i-Cable Communications

i-CABLE Communications Limited (a Hong Kong Cable Television Limited holding company) (SEHK: 1097, OTC Pink: ICABY), i-Cable in short, is an internet Service Provider in Hong Kong, and is now one of Hong Kong's leading integrated communications companies. In 1999, the company began to develop advanced applications for its fibre coaxial network (already used for the paid-TV service) and to capitalise on the rapidly growing number of Internet users in Hong Kong. It provides

  1. dial-up internet access service
  2. high speed broadband internet access service (January 2000)
  3. residential fixed-line telephone service (January 2006)

The broadband internet access service deploying cable modem based technology via the TCP/IP which is differed from the PPPoE technology provided by conventional carrier.

i-CABLE is also the holding company that runs one of Hong Kong's pay television providers. Established as Wharf Cable, the current 12-year licence will expire on 31 December 2017. It is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Wharf Holdings Limited owns 73 per cent of the cable provider and the rest amongst public shareholders.

Hong Kong Cable is also commonly referred to as "Cable Television", and is branded as "CABLE TV".

Starting from May 2014, all of icable broadband service plans can be accessed on Broadbandhk.

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