September 10, 2004 (2004-09-10)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Intern Academy is a 2004 Canadian comedy film written and directed by Dave Thomas. It has several alternative titles including working titles An Intern's Diary, Whitecoats and Interns. In Canada, its English title is Intern Academy, while its French title is M├ędecin en herbe. The US DVD title is White Coats. Its Italian title is "L'ospedale piu' sexy del mondo," literally "The Sexiest Hospital in the World".


The story follows a group of interns and nurses working at St. Albert's, the worst teaching hospital in Canada, as they try to deal with work and relationship stress.

Run by administrator Dr. Cyrill Kipp, the hospital only manages to stay open because Kipp sells the hospital's equipment on the black market.

During on-the-job training taught by Dr. Olson, interns brave blood, vomit and exploding colostomy bags. The students include Mike Bonnert, whose parents are physicians, Mitzi Cole, who works as a stripper to pay her way through school, and the innocent Christine who loses her inhibitions when intoxicated.

Mike discovers that his girlfriend, Mitzi, became sexually active with another intern. They begin to fight in the morgue, using human organs as weapons. They are caught and expelled from St. Albert's. But when a 76-car pile up occurs, they return to ER to help the patients. One patient, who was saved in an emergency surgery, was a billionaire, and saves the hospital from going bankrupt.



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